tagIncest/TabooTouching His Daughter

Touching His Daughter


(Author's Note: This is the first of a few stories I knocked out over one weekend. I'd like to explore more writing, particularly on incest fantasies. If you're interested in giving feedback or collaborating, or simply to talk, feel free to contact me)

Robert sat there in the dark, on the couch in his living room, as the television in front of him flickered the taboo and nasty images he'd always treasured in his head. Incest - father-daughter sex, the ultimate taboo, was playing on the screen. Despite knowing none of the images was real - that the young actress on TV was merely acting, he could not control the raging hard-on inside his pants. His cock drooled and twitched, partly because of the images, and partly because just moments earlier, he'd nearly molested his own 18-year-old daughter Jessica.

"Molest." That word got him hot behind the ears, and stirred up feelings of lust and passion no woman could have ever done. So nasty is the word, yet, so erotic and enticing, he spent many nights masturbating to the scene - molesting his own daughter, making her cum with his fingers as she finally gave in to the pleasure and ultimate taboo.

So close, yet so far. Or, was he really that far from fucking her? Just moments before he'd had his hands on her legs, to his disappointment, still covered by the tight jeans Jessica was wearing. Her tank-top left little to the imagination, was wrapped tightly around her C-cups, pushing out her globes, only half covered, enticing him to glance down once in a while as she sat there, snuggled up against him as the scenes played out on television.

Jill, his wife and Jessica's mom, had gone out for the evening, and as they sat down to watch television, snuggled against one another to make up for Jessica's lost time in college, her first semester at the University of Central Florida, the movie of the week had came on. An erotic movie. A movie not to be viewed by father and daughter. But as the movie progressed, so did their dance, as she moved closer and snuggled against him. Their breathings increased as Robert felt the familiar stir within his body. Jessica did, too, and it was left unspoken as he continued to stroke her arms, gently and softly, feeling the peach-fuzz of her 18-year-old body against his fingers, occasionally moving up toward her face and back down. He'd hoped that that was all - a little cheap thrills for his masturbatory session later, when he'd sneak into the hamper, steal her latest pair of used panties and jack off in them. But, instead, things continued to progress.

"Wow, that's hot," she'd said as the HBO special showed a middle-aged man grinding under the cover against a girl her age. To all viewers, it was clear what they were doing, and secretly, Robert wondered if watching the movie was making his daughter hot. Gently, he moved his hand up to her face against, and using his thumb, stroked her right cheek as he pulled her closer to him on the couch, his eyes darting down at her cleavage, its top half of the crop, creamy and firm, covered by her bra and tank-top.

"Yeah? I think so, too," he confessed. "What do you think is hot about it?" he pressed, partly because he'd lost all sense of logic, and partly because his own logic was pressing him to push her further into a sexual excitement state - if she weren't already there. He continued looking down at her fleshy globes, waiting for an answer, his arm wrapped around her shoulder, thumb still stroking her face.

"Hmmmmm," she sighed, pausing a second for effect, and considering whether to go on, as her own father's touch stirred excitement in her. "If I explained, this could turn out very bad," she reasoned to herself, not knowing whether to feed her father's curiousity of her sexuality. Yet his touch, along with what was on TV, was creating an itch deep within her stomach she could not seem to explain. Going on her own impulse, she explained.

"I like it because the age difference is so ...taboo," she continued, eyes still glued to the screen as the man is now thrusting harder under the sheets into the woman.

It'd been nearly a month for Jessica - since the last time she came with someone else's help back in college, but the summer, along with her parents' constant presence, had prevented her from such. Still, as she sat there, feeling her father soft touches, a feeling inside stirred, and all the sudden, to her own surprise, she was feeling a bit sexual, as the familiar pit built in her stomach, her throat constricted by a lump of excitement and she'd felt as though she needed to take deeper breath. In short, she was showing signs of sexual arousal - of getting horny, getting wet, wanting to be fucked - and what's worst, the person making her feel this way was her own dad. Jessica let out a sigh, knowing that none of this would lead anywhere - that she could let her mind wander, and as her parents went to bed later that night, she would quietly finger her own cunt in her room, making herself cum over and over again to the scenes on TV.

