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Train Ride

byAlex the Cat©

Disclaimers: This is an uber piece with the two women we know and love so much. The characters are my own.

Sex: Yes it's there. I can't write without it. It is my whole drive for writing. So, yes it's detailed and juicy and titillating.

Violence: None this time. Wow.

Language: Some bad language.

Comments/Feedback: I would appreciate constructive criticism and feedback. missalexg99@yahoo.com

Special thanks to my beta reader ---- you rock. I couldn't have done it without you.


The gentle breeze blew silently across the elevated wooden platform. It was a hazy late afternoon in Chicago. The scent lingering in the air predicted an oncoming rain shower, but for now the sun shone brightly in the bluish white sky.

Only a few people stood waiting for the train to make its entrance into the station. The five foot three young blonde looked down the tracks hoping to will the train to appear faster. She was tired and hungry. Her stomach had kindly informed her of its desires an hour ago and she had tried to ignore it to no avail. She had spent far more hours at the library than expected, and didn't realize how long it had been since she last ate, until the hunger hit.

The train pulled into the station, and made its announcement. "Harold Washington Library. Doors open on right."

Inside the fourth car, she sat down near the doors where the seats face into the aisle. She hefted her green Jansport backpack onto her lap. Sensing that she was being stared at, she looked up. Across the aisle was a long lanky figure in dark sunglasses. She wore torn blue jeans that exposed her knees, very worn and badly scuffed combat boots, and a ribbed gray long-sleeve cotton shirt with only three buttons at the top ---- all of which were unbuttoned. Her jet-black hair was short in the style that Tom Cruise had for quite some time where it was longer on top and gradually became shorter at the neck.

At first, Katrina wasn't sure if the person was male or female, as she continued to stare. She could see that the high cheekbones and the shape of the lips gave more of an indication towards the feminine side. Suddenly she realized that she had been staring this whole time. Quickly looking away, a hue of scarlet crept up her cheeks.

The train announced its arrival at the next stop. "LaSalle Street. Doors open on the right."

The young blonde risked looking at the woman again. It irritated her that she couldn't tell if the person was looking back because of those damn glasses. Then out of nowhere, a smirk ---- a slight smirk appeared on the woman's face. It gave Katrina her answer. Yes the woman was looking at her. But for how long? Since she stepped into the car? Or just now?

An elderly couple entered the car. Katrina immediately offered her seat and was glad the seat next to her was empty so that the man and woman could sit together. After an exchange of smiles and a 'thank you' from the older woman, she stood in front of the long stranger and held onto the nearest pole.

As the train made its way along the tracks, Katrina's sea green eyes wandered down the lanky form to large callused hands that lay unmoving on the woman's lap. She noticed the well-defined knuckles and the long fingers. Suddenly, she thought of those fingers brushing past her pebbled aching nipples. Involuntarily her body reacted. Those nearby heard an audible intake of breath. Emerald eyes looked around and once again the crimson returned to her cheeks. Another smirk was visibly evident on the stranger's face.

The train slowed down into the next station. "Quincy Boulevard. Doors open on the right."

A pregnant woman stepped into the car. Immediately the stranger offered up her seat.

Now Katrina was in trouble because the tall figure now stood facing her, only mere inches away. She was sure now that she had been stared at since she got on the train. A rather pleasant scent reached her nose, and she felt compelled to look up. There it was ----- another smirk from the tall stranger. She knew what she smelled was the men's cologne that emanated from this person. Closing her eyes a moment, she inhaled the intoxicating scent and pictured soft lips caressing the skin around her neck.

The train took a turn towards its next stop, suddenly jerking along the tracks from the awkward bend in the rails.

Katrina momentarily lost her balance and fell into the stranger who quickly grabbed her about the waist. Apologizing, she looked up into the deepest blue eyes she'd ever seen. During Katrina's daydreams, the stranger had slid the sunglasses onto her head and Katrina hadn't noticed. The color of those orbs was almost a bright cobalt blue, against the rapidly gathering clouds outside. All speech left her as she stared with her mouth agape into those eyes. Once again a slight smirk was seen in the corners of the tall figure's mouth.

