tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTrail Ride to Remember

Trail Ride to Remember


The day was already promising to be gorgeous, if not a little on the hot side. Mark had forgone the idea of cranking up the A/C in the truck and rolled the window down so he was at least a little used to the heat of the day. He glanced back at the four horse gooseneck trailer, so far so good the boys weren't rocking too much in the trailer. A glance to the passenger seat and Julie shot him a grin, she had been talking up this ride for the past couple of weeks. He wasn't so sure what was so special about this trail ride, other than it was hosted on a couple hundred acres of wooded privately owned land. At her behest though, he chipped in the couple of hundred dollars for the long weekend. Supposedly there was a lodge cabin to crash in and meals would be provided so hey, it was worth it to him. Besides, any day on a horse was a good day he figured.

Since he was already hauling his and Julie's horses, he'd offered to take on the horses of a pair of friends. No sense in having to find parking for another rig and well, it was nice to have someone else chip in for the fuel costs. Mark love his F-350 duelly but it could be one heck of a fuel hog and with the price of diesel as high as it was the help was appreciated. He took a sip of his Coke and readjusted his seat, damn it was good to get a weekend away from the farm.

Mark turned the rig down a gravel road at Julie's behest, taking them into a forested area. The road twisted a couple of times and he mused about how much of a pain it must be to maintain it, never mind the cost of all that gravel. He couldn't help but wonder why someone was willing to spend so much money on it. So focused on the road he was that Mark missed the small sign along the path, "Welcome Nude Riders Club."

He quirked a brow at the impish grin that appeared on Julie's face as they pulled up to the parking area. There were several other rigs already parked and offloading their equine cargo. Mark followed the directions of what seemed to be a staff member guiding the trucks to their parking spots and slid the rig in place. Out of the truck he jumped and right away made his way to the trailer to open the doors and check on his cargo. Not that he was overly worried, he hadn't felt much shifting in the trailer, but considering he also had other people's horses he liked to check their well being right away. Once the horses were checked on, he took the time to stretch and look around.

Julie hadn't told him much about this ride, just that it was one she was really hoping he'd join her on. The mid-summer heat made him hope that there would be at least a stream crossing or two but at least it appeared that there would be plentiful shade. The lodge was quite large in his opinion and looked like it would easily hold everyone there and then some. A relaxed sigh, if the trails were as good as what he'd seen so far then the money spent would be well worth it. Mark turned around and found Julie already in the trailer and getting ready to unload the boys. With a grin he stepped back and watched as she unloaded one of their friend's horses then jumped in to take his turn.

It took about an hour to work the kinks out of the horses and get them settled into the provided corral. Then about another half an hour to clean out the inside of the trailer, which they were fortunately helped by those who'd hitched a ride. Once the work was finally done, he grabbed his duffel bag and went into the lodge with Julie to check in and find their room.

Once check in was done and he was a bit confused from the odd smile on the clerks face, they went up to the room. They'd decided to split a room to keep the costs down, it came with two full sized beds so not like either would be terribly inconvenienced. Besides, he'd known Julie for a few years now. They'd met at her workplace, she was a manager of one of the local feed stores. Since he was a regular customer they'd gotten to know each other and eventually had become rather fast friends. Admittedly there was some attraction there, she had that Girl Next Door look to her, was about average height with pleasant curves to her. Her hair was shoulder length dirty blonde, glasses over her hazel eyes, a pleasing rear, and what appeared to be a larger than average chest though the way she often dressed made it hard to tell. However, he had worried that any romantic moves would upset their professional and personal relationship.

Julie bit down on her bottom lip, she knew she had to tell him at some point about what was going to happen on the trip. She had a feeling he wouldn't mind so much, Mark had always seemed a bit more open to new ideas. At least, she hoped that Mark would be open to this idea. She had discovered being a nudist a couple of years ago, stumbling on the idea while online. While she did enjoy walking around her house in just panties, doing it in front of others was a new idea. Something about it intrigued her and so after much deliberation, she had gone to a nudist resort a few hours away along the coast. The feeling of the sea breeze upon her nude form and the caress of water over bare skin had been indescribable. By the end of her trip she'd been addicted to it.

