Train Lady


Let me tell you about a day while coming home on the train. I got on the Metra Train, it was a cold Chicago day snowy and windy. Once I found a seat and sat down the woman behind me was talking on her cell phone, no big deal. I saw she was light brown skin with a cute face but that was all I could see. While sitting there I heard her conversation. She was talking about her male friend and what he had been talking about with his wife

In the midst of this gossip she states to whomever she was talking to "It's a shame but me and Al can't go out for drinks or hang because we would wind up fucking."

Sure enough that got my attention. Her next statement though is what made me interested. "You know I haven't had any dick in me in over 4 months. My pussy is always wet and dripping. I need to be fucked so bad, whew, what my pussy needs is a big dick and real hard fucking."

After that her conversation turned back to the guy and his wife and their problems. I wanted to turn around and get a good look at the woman but I resisted. Her voice was soft and sounded so sweet but her words and the tone in them said she was not innocent at all. My stop came and here was my chance to get a good look at her. As I rose from my seat I saw she was also getting ready to get off the train. So I took a good but brief look, she had a nice body. I walked to the exit with her following as I open the first set of doors I stepped back to let her in the exit lobby. Dam even in her winter coat I could tell she had a great ass. So after we got off the train and I walked quickly to her side and said "excuse me" and she stopped and said "Yes."

I looked her square in her eyes and said quickly but calmly stated, "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I can help you with your problem."

She said "what problem?"

I stated "That you need to be fucked so bad, hard and with a big dick and I can make it all happen, seriously."

She blushed and said "All men claim to have big dicks."

"Well I'll just have to prove it." I unzip my coat and let her see my semi hard dick (still in my pants)

"Ok, but I still don't know you."

"What do you need to know? I have a thick and long dick and I will fuck you hard."

She drew in her breathe and lick her lips and "hmmm tempting" escaped out her.

"I tell you what, no names but I'll text you, you text me back, so we're traceable."

She asked "Do you have condemns?"

"Yes, I don't leave home without them."

She gave me her cell number and said "text me now and come on, I live a couple of blocks from here," reach out her hand and said "you better fuck me good and hard."

I text her "Lets Go" she replied "Y"

I grabbed her hand and we started walking.

She purred "I'm no crazy or nothing like that but I need some sex and I guess it's your lucky day, cause you're about to get some good, wet, tight ass pussy."

I took her hand and place it on my dick, she squeezed it and moaned. "Long and thick, God I can't believe I'm going to do this. I feel like a slut and I'm enjoying it."

"I can't wait to hear how you sound when I make you cum." I stated

"Dam you sure know just what to say, I hope you can back them words up. We're here."

We walked up a few steps to a townhouse she opened the door we stepped in and she closed the door. I quickly shed my coat and pushed my groin against her leg as I took her coat off of her.

My smiled turned triumphant, and I wantonly slid a hand up to squeeze a tit through her top. She gasped at my touch. Her nipple hardens from my lustful grab. I grind into her, bending down and passionately kissing her, pushing her back towards a bench in her hallway. When the backs of her knees touched the bench, I pushed her down onto it, and then got down between her legs. I slid her pants down to her ankles taking them off of one leg, kissing my way up her legs, and licking at the warm flesh of her toned thighs. I could tell I had her going as she leaned back with groans escaping from her. She grasped on to my shoulders and whispered, "Please make me cum."

I slid a finger across the outside of her panties, taking note of the damp spot blooming in the center. I grinned, and said, "Well, I see you do have a wet little pussy, don't you? A naughty little slut, I like you" Her body wiggled and squirmed from my hands with sensual moans erupting from her. She spread her legs willingly as I bent down again, pulling her panties aside and stroking her bald pussy lips with the tips of my fingers.

She swallowed hard and out came, "fuck that feels good..." as I played with her clit, She yelped as I slid in first one finger, then a second, pumping them fast and forceful while I leaned in and sucked her clit like a man on a mission. She came, hard, her pussy contracting on my fingers, with warm, sweet cum. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out loud from the intensity of her orgasm.

I quickly undid my pants and dropped my briefs, showing her what she had first felt against her earlier. Nine plus inches of hard black dick swayed before her, thickly vein and twitching. I bet she thought that I wanted her to blow me, but instead, I ripped her panties off and thrust inside her hard, slamming in her as deep as I could. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and a gurgled cry came out of her throat as I slammed my thick meat into her over and over. She held onto my shoulders as I pounded hard in her, she had her first orgasm quickly followed by a more intense orgasm. She just kept cumming and cumming," Her body moving under me, her nails digging into my shoulders as she groaned erotically into my ears.

She was panting "that was good lets take this to my bed, boo'"

She got up and stepped out her pants hanging from one leg, and strolled to her bedroom. We had forgotten all about condemns. I followed her to her bedroom. She sat on the edge of her bed and motioned me over. I closed the distance between us she reached out and took hold of my dick. She stroked it back and forward, leaned over and took my dick into her mouth. She started to really give intense blow job swirling her tongue around my dick while sucking and jerking it. I grabbed her by her head and started fucking her face. She added more pressure with her mouth. I than pushed her away cause I wanted to get to some more real hard fucking I had promised this horny lustful lady.

I demanded, "Get on your knees so I can hit it hard."

She said "tear this pussy up baby." as she crawled into the middle of bed and rotated her shapely ass at me.

I got on the bed behind her and smack her ass good and hard "hmmmmmm yeah boo I like that" I smacked her other ass cheek and she made more sounds of approval. I then rubbed and tapped her pussy with my shaft. Oh she was leaking juices all over my dick. She started rotating her hips signaling her need and wants then she had a small orgasm shaking a little and with short spasms.

""Ohhhhhhh, don't tease meeeeeee baby, I need you, put it in please fuck me baby, please! Pleeeeese, fuck I need you to fuck me!" her voice filled with urgency.

Hearing her beg me to fuck her after cumming from me teasing her, I became more dominant. I reached out grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back and demanded, "reach back and get this dick if you want that bad."

She reached between her legs found my dick lined it up to her wet entrance and pushed backward. I felt her pussy spread I lunged forward, she scream "yesssss."

I wrapped my free armed around her waist and started to fucked her hard. Her pussy made squishy sounds, as incoherent words came from her. Then I straighten up took hold of her hips and started to fuck her roughly. I was grunting, the sounds of our flesh smacking against each other filled the room. Her body started to glisten with sweat. This made me fuck her even harder, if at all possible. She hollered " I cummminng, God Yessss Ohhhhhh fuck I'mmmmmm Cummmmmmminnng," she shook hard, her arms gave way and she fell on to her chest.

I rode down with her fucking her thru her hard orgasm and another hit her harder than previous.

"ohhhhh... SHitttt Ohhh Shitttt." she bellowed. Her ass bucking under me I now could feel myself building toward a release. I pumped faster and exploded deep in this unknown pussy, grunting and jerking off in her.

Sweet and soft her came the words, "Yeah, boo fill this pussy up with that nut."

As I pulled out of her I could the see wetness from us on the bed. I rolled on my back, proud of the work I had just done.

She then leaned over my dick and grabbed it, smiling at it and softly said "hmmmm, good dick, real good dick." as she licked and sucked away.

"Thank you, problem solved, for now," as she smiled at me.

"You're welcome," I said with a smile.

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