Touching His Daughter


Game On:

What seemed like an eternity was only less than five minutes for Robert as thoughts filled his head of the dance he'd entangled in with his daughter. Eight-thirty, the clock says, more than 45 minutes until his wife came home. With that much time, there was always time for another jack-off session, to get his mind off Jessica, and prepare himself to be logical again when Jill gets home, at which time, it'll probably kiss her and take her upstairs, fuck her like he's never fucked her before, all the while thinking of their daughter.

As he was about to get up and turn off the movie, Robert looked up to see Jessica coming back down, having already changed out of her jeans. For a moment, they locked eyes and that intense feeling of lust returned, while the television continued to play another scene of a new couple, a new "father" and "daughter" kissing in the bedroom decorated like a teenager's room.

"Sorry about that," she announced as she took her eyes off him and only the screen, "I had to get comfortable."

"Comfortable is good," he replied, not knowing what else to say as he stared at her tanned, creaming legs, now exposed to him after she'd changed out of her jeans. " Wnat to continue watching?" he asked, sensing new life within him, and the game they were playing.

Another shot. That's all he wanted. A shot at her. A shot at seducing her, and just as he thought it'd gone badly, she came back to him. Another chance he won't screw up, he promised himself.

"That scene is over?" she asked as she positioned herself on the couch where she was before, realizing there was a new couple on TV, leaning in closer to him and while not bother to look at him.

"Yeah, a new scene, but just as hot, I am sure," he replied as his eyes returned to her cleavage, and swallowed hard, realizing that in "getting comfortable," she'd also taking off her bra. The white tank-top did little to hide her cleavage, and now, he realized, her nipples were also poking out.

"Good, because that was pretty hot," she replied, trailing off for a second only to continue, "I was getting excited."

"Yeah, me too," he confessed, hot at the idea that his own daughter was admitting to him that she was excited over an incest film they'd seen, and further, by the evidence of her own excitement in the nipples that were poking out of her tank tops.

"Hmmmm," she replied, not knowing what else to say, but now, she also knew the game was on, him knowing fully where she stood, and having "gotten comfortable" to let him know that she was okay with it, Jessica knew it was only a matter of time before her father upped his game, and soon enough, she would ride waves of pleasures, if he didn't chicken out.

"Yeah, it's getting me excited again, and they haven't even done anything," she said, hinting at him while the couple on TV continued to kiss. Her heart pounded. This was it. Game on. This would be no changing of minds after this. She'd done her part by letting him know she's excited, and changing into more accessible clothes, to include putting on her UCF shorts and taking off her underwear, which she found to be soaked with her cum when she'd changed upstairs. The rest was up to him.

"I can see that," he joked, but only half meaning it as a joke as he points at the nipples that were now pressed against her tank-top, looking down to make eye contact and right away darting toward her breast, signaling that he'd seen and knew.

"Oh," she replied, partly because she didn't what else to say, partly because a simple "oh," she figured, would good enough. Oh, God, take the lead daddy, grab them, play with them, make me cum, her mind screamed as the scene on TV continued.

Robert, now fueled with new hope and desired, grew braver. Moving his hands, still trembling, not so much from being scared, but rather, the excitement, up toward her globes, and gently stroking the upper parts of the fleshy left breast, not yet dare touching her nipples, he gave signs of encouragement and that he, too, is willing to do it.

"It's okay, they're nice," he complimented, as he continued to stroke her soft, yet firm flesh, letting the compliment sink in. The compliment, he figured, was a way of letting her know he liked her breasts, and was interest. But how would she react?

"Hmmmmmm," she softly moaned, knowing the next step of the game had commenced, and in incestuous dances, a "thank you" could hardly replace a "fuck me, daddy." His touch, so gentle as he lingered on her breast, made her even wetter, and she wondered if he could smell her drooling cunt, now exposed and only covered by her shorts. Though so wet that she's almost shaking with horniess, there was still a bit of reservation left. What of her mom? What if she found out? More than ever, Jessica wanted to cum, and she wanted her father to make her cum, but this was all so wrong. Yet, she knew she'd never cum as hard with anyone else than tonight, with her own father.

