Toymaker Ch. 04


"Deep down you loved the way it felt. And wanted more."

"But -- sex magic, it doesn't work with two women, all the writings talk about man and woman."

"Yes. You were on the wrong path. I am here to put you, and her, on the right one."


"Silence. You will sit in my lap, facing the screen."

She did, shivering. I picked up a small container of oil, rubbed some into my hands, and began to pet and massage her breasts, firmly. I was in love with her breasts -- firm, full without being ridiculous, with perfect, pointy nipples. I leaned on her sexual response as I rubbed them. Her eyes drifted to the images on the screen, and after a few seconds, she panted again. "Oh, fuck, you're-"

"Evil? And what are you, child? A naked woman sitting on my naked cock, trying not to think about it pushing up into you... let me show you what a slut you are. Masturbate, while staring at the screen. You may not speak, even to beg. Touch your clit, feel my hands on you, watch those two women get the fucking they ache for... and burn."

I toyed with her breasts and belly for fifteen minutes, building her slowly and ruthlessly towards a hurricane of need. I denied her orgasm, even as she tried again and again to go over the edge... then I laughed, low and cruel.

"You may speak only to answer my questions. Answer them as I like and you'll come so hard you faint. Will you give your body to me, when and where I want it?"


"Will you give me Lisa, so I can do to her what I do to you, and bend her to the right path?"

"Yes," she moaned.

"Will you obediently masturbate, while watching me take her from behind, watching me force her to come helplessly, knowing that at any moment I might grab and fuck you instead?"

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Yes!"

"Kneel on the floor, and suck me off, as testament to the promises you have made. I bind you."

She slid to the floor, still masturbating, insane with need, and sucked me. My eyes drifted from her appealing form to the video, back and forth, until I grabbed her hair in my fist and came down her throat.

"Now," I panted, "I show you some real sex magic. Three fingers of your left hand up your slit. With your right, work the clit." I pushed the chair back, sliding to a kneel in front of her. "Look me in the eyes and do not look away."

I fondled her breasts and threw her violently over the edge, with no warning. "Come! Keep coming for me. Keep masturbating. Do not stop. More! You're a fuck slut, a sexual puppet, a channel for lust. More!"

A video of her reactions would have knocked the crappy porn on the screen, off the planet. She thrashed, screaming hoarsely, eyes wide and locked on mine, her slippery breasts slapping against my hands. When she collapsed to the floor I made her keep going, until with a single, broken sob, she passed out.

I smiled, put her in bed, and collected her phone number from her cell phone. I wrote a note and tied it to her wrist, strewed her with dark chocolate, and slipped into the next room to book a room in another hotel. I wouldn't be here when she woke up, and that amused me.

I packed up quietly, set the alarm to 10:30am so she wouldn't miss the noon checkout, and slipped out, very tired, very sated, and very, very amused.

I wondered if she'd even dare taste that chocolate.


Two days later, I placed a call to her phone from a public phone.

"Hello?" She said, hesitantly.

"Hello, my slave," I said. She gasped, softly. I chuckled. "You have six hours to collect your friend, Lisa, and introduce her to me. Where will the introduction be held? I recommend somewhere very private."

"But- she -- I -- she's... six hours?"

"If you can't comply, then you can come to where I'm staying now, alone, and I can spend time showing you what it means to be bound, and fail a command."

"Shit! No. Um... I... I can't tell her about you. She'd never believe me."

"She'll believe everything after she meets me. I can do to her what I do to you. And I will... while you watch, masturbating and waiting your turn."

"Oh... oh fuck... what do I tell her?"

"Tell her you put on perfume and you're masturbating. Tell her you have a black candle you dedicated to Isis, and you want her to slowly fuck you with one end of it while you watch the other end burn. Tell her you've met a man that can reveal the first key of Aretstikapha -- she'll probably wet herself if she recognizes the reference. It doesn't matter what you tell her as long as it works. Where am I meeting the two of you?"

"I... um... my roommate is out this evening..."


She gave it, with a tremor in her voice. "Eight pm," I said, and hung up.


In these paranoid times, housing for college students is rigged with cameras and locked doors with card swipe access, and I don't have a card. So I stopped at a pizza place and got a pizza, 2 bottles of soda and three subs, and headed over to the dorm, a half hour early. Three minutes later, a nice student popped out, saw me holding food and held the door open for me to go in. I walked down the hallway, found a small kitchenette and left the food in it, after throwing away one slice and writing "up for grabs" on the box, knowing the odds are outstanding it will all be gone before I leave.