Robert's heart pounded faster as he looked for a way to up the ante, and a way to respond. Was she hinting at him, or was she, in her youthful innocence, being completely honest to her own father, unaware of his incestuous attraction to her? Was she getting wet? What does she look like naked? Has she ever masturbated to fantasies that are "taboo?" Questions filled Robert's mind as he swallowed hard and decided to respond.

"Taboo - I like that word," he said, almost a whisper at her while also looking as the screen, his cock now hard and drooling inside his pants, straining to free itself from the constraints of the underwear underneath his slacks as he moves his hand back down from her face, dragging his thumb down her and just for a second, making contact with the top of her right breast before dropping back down to her right arm. Her flesh felt burning hot under his thumb, and with trembling hands, he continued to stroke her arm, determined to continue on with this as long as she didn't oppose.

"Taboo is a good word," she said, gasping as his thumb brushed against the top of her breast, while still looking at the screen. His hand felt hot against the top part of her breast, and secretly, for a second, she wished he'd go ahead and pop it out, pinch her nipple, suck on it, and molest her - a word she found repulsive, yet for some reason, also exciting.

"I am glad you like it," he responded, his game plan now put in full motion. He'd never planned to go forth with it, but opportunity was still knocking and until she told him to stop or stormed away, he still had a shot, he figured, as his hand moved up back toward her face, again, brushing "accidently" against her breast.

God, this was her own father sitting just inches from her, snuggling with her, and she couldn't get the incestuous thoughts out of her mind. While she knew with certainties that the act of incest is wrong, Jessica also knew of yearning, and at the moment, she yearned of nothing more than to cum and come very hard, and the idea, that it was her own father, just by simply having touched her the way she did, and introducing a topic of conversation rarely visited by father and daughter to their night, made her doubley hot. It wasn't the first time she'd felt she wanted him, but all of the sudden, it seemed altogether possible. She quickly considered it - and decided that, perhaps, if he left a door open, she would take the opportunity. She would take his bait. She would let her father fuck her.

Her thoughts were broken by his voice as his hand trailed back up toward her face, again, just one more time, brushing gently against the top of her breast. Almost in a whisper, he made his next move.

"I've actually got something a bit better if you like this stuff. Care to see it?" he asked, putting himself out there and taking a chance that, if it ended badly, might cost him his whole family. But if it paid off -- heaven.

"Maybe," she replied. "What is it?" she asked, almost curious at what her father might want to show her, after having already gone this far, and not knowing how much further this would go. She enjoyed the thrills, although still not knowing if he meant for this to be serious, or just merely flirting with her. Was it just in her head that her father is touching her in a seductive and sexual manner, she wondered and hoped and prayed that whatever it is, it ended soon. If he liked her, she reasoned, he should make his move, and she would probably be okay with it. In fact, she'd more than welcome it, after been without sex for so long. Yet, if he didn't have any intentions, it should also be made known to her soon, so she could be left alone with her fingers. In the worst ways, Jessica wanted to cum.

"You can't tell mom, it's our secret, okay?" he proposed, and in doing so, planted yet another seed into her mind. Secrets. Secrets between father and daughter - and what other kinds of secrets could there be, except sexual ones? Ones that involved a father making his daughter cum, a father "molesting" and fucking his down daugher? To Robert, father-daughter sex was the only secret worthy of keeping away from his spouse and her mother.

"Okay," she whispered as she shifted in position, moving closer to him, leaning against his chest, as her cleavage and all its glory came to be inches from his face.

Without responding Robert hit "play" on the DVD player and all the sudden, the taboo was gone. No longer were they watching a movie that was semi-porn, with implied acts. On television, for both of them to see, was a woman also her age and a much older man in the bathroom. The man was on his knees in front of the toilet as his lover, sitting on the toilet, spread her legs wide open, his fingers exploring her clit and shaven pussy, already wet from the foreplay earlier in the movie.

