Tracey Ch. 01


"Have to protect against peeping Toms," she said, poking her head through the curtain. I just blushed and entered my room, but she followed me out and closed my own curtain behind me.

"Or peeping Tracey's!" she said, sticking her head in my room and smiling wickedly at me.

"Are you going to let me get some sleep or what?" I said, still grinning.

"Good night," she said. "Good luck tomorrow!"


I went out to the movies with some friends the following night and got home around 11:00. Tracey wasn't home.

I went to bed at 11:30, but couldn't sleep for some reason. At around midnight I heard Tracey and Jim come down the stairs. They were talking at normal volume, but their voices suddenly became hushed when Tracey noticed my light was out.

"We'll have to be quiet, Steve is sleeping," I heard her whisper. They entered her room and I heard the curtain slide closed behind them. They continued talking quietly for a while, their conversation broken up with increasingly long intervals of silence. I was eavesdropping attentively to the unmistakable sounds of kissing and heavy petting when I realized I had to pee. I felt around in the dark for my boxers, then remembered I'd tossed them in the laundry bin.

I decided it would be safe to brave the hall in the nude, as Tracey and Jim seemed otherwise occupied. I paused at my door to listen for a moment and heard nothing, so I slid through the curtain and tip-toed down the hall. My penis was swinging heavily from having become slightly bloated at the hot sounds coming from Tracey's room.

I was more than a little jealous of Jim at the moment. I envisioned him standing naked behind her as they faced the mirror together, his hands tracing the same path as hers had the previous weekend. How many times had I fantasized myself in that position in the past week?

I was so absorbed in these thoughts that when I reached the bathroom to find the door slightly ajar and the lights on within, I scarcely had time to react I heard the toilet flush. When Tracey stepped out, wearing only her white panties, we both froze for a moment staring at each other's bodies. I didn't even have the presence of mind to cover my nakedness as I quickly took in her naked form, seductively lit by the soft light of the bathroom. Nor did she cover her breasts as I met her gaze, staring at her like a deer caught in the headlights.

"All yours," she whispered with an innocent smile, then slipped back to her room.

I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me. My mind was reeling. I wondered if she'd be upset with me for having the audacity to streak through the halls, but of course she had done the same thing. Her casual reaction went further to quell my concerns, but it still took a while for me to muster the courage to return to my room after I peed.

About 10 minutes had passed when I finally decided to brave the trip back. I noticed the flickering light of a candle shining faintly on the hallway walls and found myself slowing as I reached Tracey's door. It was inconceivable that she'd left even the slightest sliver of the curtain open tonight, I thought to myself, but to my shock I found it open at least 6 inches.

I froze in my tracks as several thoughts raced through my head. Had Jim left? Were they just chatting? I decided to inch forward a little, then nearly gasped at what I saw. Tracey was completely naked and straddling Jim.

She was facing the door, but her eyes appeared to be closed though it was hard to tell in the dim light. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen in my life. Her movements changed between slowly moving up and down along his shaft to thrusting her hips forward and backward, grinding her crotch against his pubic bone, the small tuft of her dark pubic hair mingling with his.

I couldn't move--I could hardly breathe. My penis had become painfully erect and was pointing directly at the slit in the curtains, but my hands remained at my sides. At first I wondered if Tracey would be able to see me if she looked up, but sensed that nothing short of my barging in would interrupt the ecstasy she appeared to be in at the moment.

She reached behind her to clasp at Jim's knees, arching her back and thrusting her tits out in an unbelievably manner. Jim swam his hands all over her body, clasping at her perky breasts which fit perfectly in his hands, eliciting deep groans of pleasure as he pinched and squeezed her nipples. His right hand wandered down to her crotch, where he appeared to use his thumb rub the upper part of Tracey's vagina. This yielded more muffled squeaks and squeals of delight.

I felt like I was on the verge of cumming though I wasn't even touching my cock. It had never occurred to me that spontaneous orgasm was possible, but I found myself involuntarily grasping my cock in an attempt to squelch it and let out a stifled gasp as I did so.

Horrified that I'd been heard, I looked back through the curtains. To my immense relief, they were still completely absorbed in fucking each other's brains out. But then something happened. Without letting up on what must have been the sheer bliss she was administering to Jim's cock, Tracey leaned forward and placed her hands on the headboard of her bed, inviting Jim to bury his face in her tits.

At first she faced straight ahead, her eyes still seemingly closed. I couldn't take my eyes off her face. Her mouth was slightly open and she let out occasional moans of delight, mingled with titillating dirty-talk.

"Mmmm...ffffuck...oooh yeaahhh. Hhhhhhhnnnnmmmm oooh fuck fuck fuuuuck mee..."

She grasped the headboard more firmly until her knuckles turned white. Then, as she quickened the grinding motion of her hips into Jim's cock, she turned her head toward the door, toward me, and opened her eyes. I felt myself trying to move, to take a step back, but remained completely frozen for a moment, staring directly into her eyes. Could she see me? It seemed that at that moment her movements began to reach a frenzied extreme, as did the frequency and volume of her screams.

Unable to bear it any longer, I retreated to my room, knelt on my bed and grasped my cock. I came almost immediately, wave after wave of cum erupting from my cock in divine synchronicity with Tracey's wails of ecstasy as if it was my own cock she was riding. My orgasm petered out as her cries faded to faint gasps, then all was silent. I crumpled in a blissful state of exhaustion onto my bed and fell asleep at once.

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