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Toy Boy Joy


To be quite adamant I'd had it up to here with George, my ex who did my head in. He'd lost all feeling for me, romantic or otherwise and the 'otherwise' was like doing it by numbers, absolutely no fun at all. I was thinking; "why am I doing this if it is doing nothing for me anymore?" The only one who was getting his fill was George with a quick in and out job and not caring a fuckin 'damn if I had reached it.

Not as if I would have any more, it was far too clinical and quick, since leaving me in the lurch a few times after ejaculating too quick - and then, having had his lot, then leaving me to fend for myself was no fun, because getting some sort of orgasm from masturbation was nothing like just having the real thing inside you - but with George, quickly plucking it out just as I was about to climax was the limit!

"No Jennifer " I said to myself. "Time for you to get with it, Gal and get yourself a toy- boy like Jan your neighbour; you only live once and you know that young guy down the road keeps eyeing you up, so you must still have something of what it takes to lure such a yummy guy."

I reckoned he was just about 20 something and the more I thought about it I realised I was getting quite randy with an idea I had fantasised with for some time since dick-head George and I separated..

But how was I going to lure him, I'd got rid of George once and for all, he could do the other thing as far as I was concerned. I was coming onto my late forties but still in the market for a good shagging!

That's putting it bluntly I know but at the end of the day I was beginning to realise, after all those disappointments having been left in the lurch so much, that this would do me a power of good and, in finding the right fella, I know I could do the same for him.

I wanted a guy not yet quite experienced in the true art and with mine I felt I could unravel the dreams and fantasies of any young guy who wanted to learn enough!

It wasn't long when seeing the guy down the road eye-balling me when I was washing my car on the drive, I clobbered him as he was walking by, he just standing there and me bending provocatively over the bonnet in my tightest of brush jeans, because I knew I had a good chassis on me, George always said that and very often had me from the back, that was in the times when it was sill good and not gone sour.

But this was fresh cream indeed and when I turned to the young guy and said hello he looked embarrassed to say the least.

I smiled at him and put on my best come- to- bed look and I knew in an instant there was my nice and fresh young toy-boy just waiting to be initiated.

"You no need to be embarrassed, it is quite normal you know and I am indeed flattered to say the least, would you like to join me for a cup of coffee and maybe a biscuit and even a piece of fruit cake? I asked, " I have been polishing my jalopy here for well over an hour and I am parched, so (seeing he looked a little despondent) do come in and muster me with some of your charm huh?"

"Okay" he said finally, me taking a gratifying breath. "My name is Jason."

"Mine is Janice" I returned.

"I know!" he replied with a gorgeous smile, and those deep blue eyes already had me interested to say the least and I beckoned him to follow me into the house.

So he knew my name and looked like he was very interested and thrilled to say the least, I am sure I saw a veritable swelling about the area of that so sexy lunch -box tucked so neatly between his thighs like it wanted to burst.

In an instant I felt like I wanted to open it and see what was for lunch. That is how it was, I felt like the sex starved woman I had become and so longed get the joy and the absolute thrill of enjoying a real guy once more. And certainly Jason was that, standing there in the kitchen I felt my carnal energy rise and longed to get into his tight jeans, but being the experienced woman I am, I was determined not to make this a quick 'fry in the pan' thing, determined to make it last and develop into a real lasting relationship, but still understanding he was a young guy and would no doubt eventually fall for a girl his own age, but in the meantime I knew I could teach him lots of delights so when that did happen, his girl would enjoy all the things I had taught him.

That is what was running through my head all the time, he sitting there now opposite me at the kitchen table, enjoying his coffee and at last looking a lot more at ease with the situation, me giving him no doubts whatsoever what I wanted of him as we spoke extensively about our wants and dislikes and me giving him the low down on my unhappy marriage of late.

"Have you ever been with a girl, if you don't mind my asking?"

Jason coloured and looked a little awkward.

"Sorry I asked, there is no need to say if you wish" I consoled.

"A guy only" he said quickly.

"You have been with a guy? Then you are gay yes?"

All at once I felt I was on a losing front and that anticipated young fuck was out of the question now, but then why did he look at me like that? The mind boggled but was soon to be resolved when he replied; "No - I was only sixteen at the time, you know how it is, a guy likes to experiment and that is all it was, I know now where my true leaning is."

"Thank heaven for that, Jason" I said with a gratifying sigh, taking the empty coffee cup to the wash basin and giving him a warm kiss.

"How old are you then, Jason?"

"Twenty one last week" he replied "and you?"

"Hey, you should never ask a woman her age" I grinned but it is fair you know before ... well you know. I am 44 but with you I feel in my twenties. Are you okay with that?"

"Perfectly, I have always preferred older women when I think, all those images in my mind I realise long ago are of older women,"

I kissed him again, leaning over the table to reach him as he sat there lifting his chin to return my kiss very warmly, feeling the touch of his tongue on mine.

He was so lovely and I felt so absolutely good and warm, I knew then I was going to give him my all, give him the benefit of my experience, - but the thought of doing that with a toy-boy absolutely thrilled me to death and I felt the yearning to strip him there and then and let him take me quickly.

