tagInterracial LoveTracey's (almost) Christmas Miracle

Tracey's (almost) Christmas Miracle


"Oh I just love Christmas!" Tracey shrieked as she hopped out of the truck.

The beautiful blonde bounded for her sister in law's home, glad for the path the had been cleared in the snow. Still her red, four inch heels left deep rivets in the snow, but Tracey refused to slow down. Looks like everyone is here, Tracey noted excitedly as she took note of the cars in the driveway. I can't wait!

"Trace, can you give me a hand?" Bob called after his wife fruitlessly. A thin man in his early thirties, Bob often struggled to get his wife's attention. In the early years of their marriage Tracey had been Bob's perfect wife, beautiful and doting in every way he ever wanted. Over the last few years Tracey had certainly not been doting, as she rarely seemed to have any time for Bob, particularly when it came to intimacy. While letting their little blonde daughter out of the car and attempting to pick up a large pile of presents from the back seat, Bob admitted to himself that while his wife may not dote on him anymore she definitely remained beautiful. Bob longed for the old days while he watched his wife as she ascended the stairs and reached his sister Janice's doorway. Tracey, wearing a festive Santa hat, was sporting a large white winter coat with white fur trim, clasped in front with red buttons.

In addition to her high heels, Tracey wore high, tight socks that were striped red and white and went all the way to her upper thigh. The socks had small bells on them at the top, which jingled lightly with each step Tracey made. The bells were visible as Tracey's coat ended just slightly above her socks, showcasing her bare thigh when she moved her body in certain ways. Bob had caught sight of this while driving to his sister's home, his hand instinctively moving to his wife's sexy body. Frustrated by a largely non-existent sex life, Bob was grateful for basically any skin on skin contact with Tracey. He was disappointed when after just brushing against his wife's leg her hand casually moved to his and pushed it away. Bob was still aroused, and extremely curious as to what his wife was wearing underneath her coat that wasn't even low enough to reach her socks. The thought of his wife's sexy body, her full breasts, thin waist and full, plump posterior, had Bob focusing on the cold in an attempt to bring down his libido as he made his way to the door.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Tracey said cheerily as she beamed at Janice, her daughter Ariel at her side and her husband Bob pulling up the rear, loaded with presents.

"Merry Christmas everyone! Come on in." Janice responded before embracing Tracey. The two women gave each other air kisses to each cheek. Tracey's naturally bubbly personality ensured that people never really knew when she did not actually like them. Janice was taken aback by Tracey's outfit, but did her best to hide her surprise.

The family greeted their relatives, excited for the opportunity to spend Christmas with their loved ones. Tracey greeted her in-laws quickly, saying hello and smiling at them for a brief moment before her eyes moved elsewhere. She was relieved when, as she continued to wade through relatives in the hallway, she saw her nephew Bill appear in the doorway to the living room, talking to her mother-in-law.

"Merry Christmas Billy! You're under the mistletoe, you have to give your grandmother a kiss!" Tracey yelled excitedly at her nephew as she completely ignored Jill, another sister-in-law who looked miffed as Tracey blew off her greeting. Tracey wasted no time to moving toward the doorway, and the mistletoe hanging in it, her bells jingling and her heels clicking with each step.

Bill bent down to give his grandmother a kiss on the cheek as she smiled and laughed, glad to be surrounded by family at Christmas time. There was no question that Bill stood out from the rest of his family. While most of his relatives were of slight build and hardly any of the men reached 6 feet in height, Bill was 6'5 and had a muscular build, though he kept a lean waist. Bill was also the only black person in the house, or in the whole town for that matter. He had been adopted by his missionary parents while just a baby, taken home and raised as their own. While everyone clearly knew that Bill was not a blood relative, most treated him as one of the family. His grandmother Carol, Tracey's mother-in-law, was definitely one of those people.

"Merry Christmas Tracey! Where is my little girl?" Carol asked as Tracey approached.

"Merry Christmas to you too Carol! It's so good to see everyone! Ariel is back there with Bob I think, still excited from opening presents." Tracey responded. Her eyes had lingered on her handsome, black nephew since she had said how good it was to see everyone. Bill was wearing jeans and a navy blue sweater that hugged his plentiful muscles.

"Well I just have to go see that little sweetheart then." Carol said before moving into the throng of people surrounding the entrance. Tracey wasted no time moving to where Carol had been standing, next to Bill underneath the mistletoe.

