byJack Gates©

I opened the door and there was a young female leaning against my door post.


'That's not the way to greet your long lost Daughter, Pops! Names, Tracy!'

'Excuse me! I do not have a Daughter. I have never had a Daughter and while I am on the subject, no thanks I do not want a Daughter, Good-day!'

I went to close the door on her and she cried out! 'Daddy! No! Mum's name is Wendy Hunter and you are Arnold Hunter, right?'

'You have been reading the local telephone directory. Nice try. Do you go, or do I call the police?'

'My Mum had a birth mark on her right breast and she was born in Sheffield and has a Sister whose name is Diane and she lived in Huddersfield.'

My knees started to shake, it was my turn to lean on the wall of the lobby. What she just told me could not have been read in any directory. Every word was true! I stood back and spluttered, 'You had better come in then.'

She grinned and said cheekily, 'Don't I get a kiss Hello! Daddy?'

She passed me in the tight hallway and the haversack she had on her back ripped my shirt open and tore a button off, much to my annoyance. The shirt was only ten years old.

'Hey! Careful!'

She laughed and cried, 'Oh! What a big hairy chest you have, Daddy!'

Embarrassed, I tried to cover myself up, but she laughed even more so I ripped the shirt off in temper. She came across and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest, accidentally on purpose scratching my right nipple.

I lived in a bachelor pad which had two bedrooms, one I used as a study which was easily converted into a bedroom in an emergency. That emergency was looking at me sexily and still caressing my chest.

I drew away, and asked, 'Where are you staying, Tracy?'

'I have just come down from Huddersfield. Aunt Diane died of Lung Cancer, Daddy. Her relatives sold her house from under me and turned me out onto the streets. I traced you in a cyber-cafe and here I am. Don't you like me?'

'You can't stay here, I don't have room for you!'

She shrugged off her pack in the hall and followed me into my bedroom where I took a clean shirt out of a drawer. She sat on my bed on my king-sized bed and bounced up and down on the mattress.

'There is plenty of room in this bed, Daddy? Do you snore?'

'How the hell do I know if I snore or not?'

'Are you always this grumpy, or is this your Saturday Matinee?'

I burst out laughing, she was so damned sexual and infectious. I could not believe I had sired someone so beautiful. There was a lot of her Mum in her. A Mum who had walked out on me to return to an old flame. Twenty-two years ago! The girl on my bed was a woman! My Daughter! My Daughter Tracy.

'What do want me to call you? Daddy or Arnie?'

'Call me daft if you think I am going to take you on. A woman your age should be married and have kids of her own in a two up, two down Council semi. In Huddersfield! ... Not here annoying me!'

'Woweee! Not only hairy, you are a ferocious bear!'

She was now laying on my bed, on her back with her legs wide open and back. I could clearly see the mound of her pussy through her track-suit bottoms.

'Don't do that, Tracy!'

'Do what, Daddy?' She put her hand down teasingly over her mound which stirred up some feeling between my own legs.

'Display yourself like that!'

'You are embarrassed! You are not used to members of the opposite sex laying seductively on your bed, are you, Arnie? Do you think I am seductive, Arnie?'

'I think you are behaving like a slut, Tracy.'

'Do you want me to take my clothes off and show you how a slut really behaves when she has a lovely hunkie man like you in her sights. You are not a virgin unless I am the original immaculate conception! You must have fucked Mummy or was I the folly of your wild youth?'

'Don't talk like that! It doesn't become you!'

'You do not know me, Arnie! I have had twenty-two years of life and you have been a total stranger. I found you inside one hour on a strange computer in a strange shop in a strange town and I found a strange man who thinks he knows how I should behave!'

'The strange door is there. Maybe you can find your own strange way out, Stranger!'

'Woweeee! You do have a short fuse! You do think I am seductive. I can see you do. Do you have incest in your mind, Daddy?'

'Come, you can help me make you up a room.'

'You want me to stay then?'

'As you say, you are my Daughter. I will not throw you out unless you give me cause.'

'How bad will I have to be to give you cause, Daddy? Her smile was even sexier and I was at a loss how to handle it. Any other woman, I would have it in my tiny mind that she was asking for a length of my cock.

She followed me into my den and I was aware of her perfume, her closeness, her comeliness. I had been too long without sex. She went and sat at my computer which I had left switched-on to answer the door, it was on standby and she moved my mouse which brought it back to the offline Literotica program I was working on as an editor. There was a page of a very sexy story I was editing. Her eyes scanned the page.

