tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraining A Proper Wife

Training A Proper Wife


Part 1

The metal bar banged and shook as the 45-pound plates slammed onto the floor. "AAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!"

I raised my eyebrow and watched Ethan wipe the sweat from his forehead. "Damn. You ARE pissed today." He sighed, adding more metal plates to the bar without a word. "Lemme guess. Lilly?"

He rolled his eyes. "Ah yeah. Too tired last night. Again. Always tired. Has a headache. Hasn't taken a shower. Blah blah blah. And you think she'll ever suck on my cock? Fat chance. She's the most conservative girl ever."

It was nothing new. I'd been listening to this for nearly three years now, every since the beginning of Ethan's marriage. Lillian was a smoking hot girl, tall, with dark hair and long sexy legs, and she seemed like she had so much potential. But only a few months after getting that ring on her finger, her sex drive seemed to have gotten up and walked away. At least, that's what I kept hearing. And frankly, I was tired of it. "Why don't you quit your whining and do something about it?"

"Heh. Like what."

I pondered for a moment, wondering if he was ready to hear my idea. "Have her trained."

Ethan laughed. "Trained huh? Like that stuff you and Tara do? I WISH I could talk her into that."

"I didn't say anything about talking her into it. Tell you what... just tell her that you planned a special trip for just the two of you. Have her take a couple of weeks off of work, so no one will miss her. Then drive her up to our place in the mountains, you know the place, and drop her off. I'll handle it from there. Come back in a week, week and half, and I guarantee you, she'll be a different woman."

"No way man. You're out of your mind."

Two days later a text showed up on my phone. "Alright. I can't believe I'm doing this but I don't feel like I have any other choice. It's either your idea or it's the end for us. Let's do it." I smiled. This was going to be so much fun.

Tara and I referred to our place in the mountains as "our cabin". Really it wasn't a cabin at all, at nearly 3000 square feet, but we liked how it sounded. What appeared to be a large attached garage sat to the side of it. Inside there was where the real fun went on... everything needed to train a woman to be the perfect slave. Ethan's car appeared at the end of the driveway, the tires leaving tracks in the snow. I watched as it pulled up close to the garage and they stepped out. I could hear them arguing as they approached the door, something about reading the map or being at the wrong place.

I opened the door and Lilly looked at me, a faint hint of recognition on her face from meeting me once before. I smiled. "Hi." Then violently, I whipped a black cloth bag over her head and tightened it around her neck, yanking her towards me into the house. She screamed as I took her to the floor, expertly wrapping her hands behind her back and handcuffing them together. "STOP!!! ETHAN! HELP!!! ETHAN! ETHAN???" I looked up and made eye contact with my old friend. He stood there shocked, frozen in surprise at seeing his wife attacked so suddenly right in front of him. I nodded toward his car and he understood. It was in my hands now. He quickly walked away without looking back, as if hesitating for a moment would cause him to change his mind.

Lilly screamed at the top of her lungs as I dragged her through the house and into my lair, demanding to know who I was, what I thought I was doing, where was Ethan, demanding to be set free at once. She was such an entitled little bitch. I couldn't wait to teach her some hard lessons. I threw her onto a thin, firm mattress laying on the cold cement floor. She cried out as she landed and fell silent for a moment. I pulled the bag off of her head and tossed it aside, the dim light flickering on her face. Her eyes were filled with fear. "What... what do you want with us?"

I smirked. "With us? There is no "us". It's just you here. You see, Ethan got tired of putting up with your shit. He decided he didn't want you anymore. So he gave you away." I looked her straight in the eye, my face confident and cruel. "You belong to me now."

Part 2

He eyes welled up and her lower lip pulled back in horror as she began to cry. "Wha.... what? You... you can't do that... that... that's... not..." she shook her head, at a loss for words at the terror of her situation. I eyed her body up and down like she was a piece of savory meat after a long day's work, removing my clothes one piece at a time, pulling my boxers down and letting my thick cock flop out for her to see. "What are you doing? What... why are you doing that?", her eyes widening as she answered her own question. I knelt down on the mattress, pulling her light winter jacket off her shoulders and pushing it down to her bound wrists. Her sexy body, paralyzed in fear, shivered at my touch as I slid my hands down her purple cotton top and squeezed her breasts.