I found an unlocked bathroom and pulled a change of clothes out of my backpack. Two minutes later the wig, old, worn jeans and tee shirt are in the trash, and I'm in a black silk shirt, grey slacks and leather shoes.

Smiling, I knocked on Keiko's door. She opened it, eyes wide. "I thought you'd call and have me let you in..."

"Why would that be necessary?" I brushed past her, and get a look at Lisa.

Lisa's trouble, I realized. She's late 20's, quite pretty, and has a very skeptical look on her face. And she's got a very odd "emotional layout", making her hard to read and probably hard to write. I needed time to sort that out...

"Keiko, lose the sweatshirt and bra. Now."

She blushed bright red, but obeyed. I watched Lisa carefully as she did, and started to sort out what was going on in there. All I got is skepticism and cool disdain. Wait, was that a jealous flash? But I couldn't decide if it was over Keiko's rack, or my control of Keiko.

I turned my mental focus to Keiko, and hammered her desires. She immediately blushed deeper, squirming, and then panting. I looked at Lisa, and smiled. She didn't smile back.

"I know guys like you," she said. "Fake spiritualists who have a taste for domination. You always find the young, pretty girls, and can talk a good game, but it's all show. I've seen it before."

Yes, I thought. In a mirror, every morning. I had Lisa figured out, intellectually if not emotionally. She was into whatever flavor of dark spirituality it was, because it made her cool and relevant and scary to others -- and able to get her hands on occasional women like Keiko. She's not that different than me.

I leaned on Keiko, hard, and she gasps, and suddenly sits down. "Fuck... how do you do this..."

"Hypnosis, probably," Lisa said. "Look, I'm not into threesomes with strangers. Keik said you had knowledge of the occult, but she doesn't even know your name or discipline. The grip you have on her is impressive, but I think I'll just go and let you two have your evening."

"You want to be able to do this as well," I said to Lisa. "But the path you're on doesn't lead there. In a few minutes, Keiko's going to come, violently, with neither of us touching her. I want you to study her as she does. If in five minutes you're not convinced, then I'll walk out the door. Fair?"

"And why would you want to teach me anything? Warlocks are not known for sharing."

"I'm not a warlock. Keiko didn't tell you much... but I don't blame her for that."

I went and stood behind Keiko's chair. "Keiko, look only at Lisa. Nothing else."

Behind her back, I raised my hand, and pushed her towards orgasm as fast as she could go.

"Oh fuck... I need to touch myself... fuck, please!"

I closed my hand into a fist, and Keiko sagged in the chair, flushed and panting.

"Well rehearsed act," Lisa said.

"I'll prove it's not. Keiko, look at the small plant across the room. Lisa, join me behind Keiko. You'll flip a coin that only we can see. Tails, I drive Keiko to the edge of orgasm. Heads, I let her relax. You make sure I'm not whispering commands or touching her or giving any cues at all."

Lisa smiled and walked over, pulling an Othello disk from her pocket. "Black is tails."

"It's not an act," Keiko said. "Lisa, you know me better than that. You should, anyway."

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof," Lisa said. She flipped the disk into her hand, and it came up white. I made Keiko sag into relaxation. Lisa looked at her, nodded, and quietly turned the disk over.

I hit Keiko as hard as I could. Helplessly she dug her hand into her sweatpants, arching and moaning. Lisa watched, fascinated, and then licked her lips. I held up five fingers, and started counting them down. When I got to 2, Lisa turned the disk over again.

Keiko cried out. "No. I was so close! Please Master, please!"

Lisa showed me the black side again, but I shook my head. "I'm not your vibrator, and you have your proof."

I switched and read Lisa. She was aroused, and that made sorting out her controls easier. I leaned on Lisa's arousal, ramping it slowly.

Lisa's eyes moved over my face, and then over Keiko's body, and then my face again. She had a good poker face, but that didn't help her here.

"Alright," Lisa said. "How did you do it?"

"Keiko, what am I?"

"An incubus."

I slammed Lisa's arousal level up. She gasped, staring at me.

