tagLesbian SexTraci's Diary: Week 03

Traci's Diary: Week 03


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Paige Davis is leaving Trading Spaces. Maybe she shouldn't have done the TV Guide cover wearing nothing but wallpaper. Maybe she shouldn't have done the fake stripper routine at a Broadway fundraiser when she allowed men to stuff money down the front of her low cut dress or inside her tiny g-string. I'm really depressed. If you don't watch the show, go to paigedavis.com and enjoy. Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

God, I'd love to throw her up against a wall and smother her mouth in passionate kisses. I'd feel my breasts pressing against hers, my hands on her ass pulling her towards me.

I would slide my hands up and around her until they rested on her breasts on the outside of her t-shirt. I can feel her nipples harden. I would kiss her neck under her beautiful short hair while slithering my hands inside the bottom of her shirt. Her stomach is hard and flat.

She moans when my fingers reach her breasts. I squeeze her nipples and place my palms flat against them. My little hands don't come close to holding her entire breasts.

I have to taste them, so I lift her shirt. At first my tongue just flicks across her nipples. Then she grabs the back of my head and pulls me into her. My mouth opens and accepts as much of her as possible. I suck on one breast, then move to the other.

I slide down her body and kneel in front of her, hastily opening her jeans and pulling down the zipper. I yank the pants down her legs and lift them off her feet. Paige's legs are perfect, her thighs calling for me to lick them up to the bottom of her little panties. So I do.

She flinches when my mouth presses against her pussy through the thin material. I can tell she's wet already. I pull her panties down until I can kiss the area right above her clit. I reach behind her and feel the soft skin of her ass as the panties move lower.

My hands push the underwear down Paige's legs while my tongue begins to attack her clit. She spreads her legs for me and pushes her hips out to my face. She's naked now and my hands are on her ass, squeezing each cheek as I lick her pussy.

After a couple minutes, she pulls me up and undresses me. I kiss her when I can or when her face isn't flat against my body licking me. I'm ready to cum when she is pulling the last of my clothes off of me.

We move into the family room and fall to the floor. Our arms and legs intertwine in frenzied obsession. Our tongues meet while our hands explore each other. I want to cum every time she touches me and I hope she feels the same. Her kisses make me think she does.

She pushes against my body and forces me onto my back. Paige climbs on top of me and straddles my body with her legs. She smiles down at me before bending over and smothering my breasts with her mouth. The sensation of her tongue and lips on my nipples sends tingles through my body. I want her so badly.

I feel her move lower and open my eyes to watch her head disappear between my legs. I tremble when she first licks my wet pussy, knowing that she'll move up to my clit soon. I feel her tongue inside me. Then again.

She moves up. Not just her tongue, but her entire mouth surrounds my hard clit. I raise my body off the floor and feel her take me inside her mouth. Paige licks and sucks me until I shout out that I'm ready to cum.

She works over my pussy and clit even harder as my orgasm begins. Paige holds me by the ass and I hold her by the back of her head. My fingers cling to her short hair. I try to hold her in place as my body shakes with multiple orgasms.

She ends up at my breasts again after I'm done. Each time she licks me another shiver flows down to my pussy. I pull her up to me and we kiss. She keeps moving up and places her breasts over my face. I eagerly suck on them, wrapping them in my hands.

Before long, her pussy is over my mouth and I'm enjoying the taste of her beautiful body. She leans up and I concentrate on her clit. Within seconds, it seems, she's cumming in loud, extended orgasms. Paige collapses on top of me when she's done, whispering how much she loves being with me.

If her next career is lesbian porno flicks, I volunteer.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Did I tell you about the football watching party I went to Sunday? Oh, my God. What a great day. This is a case of getting what you wish for. I wrote earlier about being interested in group sex. Well...

A bunch of friends I've known for a while got together to watch both of the conference championship games. There were eleven of us. Couples and singles like me, some of which I'd dated in the past...both men and women. I know. I know. If that disgusts you, move on to tomorrow's entry. Geez.

Anyway, the party started at about noon, long before the first game came on. I happened to get there around 12:30 and the host couple and three other people were already there. It was a lot of fun, drinking and talking about trips we'd taken or things at work.

