tagErotic CouplingsToy Boy Ch. 05

Toy Boy Ch. 05


Continuing the story of teacher Jenny and her ex-student Michael. Jenny is pleasantly surprised when things don't go quite according to her plan.

Chapter 5 – A New Day

I awoke feeling refreshed and warm. Sunlight was streaming through my cream-coloured curtains, and Michael had shifted in the night and was now "spooning" me closely, his arms hugging me close as we lay on our sides, my back to his front. I snuggled in tighter, enjoying the feeling of him next to me. I could feel he had the usual male "morning-erection" as it pressed into the base of my spine, giving me a slight tingly feeling all over as I imagined what I might do to him later to relieve him of his unconscious need. I pressed back against him all the more.

"Good morning beautiful." Came a huskily whispered voice in my ear.

Michael was awake already! My plan from last night to get up early and put on at least the minimum of makeup before he awoke had backfired. Now what was I to do? My mind raced as I cursed and swore at myself in my head at my overconfidence. Now he could hardly help but see me without makeup, something I had promised myself I wouldn't let happen. Suddenly I was very afraid of what this self-admittedly visual man – I no longer thought of him as a boy, last night had put paid to that – would think of me utterly naked. I always felt "naked" and slightly incomplete without any makeup on whatsoever. All my confidence and maturity evaporated in an instant, and suddenly I was a teenager again. I quickly covered my face with my hands and turned to bury my face into the pillow.

"Don't look at me." I squeaked. "I've got no makeup on. I didn't want you to see me without makeup..." I trailed off. Suddenly I felt very foolish and childish, like I had regressed ten or fifteen years. Despite myself I was starting to giggle, and I did my best to suppress it – not very well.

"Jenny, don't be so silly." Michael chastised me gently, trying not to laugh himself. "I'm not so superficial as that! I know I said I thought you looked beautiful with makeup on, but I know you look just as lovely without any as well." He was clearly struggling to get what he meant across. "I mean, yes, I love you in makeup, it adds glamour and sophistication, but you're still beautiful without any...." he trailed off, not sure how to continue.

"But you've never seen me without makeup." I giggled from behind my hands, my head still buried in the pillow.

"Yes I have, at school every day for five years! And I fell in love with you all the way back then, not just now....." He stopped suddenly, realising what he had said, and my heart almost leapt out of my chest.

"Are you going to turn over and let me see you?" he asked again, clearly trying to change the subject.

"I don't want to." I squeaked out between giggles.

"Oh you silly girl..." He said, quite manfully given his age, and suddenly I felt the light duvet pulled back and he bit me on the bum! Not hard, but enough to make me squeal, half with shock, although there was no pain as such, just surprise; and half with pleasure. Instinctively I turned over onto my back to protect my exposed bottom, but my face was still hidden behind my hands.

"Ouch!" I squealed, not very convincingly.

"Please let me look at you?" He whispered, and I could feel his warm breath on the backs of my hands. Then he gently grasped my wrists and slowly but forcefully pulled my hands apart until he held them down on the bed either side of my head. He looked deep into my eyes, and my stomach did its somersaults again. I melted inside as he looked down at me, holding me down on the bed.

"See, just as beautiful." He said. "Yes, I love you in makeup, I won't deny it – but that's just an added bonus, like icing on a cake? The cake is just as nice, but the icing makes it look even more delicious. You're still you, and that's who I fell in love with." Suddenly he realised what he had said, again, and he blushed a deep crimson. I think I went a bit red too.

Unintentionally I glanced down at his rock-hard cock that was now pressing down into my stomach as he lay on top of me. It broke the moment of embarrassment. He laughed as I continued to stare at the swollen purple head looking up at me like a one-eyed-snake emerging from between our two stomachs pressed together, and I laughed with him.

"Michael sweetheart, just shut up and make use of that thing, or I'll do it for you." I said laughing with him, having almost completely forgotten that I was still not wearing any makeup. Everything seemed so easy and natural with him.