"You didn't believe in us," I said to her. "Keiko did, but you were too busy being cool and in control to ever consider whether anything you talked about was real. You were doublethinking -- half toying with the possibility that maybe there was a spiritual world, half being above it all and cashing in on the benefits of being witchy. Neither one thing or the other." I pushed harder, making her tremble. "You're going to join Keiko on the couch. Now. And you're going to apologize for that crap you pulled a month ago, spouting that tantric shit so you could have your bi-curious moment. Move!"

The look of shock on Lisa's face was priceless. I obviously pegged her right, so from where she sat, I was psychic and clearly able to screw with her sexual urges. Incubus was the only explanation available to her, and fear began to leak out of her. She sat next to Keiko, quickly.

"I... admit I was... looking for a chance to play with you that evening... You're... temping, and I-"

"Stop," I said. "Take off the blouse and bra. You're going to be topless, and you're going to stroke your own breasts while you tell her just what it is you find tempting about her. Keiko, get naked and masturbate while she explains how hot she finds you."

I was finding this fascinating. I'd never gotten in the head of anyone as bi as Lisa. I'd always vaguely assumed that bi women looked at other women the way I looked at women. But as Lisa looked at Keiko, I felt a completely unfamiliar emotional landscape inside her. I wish I had the words to describe it, but I don't. Lust without testosterone is a whole different planet, and women get something different from women than they do from men. When Keiko got her clothing off and began to masturbate, what happened in my head and what happened in Lisa's head were both extremely hot, but very different.

I continued to beat on Lisa's needs as she took her bra off. But I pushed them in a different direction -- away from wanting to masturbate and more towards wanting Keiko. "I... what I find tempting about you. You're... fucking hot, for one thing, and so new at all this... I admit it, touching your breasts and watching you wonder why it felt so good, wonder if it was ok that it felt good... it's sexy. I... want to touch you, want to make you hot, want... fuck this is embarrassing. Women are so sweet, compared to men, you're so touchable and warm and... I want you."

I sat next to Keiko, and fondled the breasts that Lisa was aching to get her hands on. Keiko moaned, softly, leaning back against me. I didn't have to push her, which was just as well because I was busy making Lisa so hot to touch Keiko that she was shifting and twitching on the sofa. Lisa stared at my hands on Keiko's breasts, and suddenly moaned and leaned forward, to kiss Keiko's mouth.

I put my hand between them. "I'll decide when you touch Keiko," I said. "And if you want anything, the jeans and panties come off first."

Pride and lust battled in Lisa. She was clearly used to calling the shots. I made sure lust won by a landslide, while licking and biting Keiko's ear. Lisa was suddenly pulling her jeans off, then her panties. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face close to Keiko's. "Lick her lips. Tongue tip only. Slowly."

They'd both thought I was talking to them, and both obeyed. They were both burning now. I twisted Keiko's nipples, then brought my hands to Lisa's breasts and gave them similar attention. Lisa covered Keiko's mouth with her own, and I dragged her back off by the hair.

"No. One of the things I will teach you, is how sexual magic really works. You've both been lead off the path by reading too much Crowley-derived crap, too much modern shit. You need to take up older practices if you want any power here." I was deeply amused by the crap I was making up on the fly. It was pretty damn inventive and they were both hanging on every word. "It's not pleasure that brings it -- it's desire. Hunger. Make each other ache with need. Make her burn for that kiss. When she finally gets it, make her desperate for your tongue on her nipples. Make her know that orgasm is inevitable -- but she won't get it for hours. Both of you need to learn this. Show me you can make the other beg."

Now came the hard part. I had to play the part of a dispassionate demon while two hot females did their level best to turn each other into moaning sluts. I was already hard, and the emotions coming off of them both were so intense that I couldn't ignore them. I opened my suit pants and took out my cock.

My experiences with lesbian sex were internet videos, which are uniformly such fake crap that I usually turned them off a minute in, no matter how hot the actresses were. I like fantasy as much as the next guy, but come on. It's bad enough that the awkward camera work, and the constant repositioning of the hair, screamed "this is two actors faking shit". But the usual premise -- two women who barely know each other suddenly get a bilateral urge to get it on -- is so painfully stupid that not even a finely sculpted rack and good wigs make it work for me. I like watching women succumb to genuine temptation, not following a clumsy script.