Other people trickled in and eventually all eleven of us were there when the first game started. I wouldn't say anybody was stupid drunk yet, but some of us were feeling pretty good. There was a lot of teasing going on, and I guess I did my share at one point by pulling the legs of one of the guys...one of the married guys, no less...onto my lap. I've known Jeff and his wife, Terri, maybe the longest of anybody there and I knew she was cool with it. In fact, I'm not sure Terri wasn't doing most of the teasing. She had a t-shirt on that didn't leave much to the imagine.

People were in chairs and on couches and stretched out on the floor. Food and drink was everywhere. Before halftime of that first game I was beginning to see signs of apparent drunkenness . The teasing had become more physical. I contributed by moving my hand from Jeff's thigh to the very top of his leg. I let my fingers glance across his crotch, trying to feel where his cock was. His look convinced me to do further research.

I tried to be coy about feeling for, and finding, the lump in his jeans. I suppose half the room could have been watching between plays and I wouldn't have known it. I was feeling good and having fun.

At one point I saw Terri on the floor and Chad was using the bare skin between her shirt and the top of her jeans as his plate. Her cute little butt just screamed to be held. With her looking the other way I had more courage to play with Jeff.

Somebody, I forget who now, was talking about a trip several members of the group had taken together and it became obvious that some intimate action had taken place. Not having been there, I didn't get some of the inside jokes. But I did gather that Terri had been with more than Jeff during the night.

It was very erotic and I took it as an attempt to go in that direction again. I had moved my hand out of Jeff's crotch, but put it back and was greeted by a very hard cock. I wanted to pull it out right there in the room.

People were coming and going all the time and when one of my favorite friends, Sharon, came back into the room she was asked if she'd "let Chad eat dip off her tits" like she did on the trip.

Sharon's pretty shy and I found it hard to believe it happened the first time. But the next thing I knew she was standing in the middle of the room with her gorgeous, little breasts in full view. Sharon's a short girl with dirty blonde hair and a nice body. Not model material, just nice.

She dropped to her knees and used a tortilla chip to spread dip on her right tit. A lot of loud voices were urging Chad on, but I doubt if he needed urging. He was on his knees, too, moving towards her. He grabbed her by the waist and slowly licked the dip from her breast.

I thought I would cum watching most of her tit disappear into his mouth and his hand caress the rest. Chad's tongue finished the job before he leaned up and kissed Sharon enthusiastically. Nobody in the room could have watched that and not been aroused.

Apparently Chad was known for being good at that, because Terri welcomed him back on the floor by lifting her shirt and revealing one of her own tits. They laid side-by-side with Chad's mouth engulfing one of Terri's ample breasts.

My hand was back on Jeff's cock and I didn't even remember putting it there. I was so hot.

I remember seeing Chad and Terri talking on the floor right before getting up and leaving the room. I was too busy with Jeff to pay too much attention. Not long after that Jeff grabbed my hand and pulled me from the couch. We walked down the hall and turned into a bedroom.

There, next to the bed, were Chad and Terri. Both were naked from the waist up and in the middle of a deep kiss. I watched Terri take off Chad's jeans while Jeff removed my shirt. I didn't know what to do. But whatever it was, I wanted to do it.

Chad and I were naked at about the same time. He had a big cock and Terri was about to make it bigger. I turned my attention to Jeff and got him naked as fast as possible.

While on my knees taking off his boxers, I lifted his cock with my hand and licked it from base to tip, top and bottom.

The four of us, once all naked, fell onto the bed. I ended up just inches from Terri and resisted the temptation to explore her body. We rolled around until everybody had room. Jeff ended up on top of me, while Terri was on top of Chad, beginning to guide his hard cock into her cunt. Watching her beautiful tits bounce while fucking Chad made me incredibly hot.

Jeff helped, too. I wrapped my legs around his waist when he began plunging his cock into me. Not long into the session I remember looking at the bedroom door and seeing a small group of people standing and watching. Most were at least partly undressed. The whole thing just made me crazy with desire.

The bed rocked from the two lovemaking sessions taking place. Moans got louder and soon orgasms overtook all of us. I know that at some point I was cumming while sucking one of Terri's tits. Somehow Chad managed to cum on both Terri and I.

