Trail Ride to Remember


After a shower filled with teasing and stealing every second she dared to caress his body, Julie made her way to the bed and settled herself on the edge to dry off her hair. A soft smile came to her face as he joined her, remaining nude, and laid upon his back on the bed. She leaned over to get a soft kiss and then started to brush her hair and explain some of the things that he could probably expect over the weekend. "Yes, for the most part the people here prefer to remain nude most of the weekend. An important thing you should know about is the use of towels, you should always carry one and put it down anywhere you intend to sit. It's just a hygiene thing. And yes, since most guys always want to know this, hard ons do happen and really no one cares if you get one. Well, except with the amount of swingers in this crowd you'll get some attention." She glanced at his endowment, "and in your case that means you'll probably attract a few size queens."

He nodded, paying attention as best as he could though admittedly it was hard to keep his attention on her face and not on her breasts. Getting to see them braless he noted that there was only the slightest bit of sag in them but otherwise they were still quite pert. Mark watched as her fingers went over to the mess of pubic hair around his cock and quirked a brow when she made a comment about trimming him. When in Rome, he thought, then grinned a little as she shifted up and stood over him, taking hold of his cock and then slowly coming down and letting him slide into her soaked hole. "I was wondering when you'd finally run out of patience. And what is a size queen?"

She grunted about halfway down, the stretching felt good but damn it did take her a while to work him in. "Well, I just thought I'd give your old body a rest first. A size queen is someone who will want to have sex with you simply because you're well endowed, " she winked at him and continued to slowly work him into her. "Mmmm God, I could get used to this, do I really have to share?" She said with a bit of hope and a little playful pout, she wouldn't mind sharing so long as he was ok with sharing her. Yeah, she could be that shallow to ask but she was curious if he was thinking this would be one time only or if maybe she had a shot at something more.

He quirked a brow at her statement, it took a few moments to get through to him as he'd been in the middle of enjoying the tightness wrapped around him. The thought had been on his mind for most of the time, well maybe not during the blowjob, and he'd pretty much made up his mind, "That sounds like a plan to me, getting used to this that is. Sharing well...that's up to you I suppose." She'd started to ride him and it was starting to get a little hard to concentrate on this conversation.

Her face just lit it, close enough for her and she knew him well enough to know the meaning. He wasn't suave, tended to be a gruff person but in her mind she'd just gotten the man she'd wanted. Her body leaned forwards to rest on her hands and gently kiss him. "Well as you know I am a swinger hun and while I may get a little jealous I won't mind sharing you so long as you allow me to have my fun as well. But we'll discuss this later, for now just fill my pussy up with your cum and make me yours." At the last word she squeezed down hard with her vaginal muscles for emphasis and began to ride him fast enough to make her tits bounce.

Mark reached up to grab onto her hips, just guiding along with her as she bounced upon his cock. He swore she was tightening herself with each stroke down and he did his best to thrust upwards to meet her each time. When she leaned over him to rest on her hands, he reveled in the feel of her swaying breasts rubbing against him until his body could take no more of it and he slammed deep in her to release his second load of the night into her waiting pussy. His arms accepted her as she soon after collapsed against him in post orgasmic bliss.

Into the elevator they walked after having taken the time to clean themselves up with another shower and at her instance a quick trim job using a set of electric trimmers she 'just happened to have'. As if he really needed any more convincing she'd been planning this for quite some time. She was nude as the day she was born but he had on a pair of swim trunks having not yet been quite sure about walking around naked. She hadn't been overly surprised, after all it was his first time and he hadn't known that he was coming to a nudist resort. That he was giving it a try at all was enough for her for now and besides there would probably be one or two other people who were in the same stage of not being so sure.

When the elevator dinged at the bottom floor, he took her arm and stepped out with her heading for the outside door. The sounds of people splashing in the water and party music drifted in the air along with the familiar scent of chlorine. He blinked for a second when he saw the first topless woman walk on by, having to remind himself of where he was and that he himself had a nude woman on his arms. A little chuckle at the lodge staff though, they were nude save for little white collars with black bowties on their necks. There were a couple of people still in various forms of dress, men wearing anything from trunks to banana hammocks and a couple of women in one pieces to a few still wearing bikini bottoms. A little sigh escaped his lips when he saw that, feeling a little less out of place.