"Looks like we're under the mistletoe now Billy... you know what that means!" Tracey said, the enthusiasm thick in her high voice. Tracey smiled at Bill expectantly, her deep blue eyes gazing at him from between her finely curled eyelashes. Tracey's innocent, round face betrayed her excitement, as her eyebrows were raised and her perfect teeth all seemed to show as she smiled widely.

Bill put his hands around his aunt's waist and stooped down, his face pushing near Tracey's. Bill's skin was an extremely dark ebony colour, and his features were generally thick and highly masculine. Tracey had closed her eyes and pressed her pink lips together expectantly. As most of their relatives chattered just a few feet away, Tracey and her black nephew Bill kissed under the mistletoe. Tracey felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through her body the moment Bill pressed his thick dark lips into hers. She held her hands behind her back as they kissed, hoping to prevent them from instinctively reaching out to touch Bill's ripped black body. Tracey's right heel rose slightly the moment that Bill's lips touched hers. It had been over two years since Tracey and Bill had first been together sexually, and Tracey's desire for him only seemed to intensify as time went on. Every encounter with Bill gave Tracey the mind blowing sex that she craved, and they only seemed to be getting better at exploring each others' bodies and providing carnal pleasure. Tracey considered marrying Bob to be the luckiest thing that she ever did, if not the smartest, as it allowed her to meet his adopted nephew Bill an eventually become his eager lover after he turned 18 and seduced her. Tracey was committed to Bill, and wore the anklet that he had given her on her right ankle every day. That day it was nestled under her sock.

Tracey's whole body tingled as Bill kissed her, and she started to part her lips in an effort to start using her tongue. Bill quickly pulled back from Tracey, their kiss lasting just a few seconds and causing Tracey's hat to fall to the ground. Tracey was grateful that Bill was stronger than her and showed such restraint. Though she knew that he was right and they needed to keep their lust a secret from the family, inside Tracey felt only disappointment. I've got to get more than just one little kiss, Tracey said to herself as her mind raced.

"I hate that stupid thing." Said Barry, Janice's husband, from inside the living room. This startled Tracey and caused Bill to start laughing. They both looked into the room where Barry stood, looking at them and the mistletoe above. Barry carried a wine bottle and wore what was clearly a homemade Christmas sweater, a distorted reindeer adorning his gut. A surly man with a pot belly and a thick brown moustache, Barry barely hid his contempt for his in-laws, particularly his black nephew.

"What do you mean?" Tracey asked sweetly.

"Stupid mistletoe... people canoodling in my house and... *hiccup*..." Barry wobbled as he grimaced at them. He was always somewhat disdainful toward Bill, and the feeling was certainly mutual. Barry seemed to become particularly agitated when Bill was near any of the women, who all happened to be white.

"Just you stay away from my... *hiccup*... goodies, boy..." Barry continued, wedging the wine bottle between his arm and his side as he dug his hand into his stocking like a greedy child.

"Go have a seat you old drunk." Bill said in his deep voice with a hint of menace that startled Barry. Bill and Tracey smirked at each other as Barry wobbled to the couch. Janice kept an immaculate house, with everything completely clean and each Christmas decoration perfectly in place. Even the tinsel on the tree was perfect, with each piece hung exactly the same way on branches that were all equidistant from each other. The sight of Barry's bloated and drunk self loafing around the house seemed so incongruous that they started laughing together.

"Tracey, I just love your coat! Let me take it and put it in the bedroom with the others." Janice said as she made her way down the hall. Just like all of Bob's sisters, Janice was a mousy looking woman with plain brown hair. Just like her sisters she dressed conservatively, though Tracey noted that with her saggy breasts and comparatively unfit body Janice had no business showing off like Tracey did.

"Thanks Janice, I had picked it up on that little trip Bob sent me on! I think I'm going to keep wearing it for now though, I'm a little chilly." Tracey smiled, always glad to receive a compliment. A proud fashionista, Tracey loved her outfit, the fancy coat and sexy stockings that showed off her body. I hope Billy likes my outfit, Tracey thought to herself as she played with her immaculately placed blonde hair that fell just a few inches past her shoulders. She also took a moment to remember the trip, when she and Bill had gone away together on her unknowing husband's dime. He might fail me in his husbandly duties, but how many husbands pay for their wife to go on a trip and get ravaged by a big black stud, Tracey happily mused.