Taking in a deep breath, Jessica continued to focus on the screen as the woman's body lightly jerked at the touch of her lover, whose long finger explored the depth of her cunt gently and slowly, his thumb rubbing her clit.

"Oh, wow," Jessica exclaimed, whisperingly in her own excitement, as the movie continued to play, not knowing what else to say or how else to react to yet another passage that she and her father had crossed. Just an hour ago, they'd kissed her mother goodbye, and sat down to spending quality time together. Yet, in just 60 minutes, they'd gone from enjoying lost time together to watching porn, and she was getting excited because of it.

"Yeah, I think it's hot," Robert confessed as the movie continued to play, looking down yet again at her globes, now more than ever wanting to suck on and play with them, re-creating the scene on TV. Letting his hand trace back to her face, and stroking her cheeks again, making sure not to make any sudden movement as to alarm her, he continued to stare at the screen as the man continued to finger his lover. He'd seen the movie before and knew what was coming up next, up remained quiet, waiting for her reaction as the movie continued.

Fingering his lover much harder now as the camera zoomed in to the woman's pussy, the man leaned in and sucked on her clit, creating a a response as his over pushed against his mouth and gave out a yelp.

"Oh, god, daddy," the girl on TV moaned as Robert and Jessica sat in the darkness, snuggling against each other, his hand stroking her face. They both froze just as the girl screamed out "daddy," confirming the movie they were watching was no "ordinary" porn and that the "taboo" he'd talked about wasn't just about age different, but also the ultimate taboo of father-daughter sexual relations. Jessica, just for that moment, froze because she did not know how to react, knowing now that they'd entered a realm very few fathers and daughters have entered entered, and that for most, was a mere fantasy.

In silence they continued to watch the movie as the "father" continued to finger his own "daughter," making her squirm on the toilet seat, yelping nasty, hot sexual sounds she'd not uttered, and he's not heard, in a very long time, at least live and in person.

"What does her silence mean?" he wondered as he continued to stroke her face, very aware now, of each and every one of his moves, feeling her now burning skin against his thumb. His cock pressed against his underwear, and just for a second, he wished he could just let it out, stroke it in front of her and come all over her hand as they watched the movie. But the seduction of a daughter took time, and patient he must be, he reminded himself as his hand dropped down toward her lap, once against brushing against her breast, lingering this time as he trembled, letting his hand lightly sit there on her lap, rather than returning to the original position at her arm. He'd found a crease between her jeans and tank top, a bit of flesh exposed, waiting, begging to be explored, he thought as he let his thumb press against her hot flesh, just to the right of her belly button. She didn't respond, but continued to stare at the screen as the man is now on top of his "daughter" in the movie, his cock resting at the entrance of her pussy, waiting to push in and fucking his "daughter" for the first time.

"Ugh!" the girl in the movie moaned as the man pushed his cockhead inside her, raising goosebumps on Jessica's skin and body, making her shudder at both the scene and her father's light touch on her stomach. Softly, she let out a sigh as he continued to stroke her tummy, back and forth, just an inch in diameter in the area of his stroking. Silently, they continued to watch the movie, though both their hearts pounded like they've never pounded before. For both Robert and Jessica, who'd been sexually active since 14, it was almost like the first time, and indeed, in this situation, a father-daughter situation so taboo, it was. It was waters they'd never explored before, and one that they yearned and desired at the moment, yet, still not knowing whether the other would come through.

On TV, the man was now thrusting deep inside the young girl playing his daughter, his cock making smooth strokes against her glistening pussy as she continued to yelp. Closer and closer, the camera zoomed, until it only showed his cock thrusting deep inside her pussy and back out. Other than the sound of Robert and Jessica's own breathing, and the yelps and grunts on TV, the whole room was silent.

"Oh, fuck me, daddy," the girl on TV whispered as the scene continued, making them both shudder. Though Robert had seen the movie before and many times had jacked off pretending it was him fucking Jessica, sharing the movie with her only made it hotter as he took a deep breath.