The train came to a halt in the next station. "Fullerton Avenue. Doors open on the right."

Katrina couldn't take it any longer. A strong desire for this mysterious stranger was blossoming. A pressure was building in her nether regions, and she could feel the center seam of her jeans press against her lips now that the area was highly sensitive.

There was something ---- something she couldn't put her finger on ---- a familiarity to the stranger that she couldn't grasp. Did she know the woman from somewhere? Maybe saw her before at a party? Or on the train? No, she was sure she hadn't physically seen the woman anywhere else. She would've remembered that ---- especially since this mystery person apparently had such a grip on her psyche at this point. This person was definitely not someone easily forgotten. She wanted to say something --- start a conversation, introduce herself, or just do something to engage this woman's attention. What was she thinking? She already had the stranger's attention. But what would she do about it? She had never been bold or assertive enough to ask a woman out on a date. Maybe that's why she didn't get many dates --- because she didn't have it in her to take the initiative. She contemplated these thoughts over and over again, and milled about in her mind a few ideas for asking this stranger out to dinner.

"Belmont Avenue. Doors open on the left." The train's automatic recording announced.

Suddenly, the tall figure brushed past her and stepped out onto the platform. Katrina couldn't believe she was about to lose the chance of a lifetime! The woman faced her from the platform and a small smile played about her lips. Just as the train doors were closing, the young blonde jumped forward, into the stranger's strong arms. They looked into each other's eyes again, and without a word the tall woman smiled wider, and then gently took her hand leading her down the wooden staircase.

Out on the street, they walked silently, until, suddenly the rain began. It poured down on the cement in large drops quickly dousing everything in sight. The two women took off in a sprint, like two children laughing and playing hand in hand in the storm.

The tall woman led Katrina down Barry Street. Katrina couldn't see clearly with the rain coming down. It turned her medium-short blonde hair turned to reddish gold, and she tried to push aside the strands that stuck to her face. Not really paying attention to where she was going, she suddenly found herself in front of a dark green door.

The stranger unhooked her keys from the jean's belt loops, and unlocked the door. Up the short flight of carpeted stairs, the two women turned the corner to face another door. This one was unlocked, and the tall woman motioned for Katrina to enter.

She looked around the sparse living room with its hardwood floors and large bay windows. A couple of large luscious green plants hung in front of them. Taller plants were seen here and there along the floor --- each of them having large deep green leaves. It gave the room a tropical feel, especially with the sheets of rain sliding down the glass.

Katrina noticed she was left alone for a minute as the tall woman disappeared into another room. The open kitchen area was dark, being nestled in the far corner of the apartment. A black bar with three stools separated the two rooms. All of the furniture was in hues of brown, and the walls were some shade of oatmeal. She put down her backpack, and suddenly felt the shiver of her body as she stood there in wet clothes.

Out of nowhere the mysterious woman silently appeared from behind her. Katrina almost jumped at the feel of a hand on her shoulder. She turned around with her hand on her chest as she tried to calm her racing heart.

"Didn't mean to startle you." The tall woman gently said.

She spoke! Katrina's eyes widened and her eyebrows rose up her forehead in surprise. The deep contralto voice was beautiful. Oh, speak again. Katrina desired to hear her ---- to revel in the beauty of that voice.

A smirk once again appeared on the stranger's face. She handed the short wet blonde a bathrobe and a towel, then turned into the kitchen.

Katrina only then realized the woman had changed clothes. She wore Fruit of the Loom maroon boxer briefs and a black T-shirt. The stranger was busy preparing something she had taken out of the fridge.

Katrina looked down at the bundle handed to her and wondered where the bathroom was. But wait, she was never told the direction of the bathroom. She was only handed these things in silence. A decision had to be made. Was she going to search out the bathroom? Ask the silent stranger? Or just remove her clothes right here? She looked up to see the woman was busy with her back to Katrina. In that instant she decided she might as well just do the deed right where she stood. Yeah, Katrina was shy, but when it came to her body and sex, she was rather relaxed and confident. It was only the game of the chase and the seduction that made her shy.