Once Mark got past the amount of nudity he was seeing, he took in a note of the variety of people present. There were people of all ages, from college aged to seniors as well as various sizes and ethnicities. It fairly interested him to see the broad spectrum of people who were attracted to the idea of being nude. After picking up a Coors Light at the bar, he headed off with Julie to the pool. They slipped into the shallow end and made their way till about waist deep on him, just deep enough that he noticed her breasts starting to float.

Julie loved this feeling, in fact it was pretty much her favorite part of being at a nudist resort, the feeling of water washing over her bare skin. Maybe it was because that was what she'd experienced on her first day or maybe not, but she still loved it. The fact that it supported her chest and relieved her back of the stress of holding them all the time was considered a huge bonus. She'd gotten a sour apple Smirnoff and was in the middle of surveying the crowd for friends of hers when a pair of hands covered her eyes and another woman asked, "Guess who!?" Julie paused for a moment, then laughed, "Hey Tonya!"

Mark glanced up to see a lightly tanned Hispanic girl squatting behind Julie and a guy standing alongside of her. They, like Julie and most of the other occupants of the pool, were unclothed. For some reason, he felt a little uncomfortable about this, not in that he minded them being clothed but more in the fact that he himself was clothed. For a few moments Mark pondered this, there did have to be a reason why so many people enjoyed being naked. Yes, he got the fact that this was particularly a group of swingers and so in some aspects that may be part of it, but as he looked around most of the people were chatting looking at each other's faces and generally acting like they would if everyone else was clothed. It was a curious thought, not one he'd ever really pondered before. Sure, he enjoyed standing in front of his bedroom windows in the morning when there was a nice warm summer breeze and feeling it caress his nude form. Maybe, maybe that was it he wondered, it was just getting to enjoy those sorts of feelings.

Julie glanced over at Mark a couple of times during her conversation with Tonya and her husband, wondering what he was thinking about. He'd suddenly seemed to zone out and she wondered if he was considering what all was going on this weekend or even if he was just thinking about haying season again. She couldn't quite tell, though it seemed the way he was focused on a group of others she was inclined to believe the former thought. Either way she didn't have much time to muse on it when Tonya insisted on showing off her latest clit piercing. A cringe, that was one thing she was really unwilling to do to herself but still it did seem pretty, perhaps she'd get to see how much more it made Tonya get off later.

When his beer had been drained, Mark made his way back to the bar while doing his best to politely not stare. It wasn't an easy task to be sure, some of the women took very good care of themselves and he found himself missing the cool water of the pool to help keep things from rising. He had to admit, the system the hotel had worked out for paying for things while not having pockets was fairly cool. Around his wrist was a strap that attached to a plastic holder. The holder held his room key and that doubled as a way to ring up charges to the room. Taking note that Julie was rather busy with her friends, he took the beer by the neck of the bottle and started to stroll around the pool just to check things out.

What he mostly found was people acting like, well how he would expect them to when they were clothed. Sure there were a few times that he felt people showed off a bit, and of course he could tell eyes lingered a little longer than normal but it didn't feel out of place. In fact the only thing that felt out of place were his trunks, particularly as the night went on and fewer people had any shred of clothing on them. Finally he just couldn't stand the feeling of being out of place, went over to the chairs where his and Julie's towels were and added his now dry trunks to the pile. Quickly his eyes darted around to see if anyone had noticed or had taken to staring yet he found none.

Taking a deep breath, he walked away from the security of his trunks and towel being right there and made his way back to the bar, a little liquid courage was called for. Deciding to forgo the shot of tequila he was suddenly craving, Mark just ordered another Coors Light but when he went to pay the tender just smiled and shook his head, informing him that since it was obviously his first time nude in public that house rules were he didn't pay for the first drink. He just nodded in return and slowly turned around with the thought of perhaps heading back to the pool.

