tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraining Ch. 07

Training Ch. 07


That Friday started just the same as the day before, with no hint to what lay in store. Anthony woke Eileen, who rubbed the sleep from her eyes as soon as the cuffs came off her wrists. He stood beside the bed waiting expectantly. She looked at him in confusion, not quite sure what to do. When she realized what he wanted, she blushed and lowered her eyes. Hesitantly, feeling self-conscious, she picked up a pillow and put it on the floor at the end of the bed. He watched her set a second pillow on the end of the bed. When both were in place, she took the pump bottle from the nightstand.

Her cheeks burned red as she knelt on the pillow on the floor. Slowly, hands shaking, she pushed slippery lube into her ass, working it in with her fingers. Then, just as slowly, she lowered her face into the other pillow and offered her ass to her husband.

He accepted her offer. She felt him position himself behind her, felt the head of his cock press against her. She moved her hips, grinding against him until she felt him harden. When he was fully erect, she pressed herself onto him, taking him deep. She worked her hips, stroking his cock with her ass, until they came together, the pillow absorbing her screams as hot come spurted into her.

When he had removed himself from her, she followed him silently into the bathroom for the second part of the morning's ritual. In the shower, she soaped herself thoroughly under his gaze. Once she had lathered up, she ran her hands across his body, paying close attention to his reactions. The self-consciousness she'd felt the first time she had bathed him this way was not as strong this time; instead, his sighs of pleasure when she pressed her body against his, the tiny trembles that shuddered through him as she slid up and down against him, made her feel just a bit more confident.

When she had soaped him thoroughly, she knelt on the floor of the shower to take his cock between her breasts. She squeezed them around it and slid up and down, her eyes never leaving his face, until he hardened again. She moved faster, her wet and soapy skin slippery against his, until his expression changed. A moment later, he cried out. Thick, ropy come spurted across her breasts. Eileen felt contradictory emotions battle inside her--satisfaction at giving him pleasure, disgust at the feel of his semen clinging to her body. She rose and kissed him gently before she rinsed them both clean.

When they had dried off, he returned to the bedroom to get her training device. She stood quietly, legs apart, and allowed him to lock it into place. He dressed quickly for work, but told her to remain naked, just as he had done the day before. They ate breakfast, him clothed and her nude, while the vibrator inside her began its job of pushing and prodding her to sexual arousal.

After breakfast, he kissed her on his way to the door. "You can get dressed now if you like. Don't forget that you need to go shopping! I've left a list for you on the refrigerator door."

She had no idea, at that moment, how dramatically the rest of the day would go wrong.

His car pulled out of the driveway. Eileen ran her hand absently over her breast, remembering the feel of his come spurting on it. The vibrator locked inside her whirred softly. Her nipple hardened against her palm.

When the buzzing stopped, she shook herself and blinked. Feeling half in a dream, she went into the bedroom to dress. She stood for a long time in front of the dresser, feeling acutely self-conscious again, before she finally chose a simple chemise in deep blue with a plain skirt and shoes. Anthony's prohibition on wearing any sort of underwear heightened her self-consciousness. The thin chemise draped over her breasts, revealing ample cleavage and making her hard nipples stand out.

She felt strangely disconnected from the image she saw in the mirror. Two months ago, she would never dream of venturing out in public dressed so provocatively, for fear of being branded as a slut, or worse. Now, the woman in the mirror startled her. Her reflection seemed to possess an easy, confident sexiness that Eileen did not feel. Something in the way her reflection stood, and in the way she moved, radiated sultriness. Is that how other people see me? Eileen wondered.

The vibrator suddenly started buzzing fast. Eileen gasped and bent over clumsily. In the mirror, her alter ego leaned forward seductively, cheeks flush, eyes bright with appetite. Her top fell away, revealing the soft curves of her breasts. Embarrassment rose. In the mirror, her reflection looked back at her with obvious lust. Eileen shivered and turned away.