She dried her hair as best she could. Taking out the brush from her bag, she worked at de-tangling the short shaggy locks. The tall woman returned to the living room area with a large platter and a bowl. She placed both items on the soft brown wooly rug in front of the windows. Motioning for Katrina to come over and take a seat, she then retrieved a bottle of red wine and two glasses.

The young blonde sat with her legs stretched out in front of her. She crossed them at the ankles, and made sure the front of the robe was tucked between her thighs.

"I'm going to put your clothes in the dryer." The stranger announced.

Katrina closed her eyes at the sound of the voice hoping to etch it into her mind. It was melodic and hypnotizing. She was sure this woman could give her an orgasm from her voice alone. Katrina thought of the perfect dirty story she'd love for this woman to tell her while she played with herself.

Out of her reverie, she took a look at the spread of food laid out before her. The bowl contained green grapes and deep red strawberries. The platter next to it had a small bowl in the center with large cocktail shrimp hanging off the edge and the dark cocktail sauce inside. There was French bread sliced into chunks, pate, and a wedge of Brie. She glanced at the wine and saw it was Syrrah ---- a light red wine with fruity flavors to accentuate the taste in the variety of the treats offered.

A CD player was turned on, and the speakers softly spilled forth a melodious sexy tune by Madonna.

The stranger sat down Indian style, and poured the wine. She handed one of the glasses to Katrina. Again there was something about the silent woman that felt familiar to her. A scowl formed on her face as she tried to recall where they might have met.

This entire time, the dark hair figure treated her like they've known each other forever --- like they were the best of friends and just haven't seen one another for a while. Katrina then grew frightened ---- frightened because she was in a strange person's apartment in a bathrobe. She knew nothing of this woman --- she didn't even know her name. Oh gods, she thought to herself and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

Katrina then noticed the tattoos that covered the long muscular arms. The one on the left was a large black panther digging its claws into the owner's flesh as it tried to crawl up the arm. The one on the inside of the right forearm was some kind of Celtic design that extended down and around her wrist.

Cerulean eyes peered into Katrina's very core. Suddenly, images of fingers and a mouth fucking her penetrated Katrina's mind. She felt drugged as her libido pounded, begging for release. Katrina looked at the hand that appeared in front of her face, holding a morsel of bread and cheese inches from her mouth. Her lips opened of their own accord. The food was slowly inserted, and her lips brushed past the fingers as they exited. She unintentionally moaned, and knew she did, indeed, want to play this game.

In her nervousness, Katrina gulped down half her glass of sweet, fruity liquid.

"Hold on there," the deep voice said, "I don't want you to get drunk." A smile then grew on her face. "It'll dull the senses." One raven eyebrow inched its way up her forehead giving her that mischievously sexy look.

The young blonde picked up a shrimp and dipped it into the sauce. Swallowing the bite, she decided to admit her feelings. "I'm... um..." She chuckled then continued. "I'm usually more talkative but... I guess I'm nervous."

"Does my silence unsettle you?" Her companion asked.

Katrina looked into deep blue pools. "No ---- actually it's rather comfortable --- like we've been friends for a long time."

The mysterious woman offered her a large strawberry. Katrina bit into it and a trickle of juice slowly coursed down her chin. She went to wipe it off but her hand was caught in a gentle yet firm grasp. The woman leaned forward and licked the drop up in slow motion. Katrina moaned and lips found each other. Tongues played into the seduction and caressed one another. It was not until both women realized the need for air that they broke apart.

The young blonde brushed a finger softly down a sculptured cheek. For a moment she thought she saw a flash of color deepen in those ocean blue eyes.

Another piece of fruit was offered to her, and she took it in her mouth willingly. She was fed for a while by large nimble fingers, and she enjoyed every minute of it. Everything seemed to be bursting with flavor --- it was nothing like eating with a friend or by herself. She became highly aware of the textures in the foods and the subtle changes in flavor as she chewed them.

A large grape was poised above her head. She dipped back to receive it, but instead of it being lowered to her lips, it was gently squeezed, allowing the juice to drip past her chin and down her neck. At first the cool liquid tickled, and she giggled.

The mysterious woman moved forward and licked away the sticky substance from the creamy flesh. Katrina could not help but find her small hands were taking purchase in the woman's hair. This simple gesture urged things onward as she felt herself being lowered to the rug. She didn't let go of the head but ran her fingers through the black locks, and moaned as a particularly sensitive spot was touched.