I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her face close to mine, drawing her lower lip into my mouth and biting it, my other hand sliding up to her neck as well. Then I slipped my fingers underneath her shirt, close to her throat, and yanked it apart hard, ruining her shirt in one quick motion, ripping it open so her white cotton bra was the only thing between her large firm breasts and me. The shock of me suddenly tearing the clothes off her body brought all of the horror of her fate into her mind at once, and a frantic screaming began as she tried to fight me away.


The screaming and yelling continued as I viciously ripped the clothes off her body, forever ruining everything that covered her skin, tearing away at her like a wolf ripping the insides out of its prey. I didn't stop for a second as pieces of her white cotton panties fell onto the floor around us, shreds of cloth that were once securing her decency. I stood up, looking over her naked body, and walked to a locker on the other side of the room. When I returned to her I held a large military knife in my hands.

"Oh my god. Please. Please don't hurt me...", the tears streaming down her face as she trembled, "please... please don't..." I grabbed her by the hair and turned her face down, using the sharp knife to cut the winter jacket off where it dangled from her handcuffed wrists. I could see the metal cuffs digging into her wrists, making red marks on them. I dropped the shredded jacket on the floor. Her body let loose and she sobbed loudly, partly relieved at the discovery that the knife was not meant for her, partly terrified of what was to come. She didn't have to wait long to find out.

I grabbed a large fistful of hair again and yanked her, hard, off her stomach and onto her back, getting down between her legs as she tried to kick me off of her, then clamping her thighs together in a vain attempt to stop her pussy from being violated. I would teach her obedience later, for now, she would only learn that she could deny me nothing. I grabbed her tightly by the ankles, forcing them apart, and then continued pulled them away from each other as I forced her legs open wider and wider. She arched her back and struggled, fighting as best she could, but in only a moment I am between her legs, my hardened cock at the dry entrance of her body. Her crying intensified as she realized her helplessness, and the crushing weight of my muscular body overpowered her, exhausting her every attempt at fighting back, making her feel tiny and weak. I forced my cock inside her pussy, sticking it in a little at a time to draw her wetness out and not injure myself, and then thrusting it back up inside her violently.

She screamed loudly one final time, and then relaxed her legs and went limp, letting me rape her, as if it no longer mattered once I had forced myself inside her. Her head turned to the side and she looked blankly at the wall, tears streaming down her face and onto the mattress as I violently pounded her pussy with my cock. I slapped her face, hard, to bring her mind back to the moment. "Look at me." She shrieked in pain and then squeezed her eyes shut, turning her head further. I slapped her again, harder this time, and then again, and again, and again. "I said, Look at me." She sobbed loudly but obeyed, trying to avoid being punished further. I raped her pussy hard and deep for a good twenty minutes, forcing her to watch me the entire time. Finally I reached down and grabbed her hair with both hands, placing my mouth over hers and breathing loudly as I came inside her, filling her pussy with my cum. I pulled my cock out and stood over her, watching her curl up, as if trying to cover her face with her knees. I looked down at my cock, covered in cum and fluids from her insides. I turned and walked into the house, leaving her.

I opened the door and stepped inside, my wet cock still hard from raping the girl that was Lilly. Tara jumped in surprise, getting up off the couch where she was lying and dropped to her knees, placing her hands palms-up on her thighs. Her head was straight and proud, her back arched, eyes cast down to the floor. Her cheeks were flushed and she breathed heavily. Her voice was soft and sweet. "Welcome home, Master." I looked at her quizzically, quickly reconstructing the last few moments. "Tara... where you pleasuring yourself while you listened to me rape that girl?"

Her shoulders slumped. "Yes sir. I'm very sorry sir."

I stifled a laugh as best I could. "Alright well... come over here and clean her filth off of my cock, and I'll punish you properly later."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." She crawled forward and her hands and knees, taking my cock into her mouth and sucking on it hard, slurping every last bit of fluid off of it, licking my shaft and balls to be sure she got everything. She sat back, her job done. "Thank you Master.". I pointed to the couch where she had been lying. "Carry on then. Might as well finish what you started." I turned back to the garage. I had to get back to the girl that had been Lilly before she had time to recover.

