tagLoving WivesTouching Her Softly

Touching Her Softly


"Touch me softly," her words echoed in the quiet room. The light of ten flickering candles cast a lattice of shapes across the ceiling, walls, and ultimately her skins. She was exquisite; a flawless naked form. Her face was hidden by dense tendrils of highlighted-brown hair. On her side, she threw her top leg behind the bottom as she looked back over her shoulder. The dancing candlelight accented the contrast of tanned and stark white flesh. A triangle of white flesh between her legs gave way to tender, wet pink. Her mons was distinctly visible, not shaved but closely trimmed. Longer wispy, brown hair started below her pussy and encircled her tiny brown-pink asshole. The flickering light exposed a slick wetness on her parting labia.

She rolled onto her back, simultaneously pulling her heels to her ass cheeks, splaying her knees wide. She body possessed a flexibility that caused them to almost touch the satin sheets surrounding her. The muscles of her inner thighs rippled in the light of the candle's flame. Her cunt simply popped open; wet, pink and inviting. I dropped between her legs, mouth open, tongue already moving across my teeth, anticipating the taste of her pussy. The flat palm of her right hand stopped my forward movement, pushing back firm at my forehead.

"Not yet. Touch me softly. Play with my flesh." He voice was a commanding yet so soft, sensual whisper. "Show me how sensitive your touch can be." I knelt between her legs and looked down at her beauty, not saying a word. Without taking her eyes from mine, she reached over to her nightstand to pick up two clothespins.

"Baby, I'm going to make you feel good while you make me feel good." As she spoke she adeptly took a clothespin between thumb and forefinger in each hand and moved smoothly to capture each of my nipples in a vice-like grip. The pain was not intense, but the pleasurable sensation was so great I closed my eyes and dropped down on my heels. She held onto the clothespins just long enough to twist them softly right-to-left as she whispered, "When you make me feel good, I'll make you feel good. When you are a good boy, I'll twist your titties for you. But, don't ask. Just do me."

I rose back up on my knees and moved slightly forward. My thigh, just above the bent knee, came to rest against her pussy. Her wetness was already obvious on my skin. Almost imperceptively, she pumped her hips and her already heated labia brushed upward against my leg. So softly did she move my coarse leg hair must have excited tender flesh. She hissed softly, "Fuck."

With extended arms, leaning forward in a manner that caused my affixed clothespins to jiggle slightly, I drew my fingertips as softly across the curves of her face. My thumbs traced her eyebrows, slightly over, then slightly beneath, then directly across their coarse surface. As my thumbs moved inward to outward over her eyelids, my index fingers drawing small circles at her temples, she sighed. Her soft belly rose and fell rhythmically, in sync with my fingers. Still with legs spread wide, she ground her pussy against my thigh, but oh so softly.

As I moved to caress the lobes of her ears, rotating them between delicately between my first two fingers and thumb of each hand, she reached to grasp the clothespins locked on my nipples. Saying nothing, she rotated each clockwise then counter-clockwise several times. Deep pleasure rippled through me. Her movements were slow, almost tender. With each rotation my cock danced between my spread legs. Her rotations seemed to keep pace with my play upon her earlobes. Then, she dropped her arms back beside her.

"Touch me softly, on my tits," her voice was soft and horse, coming from deep in her throat. Her eyes were closed. I drew my hands down her neck, my fingers dancing along the muscle cords coming to rest just above her collarbones. "Massage my nipples like you massaged my earlobes. Just rub them." It was the softest command she'd ever given. I obliged, but only after I traced the contours of each breast, cupped each softly between my palms, and delicately squeezed them to engorge each nipple. When, finally, I came to grasp each nipple independently, to apply soft circular pressure to the tip of each one; she spread her legs farther than I thought possible and gently but firmly ground her sopping wet pussy against my thigh. I moved my thigh slightly forward, firmly maintaining contact. Her lubrication increased with a pulsing squirt, soft and subtle, but so obvious. A puddle of her juices was collecting where my knee met the satin sheets.

Turning her head from side to side, eyes remaining closed, she moaned, "Nasty, so fucking nasty." As she spoke, she pumped faster, but softer yet, against my thigh. I could feel her adjusting the pressure on the nub of her clit, backing off just a bit to reduce the intensity, to prolong her pleasure. "Softly play with my asshole."

Leaving her breasts, I drew one hand over her belly. It was beginning to bulge slightly as it always did when she became sexually aroused, when an orgasm approached. The other hand went to my mouth. I coated my index finger with a copious amount of saliva. Placing the very tip, the point where the fingernail meets flesh, softly against her anus I softly opened her up. My finger drew the rubbery ring outward with soft pressure, at the same time sliding in slightly deeper. She pressed downward on my fingertip, wanting more, but enjoying the teasingly soft penetration. "Oh, fuck me with your finger, push it in." She wanted me to, and she didn't. She just wanted to feel nastier and nastier. Her asshole just softened to my touch and opened deeper. She rode on a thousands nerve endings. The way I played with her ass excited me; made my cock literally drip pre-cum. She sensed as much and she reach up to rapidly and softly twist my clothespins. A series of her favorite word, "Fuck," rolled softly over her lips. She was feeling nasty.

Maintaining my tender caress of her asshole, I drew my thigh away from her pussy. Strings of clear, viscous nectar hung like a string of pearls between the lips of her cunt and my thigh. Her hips pumped up and down, her pussy hole pulsed in the candlelight and I enjoyed the sight of my finger playing just inside the surface of her asshole.

"Eat me softly. I am going to come soon." It was the softest whisper. My finger pushing just a little deeper into her ass, I bent and placed my fully opened mouth over her pulsing vagina. I rested myself softly upon her wet inner flesh and let her body do the work. She rose and fell, circled and reversed. Always, with a soft contact pressure she set. Finally she spoke, "Now, use your tongue. And, push your finger a little deeper into my ass. Soft." As softly as I could, slowly in the manner I knew she enjoyed, I flicked the tip of my tongue across her clit. I worked to find that place between not touching it and touch it: that place that created soft spasms in her ass, spasms that drew my fingertip slightly deeper with each subtle contraction. At intervals I stopped flicking to slowly and softly suck her flesh into my mouth, to savor her taste. As I did so, I masturbated myself against the satin sheets, lying there between her legs. She sensed my action and brought her heels up to rest on my buttocks. My near-cum rhythm melded with hers. Her soft, "Motherfucker, fuck" told me she was near orgasm. As she began to cum, I drew back from pussy just slightly, without breaking contact. Her contractions rippled through her body and I enjoyed them with her. My finger, without resistance, slid fully into her ass. She pushed into it. The tip of my tongue softly touched her clit, not moving as she did – the soft touch. She shuddered through the wave and I, too, came softly.

Minutes later she spoke, "That was a toe-curler."

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