tagGay MaleToy Boy Ch. 02

Toy Boy Ch. 02


**** Warning: this story contains explicit bisexual and sexually submissive content between consenting adults. If it turns you off please do not continue, but if it does - do enjoy! ***


After the gym session and the shower the five guys had me naked and completely under their spell.

"... and what did they do after that?" Janet asks.

Her face is flushed, and she sits looking at me with her mouth open and her hands between her legs. She gently caresses herself under the table. I watch her gorgeous face and take a sip of my wine. She looks lovely, with her long curly dark hair, beautiful brown eyes and her dress half pulled down over her shoulder revealing the upper part of her left breast. She is tall, about my height, and at about 30 some five years younger than me.

We are in a cozy wine bar, at one of the corner tables. We sit next to each other on the sofa, and as the place was quite dark no one notices, that I have opened my pants and sit holding my erect cock. I am telling her how I got into the situation she had found me in, and it is clearly turning her on. She has been my boss' assistant for four years now, and we always enjoyed each other's company, sharing jokes and some of the frustrations with our boss. But this was a new frontier for both of us.

I was telling her how it had all started: I had been training at my gym, and showering when this group of really handsome muscular men had entered. They had showered with me, asked me to help them with their backs, and then they had somehow got me completely under their spell. They were five men of around my age: Rich a dark haired tall man, Martin an Asian guy, Jim a red haired guy, Ricardo a Latin-American guy and Jordan, a broad shouldered black man. They all looked like they could easily compete -- and win - in a body building competition. They were muscular, tanned and had shaved their bodies. My rock hard cock had made it abundantly clear to them that I was turned on by submitting myself to them.

"Do you want to get on your knees for us?" they had asked, and I had more than just nodded.

After showering, and lathering their bodies, they had taken me naked out into the gym. They were friendly and gentle, but clearly in command. They had made me pose naked among them in the gym hall, kneeling between them and the like, as they took turns taking pictures. When they were finished they gathered our clothes in a couple of large bags. We left the gym together, all naked, and walked quickly down the flight of stairs to the garage underneath. They had a big black BMW X5 SUV standing there. They threw our clothes into the trunk and we all got in, laughing and joking. I was last in, in the back and before I knew it I was sitting in the lap of Martin, the Asian guy, who sat in the middle seat. I held onto the front seat, as we drove off, and the other two guys fondled me all over. I was hard and excited and they knew it. As we turned into the busy street and drove off into the night I felt Martin's cock harden below me. It pressed against my ass, and it made me want to feel him inside me.

They put on some rock music and as we drove along the dark street I reached out and caressed Jim's and Jordan's big hard erections. I leaned back onto Martin and he pulled my things apart and up from behind. He was strong and his warm hands felt good as they trailed down to my crotch. My cock ached for him to touch it.


Janet reached under the table and briefly let her hand touch my rock hard cock through the fabric of my pants.

"They really had you under their command, didn't they?"

"Yes," I confess.


Ricardo - who was in the passenger seat in front - turned around and smile. He reached into the glove compartment and brought out a tube of lubricant. He put some onto his index finger and I swallowed with excitement as I spread my legs wider apart to give him access. He chuckled as he

gently pressed his slippery finger up my hole. He did it very slowly, so I had time to relax and get into the groove. As we drove a long, and stopped at a red light now and again, he slowly finger fucked me, and after adding some more lubricant he had three fingers up all the way inside me. I was totally theirs now. Then he pulls out a silver dildo from somewhere, lubes it up and slowly slides that into me as well. It feels cool, and slippery. The guys take turns slowly fucking me with it and then Ricardo pulls it out.

"I think you are ready now ..." he says.

"Yeah!" the three guys in the back all exclaim, and Martin grabs my hips and brings me into position over his rock hard cock. I hold on to the handles below the roof. Ricardo quickly smears some more lubricant into my ass, and onto Martin's cock, and then ...

I feel him slowly enter me.

I relax, and I slowly let him fill me, taking him in more and more. I am in another world as I ride him, and as we drive along a boulevard towards the Eastern business district. I look into the other cars, but no one seems to notice. I feel his big member fill me, and he slides further and further in with each thrust. He moans with the pleasure.

"My turn," Jim says and Martin lifts me up.

Awkwardly I shuffle over to Jim, and offer myself to him. He grabs my hips and guides me down. He moans loudly as he slowly slides in, and I do too. I ride him slowly for a couple of minutes, and then sink down fully onto him. He twitches inside me. I hold onto the front seat, and see a woman looking over at me, in the car next to ours. She smiles and winks, before driving on.

"Fuck, I'm going to come if you don't stop ..." Jim says and pushes me off him.