Part 3

She hadn't moved since I had left her, still crumpled up in a little heap, her hands restrained behind her back. I walked to the locker and took out a large pair of scissors, walking toward her. She eyes caught the glint of the metal and she struggled to sit up, wondering what was going to happen. She relaxed when she saw it was scissors instead of a knife, but her frightened eyes darted around, trying to determine my intent. I reach down and grabbed her long, dark hair, slipping the open scissors around it just below the level of her ears. "Stay still." Her eyes squeezed shut and she whimpered and began to cry as I hacked through her thick hair, making a jagged cut all the way across. Her eyes opened as I held her hair out in front of her, letting it slide through my fingers and fall onto the floor. She sobbed loudly, shaking her head as each strand settled on the floor. "Wh.... why... why are you doing this to m... meee?" I said nothing, but reached down and removed her handcuffs, pulling her to her feet.

She trembled and wrapped her arms around her body in an attempt to warm herself, or cover her nakedness, or perhaps both. Her short hair was the perfect length to grab a big fistful of and drag her around. I took her and pulled her over to a large vat full of cold water, pushing her to the edge of it with me standing behind her. Her hands grasped the edges, her mouth opened in protest, but before she could make I sound I dunked her head under the water, holding her underneath the surface. Her hands and legs scrambled frantically, trying to pull herself out, trying to get back to the air. After a moment I yank her head out, water spewing out of her mouth as she coughed and choked.

"Pl... *cough*... please... please stop..."

I still held her tightly with one hand, and I walked her, half bent over, to the wall covered by a large mirror. I stood her up. "Look in the mirror. Who do you see?"

She looked up, watching the person in the mirror peering back at her. She was naked and filthy, dripping wet, her face distorted in fear and pain, plus her short hair making it hard to even recognize herself. "Li... Lilly. Lillian."

"That's impossible. Lillian was raped and murdered. And you? You're just a miserable piece of trash that belongs to me. In fact, that's what I'm going to name you. From now on I will call you 'trash'. " Her face winced as if in severe pain and she sobbed loudly. I hold her face back up to the mirror. "You want to try again? Who is this?"

She continued sobbing as she looked at herself again. "Li... Lill..." I rolled my eyes and dragged her viciously back to the vat, dunking her head under again, her scream muffled by the water. Her arms flailed about wildly and her body contorted itself, trying everything she could to escape. I hold her under much longer this time, forcing her to take the water into her lungs. A trickle of warm, yellow liquid dribbled down her leg as she lost control of her bladder. I pull her back out into the atmosphere, hearing a loud gurgling gasp as her lungs scream out for air, followed by a violent fit of coughing as she struggles to catch her breath. "Trash. *cough* *gasp* Trash. My name is *cough* Trash. My name is Trash. My name is Trash. My name is Trash."

"Are you certain? Let's go have a look and make sure." I pull her back to the mirror again, pushing her up close to it. She braces herself against the wall, looking herself in the face. "Who is this?"

"Trash. I'm trash."

"What happened to Lillian?"

"She...", her eyes clench closes and tears run down her face, mixing with the water dripping off her body, "she's dead. She was... raped... and... raped and murdered." He legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor, covering her face and sobbing. I let her lie there for a moment, watching her come to terms with her new identity.

"Follow me." I start walking away slowly, and she tries to get up, but her legs don't want to cooperate. "CRAWL." She obeys, crawling along the cold hard floor behind me. I walk to a large metal crate, with vertical bars as the walls and only a rubber mat as the floor. I open the door to the crate with a creak. "This is where you sleep, trash. Now get inside." She stops for a moment, crying still, but dares not disobey me this time. She climbs into the crate and I shut the door loudly behind her, locking it with a large padlock. It's barely big enough for her to lie down in the fetal position, not nearly long enough for her to stretch out.

Two large speakers sit behind the crate, pointed directly at it. I walk over to the receiver, turning the volume up and pressing play. An immense sound fills the room as intense heavy metal music booms out of the speakers. I walk to the door and shut off the light, filling the cold room with darkness. It's barely 60 degrees, not cold enough to harm her, but certainly not comfortable. I leave the room, shutting the door behind me, leaving my new slave curled up in the cold, shivering in complete darkness, with a massive noise keeping her from sleep, making the darkness all the more terrifying.