When Mark turned around, Tonya clapped a hand to her mouth in surprise and looked over at Julie, "Holy hell, does that thing even fit you!?"

Julie's face flushed bright red at the comment and she slowly nodded a yes in response along with a whisper of "Just barely. I've never been so full in my life. I'm not sure if I could handle it more than once in a day, but if you see me walking like a cowboy you'll know why." She grinned a little at that last statement.

Mark finally began to notice a few women glancing his way and in particular towards his pubic area, the myriad of emotions seemed to range from excitement to almost fear. He wondered briefly if the ones who seemed excited were the so called size queens that Julie had told him about. To the edge of the deep end he went, kneeled down and slipped in with his right arm resting against the edge to keep him afloat. He glanced over at Julie and smiled a little to himself, her head was currently obscured by Tonya's thighs and the woman's husband had slipped into the water besides Julie. Well, at least he knew she was dead serious about this being an open relationship.

So caught up in watching the trio he almost didn't noticed the water shift as a body slid up behind him. With a twist of his waist, he shifted around to look over the newcomer and noted a broad smile surrounded by skin the color of milk chocolate and belonging to a young woman, perhaps in her late twenties if he had to guess. "Umm...hi," he offered, not really sure what to say to the naked woman before him.

"Hello..." the way she said it almost sound like a purr, "I've been dying to ask you for a little while now, so I hope you don't mind me being blunt. But, just how big are you?"

"Oh. Well last time I was at the doctor's they said about six one and a little under two hundred pounds."

She couldn't help but laugh at the response, the look on his face though told her he wasn't exactly being coy. "No dear, I wasn't referring to your body. I was curious how big that lovely," she paused to roll her tongue between her lips to wet them, "that lovely cock of yours is." And she made a point to look down at it, emphasizing her question.

"Uh..oh...that? I have no idea." He laughed, a bit nervously. Sure in his youth he'd done that once or twice but that'd been quite some time ago.

She just smiled and nodded, whether she believed him or not Joyce didn't say. Instead she just treaded water near him, purposely keeping from supporting herself from the wall in order to flex her well toned body. Her body had been hard won from hours at the gym every week and so she enjoyed showing it off every chance she got and being a nudist was the height of that. There were days where, depending on the looks she got, Joyce could rub her thighs the right day and get a small orgasm. When she'd seen Mark go on by, her interest had been piqued in the fact that he hadn't spent a load of time looking her over. It didn't take much for her to figure out a rough idea of what was going on and she decided it would be self appointed task to help initiate him into the swinger lifestyle. "So since I haven't seen you here before and since you seem a bit on the nervous side I'll presume you're new. My name's Joyce, it's nice to meet you." She held up a hand just out of the water.

He blinked for a second, the motion of her hand had drawn his eyes down and for a little bit he'd been mesmerized by her pert chest capped with dark brown nipples. He'd honestly never seen a black woman nude before and so he was a bit intrigued. When he took her hand to presumably shake it, she grabbed it and used it to pull herself up against him, pressing her lips to his and parting them with her tongue. Her body gently ground against his as she took advantage of his surprise at her forwardness. He felt her lift her legs up and wrap them around his waist, hooking her ankles behind his back and let his free hand fall to grasp her rear, pulling her in closer.

She smiled as he began to go along with her, gently she began to rub her slit against his member, feeling him begin to stiffen. While she wouldn't have minded taking her time with him normally, considering this was the start of the weekend she had all the excitement having built up from looking forwards to the event to get rid of. Slowly she rocked her thighs, encouraging his cock to stiffen and grinning as it did. He seemed to have the size that had been promised in its shrunken state and when he was almost fully erect she rocked up and took the head within her soaked pussy.

His eyes went wide when he felt the warm vise like grip of her pussy on his cock, she'd not wasted her time. Not that he was in a position to complain, more of a matter that he could get used to this if that was possible. Mark let her keep the lead, she sure seemed to know what she wanted and so far it was all feeling quite good to him. He could feel her thighs flex as she used them to draw him into her, working her way down till she was pressed up against him. Then, as she guided him, he moved so his back was against the pool wall and she used that as leverage to begin to ride him.