Taking her moan as a respond to continue, Robert now moved his hand and brushed it against her hardened nippled on her left breast, letting his thumb stay on her nipple just a bit and trailing it down toward her tummy, resting just below her belly button, now more exposed as her shirt hiked up a bit.

At his touching of her nipple, Jessica let out a moan - a sexual one this time, subtle and soft, yet unmistakenly a sexual moan, as she closed her eyes, enjoying his first touch - the kind of touch she'd never experienced with her own father before.

Circling his hand on her tummy, feeling the burning flesh against his thumb, Robert looks down at his daughter, now almost in a sleeping stage, her chest raising and falling, pushing out her breasts and nipples, and lets his hand go lower, over her waistband, and onto the top of her crotch, his mouth dry from the excitement and his chest pounding.

No panties. He hadn't felt any panties under the shorts as he moved toward her thigh, making circular motion with his finger on her inner thigh while the "father" and "daugher" on TV dry-humped, the "father's" cock pushed out against his underwear as his "daughter" straddled him with nothing but her panties on. Very sublty, Robert hiked up his daughter's shorts a bit, hoping to get a glimps of pussy. He could feel the heat, and hiking the golden and black pair of shorts up just a bit more, it was unmistakenably what Robert saw - glistening skin, skin having been exposed to cum, and he had no doubt his daughter's inner thigh's glistened from her own cum because he'd made her that way. He decided to continued.

Jessica lay against him still motionless, waiting for the moment and knowing that he'd pull her panties up. Could he see how wet I am? Will he finger me? She wondered as his hand traveled back up to her breast and continued to stroke her breast, changing motion all the sudden, he reached for her nipple with his index and thumb and because kneading it, rolling it against his fingers, feeling her rubbery, pencil-eraser like texture in his hand.

"Ugh," she sighs at his touch, knowing that he was almost there and just needed a bit more encouragement, yet still, it was too soon to ask to be fucked. In her mind, all was gone the moment her touched her nipple - she didn't care that he was her father, she wanted him to make her cum. Or, was it perhaps it was the fact that he was her father that she wanted him to make her cum? Either way, the wet, soaking, horny Jessica sat there, completely opened waiting for her father's next move. Waiting to be molested.

How, in any language, can one explain the ectasy of the moment for both Robert and Jessica, as both approached closer to the verge of incest, with Robert in the driver seat and Jessica almost telling him how to get there. Letting go of her nipple for a second, Robert used the tip of his thumb to pull against the top of her top, and in one gently motion, pulled it down, letting it rest below her breast and exposing her hard nipple to the warm air of the room as he stared at the pink, fleshy, tiny nipple, harden by excitement and his own touch.

One step closer, Jessica thought - now suck on it, play with it, and then I'll moan, and then it'll be your sign to touch my pussy, finger it, make me cum! Make me cum!

"Wow, you're beautiful," Robert whispered, scolding himself as soon as it did so, for breaking the silence of a good seduction, fearing Jessica might snap out of it and change her mind. He'd never gone this far, ever, with her, and any normal person in the situation would realize this was bound to happen, but for Robert, fear still persisted. He still had to make sure.

Letting his thumb and index finger reach for her left nipple, he began to roll it between them, shocked at how hot her body felt, and that she was allowing this to happen, yet not caring at the moment what was to become of it. He was making his daughter feel good and that was all that mattered for Robert at the moment. For him, a 49-year-old man being with an 18-year-old girl was hot, but to touch his own daughter, there was no other way to describe the sexual ecstasy.

"Oh. My. God," Jessica moaned softly as he rolled her nipple, letting out a deep breath and taking one in, her lips slightly opened as the words escaped her lips.

Picture perfect. Father and daughter on the family couch, her legs wide open with her shorts still on, and her father, raging-hard from the seduction, is playing with one exposed breast while incest videos played on TV.

It's a go for Robert. Her moan was all he needed as he pulled other half of her tank-top down, exposing both breasts now, and taking a minute to feast on the sight of her perky, young breasts. His own 18-year-old daughter's breasts. Slowly, with her eyes still closed, he moved in, diving down and sticking his tongue out, brushed against the nipple closest to him, gliding his tongue over it and taking it in his mouth, flickering her young nipple with his tongue as his daughter continued to leave herself exposed, his for the taking.