"Well that's fine I guess. I already turned the heat up so we'll be nice and toasty, and I'll have Barry work on the fire too." Janice said as she she stole a disbelieving look once again at Tracey's outfit.

"Do you like the decorations?" Janice asked, proud of her hard work. It looked like a Christmas catalogue had thrown up in Janice's home, as various old fashioned Christmas decorations adorned the walls, the hard floor and even hung from the ceiling.

"Everything is beautiful, Janice. You'll have to come over and see our house. I changed things up this year, trying to be more multi-cultural. We have lots of African decorations up that you just have to see!" Tracey said, discreetly rubbing her leg against Bill's jeans as she spoke.

"That certainly sounds... interesting. You have to excuse me though, I have to help Barry with the fire." Janice said as she walked between her nephew and her sister-in-law to get to the living room.

"Don't let the drunk bastard fall in." Bill said under his breath.

"Go ahead and let him!" Tracey responded quietly as she giggled.

Tracey then allowed her eyes to move back to her nephew as she surveyed his body. The Christmas season was as good to Bill as any other was, Tracey was confident. She let her eyes linger on the outline of his bulging pectorals before they moved down to his stomach. Those sexy black abs should never be covered up, Tracey lamented as she thought about Bill's body, her womanhood growing increasingly wet. Goodness gracious he's sexy, Tracey thought before a familiar interruption emerged.

"Honey, I don't see Bill's present here." Bob said as he approached his wife and nephew.

"Don't worry about it." Tracey responded quickly, angry that Bob had interrupted her thoughts.

"Merry Christmas big guy." Bill said to his favourite uncle, even though he was far larger than him, in more ways than one. This caused Tracey to giggle slightly.

"Merry Christmas, boss. I don't know how merry it's going to be though if your aunt lost your present." Bob responded. He had failed to find Bill's present in the large pile he had carried inside. Tracey had assured him weeks ago that she would take care of Bill's present, so he had not given it a second thought until now.

"Bob, I said not to worry about it! Billy has something to unwrap later." Tracey gave a stern look to her husband before turning to Bill and grinning seductively as she played with the buttons on her coat.

"Fine, fine. Let's go through here though, Ariel really wants to see the tree." Bob said, almost begging his wife. Tracey let out a large sigh.

"Fine." Tracey said before turning away from her husband. She bit her bottom lip and gave Bill a longing look before walking into the living room, her husband following closely behind.

I can't wait to see what she's packing inside that coat, Bill thought to himself as he wandered away from the living room and toward the kitchen. Bill wanted to get an early start on eating, figuring that he just might be needing his energy for later. Of all the girls that Bill had fucked, Tracey was definitely the most voracious partner. No one else got off on Bill's cock as much as his gorgeous aunt did, and she always did whatever it took to return the favour. Bill knew that for Tracey, nothing could get in the way of her and the big black cock that she loved to pleasure so much. On multiple occasions he had to reign Tracey in to keep her from exposing their affair due to her exuberance. Still, Bill was excited for the present that Tracey had planned for him. His could not get her outfit out of his mind, the sexy high socks with the winter coat that somehow managed to obscure Tracey's plump, firm ass. Thinking about Tracey's ass, softer and bigger than any that Bill had been with even though Tracey was a fit woman, caused a stirring in Bill's pants that reached over halfway down his thigh.

The party continued as Tracey and Bill mingled with family. People shared their memories of Christmases old, told anecdotes from work and speculated on the Christmas dinner still to come. Ariel, the youngest of Carol's grandchildren by a number of years, ran throughout the house searching for hidden presents. Everyone laughed as Barry drunkenly stumbled into the tree, sending ornaments flying everywhere. The afternoon progressed as Christmas smells and songs filled the air, though for at least one person those smells and sounds were completely ignored.

