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Total Woman Mentors 06


The Sunday morning breakfast buffet was spread along one side of the dining room as the Father-Daughter pairs moseyed in for another round of re-pairing. It was the last day of this year's Total Woman Academy Father-Daughter Weekend. The final pairings would be made by father-daughter swapping with mutual consent.

Coffee was the sought after elixir as the disheveled looking couples were showing the wear and tear of non-stop fucking throughout the weekend. Over their mugs of java, Mr. Arnold and Evelyn scanned the room. Mr. Arnold had just spent a rollicking night with Evelyn. He was very impressed with all of the daughters' acquired proficiency in human gratification. Other senior students before Evelyn had given him delicious samples from the TWA Poise buffet. Oh...but Evelyn had been a special delicacy.

They had started with a dramatic strip down. Evelyn had pretended resistance which a bulky Mr. Arnold had easily overcome. He had literally torn her clothes off. The sturdier elastics of Evelyn's bra and panties had succumbed to scissors. The follow-up sex had been earthy and crude. The tenor had intensified through the succeeding sessions, the sex becoming ever more animalistic. Evelyn writhed harder at Mr. Arnold's successive escalations. Their fervors rose with each successful conquest and unconditional surrender. Evelyn had savored it all. Even now, her pussy retained tingles of the ecstasies. Mr. Arnold was in a similar state of latent afterglow.

After the shredding, Evelyn's clothes were unserviceable. For her journey to breakfast, she had found a discarded tuxedo shirt to wear. The buttons were missing but it shrouded her shoulders and tits, leaving her unfettered central cleavage on display. The see-through fabric brushed her nipples, exciting them into alluring dark disks with prominent bumps. Mr. Arnold approved. Her demeanor and presentation gave him negotiating clout in the coming freeform-swaps with the other fathers.

Across the room, Mr. Arnold spotted the pair of Oriental twins dressed in abbreviated schoolgirl costumes. They were coyly giggling with two Fathers as they munched on small servings from the buffet. Mr. Arnold liked the idea of spending his last day with nubile twins.

Evelyn swayed and sashayed beside Mr. Arnold as they crossed the room. The fathers stopped their chatter and paid attention to the springy Evelyn. They hardly noticed Mr. Arnold. The twins saw his approach and gave him big smiles with their hands coyly crossed in front of their short plaid skirts.

"Good morning, sir" they said in unison.

"Good morning young ladies. May we join you?"

"Oh, yes, sir" said one. "We were just thanking Mr. Walden and Mr. Moore for their help last night with our Transitions. They were very generous with their time and talents."

Mr. Arnold's face brightened. "So you have already been tutored by these gentlemen? Does that mean you two would be amenable to join me for rest of the day?"

The twins looked at each other and gave a united gleeful hop.

"Both of us! Oh, could we? Together? That would be fantastic!"

Mr. Arnold suddenly remembered that Evelyn was standing next to him. He looked searchingly at Mr. Walden and Mr. Moore for help in finding a male-mate for Evelyn. Mr. Walden laughed.

"I think I can be of assistance here. Mr. Moore, let me introduce my daughter, Evelyn."

Evelyn extended her hand to Mr. Moore whose face lit up at the prospect. She held his hand longer than a normal handshake. Mr. Moore responded with a snugger grip, signaling his interest in continuing this chance meeting.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Mr. Moore. Your daughter Suzy has told us all about you. Everyone wants a pairing with you."

"I don't know what Suzy told you but I hope that I can live up to the legend."

"Suzy boasted that you are very forceful in the bedroom, harsh in word and deed. She made you sound stern, domineering and manly. Would that be true?"

Mr. Moore stared into Evelyn's eyes. She locked his gaze. Mr. Moore continued to hold Evelyn's hand as his other reached for her lapel. He flicked it aside and uncovered her breast.

"Well, yes, that's quite true. If you want to experience dominant sexual virility, then I'm your man. I specialize in dark scenarios."

Mr. Moore hefted Evelyn's boob and squeezed firmly. Her eyes squinted and her mouth opened to emit a moan that she quickly repressed. Mr. Moore tightened his squeeze.

"Are dark scenarios appealing to you? Are you ready for that?"

Evelyn's tongue-tip moistened her lips as she prepared to accept his proposition. Mr. Walden interjected.

"Of course, my daughter is ready for that. Feel free to stretch her boundaries with your masculine vigor. I certainly didn't hold back yesterday when I filled your daughter Suzy with my expertise. I schooled her to exhaustion as she absorbed my carnal coaching. That's the purpose of this weekend: 'genuine life encounters replicating the real world'."