"Ugggh," she moaned as his warm, muscular tongue explored her nipple, his hot saliva coating her breast while the other one, exposed to the air, becomes even firmer.

So taboo, yet, so hot. Father sucking on her own nipple, and it never felt like this before. No one else had sucked her nipple that way, and perhaps because it's her own father, or perhaps because of the reward of having danced around it for more than hour, it was the most sexually excited stage she'd ever been in.

Letting his hand travel downward and remembering that she'd worn no panties, Robert reached between her legs of her shorts, now soaked with her own hot and lubricating pre-cum, from her teenage pussy - a pussy ready to be fucked by her own dad, he began to massage her lips as her hips pushed against his hand.

"Oh, god," she moaned as he continued to massage her pussy while sucking on her nipple. Pushing her hips up against his hand, there was no pretense anymore, the game had finally reached its climax as he continued to massage her, with her eyes tightly closed. The silence from earlier, the silence only broken by the incest films on TV and their own hearts pounding were was gone, replaced with her own soft moaning and the sucking sound of him feasting on his own daughter's breast, now switch between the left and right breast.

Moving his hand from between the legs of her shorts and sliding it down her shorts, Robert was now purely going on instincts as he let his finger slide between her soaking lips, hot from her own body's heat and the juices that was a constance since about an hour ago.

"Wow, she shaves," he thought to himself as his hand explored her bare flesh, her lips so soft and puffy, filled with sexual excitement and wet and lubricated with her own fuck juices as he finds her fuck-hole, seeping with the tasty nectar he'd only dreamed of one day tasting.

So this was what molesting a daughter felt like. This was what incest felt like. This was what his own daughter was like in stages of sexual excitement. Thousands of times before, he'd jacked off to images of her in sexual scenarios, often fucked by men his age, or him, but to experience this life and in person, Robert thought, there wasn't anything in the world he wouldn't give for.

For Jessica, she got what she wanted. She wanted to be molested, and she was being molested. She wanted him to suck on hdr nipples, and he was. And, oh, God, she thought, incest - so wrong yet so good. Her own father making her wet, making her cum, making her moan. The idea only make her much, much wetter, as her tiny fuckhole continues to drool, readying itself for him. But she was ready, she wanted it now. She wanted daddy to fuck her. She wanted to say it, like it was on TV. She wanted to moan out those lewd words. She wanted to hear herself say "Fuck me, daddy," and just the thought made her shudder in excitement. But he was in the lead, and she'd take anything he gave her at the moment.

Using his middle finger, Robert glided up and down his daughter's pussy, letting the last knukcle on the side of his hand push against the hole, and as then glided it up toward her clit, now pushing out against its hood, he spread around her juices, stroking her clit with her own juices all the while continuing to suck on her breasts.

"Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God," she continue to whisper at a slow, off-beat interval each time he rubbed her clit, her nostrils flaring at his sucking of her nipples, her hands grabbing onto the couch as if she didn't, she would fall off the couch.

Then it happened.

With one finger, the middle one, Robert found his daughter's entrance, and knowing that it was already well lubricated with her juices, pushed in, only half an inch, feeling her tight hole opening to receive his finger and then wrapping around it like a vaccume. Her juices coat his finger and as he continued to push it, she let out a moan, a sound he'd never heard from her before, at least not in this context. So, this was what it was like when she moaned, that was what she sounded like, as a deep moan escaped her throat in response to his pushing his finger deeping inside her. And yes, the tight softness of her pussy was what it'd felt like. This was what it felt like his own Jessica's pussy. For Robert, many of the world's wonders were answered.

"Oh, fuck," she whispered, dragging out the word he'd never heard her say before, as he pushes his finger deeper side her, taking time now to focus on her pussy, fingering it with care as he took a break from sucking on her tits and looked at her beautiful, contorted face, full of sexual ecstasy.

"OH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME," the girl on TV screamed as her "father" entered her from behind, driving his cock deep into her pussy, as Robert continued to finger his daughter. The sounds of Jessica's own moaning and the "daughter's" moaning on TV are now almost the same in cadance, and Robert adjusted the speed of his finger's thrust in accordance with the man's thrusting of his cock on TV.