But he was young and tender I sensed, and it was important that I should gradually mould him in the delights of sexual awareness and capitulation..

When he stood up and I found myself instinctively clasping my hands around his slim waist and holding him so close to me and further enjoying a new warmer and deep French kiss.

I felt his hands stroking my bum and realised he was all of a dither, it was like I was cuddling a crazy animal who wanted to indulge in a real free for all.

I soothed him touched him there saying to take it easy, there would be plenty of time for that. Feeling him like that for the very first time made my heart throb and just the joy of touching a guy again sent my spine vibrating and I knew I so wanted this young guy - the joy of young sweet youth gave me new hope in life and a new beginning I realised then I needed so very much..

" I tell you what," I whispered into his ear, you go take a shower and I will be in the bedroom waiting, how is that?"

His response was immediate, I showed him where the bathroom was and where the bedroom was and he was off like lightening.

I got into something more comfortable as they say and imagined he would be quite pleased with me wearing a sheer silk pink and black laced undies set and. knowing how all guys like the suspender and stocking look I donned them too, nice black ones with just the hint of bare flesh between stocking tops and frilly panties. Perfect.

I made myself comfortable on the bed and waited to see his response coming into the bedroom, I would not be disappointed because when he did, donned the most delightful pair of white tight boxer shorts, his torso looking a real treat that I longed to explore, I saw the rise in his crotch and my body started to tinge in expectation. He just stood there looking so enticing, me asking him to come over to the bedside, then sitting on the edge of the bed, he facing me, that beautiful crotch in line with my face, I so gently started to caress him there and watched his reaction; so beautiful, the way he quietly moaned. It was all so wonderful

"Okay Jason, you like?"

A silly question I know but I wanted to hear that reply and he gasped 'yes' as I gave him a good squeeze feeling its firmness grow in my hand. I felt the urge to take him orally and knew I had to get those boxers, as good as they looked, down to his knees and get access to that fine young cock I craved for so much.

And I was not at all disappointed, soon I was enjoying the sheer ecstasy of cradling those wondrous firm young balls and brushing my lips against his bulging young masculinity, delighted he had been circumcised because with George it was always so messy.

I was so going to enjoy Jason from the onset, I knew this now as I felt his hands hold my face each side as I went to it, no messing, taking his seven of heaven (easily that) into my mouth and tasting the taste of cock for the first time for since I can remember when, because with George it was rarely on the menu unless I was absolutely over the top with a few drinks inside me, so even then I never realised just how good oral delights can be, and certainly with Jason it was perfect.

I sucked and balled him for awhile, but when he told me he was coming I was cruel and said not yet, we have other things to do and I showed him how to hold it back with the tie of a red ribbon around the base of his fine cock, the taste and earthiness still in my mouth as I kissed him again and pressed his hand into my very wet and wanting pussy.

He loved it and I le him explore me with pleasure, I cant explain just how good it is to have such a beautiful young guy as Jason enjoy you - I took time to show him how I liked to be touched, giving his growth a rest bite, for him to look all the more forward to that final beautiful Waterloo - when I would again feel the event of a real hot throbbing cock inside me.

I went to it and gave his ardent cock a real touch of Janice, it was heaven, I was lovely, it was beautiful and I just wanted to suck it more, to taste that certain nectar I had missed so much of a guy, I showed him how I liked it underneath, how to kneel astride my face and let me enjoy him orally beneath with all the trappings of busy fingers and lapping tongue as I really went to town and it was a like being in heaven on earth, it was so wonderful just to feel that so heaving and very ample cock moving inside my mouth, working it sidewise with my tongue, sucking and suckling more as I felt him cry out that he had to have my fuck.

"But I want to smother you first" I cried feeling the urge below just ton have a guy doing that to me again would be so beautiful and I told him I would so relish that. He hesitated, holding himself, squeezing it - I said to let me do that, I would hold him back for just a little more - I said just to do it to me and when that was done I would be ripe for a real rough deep fuck

His head was down there mighty pronto, I opened for him and felt his mouth start to explore me through my panties, then as he got ardent how he tore them away from me and tasted me bare, cunt, ass and all, it was so absolutely good, I squeezed his head between my thighs as he pushed into me more deeply, and when at last he came up for air we were both wet with the love juices of each other and sealed that with another mouth to mouth deep French so succulent kiss to share that so very intimate taste of combined honey before the ultimate fuck

"Now you can take me Jason, there how does that look?" I lay on the bed now, thighs wide apart, displaying my all, wet and glistening for his lovely young and hard throbbing cock. He went into me like a steam hammer and there I was again enjoying having such a wonderful young guy fuck me for all he was worth. He wanted more and more of me and I was soon showing him how to fuck me in the ass as I simultaneously fucked my pussy with a vibrator.

We spent a whole evening finding each other, the exploration and discovery of a brand new coupling was wonderfully satisfying to say the least and I felt like a real woman once again.

Young Jason was my toy boy for a full year until he went of with another younger woman which I understood, my neighbour! But I got in return a good helping of what she had been enjoying so it was joy for all!

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