Evelyn smiled meekly and lowered her eyes. This swap was sure to happen and she thanked her lucky stars for the opportunity to train with Mr. Moore. Her legs and hips swayed hungrily as she dangled impatiently in Mr. Moore's grasp and gaze.

Mr. Moore seemed satisfied with the mutual invitation to offer his expertise. He released Evelyn's tit but maintained a tight grasp on her hand.

"So, Mr. Arnold, do we have a swap-deal here?"

Mr. Arnold addressed Mr. Walden. "If I get the twins, the answer is yes. But what will you do?"

Mr. Walden shrugged non-committal but agreed to hand over his twin.

Mr. Moore said farewell to the rest of their small group. One Oriental twin gave Mr. Moore dual cheek busses as she thanked him again for his awesome assistance.

Mr. Walden saw where Evelyn's breast disclosed the pink blotches of Mr. Moore's introductory clutch. He gave his daughter a playful butt smack and snickered.

"Be good, Evelyn, and be courteous to Mr. Moore. Follow his discipline and learn his ways...not that you'll have a choice, I'm sure."

Mr. Moore piloted the boob-exposed Evelyn across the room and onwards to their forthcoming encounter. Mr. Walden and Mr. Arnold watched Evelyn shuffle away and then turned their attention back to their own affairs.

It was time for Mr. Walden to say his own farewells. The other twin buzzed Mr. Walden's cheeks as she thanked him for his awesome assistance. He shook Mr. Arnold's hand.

"It was nice to meet you, Mr. Arnold. Thanks for helping my daughter last night. I hope she furnished you a proper illustration of TWA flair. Now I need to work the room and scoop up a loner for my last pair-mate of the weekend. Have a good time with the twins. They're a handful...well, actually two handfuls but you'll soon see that for yourself. Au revoir."

Finally left alone with his current responsibilities, Mr. Arnold turned his attention to the Oriental twins. They stood patiently attentive before him. He scanned them up and down. Their straight-cut bangs framed almond eyes and their black silky hair hung to mid-back. The white blouses were buttoned but loosely covered the promise of moderate breasts beneath. The shirt tails were tied in front, exposing their navels. The plaid skirts were sassy short and low hip. Their black heels were mid-height and staid enough to pass for school shoes with the attending frilly white sox.

Mr. Arnold stretched his arms high and wide, feeling his muscles' weary tautness from the selfless coaching burdens he had endured all weekend. He reached his arms around the twins' waists and drew them into a one-arm hug on either side. His hands dipped beneath the short skirt hems and palmed firm ass cheeks, only partially covered by silky panties. The twins giggled at his swift familiarity.

"So...what do I call my enchanting pair of playmates?"

"I'm Zuki and this is my twin sister, Zoey. Thank you for agreeing to see us together. The raffles kept matching us with separate partners. We were afraid we would be split up again. But, at last, we can learn together as a duet. Maybe we could go to a classroom and study human anatomy. You could teach us how to behave in class and assign us extra credit homework."

Intrigued, Mr. Arnold gave that suggestion serious thought. But he'd been cooped up inside all weekend. Even with the plentitude of amusing housemates, he still felt a touch of cabin-fever. He wanted fresh air and sunlight.

"No, I think it's time for recess. Let's find the outdoor playground and fitness equipment. You can relieve my stiffness as I study your tightness and flexibility."

The arm-in-arm trio promenaded outdoors to the poolside fitness area. There stood sturdy wood, metal and plastic training stations semi-circling a cushioned ground surface. The adjacent pool deck held chaises, shower and towel cabanas. The girls collected towels and placed a chaise in position for Mr. Arnold to relax and scan the fitness area. After he was comfortably reclined, Zuki and Zoey kicked off their shoes and sox and proceeded to Station One, a row of horizontal bars at descending heights. They did a few rounds of chin-ups while playfully boosting each other's barely covered butts on the last tries. They fell in a laughing heap at the end of each round.

Next was Station Two, the balance beam. Zuki stepped gingerly along its entire length but Zoey did a handstand midway that flashed her white panties towards Mr. Arnold's admiring gaze.

Station Three was more play-like with a tall stairs and a long adult slide. The friction-prone surface tugged their panties into 'wedgies' and displayed prominent cameltoes as they dismounted at the bottom. Unperturbed, the twins cycled several rounds before moving on to Station Four, trapeze swings. Most of that time was spent inverted as they swung from hooked knees; their hair brushing the ground. The skirts flopped down and the bunched panties did little to conceal alluring butts and cunts.