Suddenly she found her robe open, and fingers expertly tugged at her nipples as teeth made their gentle mark along her clavicle.

"Oh... gods." She called out.

"Yesss let me hear you. Don't be shy. I want to hear your pleasure and... release." The woman whispered the last word into her ear.

Katrina moaned at the sound of the contralto voice vibrating against her skin. "Gods... your voice is intoxicating. Please... talk to me, and I'll moan and scream all you want."

The woman looked into emerald green eyes, giving Katrina a sinister smile, and then she returned to kissing the soft pliant flesh. "What would... you like... me to talk about?" She swallowed a hard nipple, rolling her warm tongue around the tip of it.

Katrina squeezed her eyes shut at the tingling sensations the woman was giving her. "Anything." She panted.

Before moving on to the next nipple, she said, "Talking is not my strong suit... but I'll try." And then she swallowed the second hard pebble of flesh.

Katrina's hips began to move of their own accord. The build up of sexual tension had carried on for too long, and now she was in desperate need of relief.

Picking up on the cue, the stranger pulled up and said, "Roll over for me."

Katrina complied immediately.

"Up on your knees for me baby," the sultry voice instructed.

She moved up and felt the robe slip from her shoulders. She then quickly felt the warmth of naked flesh along her back and buttocks. Long arms snaked their way around her waist.

"Spread her legs for me. That's it --- a little further. Beautiful." Long fingers slid down to play with the downy reddish gold curls.

Katrina released a guttural groan as the finger slipped into her wetness.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass?" The stranger softly asked.

The warm breath tickled the peach fuzz along her neck and ear. She shook her head.

"I want to fuck you in both places at once --- my fingers in your slick pussy and my thumb in your tight hole. Will you let me?" her seductress cooed.

Goddamn, I'll let you do whatever the hell you want --- I'm already about to explode, the thoughts shouted in Katrina's mind. She nodded vigorously and a grunt spewed forth as two fingers found their way deep inside her wet canal.

"I can feel your inner walls contract. It's beautiful to feel how responsive your body is to me," the low voice purred.

Her hips jerked forward, and then something warm was at the puckered entrance of her ass.

"Relax baby --- relax, and let me take you to places yet to be experienced," the woman continued.

Katrina nodded and bit her bottom lip. She groaned again as the sweet invader slowly slid in. She had never felt so full before, and yet it felt so exhilarating. Suddenly her hand was guided behind her back and between the two of them down to a patch of dark curls wet with the moisture of the tall woman's excitement. Katrina slid her fingers inside.

"Ungh. That's right... baby. Fuck me while I fuck you," her lover commanded. "Your fingers feel so good."

Like a hungry puppy, Katrina let out a mewling sound. She didn't know how many fingers were inside her orifices, and she didn't care. It all felt so fucking awesome, and then something else was added to the exquisiteness of the experience. From the stranger's free hand, a finger inched its way to her clit and, in firm strokes, began circling the swollen nub.

Katrina couldn't take it anymore. Her hips bucked, and a piercing cry shot out of her throat.

"I feel you squeezing my... fingers... and... it's ... wonderful," the woman breathed, as she bit down into Katrina's neck, making the young woman's hips buck again. "I want you to come for me like you've never come before. That's it ---- ride my fingers hard ---- I can take it."

Katrina screamed as the second wave of her orgasm crashed over her. Shudders racked her body, causing her tall lover to fall over the precipice quickly behind her.

They both collapsed onto the rug and just lay there. Strong arms protectively wrapped around Katrina, and a face pressed into the back of her hair.

When their breathing calmed, Katrina turned around to face her seductress. They exchanged tender kisses until the tall woman tasted salty tears run into her mouth.

"Why are there tears?" Katrina's lover asked, softly, her low voice laced with concern.

Katrina wiped her face then answered. "You must think me a slut. I don't ride the train looking to have sex with strangers."

A finger gently pressed against her lips. "You are beautiful and I don't think of you any other way. Plus... we're not strangers," the woman added, smiling mysteriously.

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