Michael needed no more prompting, and without moving his hands from my wrists he slid down the bed slightly so the head of his cock dropped into the gap between my lags to naturally rub up against the entrance to my pussy. Then, still holding my arms down on the mattress, he slowly slid back up the bed, pushing himself very slowly up into me millimetre by millimetre. I savoured every moment as he slowly pushed me open to take him in, and I guess he too was savouring the feeling as I enveloped him inside me. After a minute of slowly moving back up the bed he was as deep as he could go, and I could feel his hips hard up against mine, his cock buried inside me, filling me up.

"Oh God, Jenny," he murmured, and then started to withdraw to allow him to thrust slowly up again. "My sweet Jenny..."

"Just fuck me darling." Was all I could reply. I was in heaven myself.

Slowly building up speed, he withdrew and thrust up into me, slipping easily on my now free-flowing juices. He still held my wrists, and to my surprise I found myself enjoying the loss of control. Unexpectedly, I found that being gently held down and helpless as he fucked me was turning me on even more.

He was thrusting in a slowly increasing rhythm now, speed building bit-by-bit. I started gently bucking my hips under his weight, thrusting back to meet his thrusts. I was starting to gasp as my climax slowly approached. I could feel him opening me up each time he impaled me on his steel-hard cock, his balls were slapping against my anus, and I felt every inch of him inside me. I squealed softly as my orgasm slowly came over me gently like a warm wave, and I squeezed my kagel muscles around him spasmodically as the waves washed over me one after another.

As I calmed down, he was still rock-hard, and showed no sign of cumming himself yet. His rhythmic thrusting continued, and I gasped as I looked up to see him smiling back down at me with a knowing glint in his eyes. Unexpectedly, this was going to be no quickie! He was going to last a while, and I relaxed into the rhythm, letting myself go with the flow of the ecstatic feelings he was sending up from my centre.

It didn't take long for his unceasing pounding to send me over the edge again, and I clamped my legs up around his back, pulling him deep into me as I came yet again.

"Cum for me baby..." I whispered, not even sure if it was loud enough to be heard. "Cum for me. I want to feel you cum inside me."

Now he was nearing the edge, but so was I again! I don't think I'd cum so many times in such close succession for years, and I was revelling in the feelings Michael was eliciting in my body. Suddenly he grunted, and my vision blurred as my third climax passed through me. At that same moment I felt him absolutely explode inside me. What felt like a river of hot cum completely filled me up very suddenly as he came. Jet after jet of what felt like huge volumes of spunk filled my belly and quickly slipped down the sides of his cock as he spasmed and jerked inside me. I held him deep, pulling him into me with my legs around his back as he came.

Eventually, after what seemed like an age, he stopped spasming, and the floods of wet hotness he had been pumping into me stopped. I kept holding him inside me, my legs wrapped tight around his waist, loving the feeling of his hot cock in my wet pussy. He relaxed and smiled down at me, bending his head down to kiss me some more. I returned his tongue-kisses eagerly. After a few minutes I let go my legs and let him slip out from inside me with reluctance.

"Oh my God Michael," I said, "that was amazing. Where on earth did that come from?"

He didn't answer, but letting go of my wrists, he lay on top of me for a moment and cupped my face in his hands to kiss me so softly and gently that I almost wanted to cry. Then he slipped off me to the side, and turned over onto his back. I followed him, so that I ended up laying almost on top of him, resting my head on his chest, my hands gently playing with his sparse chest-hairs and nipples teasingly. He looked down at me, and I couldn't help myself; I slipped a hand down between my legs to dip two fingers into the sticky liquid that was oozing from my sopping wet vagina. I twisted my fingers to try and scoop up as much of our mingled juices as I could and brought them back up to lick off the lovely stickiness, enjoying the taste of both his spunk and my own juices on my fingers.

Michael watched, fascinated, and so I reached down and dipped my fingers deep inside myself again. This time I brought them up and placed them on Michael's lips for him to taste. Hesitatingly at first, he tried the "cream-pie" concoction with the tip of his tongue, unsure of what it might taste like, but I kept my fingers there and pressed them gently into his mouth. He slowly complied and eventually was sucking our mixture from my fingers as deliciously as he had just seen me do.

"You just said you loved me." I said coyly looking up into his eyes, although my heart was doing somersaults as he held me close. I had now completely forgotten that he was seeing me without makeup for the first time.

"Yes, well..." Michael blushed beetroot-red, but he put his arms around me and hugged me tightly.