For the moment though, she contented herself with idly staring at his ass while trying to figure out how to explain this. She'd been attracted to him from the moment her eyes laid upon Mark in the feed store. He was broad shouldered and fairly well built in the way some farmers were from slinging enough hay and feed sacks. She'd tried a few times to be subtle, dressing up a bit more than usual, unbuttoning her shirt one or two buttons more than usual when they were alone, even buying a couple of lacey bras and letting them be exposed to the air. The only thing that seemed to do was at least arouse him and seeing the outline of his cock against his jeans had only driven her further crazy. She wasn't sure what it fully was, sometimes she wondered if it was due to the age difference, him being about fifteen years her senior.

At first, she'd accepted the idea that it was the age difference, or maybe maturity, after all when they met she was only 19. Julie had to deal with hearing about the couple of relationships he'd had, though she counted herself fortunate that due to the isolation of farming he hadn't had more. Not that she'd been idle mind you, especially since becoming a nudist she'd become quite open and honest with herself about her sexuality. Her experiences had been fun indeed, but still the one she craved the most was standing in the room with her now. How many nights had she masturbated to the thought of him taking her? Honestly she'd lost track. She put down her suitcase, there wasn't much in there but it held up appearances, and sat on the edge of the bed, "Hey...Mark?"

Mark had busied himself with unpacking, just wanting to keep some of the t-shirts from wrinkling too bad. Well that and he wanted easy access to the extra jeans he'd brought along. He had noted that Julie had gotten a bit quiet and when she finally spoke, he quirked a brow, noting the hesitation in her voice. He raised his head from the duffel and turned to look at her, noting the slight blush on her face and the nervousness she displayed, "Yes?"

"Well...I need to tell you something about this place." She took in a deep breath, held it for a moment to calm herself and then blurted out, "It's a ummm nudist resort of sorts." Julie could feel her face burning as the blood rushed to it, turning her a bright crimson.

Mark...blinked. For a few moments he stood there, jaw a little unhinged, just surprised. His first thought was that explained the ridiculously long driveway, the second was more shock at the fact she would bring him to a nudist resort, then admittedly a thought of getting to see her naked boobs, that thought remained for a few moments. Then he went to the thought that since she seemed calm about the resort that she must have done this before, back to her boobs a moment, and then slowly accepting the fact. "Umm, what do you mean by sorts?"

Well he didn't kill her, that was a good enough of a start she figured, "Well, they don't encourage being nude when handling the horses.." She grinned a little, that was just common sense, "...oh and it's a swingers weekend this weekend." If it was possible her face felt even hotter at that admission, revealing to him the bulk of her activities these past couple of years. Yet she did feel it somewhat necessary to be this drastic, there was the hope that shocking him with her sexuality would make him realize she was in her mid-20's, a matured woman now and not some nineteen year old teen. She watched, waiting for his response, able to tell at least his body seemed to like the idea if his jeans were any indication.

That last statement just shut him up, both mouth and mind, as he tried to wrap his head around the fact that Julie, sweet Julie from the feed store, had invited him to a nudist colony that was holding a swingers weekend. About the only thing that was functioning at the moment was his dick, which seemed to have fully grasped the situation. Noting the anxious look on her face, he just stayed quiet, mulling over what was going on. Well, the only way that she could have put her thoughts much more bluntly would have been to have said them to him. Still, he had a feeling he would have brushed past those and put aside his own feelings, except for the thoughts that she was too young. There was part of him that was resigned but a growing part of him was elated, he no longer had the excuse to push aside his feelings towards her. At first he sighed, as if he were disappointed, then quietly muttered, "Well I guess this means you would rather share one of the beds..." How did he get himself into this?

A wide grin split her face as she heard his response, Julie couldn't help herself, she leaped up and onto his bed so she could wrap her arms around his neck and lock her lips against his. She had to restrain herself from going further, even though her body ached with the desire to rip open his jeans. For the moment she contented herself with savoring his kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, reaching for his. When his hands finally found her body, she let go to reach back and guide the hand on her lower back to her ass, moaning as she pressed against it. Call her slutty if you wanted, but she'd known him for five years and lusted for him all those years, it was about damned time she felt his touch.

