tagNovels and NovellasTotal Woman Mentors 04

Total Woman Mentors 04


Mrs. Smith welcomed Maureen forward with bijou kisses. Maureen's hand dipped into the fishbowl and held up her chosen medallion: No 1. A cheer arose from a table and Mr. Ingram strode forward to claim his raffle prize: Maureen for the rest of the day.

Maureen stood tall as Mr. Ingram come forward. She smiled brightly and made long leggy strides to greet him. She wore black stiletto heels and dark stockings. Her breasts were encased in a sequined gown with numerous slits and slots that exposed her legs, arms and midsection. Her face makeup was bright and alluring. Maureen's red hair was pinned in a loose bun behind her head.

"Maureen will show you to our dance and music studio. Please return at dinner for our next raffle and rearrangement of couples."

Mr. Ingram wavered but Maureen stepped in front of him and walked towards the door, gently leading him by the hand. They paused to watch Suzy, No. 1, Mr. Ingram's preceding companion, toddle forward in her chic wool secretary suit to select from the remaining medallions. Suzy was next in line to be paired with a random manly mate for the rest of the day.

Mr. Ingram recovered his wits as they headed to the door and opened it for Maureen. He took the lead down the corridor as Maureen piloted him towards their private room for the day.

Mr. Ingram swiped his room keycard and found the studio available as promised. Inside, the floors were polished wood, the walls bright and mirrored. The ceiling was high and airy.

Maureen and Mr. Ingram took it all in. She leaned close to him. She was nearly his height in her heels.

"Mr. Ingram, do you like to dance?"

"Well...yes, but I'm a bit rusty."

"That's alright, sir. I enjoy teaching gentlemen the right moves to use with a lady. I find dance so sensual, a very sophisticated form of foreplay. May I show you?"

"That would be lovely, my dear."

Maureen found leather soled dancing shoes for Mr. Ingram. She helped him change into shorts and a tank top. Maureen stayed dressed in her bare-shouldered floor length dance costume. Her legs peeked out of long slits in the skirt when she moved and the sequins sparkled in the bright lights. Her red hair, bare shoulders and sea-foam green costume gave her the little-mermaid look.

"Mr. Ingram, let's start with something simple: the Rumba."

Maureen walked Mr. Ingram through the four point steps holding him in the basic frame pose. Mr. Ingram finally stopped watching his feet as he became more interested in watching Maureen's breasts that were gently bobbing on her chest as she pranced.

Next they tried the waltz. Eventually, his attention shifted again from his feet to Maureen's chest.

"Mr. Ingram, you seem to be getting the hang of this. I like that. You're an apt pupil. But too much too soon will overload your ability to absorb the moves. Let's change things up."

Maureen found a wooden stool and placed it in the middle of the studio floor. Mr. Ingram took a seat. Maureen set the player with some exotic flute tunes. As the music developed, she swayed her hips with eyes closed, gently stepping time as she revolved and rotated about the seated Mr. Ingram.

As she moved, her legs flashed from the gown's long side slits. Her bare shoulders and arms slithered and fluttered about her body in sensuous movements. When she danced in close, she brushed her hands furtively across Mr. Ingram's shoulders, neck and face. Her caresses sent electric sparks to his fingers, toes and groin.

The mirrored walls displayed a dozen reflections of the dancing Maureen: front, back, profile. Mr. Ingram fancied that he was surrounded by a harem of dancing girls.

Maureen paused with her back to Mr. Ingram and glanced at him over her shoulder. As she sashayed her hips, her arms reached back and lowered the gown's zipper. The panels folded open as the zipper opened to below her waist. She unclipped the shoulder straps and those hung loose with the panels.

In the reflections, Mr. Ingram could see Maureen holding the bodice of the gown to her breasts. She made eye contact in the mirror and slowly let the bodice fall away. The top half of the dress hung inverted from her waist.

Maureen turned. Topless, she stood before Mr. Ingram. She reached inside the front slit of the skirt and fumbled with her panties. With a smile, she drew them out and tossed the wadded silk into Mr. Ingram's lap. He was an apt pupil. He sensed where this dance was going and whisked his shorts off.

Stepping forward, she straddled his thighs, holding the skirt panels aside. Her hands found his erection and stroked it in time with the slow music beat. Mr. Ingram buried his face in Maureen's cleavage. He encouraged her cock manipulations, albeit the words were muffled into Maureen's creamy mounds of flesh. The music ended and in the silence, the paramours drew back to exchange a kiss.