Mr. Arnold decided to join them on Station Five, the calisthenics benches. The twins' blouses were tainted with perspiration. Mr. Arnold directed them to remove the damp tops. The twins exceeded his instructions by removing their bras as well. They regarded each other and shrugged. Off came the scrunched up panties as well. At first, Mr. Arnold admired their initiative. Then he admired their physiques.

Truly, Zuki and Zoey were identical twins. Their tits were the same moderate size though pronounced on their lithe frames. Each conical mass represented a respectable 'handful', partially satisfying Mr. Walden's cautionary counsel. Their nipples were rose colored points, with youthful firmness and little cylindrical nubs. Below those, trim bellies and shaved pussies revealed generous cunt lips. Mr. Arnold imagined that those fleshy outer lips concealed juicy inner folds. He expected to prove that theory very soon.

What was good for the geese was good for the gander. Mr. Arnold doffed his own clothes and joined the young ladies in a state of unencumbered freedom. Zuki's eyes went wide and she whispered a quiet 'ugh oh' warning to Zoey. Zoey was nonplused; she had concurrently spied Mr. Arnold's outsized manhood dangling flaccid between his legs. In Eastern philosophy, this was the classic case of a crisis becoming an opportunity. The twins were presented with a challenge but equally a chance for them to exercise teamwork.

Mr. Arnold leaned into Zuki's face and laid a suave kiss on her lips. She responded with a tongue tease and maintained contact. Mr. Arnold steadied Zuki by holding her shoulders and they deepened the interchange. Zuki's hands caressed his cheeks. He closed his eyes. Unseen, Zoey cradled Mr. Arnold's shaft in her palm. Semi-flaccid, the knob still rested on her wrist, even with her fingers extended out flat. She smoothed her other hand along the top of the stiffening shaft. It bobbled gently between her caressing digits.

Zuki pulled back and Mr. Arnold turned his attention to Zoey. He held her shoulders and bestowed the same style of kiss he had imparted on her sister. Zoey held Mr. Arnold's face in her soft hands as Zuki took over the foreplay duty on Mr. Arnold cock. The elegantly executed "handoff" between Zoey and Zuki would have made a track coach proud. Their pace never faltered.

Mr. Arnold was getting larger and his cock projected horizontal on its own strength. Zuki knelt for a closer look and a bashful taste. Her tongue scraped the underside of the formidable crown. The rod bopped up at her lingual touch and she lost oral contact. Seeking a securer mount, she took the knob and some of the shaft inside her mouth. She 'painted' Mr. Arnold's under-crown and this time the roof of her mouth held the jittering shaft in contact. Zuki stroked her tongue tip repeatedly. She felt the shaft increase its diameter, more fully filling her oral cavity with solid cock. She used both hands to surround the exposed portion of the shaft and re-instigated the axial caress.

Mr. Arnold and Zoey had ceased their face-sucking activities and watched from above as Zuki attuned her techniques to the super-engorged Mr. Arnold. Despite the pleasure Mr. Arnold was receiving, he wanted to escalate the action. He grasped Zuki's hair, drew her off his rod and hauled her up to standing.

"Let's try something different. Get some towels to cushion the exercise bench. One of you can mount me while I lie on my back."

When Mr. Arnold was lying in position on the towel draped bench, the twins stood by awaiting his selection. Mr. Andrew let a moment pass then raised an eyebrow in their direction. The girls understood that he would not choose one or the other. That was their decision.

The twins retreated a distance and exchanged heated whispers. Each pointed at the other and shook their heads, daring the other to go first. It was an impasse but divine guidance intervened. The god of rock-paper-scissors decreed that Zoey would go first. The chosen one accepted the verdict and stoically walked to Mr. Arnold's reclining bulk. A relieved Zuki followed behind ready to assist.

Mr. Arnold reached between Zoey's thighs and fingered her inner cunt lips. He found some moisture but worked to draw out more. Zoey's body responded cooperatively. She was silently grateful for his initiative. The fluid flow would help ease the struggle to impale her pussy on Mr. Arnold's erection.

Her team-mate Zuki lent a hand as the freshly lubed Zoey swung her leg across Mr. Arnold and rested her petite ass on his brawny upper thighs. His erection lay heavily on his stomach. Zoey scrunched forward and lifted her cunt high above the base of Mr. Arnold's cock. Zuki used both hands to tilt his erection skyward and it still barely fit beneath Zoey as she stood on her tiptoes to maximize her elevation. His tip slit contacted her cunt slit. Zuki wiggled them together, trying to facilitate cross-lubrication and properly align the parts.