'Daddy! What's this? You dirty, dirty, Old Man! " She read out aloud from the screen, 'Sally was bent over the table, her skirt up and her knickers down to her knees and Albert her Daddy was standing behind her with his huge cock in his hand, aiming it at her juicy cunt! There was a secondary target in view, Sally's beautiful shapely ass, and puckered anus." '

She whirled round and looked at me, the cheeky grin back on her face. 'I don't think I can stay here, Daddy! Seems you are into some very naughty things here. It must make your cock very hard and horny when you read things like that, Daddy!'

'I am an Editor. I edit other peoples stories to get them ready for publication on the internet.'

'What type of story is this one?'


'About Daddy's fucking their Daughters? Do you want to fuck me? Are you going to write a story about me? About you, fucking me?'

She was blushing when she said it, and her breasts were pert and her nipples dimpling her jersey. I felt my cock begin to thread its way through my underwear. My secret answer was, Yes, Yes, Yes! She said it for me.

'You do want me, don't you, Daddy! Your prick has grown terribly hard! You want to fuck your Daughter, don't you?' She stood up and quickly stripped down her pants and knickers and stepped out of them and her shoes. Her pussy was clean shaven. This wasn't happening! The stories I had written, the stories I had edited about Fathers fucking Daughters and here it was happening to me in real life. I just stood there! Petrified!

She bent over and relinquished her knickers from the folds of her pants and stood up and moved quickly over to me. She grabbed hold of my cock and a fair portion of my slacks and pushed me back until I fell onto the studio- couch against the back wall. Then she covered my nose and mouth with her wet smelly knickers. I was turned on and scared stiff!

'Breathe in Daddy! Smell my cunt juices, Daddy! Your Daughter has the hots for you, Daddy! Open your mouth and taste my juices. Go on! You know you want to. Pretend you are Albert and I'm Sally, You are standing behind me with this big cock in your hand. The big cock you fucked my Mum with. Can you remember her, laying there with her legs wide open for you Daddy. You didn't know, I your Daughter, Tracy, was amongst all those millions of seeds this hard big cock of yours pumped into her pussy, did you, Daddy? Poor, poor Daddy. What goes around cums around. Now it is my turn to have this big cock of yours pumping cum inside my cunt, Daddy. Can you still pump out so many seed? Or should I say Pump in? Oh! Daddy will you stop making your Daughter so horny!'

Her hands had been very busy and she had unzipped my flies and exposed my rock hard cock. She dropped to her knees between my legs and started to lap with her wet warm tongue the shaft of my rampant appendage.

'Oh Mom! Mommimio! You sure did pick'em big, Ma! Do the women you write for know you have one this size? Why haven't you got a woman, Daddy? Are you gay? I bet there's hundreds of nice young men who would love to have this baby up their bumikins.'

'Yes, I am gay. I hate women, especially Daughters who seem to have no morals.'

'Daddy! Oh My God! You can't be gay! I won't let you be! From now on I will see to it that you stop fucking young boys and only fuck women and your Daughter, Tracy.'

'What! No boys at all? What about young men? Surely I can have a few of them? Oh! Easy, watch your teeth, that was sore?'

'What stories do you write?' She said when she came up for air.

'All sorts, mostly anal or incest taboo, why?'

'Did you ever fuck Mum in her ass?'

'That is a bit personal, Tracy. Yes, I did.'

'Did she like you doing it to her? You are a big boy! It must have hurt her.'

'I should imagine it did. A pain in ones ass is one of the joys of ass-fucking, your Mum said she cum a lot harder when I fucked her in her ass.'

'Have you ever been fucked in your ass, daddy?'


'And? Don't you dare leave it there!'

'Your Mum invited some friends to the house for a meal. They bought booze with them and things started to develop towards playing adult games. I lost all my clothes in a game of anything-goes-strip-poker. If I lost again it was to be a forfeit. I lost again and for my forfeit your Mum told me to suck the other guys cock. Which I did. She lost, so she lost her one remaining garment, her knickers. When she lost again she was told to lick the other woman's pussy. Which she did, eagerly. My next forfeit was to take the other guy in my ass. It finished up by swapping wives for the rest of that night.'

'Did you fuck the other woman in her ass?'

'Yes I did. Your Mum got it up her ass from the other guy. Just before you ask your next question, Tracy. They were your Mums friends, not mine. I thought we were just going for a boring night out.'

'Are we going to fuck? Can I take my clothes off now? Please, Daddy. Use me like you used Mummy. In every way. I want to act out some of your anal stories. Will you let me read all the things you have written?