"May I?" asked Mr. Ingram.

Without waiting for a response, Mr. Ingram released the pins that held Maureen's bright auburn tresses in its stylish coiffure. The strands descended past her bare shoulders, laying on her back and teasing the round tops of her boobs. His fingers combed the locks. Her silvery ear dangles twinkled through the furrows. Her green eyes and cherry lips complemented the effect. Mr. Ingram was mesmerized.

"I like this dance, Maureen. Are there more steps? I want very much to learn this one."

"It is my pleasure to show you, sir. Pay close attention while I demonstrate the starting moves."

Maureen tilted Mr. Ingram's erection up and mounted him with a dancer's grace and style. Mr. Ingram resumed his favorite face-in-boobs deportment, loosely hugging Maureen's torso to maintain the connection. Mr. Ingram jogged his hips as best he could and Maureen followed his lead with harmonized motions. Dance classes had tightened and toned Maureen's core muscles. She could and did continue unabated whenever Mr. Ingram paused for a breather. Her continued stimulations through his pauses soon had him wanting more and he would recommence his hip pops.

The caresses between cock and cunt delighted the seated lovers. They were swimming in the same fantasy ocean, harmoniously singing the same tune. The lyrics were mostly moans and sighs but it was music to their ears nonetheless. Inevitably, the song reached its crescendo. The singing grew louder and the dancing more spirited.

Mr. Ingram felt the tingling rise in his groin and clutched more tightly to Maureen. She felt his amplified hold and primed herself for the finale. Mr. Ingram's cock pulsed in her core and his spunk splattered Maureen's womb. They rollicked and groaned as his ardor slowly passed and dissipated.

Maureen rubbed Mr. Ingram's shoulders as she cooed accolades into his ear. She reveled in the warmth of his skin under her hands and still in her cunt. Maureen was not needy or greedy concerning her sexual pleasures. She was content that Mr. Ingram had gone through a good orgasm. She intended him to have more with her.

Mr. Ingram deflated and fell out. Maureen dismounted and helped the weary Mr. Ingram to a comfortable recliner chair near the mirrored wall. She doused the lights and left to preen her costume and makeup as he closed his eyes and rested.

Mr. Ingram awoke from a twilight sleep to the heavy beat of jungle music. He pulled his recliner up. The room was still darkened, lit only by a central mirrored ball revolving in changing color lights. Dots of color boogied everywhere.

From a far corner, Maureen crawled cat-like across the polished wood floor towards Mr. Ingram. Her ass oscillated behind her as she stalked her 'prey' from across the room. Her loose fiery hair was held back from her face by a cat-ear headband. She wore makeup of painted cat whiskers and darkened eye-sockets. Her glossy red lips and pearly white sneer were a striking contrast of color.

Nearing her prey reposed in his chair, Maureen shifted to an upright squat. The leopard print transparent body suit did little to hide her large excited areolae or the prominence of her cunt lips. She licked her cherry red lips with a long slow swipe as she stared down her quarry. Mr. Ingram sat rigid, staring back as if caught in her headlights.

Maureen tilted her head and sniffed the air. She looked left, then right and finally front. She lifted an eyebrow in recognition of a familiar scent. She leaned forward and resumed her crawl into the space between Mr. Ingram's legs. She sniffed his calves and inner thighs as she proceeded higher. She purred when she nuzzled Mr. Ingram's flaccid penis.

Maureen tentatively poked her tongue out and tipped the crown. It bobbed. She watched the meat organ take on life and move as it enlarged. She paused to look up at Mr. Ingram. He had a deer-in-headlights look with eyes wide open and a death-grip on the cushioned chair arms.

Maureen broke character and chuckled.

"Come on, now, I may end up licking you to death but I promise not to bite."

Mr. Ingram visibly relaxed as he let out his breath. He smiled back. "Okay..."

Maureen turned her attention back to her 'prey'. Another tongue lap below the crown caused Mr. Ingram to moan as his erection got stronger. Additional laps over, under and around the knob got jerky reactions to her playful tongue sweeps.

When Maureen saw that Mr. Ingram's rod was stiff enough to stay elevated by itself, she opened her mouth and drew the knob past her lips. She sucked strongly on the knob but did not draw in much length. She tongue-wrestled the crown, sometimes sinking her tip into the end slit. Each time, Mr. Ingram's hips jumped. Maureen discovered he was very sensitive there.

