Toymaker Ch. 04


I sat down, eyeing my two toys. "Lisa, untie Keiko and rub her legs. She'll be sore. That's her punishment for not holding out when told to."

Lisa did this, looking at me. "You... you know, I've read about this a little. You're not much like an incubus."

"Your accounts of incubi are mostly made up tales to explain pregnancies and sleep disorders. Pregnancy? Dolphins? Are you serious? We're about sexual power, or what used to be called licentiousness. Unrestrained sexual freedom."

Keiko sat up, moaning. "Oh gods... I hurt."

"Per aspera ad astra. It's good for you. Pain is part of this path. You'll hurt more, tomorrow."

I eyed them both. "You'll sleep together this evening. That has nothing to do with sex. When you both come down from this little adventure, you'll probably start freaking out and you'll want the company. If I were you two, I'd discuss this with exactly zero other people. I'll call Keiko in a few days -- clearly, neither of you are to have orgasms in the meantime." I packed up.

"And you- you expect us to just obey you," Lisa said.

I sighed, walked over to her, and caught her face in my hand. I blasted her full force, with fear, not lust. She shrieked in terror, and crawled away from me, sobbing and incoherent.

"When you learn the ritual to constrain the likes of me," I told her, as she curled on the floor in a corner of the room, head in her arms, "then you can discuss obedience and disobedience. In the meantime, you'll obey. I'll use fear and lust to shape you like putty if you don't. Good night."

I walked out, smiling. I liked Keiko, but not Lisa, so much. Lisa would be taught to kneel and beg for mercy, and maybe be required to explore humiliation. Fucking her up, while I enjoyed Keiko... yeah. Oh yeah.

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