There's not much like a younger woman throwing themselves at you to arouse the attention of a guy. While he really wasn't sure her attraction to him, there was little room left for doubt that she found him attractive as his hand got to squeeze the rear he'd sneaked peeks at over the years. It was as firm as he'd envisioned and he gripped it lightly to help guide her to lay down on the bed.

She curled up against him, slowly breaking the kiss and sighing as she finally got the be close to Mark. She could feel his heartbeat, the increased breathing, and the feeling of lust coming off of him that she had caused. It was a long time coming and she basked in it. Gently she grasped his wrist and guided a hand to her chest, laying his hand against her breast. "Go ahead, I know you've wanted to see what I keep hidden under here. I'm yours, take my body as you wish." She smiled to him, meaning every word of it.

He was a little hesitant at first, was this really happening? The breast in his hand felt real enough and so he decided to go with it, letting his fingers slide down to the buttons of her plaid shirt. Slowly he undid them, one by one until the shirt fell open and revealed the blue lace bra to him. He slid one side of the shirt over her shoulder to expose her full chest, letting the shirt fall behind her. His eyes went a little wide, she was a bit more endowed than he'd expected and he could just make out the rosy color of the tops of her areola. Softly he whispered to her, "They're lovely Julie."

She blushed again at the compliment, just glad he enjoyed them. A soft moan came to her throat as she felt him kiss against her neck. Eyes closed and for a while she savored the feeling of his tender caress. As she felt him go lower, she reached back and undid the clasp of her bra, then gently slid one shoulder free to unleash her breasts. Her hand went to the back of his head, gently stroking his hair as she felt his lips find the soft flesh of her breasts. Her back arched, offering him access to whatever he so desired. Breath was drawn in rapidly as she felt the warmth of his mouth and the caress of his wet tongue find one of her stiff nipples.

Her fingers reached down to tug up his shirt, pulling it out of his jeans then slowly unbutton it, reaching in to caress his broad chest. Fingers played with the curly hair upon his chest, and she allowed a little smile when she looked down and saw the obligatory farmers tan. That might be gone by the end of the weekend, or not, she had been careful to bring a lot of sun block ever since that one time she'd accidentally gotten burnt on her chest. Sunburns and bras didn't exactly mix well but she couldn't find a good excuse to go braless at work.

He finally had his fill of playing with those luscious tits, for now, and slowly began to kiss his way down her tummy. Mark softly kissed along the edge of her jeans, enjoying the tender flesh and teasing himself with the womanly scent coming from them. His fingers came to the button and undid it, then slowly unzipped the jeans, exposing a pair of blue panties to match her bra. Tender kisses came down upon the panties and for a few moments he contented himself to enjoy the aroma coming from within them. He grinned a little as she was pushing her hips up, obviously wanting him to free her from her clothes. Hands went to her rear, and for a few moments he just teasingly caressed her, before hooking fingers into the material and freeing her of jeans and panties.

Mark looked down at Julie, smiling at the sight before him. She wasn't a model, but she was all woman, with well developed hips and her thighs carried a little weight, but it was obvious working at the feed store had put a set of muscle on her. But mostly his eyes enjoyed the puffy set of lips topped with a landing strip of downy, trimmed blonde bush. A brief second he debated teasing her further, but decided against it, he'd get her later. Between those legs he laid and tilted his head down so his tongue could run the length of her slit.

After he'd unclothed her lower half, Julie had thrown the rest of her clothes onto the floor. When his tongue hit her slit it was like a jolt went through her body, she hadn't realized how worked up her body had gotten for this. Her hands found his head, fingers running through and entangling themselves within his curly, brown locks. As he licked her to her first orgasm, she shoved her pussy against his chin, riding his face. When she loosed her grip, he seemed to settle into suckling her clit and sliding a pair of fingers into her soaked pussy. Through two more orgasms he ate her, before she couldn't stand that she was the only one getting pleasure. Gently but firmly she pulled him away from her thighs and guided him to lay upon the edge of the bed.