Maureen opened wider and carefully pushed down, taking the knob to her throat. Her lips were almost bottomed out at his scrotum. Mr. Ingram was shorter than most of the coach trainers who had urged her through the oral practice drills at TWA. She liked the feel of heavy meat lodged in her throat. She had excelled at the breath and saliva control that would protract the male's pleasure.

Swallowing contractions were best for longer cocks when the man was deepest. Mr. Ingram would get Maureen's cat purr vibrations applied to his penile nerves.

Maureen held the knob deep in her mouth and loosed a low rumble in her throat. She felt it bump the roof of her mouth. She loosed a shorter rumble and sucked hard. Mr. Ingram moaned. That was encouraging to her plan. Apparently he liked the vibrations.

Maureen tried low notes, high notes, short notes and long notes. She tried various combinations and found Mr. Ingram's greatest response on the low long throat rumbles. During this oral opus, she added strong sucks and mouth strokes.

Mr. Ingram watched the show. Maureen's cat-suited body was speckled by the colored strobe beams reflected off the mirrored ball. Maureen's red hair bobbed in time with the drumbeat of the music. Her hands were everywhere, caressing his thighs, abs and pubic areas. He was getting her full attention and it was working him towards his orgasm.

Mr. Ingram felt the tingle rise from his toes to his legs and then his lungs. Maureen sensed his muscles tense. He would deliver his load to her mouth soon. Maureen placed a digit on Mr. Ingram's perineum and felt his ejaculate pulse up into the base of his cock. She used her best rumbles and laps as the fluid popped out the tip and flooded her oral cavity.

Maureen took Mr. Ingram all in so that the knob tip could feel the contractions as she swallowed his secretions. His corona was not wedged deep enough to catch the act; it would just have to be content with Maureen's moans of delight.

Other than the tense-up at ejaculation, Mr. Ingram's physical response had been restrained. He felt an all-body electric buzz that was very pleasant in lieu of a rip-roaring cum fest. Mr. Ingram had ejaculated and Maureen had drunk his offering.

Maureen never moved from her spot as she remotely shutdown the lights and music. The oral-to-groin conjoined mates swooned in the afterglow. Maureen kept a gentle suckle on Mr. Ingram as he shrank. She released her 'prey' after a final purr and retraced her tracks across the dance floor. Her undulating ass disappeared into the far room darkness as the house lights faded to black. Mr. Ingram lounged back and closed his eyes.

Mr. Ingram awoke to chirpy concertina music straight out of a Parisian street setting. A narrow shaft of light in the center of the room broadened to become a vertical spotlight shining down on a sidewalk café table. Maureen sat in one iron chair and motioned Mr. Ingram over to take the other. When he was close, she rose and extended her hand.

"Are you Mr. Ingram, the talent scout? I'm Maureen. My agent said I should meet you to request a screen test. He gave me your card."

Maureen handed Mr. Ingram a plain white business card. It said:


Maureen kept her voice strong but the pleading was evident. "Can you get me a screen test? Please...I've been searching everywhere to get an acting job. I want to be a movie star."

Mr. Ingram got the gist of this improvised play. "Movie star, huh? Well, Maureen, there are many kinds of movies and many kinds of stars. Do you have any special talents or experiences?"

Maureen brightened and exploded with pent-up enthusiasm as she finally found an opportunity to describe herself.

"Oh, yes. My talents are highly regarded. I can dance very well and I've taught private lessons. I've taught men how to take real pleasure from moves with a talented and willing dance partner.

"My singing abilities have produced gushing appreciation. I've practiced under some very strict coach-trainers. They showed me how to sing, yodel and hum with the best.

"I have performing experience. I design my own costumes for fantasy roles like cats and mermaids. I enthusiastically adopt the charisma of predator or prey. But I'm keen to take anything if the studio execs want to give me a shot."

Maureen paused to let that sink in. Mr. Ingram thought a moment. As if on cue, a glow in the darkened room's corner emerged. It softly lit a large round waterbed with black satin sheets. Another light glowed in Mr. Ingram's brain and he got a brilliant idea. He stood beside Maureen's chair and gazed down on her exquisiteness.

"We don't usually waste money on screen tests for untried hopefuls. First, we conduct a round of interviews to consider the potential candidates' qualifications. I am very busy but I can make some time. Perhaps you could rearrange your schedule to squeeze me in right now."

Without waiting for a response, Mr. Ingram took Maureen's hand and led her to the circular bed.

Maureen was dressed in a sassy sleeveless summer dress. The shoulder straps were more decoration than function. The dress sported a broad-band puckered bodice above the short flirty A-line skirt. Her graceful dance-toned legs were propped on matching white dancer heels. Maureen's jewelry and makeup were sparkly, colorful and glossy in all the right places.