Zoey held her breath and bore down. The crest of the crown pushed in. She waggled her hips to adjust the alignment and encourage her vaginal elasticity to acclimate. Zuki held Zoey's arm and shoulder, balancing Zoey in her shaky position. Zoey took another breath and pushed down some more. Mr. Arnold's corona moved wholly inside her oily pink entrance. Another breath and another heave drew in more length. Her vagina was spreading in good order. It was a very tight fit but the mission seemed feasible.

Mr. Arnold watched the proceedings unfold. Zoey was so fucking tight! He would have preferred a quicker start but he saw that the team was making steady progress. He resisted the urge to jog his hips and speed things up. The twins were trying their best and he was content with their efforts.

More than half his length was in when he felt a barrier tap his tip. Zoey paused. Mr. Arnold had bottomed out against her cervix. She was now low enough to slant her body and brace her hands on Mr. Arnold's abs. The support gave her enough of a stance to oscillate her hips, brushing her cervix around the knob's crown buried deep in her core. Mr. Arnold moaned. Zoey knew how to give good vibrations and they made his cock twitch. His hands rested on Zoey's thighs and he nodded his approval through closed eyes.

Zoey continued the moves, testing different styles of pressure and rhythm. Mr. Arnold gave her spontaneous feedback through the volume and span of his groans and moans. She noted the sharper louder ones and returned to those preferred patterns after experimental forays elsewhere.

Mr. Arnold was climbing his sensual mountain and the peak was rapidly approaching. He wanted his cock completely in when he crested the summit. As the time approached, he prepared. Just at the final moment, he gripped Zoey's thighs, jogged his hips aggressively and punched his knob through her inner constriction. He felt her cervical orifice slide past his corona as he buried his cock completely inside. Mr. Arnold bellowed and ejaculated in her inner womb. The sperm ropes spewed out accompanied by his violent hip pops that shook them both.

Zoey cried out with surprise but not pain at the final thrust. Further wailing cries followed immediately as her orgasm burst forth, triggered by the last lunge and the molten flood of sperm. Zoey's ecstatic cunt contractions kneaded the length of Mr. Arnold's rod inside her. The fuck-mates were oblivious to all but the sensations in their groins.

Eventually, their breathing calmed and centered as they returned to the here and now. Mr. Arnold felt drips of perspiration on his chest where they fell from the tip of Zoey's nose. Her eyes opened. He smiled and relaxed. His hands cupped, bounced and kneaded her slippery boobs. Zoey let him play. Her whole body was drenched from her pleasurable labors. They waited through Mr. Arnold's post-coitus deflation. Finally they uncoupled and the reduced diameter shaft slid easily from her slick tube. It lay peacefully limp over Mr. Arnold's abs.

Zuki covered Mr. Arnold with clean towels to hold off any uncomfortable chill. Zoey rinsed off under the outdoor pool shower. The twins kneeled next to the tranquil Mr. Arnold, gently touching and stroking exposed legs and arms as they cleverly extended his post-orgasmic glow. Mr. Arnold experienced twilight dreams as his testosterone induced high leisurely dissipated. Finally calmed, he opened his eyes and blinked into wakefulness.

"Mr. Arnold, how do you feel?"


"That's good. We still have half a day left. Can you sit up?"

Mr. Arnold swung his legs astraddle the bench and pulled his torso upright. The twins helped him stand. They led him around the gym equipment to the parallel bars at Station One. They walked him along the row, gauging his height against the height of the stepped bars. Zuki decided on a particular spot.

"I think this is about right. Mr. Arnold, would you please stand here while I check?"

Zuki sat on the bar facing away and then hooked her feet and knees as she let her body swing down. She was inverted facing Mr. Arnold. Zoey moved him forward until his cock bumped Zuki's breast bone. Zoey shook her head.

"Sorry, sister, wrong one. He's taller than we thought."

Zuki pivoted up and dismounted. She moved to the next higher bar and repeated her mount and swing back. Zoey moved Mr. Arnold into position and the twins were satisfied that Zuki's mouth was level with the base of Mr. Arnold prick. Mr. Arnold took hold of the bar and waited. His nose was assaulted by her vaginal aroma. Zuki wrapped her arms behind his butt and slurped his manhood into her mouth.

At this starting point, Mr. Arnold was not as long and round as he had been during her previous trial tasting. But that was changing quickly. She employed head strokes along his semi-tumescent meat as her lingual stimulations garnered results. Zuki used her grip on Mr. Arnold's butt cheeks to lever her head in longer strokes. His warm fleshy rod was now long enough to bump her throat. Zuki knew there was more to come. She understood her assignment. Apparently, Mr. Arnold was also perceptive to the prospects. He leaned his chest on the bar between Zuki's knees to free his hands.

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