I then move over to Jordan, sitting on the other side. The car feels small, and it feels like there are naked bodies everywhere. With some difficulty I turn and Jordan grabs my hair and with a firm but friendly gesture guides my head down. I look up at him, as my face approaches his huge erection. He smiles back, and asks:

"Toy boy, do you want to taste it?"

I nod.

"I didn't hear you."

"I want to taste your big cock," I say, my voice hoarse with anticipation. .

"And so you shall!"

He guides my head slowly down, and I somehow manage to kneel down on the floor, between the legs and seats. Martin and Jim let their hands roam all over me, as I very slowly start to kiss Jordan's big black erect cock. His cut mushroom head is nicely smooth. I kiss the tip, and the start licking my way down the underside of his long shaft. He is very hard and long. I lick my way eagerly down to the base and his shaved balls. I wet my tongue and start licking and sucking on them, and soon they are nice and slick. I work my way up again, and hovering with my mouth open, over his long shaft I slowly take him in. Jordan is bigger than the others, and I struggle a little as it slides across my tongue and down my throat. I resist the gag reflex, and hold still for a long while. Jordan breathes heavily over me.

"You're a really good cock sucker aren't you?"

I lift my head, leaving a trail of saliva and pant for air. I look out and see that we drive though the cinema district, with lots of people and lights, and the evening feels magic. We continue the drive on and into a business district, as I suck and lick. Jordan gently face fucks me, by rocking his hips.

Then the car suddenly stops. We've parked. Jordan lifts me off him and opens the door. With a friendly pat he makes me step out, and I shiver at the slight change in temperature, but even more of the excitement of standing freshly fucked and naked on the narrow side walk somewhere in the middle of the city. Fortunately it was a quiet side-street, with lots of trees and bushes on each side, and tightly parked cars.


"You didn't think about asking them to stop it, did you?" Janet asks - her hand on my thigh.

I look at her.

"You are right, that would have been a good time, but ..."

"Mmmm, you wanted their hard cocks and everything with it, by then, eh?"

She giggles.


The street has very few lamp posts, and is quite dark. The office buildings on either side are lit up and cast some light onto it, but the lower floors all seem empty.

The five naked guys come up around me, and fondly me laughing. Rick who drove, hand them each a rain coat to put on, whilst I remain naked. They take turns rubbing my cock and fingering me ass, and I reach out and caress their hard members. Rich pushes me backwards, so that I lean with my back against the cold steel of the car. He lifts my hands up onto the roof on each side, and kicks my legs apart. Then he quickly steps back, followed by the others, and they all take out mobiles phones from their rain coat pockets and start taking pictures of me and filming me.

"Caress yourself!"

I grab my cock and slowly masturbate for them. I feel very slutty, and it excites me tremendously.

Then they turn and walk towards an opening between the buildings. They beckon me to follow, and I do of course, shivering with the pleasure of feeling totally exposed. We walk along a path and bushes, and through a small gate, and come into an enclosed large courtyard, with trees and some flowers and grass, and with some benches under the trees. There are no lights, so it is quite dark, and although there is light coming from the office rooms higher up, they seem deserted.

"Come here cock whore, I want you on this bench," Rich commands me.


"Do you like it when they call you names?"

I have to think a bit, but in fact she is right. I look her into the eyes as I answer,

"Yes, in fact I did."

Janet leans over and kisses me ear before she whispers,

"You are a cock whore now you know .... and a lovable one too!"


I do as Rich tells me. I sit down in the middle of the bench, and he lifts up my hands to each side of the back rest and spread my legs wide. They all come forward, open their rain coats and stand in a half circle masturbating.


Janet leans back and closes her eyes. She lick her lips before saying,

"This is unbelievable, crazy and so hot!"

She opens her eyes and looks at me.

"I made you a cock sucking slut, for my pleasure?"

"Yes, .... and mine ...."


Rich pulls out some rope from his pocket, and as the others watch and prepare, he ties my spread arms and hands to the backrest, my separated legs to the feet of the bench. I do not protest, and I do not say anything, I just let them have their way with me. I am theirs tonight. It thrills me, although I am nervous, and completely at their mercy.

When he is done, Rich leans in and looking at them one by one says:

"Gentlemen, he is ready and willing for you!"

One by one, they step forward and kneel on the bench, or stand behind me. Rich and Jordan stand behind me, with their cocks on either side of my head. I turn and look up at Rich as I lick him.

Martin gets up on the bench in front of me, and I turn and open my mouth. He pushes himself in half way, pulls out again and then slowly starts fucking my mouth. After a little while he pulls out and steps down, and I turn towards Jordan's big dark cock. They take turns with me, and soon I have sucked all of them, all the way down to their balls.