"What role do you want me to play?" she asked. Mr. Ingram smirked.

"I'll be a Hollywood movie producer and you will be an aspiring starlet. You will let me take advantage of your innocence in hopes of a movie career. I will simply satiate my lust in your compliant body on the ruse of a non-existent screen test. Sound familiar? Good. I'll start the scene."

Mr. Ingram took Maureen shoulder straps and pushed them over her arms. He reached behind and found her dress zipper. It glided down her lissome backbone. He smoothed the loosened bodice off her breasts. The dress dropped from her waist. Maureen wore no underwear. Her entire body was fully accessible to Mr. Ingram's advances.

Mr. Ingram drew Maureen in for a kiss, rubbing her nipples against his hairy chest. Their lips were firmly locked. Wetted lips rocked as they raised their sexual thermostats.

Mr. Ingram palmed Maureen's ass, drawing her against him. Her groin contacted his and he realized that he still wore his shorts. He stopped to fumble them off and cast them aside. During the pause, Maureen stooped to remove her high heels but Mr. Ingram stopped and pulled her up. With her in heels and his feet bare, they were elevated equally, nearly face-to-face.

"Leave them on. You might need to anchor your feet to counter my thrusts. Or they might help clamp your ankles behind me. Even if I can't see or feel them, just the thought of drilling a woman whose wearing strapped-on heels really gets my motor running."

They resumed their standing foreplay. Mr. Ingram pushed Maureen's shoulders down onto the middle of the bed. The water swashed undulating waves beneath the black satin sheets. She butt-walked to the middle and presented him with a classic missionary position. Her knees were elevated and spread, offering a wide play-space for Mr. Ingram to occupy between her legs. She smiled as her arms reached for him, inviting him to climb aboard. Mr. Ingram ushered himself into his allocated berth.

Mr. Ingram was ready to go. His cock was hard. He finger-tested Maureen's vaginal lips and found them warm and moist. He leaned up over her body and she lightly circled his with her arms. His cock knob bounced against her cunt and she rotated her hips up to improve the alignment. Mr. Ingram pressed and his rigidity entered her slickness.

Maureen interlaced her ankles behind Mr. Ingram and pulled him all the way in with one smooth motion. He felt the coolness of the little metal shoe buckles against his butt. His mind's eye saw Maureen's white dancer stilettos pressed hard against his hairy ass cheeks. His cock gave a single throb of elation inside its juicy tomb. Maureen felt it and sighed.

Mr. Ingram pulled and pushed mid-length strokes. The underlying surf washed its ebb and flo across the bed's expanse. Their position gave each partner a firm clutch on the other. They maneuvered their conjoined parts in exciting moves. They worked together, timing their strokes to the rhythm of the waves. Mr. Ingram and Maureen were slowly but surely getting their sought-after rise in heat. The satin sheets were slick on the water mattress. The black luster hid any shadows of wrinkles. Combined with the gentle sways, it gave the illusion of fucking in mid-air.

Mr. Ingram was nearing the satiation of his lust that he had inferred to Maureen in their setup to the scene. His breath was gusting and he heard her encouragements.

"Yes, sir...that's it...keep going...drill me deep...are you ready...cum in me...give me all of it...Yes...I want it...I Want It...I WANT IT...YEEES!"

Maureen felt the sperm pulses on her cervix and heard Mr. Ingram cry out. She squeezed everything everywhere. Her cunt contractions milked his cock. Her heels dug into his butt. Her thighs clamped his legs in a depth grip. She hugged him as hard as her arms were able. She sucked hard on his neck. Nice, she thought, in addition to cat and mermaid roles, I can claim 'boa-constrictor' as well. The pair-mates rested until Maureen broached the subject.

"So, do I get a screen test?"

Mr. Ingram elevated his head and shoulders on propped arms so he could speak seriously face-to-face.

"Well, I will recommend it. But there are many kinds of movies and many kinds of stars. And I said 'a round of interviews'. This was only one. Screen tests are not cheap and the studios are cautious about spending their money. They need a group consensus of the relevant players.

"Let me help you out. I will try to get you interviews with the director, the script writers, the stage manager and his props crew, the camera crew, the sound crew, the lighting crew and, possibly, the caterers. If we're lucky, you can probably complete the round of interviews in a month or two. Then, the studio bosses will deliberate and decide. That's the way things work around here. I'm surprised your agent didn't tell you that."

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