She sunk to her knees before him and quickly undid his jeans, pulling them and his boxers down to his knees, anxiously awaiting finally getting to see his cock. When she finally got to see it waving in the air, her eyes went wide at the sight. Only in porn movies had she seen something of its size, at least none of her previous partners had ever been so endowed. For a second she was a little intimidated, and had obviously misjudged him the few times she'd seen it tenting his jeans. She made a note that perhaps it would be a little while before she worked up the courage to take him in her rear that and a lot of Jim Bean. She looked up and noted the anxiety in his eyes, taking a guess that it was big enough to have intimidate some of the girls he'd dated. Her response was simple but she hoped effective, thighs flexed to push her forwards and she took the head into her mouth.

Julie would have grinned when she heard the groan but her mouth was a wee bit full. Instead she wrapped her hands around the shaft, leaned her elbows against the bed to steady herself, and slowly began to work his cock into her. She took her time, using her tongue to bathe it with as much spit as possible, pausing only when the very tip reached her throat. The chance that she could deep throat all of him was pretty much nonexistent but she was planning to try and see how much she could take. A deep breath was taken and steadily she began to push his throbbing member into her throat. She felt the back of the head slip in and had to stop for a moment, her lips were feeling stretched and she wasn't sure how much more she could go. What almost scared her was that both her hands were still grasping the shaft, scared in one way but damn she couldn't wait till that monster filled her needy cunt.

Slowly she let that monster head slip out of her throat and then out of her mouth, panting when her jaw was free. Her jaw muscles ached from the stretching, internally she laughed at the idea that she finally had met someone who really seemed hung like a horse and she was the mare in heat for him. Her head ducked down to the large sack under his shaft, nuzzling her nose against it. His pubic hair was wild and she wondered if she would be able to at least trim it before weekends end. Her lips parted and she suckled in one of the egg sized balls, gently caressing it with her tongue and wondering if it was nice and bursting full of cum for her.

She rested her head against the inside of his thigh while stroking that massive member, faster and faster, making sure to at least occasionally give him eye contact and hopefully purvey that she desired to be his wanton cum slut. Julie placed the tip upon her bottom lip, tonguing the head while jerking his member with both hands. She rubbed her thighs together in anticipation, faster as his breath began to shorten and the signs of an orgasm being imminent showed themselves. She looked down, mesmerized for a moment with watching the foreskin cover and uncover the head till the first spurt of cum came out at her. Julie let the cum cover her face and glasses, allowing herself the pleasure of feeling like a little cum whore, then as the spurts began to cease she leaned over and took the head in her mouth to drink the last drops.

He watched as she jacked him off all over her face, seeming to revel in getting covered with his cum. He'd been worried that she was going to be scared off like so many by the size of his cock but she'd even manage to take the head into his throat. Watching her behave this way was a bit startling to say the least, Mark had never expected this from her. Yet it was intensely erotic and he found himself starting to look forwards to this swinger nudist resort weekend. At least the nights were looking like they'd be very interesting indeed.

"I'm gonna get a shower," she said with a grin, bouncing up to her feet. She wiggled her rear against his cock, damn did it feel good, and ran into the bathroom. For a moment she just paused to look at herself in the mirror, cum covered face and glasses, hell some of it had even reached her hair. Her tongue licked a little off of her upper lip and she smiled back at the slut in the mirror. Damn though, she had to wonder if perhaps she'd just timed it right in that he hadn't cum in a couple of days or if this was normal. Part of her couldn't help but hope it was normal. She turned to the shower and set the knobs to get the water flowing and warming then called out the door, "Join me if you like!"

He lay there, relishing the memory of her cum coated face and watching that ass of hers walk away. She did have nice one, her rear looked like it would fit comfortably within his hands. In a lot of ways he was honestly surprised, especially since she was ever so much younger than him. Not that he was going to turn down the opportunity and well it would be nice for the company. Living in a rural area had a lot of benefits but it could be rough to find a partner. Maybe, just maybe she wanted more. Why else would she have bothered to convince him to come out here with her. Then he heard her offer and didn't take but a second to hop out of bed and head off to the bathroom with her.

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