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Total Woman Excursions 11


The afternoon weather was still balmy but Labor Day marked the end of summer, if not astronomically, well then socially. The duties of school and career beckoned vacationers back to work. Somer sat across from Stephanie at the wooden table. They picked their way through the last of this summer's picnics: hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, macaroni and potato salads, watermelon, beer and wine. They had spent the day in lawn games and other light festivities.

"So, Somer, where are you off to after this?"

"I have to return to the manufacturing facility that my family owns. We make car parts. What will you do?"

"I have another week of fun here and then off to teach school."

"School? Where?"

"I am a guest lecturer at the Total Woman Academy. We train candidates to use their utmost skills and abilities to live a life full of intelligence, beauty and pose. Our graduates become very prosperous in their careers and society roles. Some graduates you have met. Many of the host guides here at Total Woman Excursions are graduates. Of course, I am a graduate myself."

"It must be a very enlightened institution. What do you teach there?"

"My specialty is poise. Our candidates gain intelligence by earning real degrees from distance learning universities. Although beauty is only skin deep, it can be bolstered and illuminated by diet, exercise and grooming.

"But it is poise that sets our graduates apart from all others. Poise is the runway model's strides and poses. It's the self-confidence of proper manners. It's the engagement of all the student's capacities to make another person feel wanted and appreciated. Sensuous capabilities are not ignored. Many of the mental and physical exercises at the Academy were developed to free the student's mind from unfounded social inhibitions."

Somer smiled "And you're the expert?"

"One of them."

"What are the classes like?"

"Freshmen learn touch sensuality, sophomores study enhanced vaginal sex and juniors acquire mastery of oral sex. Seniors continually tweak their looks and performances to discover their highest potential before graduation. You seem intrigued by the concept. How big is your curiosity? I need to practice up my repertoire before opening day at the Academy. Do you want to be my practice dummy?"

"Will it hurt?"

"No one has complained yet."

Somer smiled and nodded. They finished their food as the sun started to set. Stephanie led Somer back to her resort suite. She seated him in the main bedroom. She closed the door when she entered the separate dressing room. Somer was left to look around while Stephanie changed into her teaching uniform. There were some chairs and a low message table beside a padded floor area. A gleaming bathroom adjoined the main room.

Stephanie came out of the dressing room topless wearing just a thong and high heels. Her makeup was perfect, as always. She came close as he stood to meet her. She posed square on, statuesque, hands on hips.

"This is the standard daily uniform for Academy freshmen. The freshmen candidates find near nudity dispels secrets and encourages them to get their bodies into their healthiest form. The classmates support each other to attain their best tone and trim. They study sensual anatomy and learn the location of the body's erogenous points. Let's get you undressed and I'll show you the 'touch game'."

Stephanie helped Somer disrobe and hung his clothes in the closet, telling him that he wouldn't need them the rest of the night. She sat Somer on a plain stool in the middle of the room, blindfolded him and explained the rules.

"Sit quiet. I will try to touch one of your sensual points before you know I'm there. If you sense my proximate presence, point at where you think I am."

For the next dozen minutes, Stephanie stalked the sightless Somer and touched a point on his body. He detected about half of her approaches and pointed at her. She stopped, retreated and slinked forward again, from a different angle. When he didn't catch her approach, she found some unusual sensory locations. In addition to the obvious groin, nipples and lips, Stephanie stealthily contacted his earlobes, tip of nose, hairs on his neck and inner elbows and knees. Somer was becoming excited by the thrill of the contest.

Stephanie took Somer to the massage table and lay him face down. She kneaded his back, arms and legs, ending the backside portion with a toe crunching foot massage. Turning him face up, she placed a scented cloth over his eyes. Her scalp massage was gentle and sent reflexive nerve sensations to Somer's stirring cock. She worked his arms, chest and legs, saving his groin for last. Before going for the main target, Stephanie spent some time on Somer's nipples, demonstrating that man's nipples could be just as sensitive as a female's.

It was time for the main event. Stephanie cupped her palm beneath the engorged rod pointing at Somer's navel, using her thumb pad to circle the soft area under the V of the rim. Somer got very hard. Stephanie switched to an overhand grip and swept down the shaft with one hand until it cleared off the base of Somer's scrotum. As it left the sac, the other hand engaged the knob and swept in the same motion, alternated again with the first. Somer felt like he was entering a never ending flesh tunnel. His brain was persuaded that he was infinitely long. She changed to piston strokes with one hand. She slowly brushed along the shaft, gripping tighter and tighter in small increments after every third stroke.

Somer felt a throbbing in his temple, chest, feet and hands. His eyes covered, Stephanie judged his exhilaration by his breath sound and the tempo of the clenching-unclenching of his grips on the table sides. Somer's breaths and moans grew louder and closer together until there was no break in between. He roared out and shot four big cum ropes across his abdomen to pool in the hollow of his chest and form a line down to his bellybutton. Stephanie held his vibrating erection in one hand as it sputtered to an end and began to relax and shrink. The other hand removed his eye cover and he blinked even though the lights were very soft. Stephanie retrieved warm moist towels to clean and dry him.

He reached out to cup her magnificent bare boob. She gently took his hand and guided him in caressing her tit the way she liked. After a bit, she placed his hand back on the table side.

"Patience, my darling, the night is young but we are not as young as we once were. Let's rest a while."

The room was aglow with moonlight. It was after midnight. Somer opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling above the round bed. They were taking that rest that Stephanie had recommended. She stirred next to him, his arm cradled in her cleavage as she lay on her side. Somer glanced over and found her looking back at him. She smiled.

"Are you ready to help me tune-up on the next level: sophomore vaginal exercises? I need to practice muscle contraction and control."

