tagLoving WivesTrailer Trash Tales, Act 01

Trailer Trash Tales, Act 01


Note: All characters are adults.


Wanda's ride from town put her out at the Quickie Mart parking lot near her home at the Rocky Point Trailer Park. From the car she slouched into the store, bought a pack of 305 cigarettes, and walked to her trailer. She ignored the state car and its driver parked in the driveway. Within a minute there was a knock, then a louder knock as she debated whether to open the door. She cracked the door, looked down at Woody standing on the steps, and said, 'What!'

"You know what!" He said.

"Do I look like a goddamned mind reader!" She snapped. "I am so fucking tired of the harassment. Who made the report this time?"

"My guess is you made the report."

"What kind of bull shit is that!"

"I figger you need money. Doesn't matter, you know the drill, let me in and I'll be on my way after we chat."

Wanda pushed the door back with her ass and stepped out of the way. "Where's Duke?' Woody wanted to know.

"He's with Johnny."

"Got his address?" Woody fetched a pad and pen from his shirt pocket.

"All I got is the name of the school Duke goes to," she said.

"That'll work, what is it?"


"The high school?"

"Uh, huh. But he's 18 now, so go fuck yourself." She lit up a cigarette.

"What you doin for money these days?"

"Same thing as always."


"Not really. Look at me! I look like shit and have a fat ass!"

"Why didn't you call me?"

"And what are you gonna do?"

"Same thing as always."

"I don't know why you don't let me move in with you."

"Because I don't wanna live at the circus, I just wanna visit it once in a while."

"Fuck you, asshole."

"You'd have your whole world moved in with you in a week, tops, and you probably wouldn't stick around. I'll bet you'd drop a decent life and hitchhike to Johnny if he wanted a blowjob and planned to toss you out quick as he got it. I'm getting too old for the drama and noise. It's bad enough 9 to 5, don't wanna do it 24/7."

"You don't fucking know me!"

"I know everything about you worth knowing.' He pulled out his wallet, counted out some bills, and offered them to Wanda."Same as usual?'

She glared at him, looked at the money, hesitated, and took the money. "Go on to the bedroom, I gotta pee first."

Woody was sitting at the side of the bed, naked, on the phone, when Wanda came in the room. She switched on the air conditioner and undressed. Woody finished the call and lay the cell phone atop her dresser.

Wanda looked older than thirty-three. If Woody didn't already know he'd guess forty, at least. Plump with fat titty-balls stuffed into a tight bra. Two hundred pounds, at least. Pretty good teeth, she didn't use drugs. The ratty black hair didn't go with the pale skin but it was sexy in a trailer trashy way. Woody thought the long hair would look totally bizarre if Wanda ever cut it or combed it. The bra, of course, didn't match the Wally World panties. Red and purple. And her almond shaped, dark brown eyes suggested a nigger on her family tree somewhere. But he liked chocolate milk.

She came from Indiana, someplace dull and irrelevant. So did Johnny. He knocked her up then came south, Wanda followed with the baby. And for sixteen years she supported him, working in the seedier bars and lingerie shops and out-call operations so Johnny could spend his time fishing, sleeping late, and fucking her girl friends. Woody first met Wanda after she was jailed for assaulting one of the women with a butcher knife. Came home early, caught Johnny and the slut playing hokey-pokey, and chased the bitch off with the knife.

Wanda climbed upon the bed and lay on her stomach, face pointed at Woody. "I hope you're planning on wearing a condom", she said.

"I wasn't intending to; I never wear one with you."

Wanda rolled over, pulled the nightstand drawer open, took a rubber out of its package, and tossed it to Woody, "Keep it handy." Then lay back down with her head resting on one arm while she stroked Woody. After he was up and firm, she rose up, unfastened her bra, pulled it down her arms, and tugged the panties off. When she kneeled to suck Woody he pulled her leg over his head for her to straddle his face, and cupped her ass with his hands as she lowered her pussy to his mouth and moved her mouth to his cock.

Woody liked the aroma and taste of Wanda's snatch, he liked how it looked, plump and bald, like fresh chicken. Her scent reminded him of the bakery in his hometown. She didn't taste like chicken at all. He liked what she did to his dick with her lips, tongue, fingers, and mouth. She seemed to enjoy her hand or mouth or cunt or ass filled with hot cock. She got so wet it was nothing to slip four fingers into her but no man ever got the idea he needed to tie a board to his ass, just in case.

After fifteen minutes of sucking and slurping she raised up on her hands and knees, and whispered, "I want it in me," then lifted her ass, leaned back, and seemed to slide her cunt along his cock, back to his pubic bone. Her vaginal muscles felt like holding the hand of a young woman. Warm and soft and firm. His cock vomited its load within a few strokes. Wanda's pussy knew how to handle horny men. She collapsed onto the bed, cum leaking out of her hole. Woody liked to watch her cunt try and pull the cum back in. Reminded him of someone siphoning gas thru a hose. Reminded him of how young women give head.

"You were supposed to put on the condom, damnit!"

Woody checked his watch and got out of bed.

"Where you going?' She asked.

"Back to work."

"What about later?"

"What about it?"

"Why don't you come by after you eat and shower?"

"OK. Want me to bring you something to eat?"

"Sure. Maybe a quarter-pounder with cheese?"

"You got it, Toyota."

Woody returned around seven. Wanda's trailer was dark. He knocked at the door and got no answer. He went next door to speak with Wanda's girlfriend, Hazel. "Johnny came by and Wanda left with him and the boy. She gimme the groceries she bought and said they was headed to Indiana and wouldn't be back. Would yuh like to come inside?' Hazel looked to Woody like a newbie crack whore who just discovered the magic in a glass dick.


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