tagIncest/TabooTrailer Park Adventures

Trailer Park Adventures


The summer after I graduated from high school was looking to be a pretty boring time for me. I was working part time in construction while living at home with my mom Sharon and my younger sister Jenny. We lived in a three bedroom trailer in a trailer park near the edge of town. My older sister Bobby-Joe lived a couple trailers down with her boyfriend Kevin.

My name is Sid and I was nineteen when I graduated because I failed second grade but it didn't bother me because I kind of liked being older than the other kids in school. Having sisters about a year and a half on either side didn't hurt either. I was always trying to get with their friends and from time to time I was even successful. Bobby-Joe and Jenny were both kind of small and pretty so they had no trouble with the guys and being their mothers daughters they took full advantage.

Now mom wasn't a major slut or anything but she was pretty good lookin' and with my dad out of the picture pretty early she usually had a boyfriend, and every now and then she would even have one-nighter, or more accurately a weekender. I was dating one of Bobby-Joe's best friends Samantha, and for the most part life was uneventful but good. That's when mom started dating Jack.

It had only been about three days but I knew she had it for him pretty bad. She was dressing sexier and was always out with him. I even heard her fucking him through the walls. Now, I have heard her have sex before, that's one bad thing about living in a trailer, but this time it was different. It didn't even seem like she was trying to be quiet. She was so damn into it and it seemed like she would do anything Jack told her to do. I have to admit it was erotic as hell and I jerked off listening to them more than once. I wasn't remotely prepared for what happened next though.

It was Tuesday afternoon and work got rained out so I went home early and when I opened the front door mom was on her knees in front of Jack blowing him. She started to get up and say something but Jack stopped her.

"You don't have to stop, I'm sure Jack knows what we do and I'm sure he's done the same with his girl," he said.

"But Jack," she replied.

"Doesn't bother you does it Sid?" Jack asked, gently guiding moms head back down over his shaft. "Yeah there you go baby."

"Whatever gets you goin' man," I replied. "I don't care, It's not like you guys are quiet about it anyway."

I went into the kitchen to make a sandwich and get a coke but I could still clearly see what was going on in the living room. Mom continued sucking Jacks cock and Jack just kept talking.

"Does your girl suck on you like this Sid?" Jack asked, not waiting for an answer. "I'll bet she does it topless though. Take your top off for me so I can see them sexy titties while you suck me Sharon," he continued.

"I can't believe we're doing this where my son can see," mom said as she rose up and removed her top, fully exposing her breasts, that are actually very nice. They were slightly dipping, probably a C-cup,with normal sized nipples that, at that moment were clearly very hard. I have to admit that those C-cups looked amazing on her small frame. Needless to say I was hard as a rock and a little shocked. I had never seen mom so submissive or so sexual. She lifted her hands behind her neck and stuck her tits out a little to show them to him. "Is this what you wanted baby, to have my little titties out were you can see 'em?"

"Yeah baby that's what I like, show us those sexy candies while you suck me," jack said and playfully smacked her left tit, causing it to bounce a little and her nipple to harden even more before she lowered herself back down and got back to work on his ever hard cock.

"Does she make you cum when she gives you head?" he asked, this time expecting an answer.

"Sometimes," I answered still surprised that he was having a conversation with me while my mom was blowing him, and mom was really working him with her mouth. She had a nice rhythm with the occasional slurp sound that was sexy as hell and I could tell Jack was loving it because, despite his best effort to casually chat with me, he would moan every now and then and tense up and tell mom how good her mouth felt and looked.

"Man that must be nice, I've only had a couple of women that could do that for me and your mom Sharon here isn't one of them,she tries really hard and comes oh so close, but never gets me there before I have to flip her over and fuck the hell out of her to cum, so either you're an easy nut or your girl is good, either way it's good for you right," he continued. "So who do you think gives better head Sid, your girl or mine?"

I was almost finished making my snack at this point, "I don't know man, she's my mother for Christ's sake, she seems to doin' a pretty good job for ya."