Later in the evening guests were changing places in the bedroom and other rooms so quickly I lost track. I just know that my little episode with Sharon towards the end may have been the highlight for most of the people that were still there to witness it. I plan on getting together with her in private sometime.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

WARNING: The following story probably falls under the Literotica category of NonConsent, or whatever they are calling it these days. If this type of story does not interest you, please move on to tomorrow's entry. Thank you.

Around June of this year I'll be switching jobs...again. It's no big deal. I'll find something. But the whole idea of going through the interview process again doesn't thrill me.

It also makes me think back a few years to when I was in college...I guess I was about nineteen...and I worked for the recreation department in my hometown during the summer. It was a good size suburb of a major city, so the recreation department was big. They had a beautiful new community center that housed the recreation department offices, as well as a couple of indoor pools, gyms, playgrounds, a climbing wall...all kinds of stuff.

That's where I worked doing graphic design work on newsletters and pamphlets. My boss, Tim, was a guy in his early thirties that really thought he was "the man." Unfortunately, Tim wasn't all that bad looking and had a decent body. But his attitude sucked.

His habit of picking out young women each summer...from high school age to young mothers...and hitting on them was legendary. He managed never to do anything that would get him fired. Whether he ever got anything from the girls was unknown. I never asked.

It was a casual workplace and I often wore shorts and t-shirts on the hottest days. Nothing that wasn't acceptable in a casual business setting, however. Certainly nothing like the skimpy swimsuits that roamed the halls of the building around the pools and gyms.

Anyway, I worked late one night on a project that was due soon. It had rained that day and the place was somewhat emptier than normal as I walked to the office with the copier in it. The office also had cabinets that stored supplies and it served as the coffee room. It wasn't big.

I remember standing by the copier not paying much attention to anything except paper flowing through the machine when I heard something behind me. I turned to see Tim entering the room. I said "Hi" and something about him sneaking up on me. He smiled for a second, then got a more serious look on his face. It was a little scary.

He said, "Working late?"

"Uh. Yeah. I just have this stuff to do and I might go home." I had planned on staying another hour, but I was beginning to think I might leave sooner now.

"Why don't you take a break?"

Perfect. I actually thought I could use that for an excuse to get out of the room. "OK. Want to go out to the lounge?"

Still, he didn't smile. "No. This is fine."

That's when he pushed the door closed behind him and locked it. I could have screamed, but I wasn't sure what the idiot had planned. The copier hummed behind me as he walked towards me.

"Let's take a break right here," he said. "Just a few minutes and I'll let you go."

We were close to the same height so it was fairly easy for him to rapidly grab the back of my head and cover my mouth with his. I tried to cry out more from surprise than anything else. But the pressure he put on me prevented it from happening.

When I quit struggling as much, he said, "Just relax. And don't scream. You'll be fine."

"Let me go, Tim," I said. "I want to leave."

"Not yet. I want to give you a chance to change your mind," Tim said while running his fingers over my hair. He had me pushed back against the copier and the presence of his body against mine became more evident.

He kissed me again. His tongue entered my mouth and I could feel his cock growing inside his shorts. I put my hands on the top of the copier to brace myself. He put his hands on my breasts.

I thought about the possibility of letting him touch me for a few minutes, then getting away. The door was so close. But I couldn't move.

Tim's hands were on the outside of my shirt, squeezing my tits and the bra that protected them. Then he lifted the shirt from my shorts and kissed me. I felt his hands on my stomach and waist. I felt them on my bra and the tops of my breasts.

Tim jerked on the bra straps and they fell down my arms. Within seconds he had the shirt pulled up and was putting his mouth on the exposed skin above the bra. I leaned back to get away, but couldn't move more than a few inches. With my shirt up by my neck, Tim pulled on one side of my bra and a breast was uncovered.

The feel of his mouth, lips and tongue on my nipple resulted in the usual jolts of pleasure shooting through my body. He sucked hard on as much tit as he could get into his mouth. He pulled the other side of my bra down and did the same to my other breast. My cunt reacted like it always did.