I was already naked down to my belt as I had not put on my shirt. Tracy unclipped my belt and started to pull my slacks off. I lifted my bum and felt the coolish air as she went up again and gripped my boxers and pulled them down and off me too. Just leaving my socks. I reached down and pulled them off and threw them into her face. I was naked. She knelt up and pulled her jersey off and I unclipped her bra. She was a chip off the old block, right enough! Like her Mum, Tracy had fantastic tits! Very firm, really did not need a bra. Like her Mum her areola were large and expanded when excited like pigmented ant hills capped with almost sharp bullet-like nipples. Her stomach was flat with a tight six-pack as if she worked out. Her pussy was one out on its own. As I said, the mound was cleanly shaven and the lips of her pussy were quite small and the inner lips were protruding through the outer labia. There was a moistness like male pre-cum. She had already given me a pre-pussy odour sample from her knickers, but my mouth watered, I wanted to taste that juicy morsel.

'Sit on my mouth, Tracy. Let me taste you.'

Back came her cheeky grin and she quickly got astride my face and lowered her pussy down with her facing my feet. I stuck my tongue out to meet her and she quickly moved for ward over me and my tongue made contact with her anal button instead of her love grotto. I heard her laughing faintly as her thighs tightened around my head and she started to fuck my mouth with her anus. Then her mouth went down over my cock again. It was very, very obvious that my Daughter was no stranger to sex. Fucking her Daddy was probably just another rung up the ladder she was climbing. At that point in time I was not complaining.

Saying that, I was wondering whether this was the way a man normally greets a Daughter he did not know he had less than half an hour ago! The problem was, I still did not know where her Mother was. I had not heard from her since our divorce. Good Lord! That was seventeen years ago! Tracy and I still had a lot to tell each other. So many years to fill in.

'Fuck me Daddy! In my ass if you want to. I am due my period so if you want to put your cock into my pussy, you had better make it quick. I did manage to get a quick lick at her pussy as she pulled away, it tasted alright to me. Reminds me of that joke, 'What do you call a connoisseur of pussy licking who switches to licking assholes? A conna-sewer! You are right, it is bad taste.

Tracy, being in sympathy with my senior age, rolled me onto my back and acted as pilot for my cock. It was a warm, wet, snug fit. Tighter than I was expecting. It has been a long time since I fucked a woman who had not yet had kids. They are so tight! Once a woman has started a family it is like riding a cycle in and out of a bus garage. These are the ladies who preach, 'Size counts!' They spend the rest of their lives trying to earn a bus-pass. What we want is bigger and better buses, hey! Ladies?

She was a naked beauty, no mistake. Looking up at her, short cropped blonde hair, blue eyes, she takes after me for both. After her mum for facial beauty. Her breasts were a tit suckers fantasy-dream. So proud! So feminine. I put my hands around her and gripped her as cheeks, her naked bum. I felt my testicles raising themselves up tight to my shaft, my little nuggets of fertility, aching with the desire to cum, the feeling was immense. I started to think of the sexy story I was editing and the time it would take me to complete in minutes and seconds, thinking of anything rather than my imminently exploding, shooting, ejaculating nuts. At that moment, for me it was like being in a car, careering down a steep hill with a canyon on my right and a cliff on my left with no brakes. I had already committed a cardinal sin, giving my Daughter my sperm was prompting thoughts that I should not have been on such a perilous road in the first place. I could have been out when my Daughter called.

I was jarred back to reality when I heard Tracy distinctly say, 'I'm cumming, Daddy! Our juices were mixing in Mother Nature's juice mixer' Myself? I shivered with a mixture of, wow! ... fear! ... joy! and sorrow.

I unlinked my penis from Tracy's vagina and we pulled apart momentarily and the we were locked in a warm, loving embrace. I kissed her eyes, her nose, her ears, her neck and each nipple, which she aided and abetted by using her hand under her breasts to feed me the milk of Daughterly love and kindness. In all my miserable life I had never felt so much heart-felt love and devotion to anyone. The Love I was feeling was awe inspiring. It was though we had changed roles. Tracy had become my Mother and I her baby! We were content to lay in each others arms and sleep.

The awakening. She was standing in the middle of the room. The sunlight catching her statuesque beauty, I lay there looking at what I had spawned from my loins and marvelled what a miracle human nature was. She was so comfortable with her nudity.

'Hello, Daddy! Are you awake? What do you want me to do now?'