Finally Rich approaches me, and swiping his cock across my face:

"Are you ready toy boy? You've made us so hot, and we want to come now so badly ... in your mouth – Ok?"

I look up at him, and my smile says it all.

"It was your boss' secretary who gave us the tip to try you out. She thought you were inclined to submit ..."

I was completely confused – so I had been set-up?


"Unzip your pants and show me how hard you are!"

"Here, under the table?"


I look around, but as no one is watching us, and we have a table cloth that seems to cover most of our lower bodies, I do as she asks. With trembling hands I ring out my rock hard cock, and she reaches down and runs her fingers over it.

"You are a real cock lover aren't you dear?"

I could hardly deny it could I?


One by one the mounted the bench and face fucked me, and finally pulled out and masturbated until they climax. First was Ricardo. He came five or six times, but straight into my mouth. I let the silky cum linger in my mouth, until Martin had replaced him. Only then did I swallow the whole mouthful down. Martin was fast, and after only three thrusts in and out of my mouth he shot his first load across my face. The next two he shot right down my throat. I swallowed down my second load of the day and there was more to come. Martin was still pumping himself like mad, and soon he erupted again, but this time across my chin and my chest.

"Oh, man what a cum loving man we bought ourselves!"

As he steps back, and I pant for air. There is still black Jordan, the red-head Jim and Rich.

Jim steps forward with his huge straight cock. He slides it across my face and asks,

"Do you want more?"

"Yes, please I answer him, as I lick him each time I can."

"I'm going to come in your mouth and face, slut, but I want you not swallow until I tell you to, ok?"


"Open your mouth for me."

I open my mouth and stick out my tongue and watch, as he masturbates in front of me.

Every now and again, he lets me lick the tip. He closes his eyes and moans out loudly, with each thrust. Then he opens his eyes and again and looks down at me smiling. I know he is climaxing.

He comes big time. A huge load lands in my mouth. It is nicely warm and slightly salty. He comes again and again, and soon my mouth is full. Some his thick white juice trickle down my chin. After a long while, he milks the last onto my tongue, and steps back a little.

"Do you like it our little toy boy? Does it turn you on to get your mouth filled with cock and cum?"

I can't answer, but just nod and respond with a positive,


I savor the love juice his given me, holding it in my mouth. I open it to show them I haven't swallowed anything yet.

"Do you want to swallow it all down now?"


"Go ahead, there is still more to come ..."

He laughs as he steps back to make room for Jordan.

Martin, Ricardo and Jim close their rain coats and, say good-bye to Rich and Jordan and leave. The courtyard is very quiet. A car passes outside on the street. I sit naked and tied to the bench, shivering with desire and cum on my face and the taste of it lingering in my mouth.

Suddenly a doors clacks, and Jordan and Rich quickly put on their rain coats and stand caressing themselves through their pockets. They both laugh a little. Nervously I look around, as I cannot run away.

I hear someone walk across the tiles of the far end of the courtyard, but I cannot see the person. It sound like a woman, but the steps distance themselves and it goes all quiet again.

Jordan and Rich step up on the bench on each side of me, open their trench coats and offer me their cocks. I start sucking on them in turns.

"Almost got caught there, that turned you on right?"

"Mmm," I answer.

"That's right little bitch, suck us good!"

They fuck my mouth one after the other, with long slow thrusts. After a short while I am able to swallow all of their big tools, and their balls slap against my cheek. After deep throating them and gagging on their cocks a few times, they both pulls out, and as I sit panting and looking up at them, they masturbate furiously. Their cocks are just in front of my face, and my heart beats hard with anticipation. Jordan's black cock seems even bigger than before, and he Is glistening wet from my saliva, and leaking profusely of pre-cum.

Rich's white cock slaps against my chin, cheek and nose at every pull.


Janet looks at me, and her eyes are filled with lust. She puts one hand on my thigh

"It was such a turn on to see it, to see them so aroused and you pleasing them lustfully."

I am in a whirl of sexual emotions. So she was the one that walked across the path!

"I stood behind the bushes, and had a great view as they finished off with you and then left you sitting there panting and rock hard."

"I let them calm down, step away and finally leave you before showing myself."

She leans over and kisses me.

"Now, come for me, toy boy!"

I look around, and then kiss her as I look into her beautiful eyes. My orgasm comes instantly, in wave after wave. I shoot a huge load, which she catches in her hand, under the table. I try my best not to yell out my pleasure, and bite my lip. After a while, I come down to earth, and lean my head back against the wall and close my eyes. Janet ... I think, as she gently massages my softening cock with her slippery cum filled hand. She leans against my chest, and her wonderful perfume fills my senses. She is my true Domina.

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What lust full pleasure I could have free of charge I would enjoy being a slave and having a master

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