The words left Jessica's ears burning. So sexy, yet so taboo, a daughter asking - no, begging to be fucked by her own dad. How she longed to moan out those words, yet she also knew it was wrong. It was taboo. It was incest. But then again, perhaps that's what makes it so ... hot. Perhaps that's what hardening her nipples, making her pussy secrete its juices, getting ready to be fucked, and making that young, tender heart of hers pound.

Time for the next move, Robert thought. Things had gone well enough, and although he would have been satisfied with shooting a load inside her panties tonight, and getting off on this cheap thrills, he also wanted to fuck her. What could he lose for trying? After all, she'd let him go this far and upping the ante a bit wouldn't hurt. Blame it on the heat of the moment, or misunderstanding, he reasonsed to himself, if she opposed or freaked out. Angling his hand so that his fingers now faced away from her and toward her feet, he continued to make gently strokes on her tummy with his thumb, and, just to try it out, just once, and see how she reacted, he placed his middle finger on her thigh, his hand covering her crotch area, over her jeans. Slowly, he began to massage her inner thigh, just small, tiny cicles on her thigh with his middle finger, ignoring the area on her stomach now as the movie continued, wishing he could press harder against her crotch, to feel and see if she was getting wet and tear her pants off, fingering and molesting her until she begged to be fucked.

"My, God, this could be a 'go,'" Robert thought to himself as he continued to massage her inner left thigh, remaining quiet and swallowing hard as he does so. How do I know when to stop? I he wondered. How do I know if she's actually enjoying this? He needed a sign, Robert thought, and in a bold move, perhaps the boldest since their dance began, placed his finger on her crotch, still over her panties and leaving it there, gauging her reaction and wondering what sure ways there were of knowing his touching was welcome. There was no "incest Bible," books written on how to seduce one's own daughter, and Robert was left on his own as his finger sat there, on trial, waiting for her reaction. He felt like a man condemned, someone waiting for a verdict of life, someone needing an answer and an answer now. Yet, still no reaction from her.

For Jessica's part, she was very well aware of the location of her father's finger resting between her legs. She could feel his hand trembling, and if it weren't for the pounding of her own heart, she could have probably felt his pounding heart, too. And she felt the weigh of his finger against her body, her crotch, on her pussy lips, just ounces of added weight pushed against her now drooling cunt, not enough for her to feel the esctasy of being touched, yet enough to get her excited. Sitting there watching the girl being fucked by her "father" she silently wished one of two things: either make me cum or let me go so I can make myself cum, she thought to herself. This had gone on way too long, and she needed a relief, as she was sure her father needed one, too. Was he still playing? Dared he continued? Was this all in her head? How could one be sure? What can a young woman do to ensure her lustful father went forth with molesting her? None of these answers she knew, but she wanted more, or less, and she wanted one of them to make a decision right away.

For Robert and Jessica, the chess match continued, with one wishing the other would make another move, a move that would put the game over the top, yet new at this game, neither were willing to commit, unwilling to give up their pieces in the game, for fear what might come next.

Robert made the first move. He pressed. With his finger resting gently against her crotch, he pushed down at where he thought her clit was, unable to truly find it without her crotch being exposed to him. In one quick move, Robert had made a gentle yet firm push against her crotch, hitting her clit and had continued to apply the pressure.

"Oh, fuck me harder, daddy," the girl on TV moaned at the same moment he pushed his finger against her crotch, as Jessica jumped at the electricity of the touch. So gentle, yet so good as the touch she'd expected since about an hour previous finally came, and if she had it her way, she'd come to.

"Oh, my God, excuse me," she mumbled, lost in her own lust and and his touch, and she stood up and excused herself, running upstairs, leaving him sitting in the dark by himself.

Just for the second, he could feel it. He'd felt the heat of his own daughter's pussy and its rubbery flesh, despite it having been covered by her panties - which he had hoped was soaking, and her jeans. He'd felt the moisture between her legs, and could have sworn he heard a little moan escape her right before she excused herself. Now, sitting there in the dark as the movie continued, his heart continued to pound, both at the excitement and the guilt that, in attempting to molest and seduce his own 18-year-old daughter, he might have driven her away.

"Make me cum, daddy," the actress on TV moaned. He wondered why his daughter could ask for the same.

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