Leaving the house that afternoon was one of the hardest things Eileen could ever remember doing. It took her quite a while to work up the courage to step outside. Before, when Anthony had made her appear in public in such a state, and dressed so indecently, he had been with her, but this was different. Going out into the world like this, on her own, the vibrator buzzing inside her, made her feel vulnerable and exposed in a completely different way than she felt when he was there. Even when he had cut all the buttons off her shirt and paraded her around nearly topless on a leash, she had not felt so vulnerable.

She did her best to ignore the vibrator's slow, steady hum during the short drive to the store. The feelings of vulnerability and self-consciousness rose sharply as she walked through the parking lot. By the time she passed through the doors into the store, it seemed that everyone must surely know how aroused she was, and how she had this vibrating thing shoved up inside her sex. She kept her head down, avoiding eye contact with everyone in the store while she pushed her shopping cart around.

Several times, she found herself stopping in the middle of an aisle, hands gripping the cart until her knuckles turned white, as the vibrator raced inside her. She closed her eyes tightly, praying she would be able to keep from making a sound while her body was driven into a sexual frenzy. When the buzzing stopped, she stood very still, breathing heavily, until the arousal ebbed enough for her to move again.

Shopping was inefficient. Eileen wandered the aisles randomly, too lost in her own arousal, too self-consciousness to pay more than a minimum of attention to what she was doing. She found herself retracing her steps repeatedly to find everything on Anthony's list. Each time someone walked past her, she put one arm protectively over her breasts, trying to conceal her erect nipples that pressed so prominently against the thin fabric.

Finally, she had gathered the last of the things on the list. As if with evil intent, the vibrator started running the moment she got into the checkout line, slowly at first. Little by little, while she waited in line, it sped up. She felt a rush between her legs, and the tension and heat started to take hold in her thighs. Butterflies swirled. She closed her eyes tightly and concentrated with all her strength on pushing the feelings away. Please, please, she thought, let me keep it together for just a few more minutes...


She jumped. "Yes?"

The man behind the register gestured to the belt. She realized suddenly that the person in front of her had paid and left, and now the line was waiting for her. "Sorry," she mumbled. Her cheeks grew red and hot. She unloaded her cart awkwardly.

The vibrator started with a rapid, jarringly intense on-off pulsing. A flash of heat spread through her. The cashier began ringing her up, oblivious to her aching need. She leaned on the counter with both hands. Oh, God, don't let me moan, please don't let me moan! she thought.


Her breath caught in her throat.

"Ma'am? That's sixty-four dollars and twenty-three cents."

She looked up at him. The vibrator switched to its highest speed. Time froze.

Her eyes traveled down his body. He was good-looking, this grocery store cashier; young, no more than twenty-three, with the powerful, athletic body of someone who enjoyed exercise. His light hair was close-cropped, his eyes hazel. Her gaze traveled down his arms to rest on his hands, large and strong.

Her nipples tightened. She felt herself squeeze down involuntarily around the vibrator. An image appeared in her mind, rich and vivid, of the cashier stepping from behind the register, grabbing her arm tightly, dragging her toward the door...

The vibration stopped. She shuddered. The world resumed its normal pace around her.


"Sorry. I'm just...a little distracted today." She shook her head to clear it. He waited for her to pull the debit card from her purse. A few short moments later, her bags were back in the shopping cart, and she fled for her car.

She sat there for several minutes, breathing heavily. No matter how much she tried to shake the image from her head, it kept creeping back. His powerful hand wrapping around her upper arm, dragging her outside, ignoring her protests...

She shook her head again. The vibrator remained still. Her heart slowed, the arousal slipping away to a point where she felt like she could think rationally.

She made it all the way home and had opened the trunk to unload the groceries before it started up again. This time it ran with a rough, inconstant pattern that alternated between a gentle hum and a hard buzz that rattled all the way through the steel belt. She gasped and nearly sent a bag of groceries tumbling across the garage.

It stopped by the time she reached the kitchen. She started putting the groceries away, and was almost finished when it started up once more, fast and intense. "Unnh!" she cried. Her nipples hardened. The belt carried the vibration straight to her clit. She put one hand on the refrigerator to steady herself. Her other hand crept up to fold around her nipple. The sensation sent a thrill through her body.