Tonya nudged Julie and whispered to her, "I think he'll fit in just nicely."

Julie looked up from Tonya's pussy, juices dripping from her chin, to grin as she saw Joyce riding Mark. She was a little jealous, for half a second before Tom's thrusting brought her back to the bliss she'd been in.

Joyce moaned her way through her third orgasm, his stamina was impressive though she wouldn't be surprised if Julie had helped with that. Considering they'd come in together she had a feeling the girl had already gotten her mitts on this gorgeous cock, not that she blamed the girl in the least. Her body shook once more as she began to feel a sudden warmth deep within her and slowly her bouncing stopped till she rested against his thighs. Her chest heaved as she worked to catch her breath and smiled as she accepted a soft kiss from him. "Mmmm very nice hun, " she gently squeezed his member and then reluctantly pushed herself up one more time to remove him, gasping as she was suddenly empty. "Welcome to the club, I hope I get to see more of you sometime later."

Mark well, was at a bit of a loss, that was rather quick. "Well thank you, I would like that," he watched as she lifted herself out of the pool, getting his first good look at her taut rear as she walked over to where Julie was. He noted that a few words were exchanged and then Joyce leaned in to give Julie a kiss. A little laugh and shake of his head, this scene would take a bit to get used to. But this, this was enough for tonight and over towards Julie he swam, pausing long enough to mention that he was going to hit the sack. Over to his towel and trunks he went, drying off and almost put on his trunks then paused and shook his head. Hell, he'd had sex in public, there wasn't much more reason to feel shy around these people.

Late in the night he felt Julie come into the room and slip into bed. He reached over and slowly wrapped his arm around her midsection, curling up against her and falling back to sleep. When the sunlight coming through the window made him feel like he'd slept in too much, Mark rose and decided to let her continue to rest. He grabbed a pair of jeans, a towel, and his riding boots then slipped out of the room, carrying the items under his arm and down to the cafe to get a quick cup of coffee to go. There he donned the clothes, pocketed a pear and made his way to the stables.

Into Midnight's stall he slipped, offering his old friend a bite of the pear, then picked up a brush and began to work the dust from the hay off of the horse. Some people liked to rush through this process, and especially in cleaning out their hooves, but he always liked to take his time. For one it relaxed him to be able to slow down and just focus on the horse, the other was well vet bills were pricey and a bit of extra care went a long way towards keeping the horse healthy. The time was also nice to get a chance to sort out everything that had gone on in the past twenty four hours.

When he'd finished with the tasks at hand, a glance to his watch showed that almost an hour had passed and so he packed up the tools and headed out of the stables. Back to the room he went, slipping in quietly and noting that Julie was still asleep, he undressed then stepped into the bathroom to get a quick shower. Showered and clean shaved, he came out of the bathroom to find her still asleep. A smile and slight shake of his head, he set the alarm to give her enough time before the day's ride to get cleaned up and something to eat, then headed out the door to find breakfast.

The hotel buffet was decent enough, he got a plate of bacon, eggs, and a bagel along with another cup of coffee then found himself an empty table to sit down with the day's newspaper. So lost into the newspaper and so quiet in the morning the hotel was that he almost forgot that he was nude in a public area. That was until a nude Julie joined him at the table with a cup of coffee, he glanced up and grinned at little at her bleary eyed state, "Looks like someone had a fun night."

She made a face at his statement and took a long swig of coffee before responding, "Well you know, nice to catch up with old friends." The look told him she really wasn't a morning person, well at least not before the first cup. "How's the food here?"

"Not too bad, kind of standard hotel fare but it'll get you going." He smiled to himself as he got to watch her walk over and of course enjoy the view of her ass. Working on the cup of coffee, Mark looked around, almost amazed at how everyone seemed to be acting quite normally despite the previous nights activities. Couples were back together, laughing and joking with each other and catching up on the things that they'd done since last seeing each other. He had to be honest, they really seemed like quite friendly people and the atmosphere was very easy going. It was kind of a surprise to him, he'd expected more of a sexual tension in the air yet, there didn't feel like much, just people having a good time.

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