"Yes she is," he answered, turning his attention back to her. "Are you ready to put me inside you Sharon?" he asked.

"Oh god yes," she moaned rubbing his cock all over her face as she did.

"Then take your pants off and straddle me facing Sid and slide yourself down onto me baby," he said calmly. "I'll shift down onto the ottoman."

Mom stood without hesitation undoing her pants while Jack slid down onto the ottoman. "I said facing Sid," he said and she turned away from him and toward me while sliding out of her tight blue jeans. She had no underwear on and a small triangle of pubic hair above her beautiful pussy. It was shaven below her triangle and clearly very wet. I had never seen her nude before and I was frozen. I swear Jack was grinning right at me as mom slid her soaking wet pussy down his spit covered shaft all in one fluid motion.

I hadn't noticed before but as mom squatted up and down, sliding the full length of his shaft, I noticed something about Jacks cock. It was amazingly ordinary. He had such control of this lovely woman, getting her to willingly fuck him in plain sight of her own son and his cock was no bigger than my own, and I'm average size at best, about six and half inches with normal girth as well. There were no crazy bend or kinks either, it was just an average, normal circumsized dick. As I began to wonder just how he got mom so damn hot I must have been staring.

"I think he's getting hard watching you fuck me Sharon," Jack said to this to mom sending her into a series of little orgasms. Jacks voice startled me back into the now and I grabbed my snack and headed through the living room to my bedroom.

"Well Sid," Jack said stopping me before I reached then edge of the room. "Does it make you hard to see the way Sharon fucks me, and to hear the way she's been fucking me all weekend?" His words caused mom to moan out load this time. She looked incredible, her hair was over one shoulder with beads of sweat starting roll down her sexy body. Mom was leaning over slightly as she rode up and down Jacks cock, a drop of sweat fell from the tip of her nipple and at that moment I wanted to lick every inch of my mothers body, but that was crazy and I couldn't let on just how hot I was, but I couldn't completely hide it either, after all I'm sure they could both see the concrete bone in my pants.

"How could it not?" I answered, surprisingly calm. "You guys are fucking wild."

"Well she obviously gets off on having an audience, why don't you show her how hard it makes you when she fucks me?" Then Jack looked at mom and said, "Spread your pussy open for Sid so he can see me slide inside you while he shows you how hard you make his cock."

I looked at my sexy mother riding this man passionately, pussy glistening with desire, breasts moving rhythmically with her motion, her hair hanging forward over her face almost down to her nipples in the front as she reached forward and spread herself open just as Jack had told her to do. She was so wet her pussy glistened as it moved up and down Jacks shaft over and over. Jack saw me looking at her as if in a trance, I couldn't move.

"Pull you hair back and ride me hard baby," he said it and she did it, and so did I. I put my snack on a shelf and undid my pants, pulling them down just far enough to release my cock that was absolutely aching at this point. Without even thinking about it I started to slowly stroke it as I watched my own mother fuck the hell out of this guy I barely knew.

"Slow down Sharon, look, look how hard you made him."

She did look. "Oh my god," she didn't say it. It was more of a weak, almost inaudible whimper, as her face twisted in the most painful looking expression of lust that I have ever seen.

She had the most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed and my pace quickened. During her orgasm moms head had fallen forward again and I must have been unconsciously moving toward them because, before I realize it, I'm getting close to blowing my load. That's when I hear Jacks voice again.

"Look up Sharon"

As she raised her head I was right in front of her and as she took me into her mouth I came and came and came. I didn't think it was possible to cum so hard and she took it all in, swallowing hungrily as Jack finally filled her pussy from beneath.

She sucked me for a few more second then leaned forward, resting her head against my belly and wrapping her small arms around my waist hugging me for support.

"Holy shit that was incredible," she said with her eyes closed below me.

"Unreal," I said, backing away as mom loosed her grip. I pulled my pants back up and, as I turned to get my snack and head to room to figure out just what the hell had just happened, Jack called out, "Guess we still don't know who's better do we?"

"Guess not," I said, and I left the room as they both started getting dressed.

This summer just got much more interesting.

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