"Of course I do." He eventually admitted in a rush. "I have done almost since the first day I saw you at school. I'd always thought it was a simple schoolboy crush, never to be requited. So these past few days have been more amazing than you could know."

"Well you're no schoolboy now!" I giggled and gave his now-soft, and slightly sticky cock, a little fondle to emphasise my point. "And these past few days have been amazing for me too." He reached down and pulled me up the bed so he could kiss me again. I opened my mouth to let his tongue in, and we kissed deeply for what seemed like an age. It felt strange to be kissing him without lipstick, and I suddenly was again acutely aware of still having no makeup on. Only now I wasn't afraid of him seeing me 'naked' as it were any more – I always felt 'naked' without any makeup whatsoever – but I was having the beginnings of an idea.

We lay in each other's arms for a while, kissing occasionally and talking quietly, but generally just enjoying the feeling of post-coital "afterglow". In fact, as we talked quietly Michael mentioned that he had to go to work this afternoon, for his part-time summer job. Plus, from a purely practical point of view, he ought to go home and change as obviously he only had the same clothes had worn last night with him. So eventually of course, we had to get out of bed.

I went into the shower first, and left him in bed. I must admit that I absolutely love showering, and could spend hours under the hot soapy water if allowed, so I must have lost track of time. I had done my hair, and was just luxuriating in the feel of the hot water on my naked body when I became aware of Michael watching me. He was standing naked in the bathroom doorway his eyes glued to me as I lathered myself with moisturising cream one more time.

"Come here." I said softly, breaking his concentration.

"S... S... Sorry." He stammered, ashamed of being caught. "I couldn't help myself. I'll leave you to finish." He turned to leave.

"It's fine." I said reassuringly. "Now come here please?" And I pulled the shower curtain to one side a bit more and reached out my hand to him. He slowly walked forward, unsure of himself, until he was within reach. I took his hand, and gently pulled him forward until he stood in the tub next to me, the water cascading down over both of us now.

I took the soapy puff sponge and started to soap him all over. In response he started to feel my body with his hands, gently exploring every inch he could reach. He lingered over my breasts and nipples, and I couldn't help myself as my body responded in kind. My nipples slowly hardened under his attentions, and I could feel the heat rising from between my legs when his has slipped down there to feel my slippery opening and the little bud of my clitoris.

Adding more moisturising cleanser to the sponge I reached down and started to soap his groin, deep down under his balls and along his cock, which was starting to harden as I kept slowly masturbating him with my hands and the soapy puff-sponge. Pretty soon he was stiff and hard once more, and he pulled me into him to kiss me. Quickly I turned the shower spray head to play the hot water over the tiled bathroom wall behind me so that it wouldn't be cold against my back, and pulled Michael towards me.

He took my intentions in an instant, and quickly pinned me against the wall. We were both grasping at each other urgently now. I needed him, and he wanted me, and I felt him hands grasp my bottom and lift me slightly so I was the right height. Eagerly I opened my legs and stood on tip-toes to let him reach down and push the tip of his hard cock against my sodden and soapy entrance.

He bent his knees to get the right angle and then thrust upwards suddenly. I gasped loudly as I felt him slide up into me, opening me suddenly, but aided by all the soap I had applied to his groin. Slickly he entered my hottest depths and as he stood up straightening his knees he was just tall enough, and I short enough that he actually lifted me completely of the ground, impaled on his wonderful cock! I was pinned against the wall, the hot water cascading down my back, Michael's body hard against me, his cock filling me deeply as he stood there, unsure what to do next now that he was inside me.

I was revelling in the feeling of him inside me, and flung my legs around his back, still pinned in mid-air between Michael and the wall, supported only by his cock deep in my pussy. Using the wall and my legs around his back as leverage I started to lift myself up and down slightly, and once he understood what I was doing, Michael helped me by grasping my bottom with both hands and lifting me up and down on him. I was so turned on I could feel my head starting to spin as he quickly brought me to a small, but lovely and relaxing orgasm. Michael had cum so many times in the past few hours that I was only slightly disappointed that he didn't cum for me, but it was understandable. Besides, I was in heaven as he stood there, holding me aloft, his fingers grasping my bottom-cheeks mere millimetres from my anus, which tingled with desire to have him in there too.