'In you twenty-two years have you ever used a douche for vaginal hygiene?'

'No, never, Daddy. That's using a syringe thing to wash out my pussy, isn't it?'

'Yes, your asshole too. If you want to treat your ass like another pussy, then you have to learn how to prepare yourself for anal sex.'

'Why do men have this thing to fuck women up their asses, Daddy?'

'I guess the honest answer to that one is because her ass remains tight and gives him a fantastic fuck! When a woman has children the vagina gets stretched and a guy don't get so much feeling when he fucks her. A lot of women realise this and willingly surrender their bums to hold onto their men.'

'What about the guys who fuck their Mothers, if what you say is true?'

'Maybe it is because they are quick firers, they shoot their sperm when they try to get it into a tight hole. By screwing their Mums, they last out longer.'

'So they do not fuck their Mothers up the bum, then?'

'As I have never personally been in that position, Tracy. I cannot answer that one truthfully.'

When you write your incest/taboo stories, do you have your Sons fucking their Mums in their tight assholes? Bet you do!'

'That is fiction, not fact.'

'Are you a quick firer, Daddy?'

'I hadn't used to be. I have not had sex for a long time. When I did have it, it was with an older woman. I had no problems with her.'

'Did you have her bum?'

'Yes, I did. Have you been fucked in your ass, Tracy?'

'I guess I fell into that one. The answer is yes. I had a boyfriend who was a sex fiend. When I had my periods he would turn me over and force his cock into my bum. I stopped him doing it and made him use a condom and lubrication. I liked it better after that. I never once tried to physically stop him from doing it. Since then the odd guy as bent me over backwards and given it to me that way. I have never refused to have anal. Have you ever rimmed a man or a woman, Daddy?'

'Yes, I have, both!'

'Will you do it to me, now!'

'You know where that would lead? I would prefer it if we started how we mean to go on. You go into the loo and wash out you pussy and your bum. You will find a douche in there. Just fit it to the taps and squat on the loo. Adjust the heat of the water to suit yourself. Do you want me to use it first to show you how it is done?'

'Would you, Daddy? I think I would like that!'

I took her hand and led her into my bathroom.

'Can I have a quick pee first, Daddy?'

'Sure you can, Love!'

'I love it when a man watches me having a pee. Have you ever drank pee, Daddy?'

' No, I haven't. I suppose you have, you seem to have done most things.'

'You must have edited stories about it or written about it yourself?'

By this time she was perched over the loo with her legs either side of the pan. Less than an hour ago I did not know this girl existed on Earth. Now my Daughter was standing naked over my loo trying to pee.

'Do you want me to turn my back so you can get started?'

'Think you will have to, Daddy. I am nervous!'

I turned my back although I could still see her in the mirrored wall tiles. She was so beautiful. Her mum all over again. I heard her start to pee.

' Have started, Daddy. Sit down on the floor and watch me pee.'

I grabbed a towel and dropped to my knees on it. Tracy used her fingers to spread her labial lips apart so I could see her urine spurting into the pan.

'Put your fingers in here Daddy and taste me, see if you like it?'

I hesitated and she put her own hand under herself and she whispered, 'Close your eyes and open your mouth, Daddy.'

I did and felt her wet fingers touch my lips and tongue and was instantly aware of the briny taste of her warm urine.

'Lay down, Daddy.'

I knew what she wanted to, but I still lay back and she came over me and her pussy aroma suddenly came close to my nostrils.

'Open your mouth for me, please, Daddy.'

I opened my mouth and it was immediately filled with her warm pee and I was forced to swallow. I had never done this before and it was a completely new experience. Suddenly, I had the impulse to press my lips to her vulva and drink deeply. I gripped her ass cheeks tightly and let her finish, swallowing every drop. It developed on into cunnilingus, I suctioned and licked desperate to get all her feminine tastes and nectars into my mouth and then I felt her hot wet mouth engulfing my hard cock!

We were both out of control now, completely wrapped in our own animalistic needs. We were male and we were female with the wish to merge as one and all the universe was blotted out. Right or wrong did not have a place in what we wanted from each other. When she wet a finger and pressed into my anus, I did the same to her. The action just multiplied tenfold the passions of the moment. Without even thinking about it we knew it would end up with us fucking each other to culmination. I mounted her, there on the bathroom floor and she received my penis into the folds of her womanhood with a deep happy sigh. She had been asking for my physical love since entering my humble abode. Her legs were wide open to take me and then she locked them around me and urged me in and up inside her by goading me to take what she had to and wanted to give.

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