The device slowed to a stop, then suddenly switched on at high speed again before she could recover. "Hungh!" she exclaimed. Her hand tightened on her breast. The sensation sucked her breath away.

It gradually slowed until it stopped, then started at full force again. Her vision faded. She stumbled into the living room and sat heavily on the couch. The hard metal belt pressed tightly against her clit. She cried out, eyes closed. Both hands slid up under her chemise to squeeze her breasts. Her nipples sang with energy.

The image of the grocery store clerk returned to her mind's eye. She imagined him pulling her from the store, past the startled looks of the customers waiting in line. She fought uselessly against his grip while he dragged her back behind the store. A bank of air conditioners hummed beside the concrete ramps of the loading docks, their great steel doors closed and locked.

"Let go of me!" she cried. He paid no attention. Instead, he pushed her roughly into the corner formed where the ramps jutted out from the wall. The coarse stucco felt warm against her back. With both hands he gripped her chemise. In a single violent motion, he tore it open, exposing her breasts.

Eileen moaned on the couch. Her hands squeezed her breasts tightly. Her fingers stroked her nipples. They seemed to be wired directly to her clitoris; every touch, every pinch made her clit throb and tremble. The images unreeled inexorably in her mind, like a movie she could not turn away from.

A throng of people, customers from inside the store, gathered behind him. Eileen could see them over the cashier's shoulder. His strong hands gripped her breasts roughly. She cried out in pain. He pushed her firmly against the wall. "You know you want this," he hissed. Behind him, the people watched curiously.

The vibrator slowed and sped up, over and over. Her fingers flicked her nipples rapidly. Eileen put her feet up on the coffee table, legs spread wide, and moaned steadily. Waves of pleasure spread through her body. Each touch on her nipples was so intense it was almost unbearable.

The scene kept unfolding behind her eyes. The cashier's hands ran down her body to her skirt. With a powerful yank, he pulled it down to her knees, exposing her in front of the people who had gathered to see what was happening. She tried to force her way past him, to flee for safety, but he moved like lightning. His hands gripped her shoulders and pushed her back against the wall again. "No," he said. He leaned in close to her and mashed his lips against hers. She responded without thinking. Her lips parted for him, welcoming his invading tongue.

He grabbed her tightly and whirled her around to face the throng of onlookers. She looked with horror at the strangers all staring at her, eyes glittering with lust. He tore the skirt away from her and threw it to the side, leaving her wearing nothing but the ripped scraps of her chemise. "Do you see?" he said to the gathered throng. "Do you see how much she wants it?" He pinned her wrists behind her back and held her there, exposed openly to their stares. He stood behind her, his grip like iron, preventing her from escaping, showing her to the onlookers.

Eileen's hands gripped her breasts more tightly. The vibrator ran steadily. She gyrated her hips in the air, panting. The visuals spun on in her mind, so vivid she could almost feel the grip on her wrists.

He pushed her back against the wall, shoving her so hard that she nearly stumbled. His hands pinned her wrists to the wall over her head. "I know you're wet," he whispered. One hand held her in place while the other ran down her body, over her breasts, across her mound. Blunt fingers shoved into her. She moaned. He pulled them out of her and held them up. "Do you see how wet she is?" he called.

She tried to protest. He brought his dripping fingers to her lips to silence her. Automatically, without thought, Eileen did as she had been trained to do. She drew them into her mouth, blanching at the taste, and ran her tongue around them. The people behind her gasped.

The fingers left her mouth. She felt him adjust his position, heard the sound of his zipper lowering. His powerful hands gripped her shoulders. "Don't move," he told her. "You want this. We both know it." In one unstoppable thrust, he entered her hard. She threw her head back and screamed in pleasure and pain. He kept her body pinned to the wall while he raped her in front of the store's customers. She cried out, her hands still against the wall above her head, and responded to his thrusts, driving his thick erection deeper. Tears streamed down her face as she came, over and over, her cries of pleasure making it plain to the onlookers how much her body loved what was happening to her. She stared past his shoulder at the audience, gathered around to watch her be raped, and knew in a secret place inside that their stares only made her body respond that much more.