Tracey absentmindedly nodded and played with a button on her coat as relatives came by to talk to her. As her sister-in-law Nancy handed her a glass of wine and filled her in on the intricacies of baking holiday shortbread cookies, Tracey's eyes remained focused on the hallway. Bill was speaking to his aunt Janice, clearly joking about something they could both relate to. This simple, innocent sight filled Tracey with jealousy. I am the one that should be with Billy, Tracey thought to herself staunchly. Always. Even though Tracey knew that there was absolutely nothing sexual going on between Bill and Janice, she still felt extremely envious. Tracey hated when another woman, any woman, got to be alone with Bill. He's MY man, Tracey thought to herself possessively. That's MY man, and MY Big Black Cock. Just thinking of Bill's huge black rod

caused Tracey's pussy to gush. I should be the one talking to Billy... looking at him... touching him... feeling him... sucking him... fucking him...

Tracey was on her knees at the end of Janice's hallway, across from the front door. Completely naked, she happily went to work. Ten inches of the thickest, blackest cock that Tracey could imagine was throbbing in her mouth. Tracey felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment as she licked along Bill's dong and knew that she was bringing him pleasure. He always tries to kiss me, Tracey thought of her husband. He should know that THIS is what my mouth is for, Tracey thought as she engulfed the whole black monster, pressing her lips into Bill's scrotum, her forehead resting on his hard abdomen. My mouth is for pleasing Big Black Cocks, Tracey thought contentedly. As she pulled her head back, the door at the end of the hallway suddenly opened. Tracey still had the big, bulging knob of her nephew's cock in her mouth as everyone pushed into the house. First was Bob, followed by his mother and sisters, then their families, even the fat old racist Barry. For a moment Tracey felt shock and fear, but those feelings almost instantly disappeared and were replaced by joy. Tracey began sucking on Bill's cock again, right in front of her husband's, and Bill's, family. Now they know! Tracey was overjoyed that everything was out in the open as she once again engulfed Bill's cock with her mouth. Now he knows why he could never please me, Tracey told herself as she looked at Bob's shocked face. Not with that little white penis.Now they know what they've all been missing out on, Tracey told herself as she licked along Bill's throbbing black member, loving each inch of black flesh as she stared at the stunned white faces. When Bill suddenly started cumming all over her, shooting his thick load all over her beautiful face, blonde hair and voluptuous breasts, Tracey felt nothing but relief. There's no taking it back now, she thought with a huge smile...

"Tracey?!" Nancy's voice startled Tracey from her fantasy.

"What's the matter? You were staring off into the hallway, and you started whimpering or something." Nancy continued, her face conveying her confusion and concern.

"Oh it's... nothing... just nothing..." Tracey forced the words out. NO! Tracey's heart sunk. She wished that she could live in that fantasy world. No more sneaking around, just happiness. Her eyes still on Bill and her desire almost overwhelming, Tracey was desperate for him. When she saw him turn away from Janice and toward the doorway to the living room, she made her move. As swift as a cheetah, Tracey blew past Nancy, ignoring her inquiries as to whether or not Tracey was ok. The glass in Tracey's hand spilled red wine on the floor as she moved so quickly, but Tracey did not care. Her tunnel vision was so great that she did not even see the toy that her daughter had left on the floor. Once she stepped on it Tracey lurched forward, falling short of her ultimate goal and into someone's arms.

"You're awfully lucky, little lady." Bob said, smiling at his wife after catching her. Bob was not an ugly man, and many women surely found him handsome, but he did nothing for Tracey. Not anymore.

"Get your hands off me Bob!" Tracey said abruptly, her desire and embarrassment making pleasantries seem irrelevant. Her wine now spilled, Tracey continued on her short quest.

"Billy! Mistletoe!!" Tracey said cheerfully as she came to the doorway. Bill was standing there, leaned against the side of the frame with a grin on his face. Damn she's desperate, he laughed to himself.

Tracey almost jumped into Bill's lips, pressing herself into him forcefully. More discretion was needed for this kiss as the family was not particularly distracted, but the passion involved was too strong. Tracey managed to press her tongue past Bill's thick lips and into his mouth, brushing it softly against his tongue. Sensations rippled through both of their bodies. Still, Bill had the presence of mind to pull back from Tracey just as the length of their kiss was about to pass beyond any reasonable point of innocence. He could not be sure that anyone was actually watching, but people would quickly notice a long kiss in the doorway between the huge black man and his aunt. Bill was always careful to hide the affair, wanting to preserve his family relations. The sex with Tracey was far too good to pass up, but he sought to be discreet when possible. A little playfulness was always welcome from time to time, but when Tracey got especially horny Bill often had to be on guard. There was no doubt that this was one such occasion.

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