Slowly we came down from the high, and he gently let me down from his still-hard cock, slipping out from me. I was so full of emotion that I was almost crying with joy, but did my best to hide it from him.

"That was wonderful. Unexpected and delicious." I whispered in his ear as he held me close. We kissed for some time under the hot water before I reluctantly left him to finish his own shower and ablutions as I dried myself off and headed back into the bedroom to dry my hair and start my makeup.

I was sitting at my dressing table in front of the mirror wearing my light cream-coloured silk dressing gown, and had just finished my hair, and applied a very lightweight base of concealer, foundation, and powder when Michael reappeared from the bathroom. As he pulled on his clothes, he sat behind me on the bed, watching me as I went through my little rituals.

"What colour would you like me to be today?" I asked suddenly. I'd had an idea on how to include Michael in my life and encourage him to interact with me more. I would let him help me pick some of my fashion choices this morning. I didn't want to confuse him with too many options, so I selected just half-a-dozen different eye shadows, and laid them out for him to choose from.

He looked at me questioningly, but after a little encouragement he eventually pointed out a forest-green eye shadow that I hadn't expected.

"That one?" He still wasn't sure if he was overstepping the line.

"OK." I said. "Lovely colour," and it was, just not one I wore very often, "very summery."

I had to think about what style to apply the eye shadow, but after a few seconds I went with a sort of smoky-look. I used a copper-bronze eye shadow up to the brow-line, and put Michael's chosen green in all around my eyes, on both the upper and lower lids, blending the green into the bronze along the crease-line. Then I liberally added jet-black kohl eye-liner all around my eyes and along the waterline before blending the result together to give the deep smoky look I was looking for. As a bit of fun, I added just a splash of a bright emerald green shimmer colour to the centre of my eyelids so that they flashed every time I blinked before finishing with a couple of thick coats of jet black lengthening mascara to my eyelashes. My eyes stood out brightly from the dark smoky look that resulted.

For my lips, I chose a deep metallic copper-orange colour that toned well with the copper-bronze eye shadow, and complemented the green eye shadow beautifully. Then I painted my finger nails with a metallic forest green colour that was a very close match to the eye shadow Michael had picked out. I would do my toe nails later after he had gone – he didn't need to see me with the hilarious sponges between my toes. In my mirror, I could see Michael watching me intently as I sat at my dressing table going through the mini-ritual of applying my makeup. It took almost thirty minutes, and he was clearly fascinated by each stage. By the end I could see he was very turned on. Even though he was sitting down, there was a noticeable bulge in his trousers.

I turned on my little stool to face him.

"Before you go, I think you may need a little reminder or what you'll be missing whilst you're at work." I said as seductively as I could. He looked back at me quizzically.

"Jenny, I could never forget you..."

I interrupted him with a hand on his thigh. "That's not what I meant. I can still feel you inside me from before, and I want you to feel the same." And before he could say anything I undid the belt to my robe and shrugged it off my shoulders so that I was utterly naked before him. Then I slid off my stool and onto the floor front of him. Kneeling between his legs I deliberately reached up to fondle his hard cock through the material of his trousers.

Looking up into his eyes, I unzipped his fly and reached inside. He was red-hot, and hard as rock again already as my hand touched his flesh. I pulled the material wide and released him from his trousers. His cock stood up right in front of my face, proudly erect, my fingers around his girth holding him upright.

He gasped as his cock was released from the restriction of his shorts, and he looked back into my eyes with admiration. He could now easily guess what I was going to do, and I certainly wasn't going to disappoint him.

With him watching closely, very softly I kissed just the tip of his cock for a second, inhaling his scent and seeing the tiny dribble of pre-cum that was already oozing out slightly. Then I slowly drew his foreskin back as far as it could possibly go, pulling it tight back down his shaft, but not too tight, and then in one long slow motion I took him deeply into my mouth as far as I possibly could. I felt him touch deep at the back of my throat as I took him as deep as I possibly could. Then sucking hard and swirling my tongue around as best I could, he filled my mouth almost completely, I pressed my lips tight around his shaft, deliberately smearing my freshly applied lipstick against his red-hot flesh.

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