So watching these two was educational. Not fussing with hair, no rubbing of nipples on nipples. They both went straight for kissing, and slow, light, caresses of each other's backs and sides. I stayed in Lisa's head, pushing her desire for Keiko, but I could feel the emotions of them both. It took them time to get comfortable with each other, and they gave each other that time. It was seduction in slow motion, compared to what a man would do. Lisa traced Keiko's lips with her tongue, over and over, until Keiko's mouth finally opened. Keiko's fingertips spent minutes on the sides of Lisa's breasts, until finally taking her nipples between her fingers and pinching down, slowly and firmly. Lisa spent even longer on Keiko's belly and thighs, and even the,n when her finger finally began to trace Keiko's slit, it was featherlight, and avoided the clit. I burned to push them along faster, to force an orgasm out of one of them, and I was literally trembling to hold it back, My self-control apparently wasn't what it once was.

When Lisa finally tipped Keiko backwards and sucked on her nipples, while inching a finger into her I ached to masturbate and then fuck Lisa.

Keiko suddenly slid two of her fingers up into Lisa, and Lisa moaned, softly, rocking sensuously on her hand. Keilo drew her feet along the backs of Lisa's legs, and that set off fireworks in Lisa. Lisa responded by giving Keiko the slowest clit massage I'd ever seen. The response was fascinating. I'd always turned women into fireworks. They were turning each other into boiling water.

Finally, Keiko moaned and turned to me. "Please, fuck please... I'm going insane.... can I come?"

I smiled. Those were the three best words in the English language.

"No," I smiled. "You see... you lost, Lisa got to you before you got to Lisa. So this is Lisa's night to go deeper into what I was talking about. And your night to learn how to burn.

I opened my backpack and took out the restraints. In two minutes, I tied Keiko up, spread eagle on the sofa, with pillows under her ass. I bent Lisa over the ottoman, in front of Keiko, and put a vibrator in her hand. "You can use this on yourself, Lisa, or on Keiko. Not both."

Lisa smiled wickedly, turned it on, and brushed it slowly over Keiko's clit. Keiko arched, slowly and involuntarily. I slowly and disdainfully toyed with Keiko's nipples, as she did. Keiko's moan turned animalistic. "Don't come," I told her. "If you come, you lose power, and Lisa gains it. Fight the orgasm."

This was all Lisa needed to hear. She turned merciless with the vibrator, and with her tongue, and with her fingernails. I pushed my cock into Keiko's mouth to silence the suddenly frantic whimpering. Keiko fought to control herself, but in minutes she began to fall apart, and as she fell apart she started to suck my cock, mindlessly. Lisa got crueler, slapping Keiko's clit with the vibrator, sinking her long red fingernails into Keiko's nipples.

I shifted, taking away Keiko's pacifier. "Don't come," I whispered in Keiko's ear, and then licked it, slowly. She was sliding helplessly over the edge, and the more she fought it the worse it was going to be. "No... don't... don't, Keiko, I'll punish you..."

She exploded uncontrollably, and I slapped the bases of her breasts and lightly bit her neck. Lisa fucked her with the vibrator and sucked on her clit. Keiko's second orgasm followed her first immediately.

The pleasure pouring off of Lisa was fascinating. She loved forcing Keiko's orgasm. It was hot, but I didn't want her to get above herself, so I blasted her with a desire to come. Moaning, she turned the vibrator on herself.

"Either-or, remember?" I snapped. I plucked it out of Lisa's hand. "If you want this, it will be me using it on you." I stood over her, cock hard.

Defiantly she masturbated, fast and hard, but I just pinned her on the edge, and laughed as she cried out in frustration.

"It doesn't work that way, Lisa. Disobeying my kind doesn't get you pleasure. Now if you want to come, you're going to have to suck me for it." I pushed harder, turning the desire into agony. She lasted almost ten seconds, and then, moaning and whimpering, she crawled up my leg and sucked me, sensually. She looked good, naked, sucking me off in my suit, and I let my eyes travel her desperate body and Keiko's shivering one until I was very, very close. Growling, I pulled Lisa to her feet and shoved the vibrator into her, making her stand on tip-toe, with my hand tight in her hair, while she came for a full two minutes. Then I dropped her and the vibrator, turned, and fucked Keiko's bound body brutally. Keiko spasmed, not quite coming, as I unloaded into her, snarling.

When I could breathe again, I smiled at Keiko. "What does the come of my kind do to women, Keiko?"

She whimpered. I laid a hand on her belly and forced her through a ten minute orgasm, still bound. Her desperate thrashing was going to leave her pretty sore, I thought.

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