Somer nodded. Stephanie laid her hand over his semi-erection. She smoothed caresses along its length until it responded properly. When she had its full attention, she raised herself and straddled his hips. She placed Somer's hands on her breasts, encouraging him to pinch her nipples and grip her spongy globes whole handed.

When Somer was sufficiently involved on her chest, she reached between them and stood his cock up, angling it for entry. Stephanie lowered herself, putting the first half inside her. She stroked up and down, up and down, lowering herself a little more each time until he was fully seated. Her hips and ass moved like a piston, a steady rhythm along his entire shaft. She kept the going pace for a long time. Somer felt his tip bump her cervix each stroke.

Then Somer stopped kneading her tits, his eyes closed and his breath quickened. Stephanie knew it was time to change the tempo. She paused at the bottom of the next stroke, adjusted her hips and began a front to back movement along the lines of his legs. His knob was drug along the walls of her tunnel, caressing her G spot. Somer found the experience awesome. She kept going and going; her stamina was amazing.

Stephanie needed to move to the third stage of the vaginal procedure before Somer popped off. She settled down deep and halted. Somer opened his eyes and his breathing slowed. Stephanie locked Somer in a stare. Somer felt a tremor on the base of his cock, then one midshaft and then another on the knob rim. After a pause, he felt the ripple again, and then again. Stephanie was contracting her vagina muscle rings in sequence to milk his cock.

Somer was spellbound. He resumed squeezing Stephanie's boobs in time with her contractions. His breathing quickened again. Stephanie noted the panting and decided to conclude this exercise. She grimaced and moaned, panting loud as she bore down in time with the breaths, using all her considerable cunt strength. Somer's titillation rose higher and higher. He cried out as he splashed his cum deep inside Stephanie. She felt the discharge and let herself go as well, crying out her own ecstasy. When their body vibrations wound down, she lay on his chest, pressing her manhandled boobs into Somer's chest.

Dawn broke its pale light across the room. The sleeping sexed out pair spooned with Somer's groin tight against Stephanie's ass and one hand enclosing her tit. As Somer awoke, he smelled the scent of her hair. Strawberries. Stephanie pushed back and rolled Somer onto his back, propping herself on an elbow, a finger brushing his flaccid cock..

"Now it's junior curriculum time: oral sex. You look tired. I'll take it from here on. You just lay back and enjoy."

Somer was not one to protest, so he put his hands behind the pillow and looked down to where Stephanie was focusing her attention. She swept back the covers.

Stephanie relocated to kneel between Somer's spread thighs. His meat was still soft. She laid it pointing north and licked along the exposed underside from scrotum to tip. She returned to the base and repeated the lick. After a dozen laps, he was semi-hard. That was enough to commence kissing the tip and pushing her hollowed lips over the knob. Her stiffened tongue tapped on his tip. She went lower, drawing more in. Her tongue lashed the sides of the crown, all the way around. The rough texture of her tongue on the sensitive rim edge got Somer even harder.

He was now erect enough for her to take it all in. She slid down in one stroke until the tip met the opening to her throat. She dawdled there and then returned to the top. The next probe passed her tonsils and lodged the knob in her throat. She swallowed, the action requiring her to suck firmly.

Stephanie looked up and monitored his expressions. Somer was open mouthed, eyes blinking and moans sounding. Stephanie maintained her gaze on him. She increased the pace, then decreased the pace, shortened the strokes then lengthened them, all the while controlling the level of Somer's excitement and appraising its intensity by the contortions of his face. She held him just below the ultimate pleasure mark, keeping him plateaued but not letting him peak. It went on and on.

But nothing can last forever. Somer's face was flush; his breathing strained. Stephanie did not want him to suffer harm. She paused, an invitation for Somer to look down. Somer bumped his hips against her jaw, begging her with his eyes to resume. She nodded accord with her own eyes. Taking a deep breath, she plunged him all the way in, shifting her head side to side, rubbing her tongue on his shaft, tapping his knob to the sides of her throat. Somer exploded, gushing cum straight into her stomach. His hands beat the mattress as he bellowed. Stephanie swallowed fast and furious, drinking him. Somer's panting slowed down and Stephanie felt the erection diminish in her mouth. She held him as long as she could, kept him warm and moist. When she finally let him out, she quickly covered him with the bedcovers to avoid any inclement temperature shock. Sitting up, she scanned his face for signs of discomfort but there were none. She watched him fall asleep.

Somer woke to the sound of running water. Stephanie strode topless out of the bathroom, clothed in her freshman standard uniform, thong and heels. Her hair and makeup were freshened. Her statuesque body with its generous breasts shone in the morning light.

"Well, that's the basic poise curriculum, though each senior is encouraged to find her best combination of talents. What do you think?"

"Fantastic! I don't want this to end."

"Maybe it won't have to. You have shown amazing stamina. The Academy has something called Freewill Weekends where selected gentlemen are given access so consenting senior candidates. It's an opportunity for the senior candidates to experience authentic male contact and a chance to practice variations of their skills. You will need an extensive background check for any past indiscretions and, of course, there are financial contributions. Would you like me to pass along your name?"

Somer couldn't believe his ears. Stephanie had just asked him to let consenting young women practice their skills on him. He wanted to holler 'HELL, YES' but she had said 'selected gentlemen', so instead he said "Yes, please."

"Good. Come on; let me show you another freshman level skill: sensual bathing."

Somer tripped into the bathroom and Stephanie helped him into a tub of warm bubble bath. After that, she demonstrated how a TWA candidate should clean her man, sensually and thoroughly. And thus, Somer experienced the joys available at Total Woman Excursions: techniques borrowed from the curriculum of the Total Woman Academy.

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