Together, they somehow combined. Jessica's own moans, and the "daughter's" begging to be fucked harder, became music to Robert's ears as the wet sound of his hand slapping against his own daughter's pussy and the slapping of flesh on TV also combined.

"Oh, fuck, daddy!" a whisper came, and it took a second between Robert could make out that it was his own daughter's moan, confirming that she wanted it, too, and was also enjoying it. How he wanted to hear his own daughter talk dirty, asked to be fucked, announcing she's going to cum, and begging to be fucked even harder, Robert thought, but first thing first. She cums first. That was always the rule.

"Oh, dad! Oh, fuck! Oh, daddy" she continued, words she'd never said before escaped her throats as Jessica rode her dad's finger, inching closer and closer to orgasm. Increasingly, her whispers and moans became louder, her chest flushed and her closed eyes now oepned and rolled back, readying herself for the first incestuous orgasm, and still expecting more after the first one.

"Tell me what you want, baby," Robert commanded - or more like pleaded as he continued to finger her, rubbing his thumb against her clit while doing so, as juices soaked his own hand and the shorts Jessica still had on. He wanted to take her panties off, to examine her little hole, one he'd dreamed of pushing his cock in for so long. He wanted to see the pink pouty lips, and the tiny clit pushing out, as if still shy from all the excitement.

So sexy Jessica felt that she said it without thinking. Was it impulse, or did she always want to say it? Was it in reaction to what they'd seen on TV, or was this her own idea? Whatever it was, the words escaped from her mouth, and even if she wanted to take it back, there was no way of doing it, as they echoed in the room, in both her ears and his.

"Oh, make me cum, daddy!" she practically moaned excitedly, in her high-pitched voice, excited lust, not caring if the world could hear her. "So ... close, make me cum. Make me cum. Make me cum," she begged and pleaded, lost in her own orgasmic delerium as he fingered her faster, and her pushing down toward his finger to meet every thrust, with each one sending her ever closer to the stage of incestuous heaven few - if none of her girlfriends, have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Robert complied. Hearing his daughter beg to be fingered, to cum, only excited him more, as he increased the speed with which he is finger his daughter's pussy, rotating his finger with each thrust, yet daring only to use one as her tight fuck-hole wrapped its muscles all around him.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," she softly groaned, changing the pitch of her voice. "Oh, daddy, daddy, daddy," she whispered each time he pushed his finger deep in side of her, barely daring to thrust too much for she was about to cum, feeling at the pit of her stomach the thousands of pounds of orgasmic weigh waiting to be released.

Then, it just broke. All the sudden, it went dark.

"Oh, God, I am cumming," she abruptly announced, pushing her body against his thrusting finger and ignoring the moanings of the girl on TV as she pushed her head against his stomach.

She felt her explosion from within wih little warning as her whole body convulsed, and just for a second, it went limp, closing her eyes Jessica clenched every muscle of her body as she pushed down on her father's finger.

"OOOOOOOOoooohhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhhh!" she groaned as the orgasm hit her from out of nowhere. Robert was in shock at how easily she'd cum, after just mere minutes of manipulating his own daughter's pussy with his fingers, yet part of him celebrated a minor victory that he'd make her cum. What he did not expect, however, was how violent she'd cum, and her juices squirted against his fingers - hot, sticky cum shooting out of her body as her muscles contracted at his touch, clenching against his fingers while her clit throbbed, the bones on her neck turned flush red as she groaned again and again.

She'd felt it building up, inching her ever closer to the sexual explosion induced by her own daughter, but in her 18 years, Jessica had never felt like she did, as her cuntal muscles contracted, her body convulsed, and for what seemed like an eternity, she is surrounded by pitch darkness in the climax of their incestuous encounter. Laying there, and breathing deep and exhaling, she marveled at the screen as the "father" and "daughter" on the screen kissed, after, much like in other porn movies, he'd squirted all over her face.

Marvelling at his daughter's reaction to orgasm - an orgasm so different than that of her mother - an orgasm violent and explosive, yet erotic and ...sweet, Robert turned down to kiss her, his hand soaked with the sticky, wet substance, still hot from just having left his daughter's body, that also covered and soaked the front of her shorts.

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