The vibrator stopped. Eileen let out a long helpless wail. Her fingers pulled hard at her nipples. A strange electric current seemed to flow through her, from her nipples directly to her clit. She felt herself leaking around the belt. The movie played on in her head, despite the vibrator's sudden stillness.

In her mind, she felt his cock harden and thicken. Another orgasm shuddered through her. She longed for the sudden wet spray of his release inside her. Instead, just as he seemed ready to burst, he pulled out of her. His big, strong hands shoved her irresistibly down onto her hands and knees in front of him. Shame rose inside her; she could feel the eyes of all the watchers on her body like a physical touch.

The head of his cock touched her lips. She reached for it automatically, mouth open. He drew away. "Look!" he called. "See how slutty she is, how she wants more!"

She tried to explain to him that it wasn't true; it was only the training, not her desire, that made her reach for his cock. She tried to explain how her body had been trained to do things that disgusted her, how the training was so thorough she couldn't help herself. Before she could finish, he grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. It felt hard and thick, about to explode...

Eileen's hands clenched on her breasts as tightly as they could. She grabbed her nipples and twisted desperately. It was too much; she screamed, a long squeal of torment and need. Her clit trembled and throbbed.

And then, unexpectedly, she came. The orgasm was ferocious and uncontrollable. She tightened painfully around the motionless object inside her and cried out in ecstasy.

It ended as fast as it had started. She panted for breath on the couch, skin slick with sweat. A long, shrill electronic beep came from the vibrator locked inside her, startling her. She looked around frantically. The beeping sounds continued, plainly audible. She tried to cover the belt with her hands, but it made no difference. She pulled and tugged frantically at the lock that held it in place, without effect.

Finally, after several, the sound stopped. She breathed a sigh of relief. The feeling was short-lived, though; every few minutes, it chirped, like the sound of a smoke detector whose battery has run down. It seemed plain to her that when Anthony arrived home, there would be no way to prevent him from knowing about her unauthorized orgasm.

She pulled her clothes back into place. Her mind raced with the possible consequences. Anthony had punished her simply for taking too long to do what he'd told her to do; it seemed certain that he would punish her even more for this transgression. She thought about his stern voice telling her to get the key to the door. She imagined the long walk naked up the stairs to the attic. Butterflies flitted around inside her. Her pussy tingled and clenched.

This is crazy! she thought. How can the idea of being punished turn me on? She felt horrified at the idea. Anthony told her that being treated as a sex slave was what she really wanted, and was the only thing that excited her; her body seemed to agree. The notion that she might actually be looking forward to being punished scared her even more than the thought of punishment itself did.

She didn't have long to wait. His car pulled up into the driveway not long after her unintended orgasm. The butterflies fluttered faster. She felt her heart race at the sound of his key in the door.

Between her legs, the device let out a chirp. She rushed to the door to greet him. He had barely passed through before she wrapped her arms tightly around him and kissed him deeply. "I didn't mean to, it just happened, I didn't expect it or anything, it was all just so fast and I didn't even know I could do that!" The words tumbled out of her in a pile. "Are you going to make me get the key?" She bit her lip and looked at him breathlessly.

He blinked. "What?"

The device chirped.

Time froze again. In slow motion, like the clearing of the sky after a long summer rain, comprehension dawned on his face. "Oh," he said. "Well, then."

He led her by the hand into the living room. "So you managed to have an orgasm, did you? How did it happen?" He gestured for her to sit on the couch. "Did your training device not stop soon enough?"

She sat, abashed, feeling like a schoolkid who'd just been sent to the principal's office. He sat down on the edge of the coffee table facing her. She squirmed uncomfortably and shook her head. The vibrator chirped again.

"Hmm." Anthony took the small, flat remote from his pocket and pressed a button. "There. That should sort out the alarm. Now, tell me about this orgasm of yours."

Eileen took a deep breath. "I was at the store and it was running while I was in line at the checkout counter and there was this guy there, and I was thinking about him and then--"

"Whoa, wait, a minute, slow down!" Anthony grinned. "Are you saying you had this orgasm while you were at the store?"

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