Part 4

I walk out to the garage in the morning, turning the music off, and squatting down I look at the dirty little slut curled up in her cage. "Get out here and stand up." She crawls out and, very slowly, climbs to her feet, gripping the side of the crate for support. Her body shivers, her eyes have heavy, dark circles under them, the whites of her eyes bloodshot from a night of fitful sleep in terrifying conditions. Her body is covered in dirt and filth, remnants of my cum and her own urine still staining her body. "Oh dear lord, look at this filthy, dirty, piece of trash. I simply cannot have my property looking this disgusting. Don't move."

I open the door to the house and call for Tara. Her light footsteps patter down the stairs as she hurries to me, kneeling down and placing her hands palms-up on her thighs. "Yes Master."

"Tara, take off all of your clothes and come wash this dirty slut off, she's simply covered in filth. Tara smiles softly and quickly undresses. "Yes sir." She approaches my new slave, a kind, sweet smile on her face, and takes her gently by the hand. I can tell that 'trash' is confused by Tara's sweet demeanor and kindness, and the pretty smile on her face, they seem so foreign. Her soft white skin practically glows, she looks like an angel, as if sent to comfort her in this hellish place.

They walk together to the corner of the room where a large drain sits in the concrete floor. Tara pulls a water hose from the wall and begins spraying her down, starting at the top and working her way to her toes. The water is cold, but somehow refreshing, soothing even. Tara fetches a pail of warm, soapy water, and with a large sponge that one might use to wash a car, she carefully scrubs her body down until it's covered in a warm, thick lather. The sudden warmth of the water, of Tara's hands as they touch her all over, of the contact of their bodies together feels incredible, almost overwhelming 'trash' with emotion. A single tear slides down her cheek, as her body is sprayed off with the hose again, her skin feeling fresh and clean.

"There now, doesn't that feel better?" She nods, her eyes cast to the floor. "You should show your appreciation to Tara for cleaning you so nicely, don't you think? Why don't you give her a sweet kiss to say thank you." Her eyes lift from the floor as she looks at Tara's naked body. She'd never kissed a woman before, hell, never even been so close to another naked woman as she is now. And yet, somehow, it doesn't seem difficult at all, as she takes the few steps to cover the distance between them and, putting her hands around the back of Tara's head, kisses her, slowly and softly, taking in her scent and the lovely texture of her lips, their naked bodies touching each other's. She didn't just look like an angel. Her scent, the way she felt, the taste her lips... they were, at that moment in time, everything that was good and beautiful in the universe.

"Thank you Tara, you may go now. Well. You certainly don't look like a piece of trash anymore. I suppose that I'm going to have to give you a different name. How about "Slut"? Do you like that name?" I watched as her eyes moved around, thinking to herself. Certainly being called a slut was better than being a piece of trash, wasn't it?

"Yes. I... I like that name."

A leather collar slips out of my palm, and I hold it up for her to see. "I thought you might say that." A metal tag riveted to the collar is engraved with the word, "Slut". "I have something for you.", handing her the collar. "What do you say?"

"Th.... thank you."

"Thank you....?" I look at her expectantly. "Thank you... sir?" I nod slightly, and stepping forward I place the collar around her neck, pulling it only tight enough to keep contact with her skin. "This is the only thing that you own. I expect you to take care of it. Do you understand?"

Her eyes never leave the floor as she nods submissively. "Yes sir."

"Good. Now, are you hungry?"

She nods eagerly.

"Excellent. Follow me." I walk to a large chair and sit down, sighing as I lean back. "On your knees." She obeys slowly, trying to understand. As I unzip my pants and pull my hardening cock out, she finally gets it. Both of her hands wrap over her mouth and her eyes fill with tears. "How about some hot cum for breakfast, hmmm? You do know how to suck a man's cock, don't you?" The tears trickle down her face and she shakes her head, partly answering the question and partly in disbelief at what is about to happen to her. She knew plenty of girls that gave their boyfriends or husbands oral sex, but she NEVER did such a thing. To take a man's penis into your mouth? The very thought of it disgusted her. And if he were to come while still in her mouth? She couldn't even stand having cum in her vagina, hated it even. To have that thick liquid oozing out of a man onto her tongue, into her throat? Would he expect her to swallow it? Oh god... she would never be able to swallow a man's cum. She couldn't.

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