Tim told me to take off my shirt. With my plan still in mind, I did what he said. Thinking back now...which is always easy...that was my biggest mistake. I even kept the shirt in my hand, thinking I'd be putting it back on right away. I'd let this creep play with me for a while, then get out.

I ended up laying the shirt on the copier when he forced my bra straps down my arms. The bra fell to the top of my shorts and Tim continued sucking on my tits.

I made an urgent attempt to escape. But he held me by the waist as I spun around, not much closer to the door than when I started. He pushed me against a cabinet and unhooked my bra. I felt it ripped from my waist and heard it hit the floor. Now he was pressed against me from behind, his rigid cock on my ass.

"Calm down," he said, groping my breasts. "Let me see if you like this or not."

Tim's hand slipped inside my shorts.

"No. Please," I pleaded.

I knew what he'd find. I was afraid of what he'd say. His fingers were on top of my panties, on top of my pussy.

I heard his breathing change. "Traci, Traci, Traci. You DO like this."

I shook my head, but couldn't talk. In my mind I was saying "No", but no words came out.

"Let me see if you want more."

Tim's hand was inside my panties, moving past my clit and onto my pussy. A finger slid easily over the moist skin, then inside my cunt. When it came back out, he moved it up to my clit once more. I shivered at his touch.

"Good girl," he said. The more he touched me the more I fidgeted and the harder his cock seemed to get.

"Stop it, Tim," I finally said. Then a loud sigh followed as he reinserted a finger. My body was frozen in place as he played with me.

I came out of my brief trance when he unbuttoned my shorts. I pivoted back towards the copier with the intent of grabbing my shirt and running. But his hands never left me and he just moved along with me to the machine. He shoved me against it, causing me to almost double over. I felt him pull down the zipper.

I wished I had worn my cut-offs that were much tighter. Instead, this pair of shorts easily slid down my legs, stopping at my ankles. Before I could react, his hand was back inside my panties. This time he forcefully ran several fingers over my clit and pussy.

"God, Tim. Not in here." The words surprised me. Even I interpreted them as meaning anywhere else would be OK. I quickly added, "Stop."

"Relax, Traci. Here is fine. Nobody's coming."

His hand felt marvelous. Yet, I wanted out. I wanted my bra and shirt and shorts on. And his fingers played with me some more.

Tim pulled down my panties. I realized at that point that I would not be getting out of the room. It would take too long to dress. It meant Tim would have to stop. In my disoriented state of mind, another plan came to me.

"Tim. Stop. Let's go somewhere. Your office maybe."

He had his hands on my bare ass and his mouth next to my ear. "No. Traci. Let's do it here."

My panties joined my shorts around my ankles. I felt trapped in them. I lifted one foot to free it and somehow managed to do so with Tim pressed firmly against me. He must have taken this as a sign of submission as I heard his zipper open.

I didn't look back. I just felt him moving. Then I felt it—his hard cock was resting in the crack at the top of my ass.

"Spread your legs, Traci," Tim said softly.

"No. Don't," I urged him.

"Do it."

His hand was on top of my pussy, as if he knew that would cause me to act. I moved one leg about a foot to the side.


I moved again. He pulled my hips back towards him. I leaned on the copier with both hands.

His cock touched the outside of my pussy, then entered me. Just the head at first, then more. He was thick and hard. I was wet and he pushed again. I felt his entire shaft slide into me and I moaned.

Your mind can attempt to tell you that everything around you is wrong, but when your body feels something it likes it can make the mind forget a lot of things. Tim didn't know...nor cared...that I liked both men and women. But there are few toys that can duplicate a good cock. This awful man had a good cock.

He filled me with it over and over again, his fingers doing their magical thing on my clit and nipples. He knew every button to push.

My cunt filled with my own juices as he fucked me. He thrust his cock into me harder and faster.

"That's it, Traci. Cum for me."

I made a sound that was supposed to be an answer in the negative, but it was just a sound. The sound of a woman about to cum.

"Now. Cum now."

I held back a scream when I came. I pounded the copier and pushed against it with my hands. I moved my body from side to side, which only increased the feeling of his cock inside me. Tim pushed against me harder and I pressed back.

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