Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 05


We stopped Michael short of sucking Carl to another orgasm pulling out all of our dildos taking turns allowing Michael to clean them for us with his nasty mouth. We ditched the harnesses and as promised I grabbed my riding crop ordering Michael to bend over the end of the bed. I told him before we celebrate I have to keep my promise. I really laid on the strokes crisscrossing his bare cheeks with bright red welts telling him as my slave he will be subject to the same punishment whenever it pleased me whether he was good, bad, or I just wanted to give him a whipping. He was shaking in fear with tears falling at my feet kissing and sucking my toes for forgiveness. While he was bent over I gave him several more hard licks reminding him that I was boss.

Allowing the boys to rest Claire and I did a hot 69. Our nipples and clits were so hard we couldn't stand it desiring immediate sexual release. The boys love watching live lesbian sex as much as bisexual videos and both of them had huge erections playing with themselves as they watched. I was sure Michael forgot all about his whipping and buttfucking while we made love. He knows that among our coven and my mom's group there is a code of honor allowing any form of pleasure between men and women as long as it is permitted by the superior females. The males are not allowed to have sex together unless their owners give permission. I know that I'm going to be asking Michael to bend over for me quite often just for my own entertainment .It didn't take long for us to come we both shot fluids all over each other's faces so we french kissed each other until we licked and swallowed it all away. Sharing these sacred lesbian fluids make us even closer.

By then the boys were still rock hard and ready for more. Staring nastily at Michael I told him that party time was not over ordering him back on the bed on his back. Claire and I each took of his ankles bending him in half exposing his asshole inviting Carl for another visit. This time he didn't need any lubrication having plenty of semen left over from the initiation. Plunging his huge dick balls deep into Michael's asshole Carl made Michael cry out once again as his sore sphincter muscles painfully separated. This time Carl gave Michael a slow sensual fuck. On the initial penetration Michael seemed to go soft again but as soon as Carl began fucking he immediately got hard telling me that he was totally enjoying himself. This time I told Michael to begin squeezing on every out stroke making Carl moan with pleasure.

I had trained Michael in the shower sticking my middle finger deep into his butthole forcing him to bear down on it so he could develop his anal muscles. Michael had already known the feeling of my own asshole bearing down on him whenever he was allowed to fuck my asshole so he knew exactly what I was getting at. In addition to Michael's training I began fucking him with the dildo still with my finger under the dildo that so that I could feel his anus squeezing tightly. Slowly graduating to larger and larger diameters Michael finally mastered the squeeze technique with his anal muscles. I even tested him with my slippery tongue buried in his asshole squeezing down on that. I was teaching him to be a top notch bottom. Whenever he didn't cooperate I kept the hairbrush in the shower and he immediately was punished. Usually after a good ass whipping he quickly obeyed and was able to squeeze down as tight as I wished.

I decided to change positions taking both of Michael's ankles in hand and sat on his face so that he could eat my pussy. I told Claire to begin teasing and sucking Michaels cock and balls making sure that he didn't come in her mouth. Looking into Carl's eyes I kept encouraged him to continue fucking Michael; telling him he is a hot stud deserving of a reward for his performance. In this position Carl's horned shaped cock arched across Michael's prostate gland squeezing gobs of pre-come into Claire mouth. Using it to lubricate as she was sucking up and down on his shaft Michael was squirming all over the place getting the teasing cock sucking of his life. Claire kept a tight grip around his balls pulling them away from his body with her left hand and a tight grip around the base of a his shaft with her right hand doubling her technique to keep him from premature ejaculation.

(Fantasizing during the fucking about what Carl didn't know was I was going to take him over to Megan's during the next full moon and she was going to perform a ritual with a hung stud placing Carl on her altar having him fucked before all the women in the group. That was going to be his "reward" for fucking Michael!)

Michael's hips were slowly gyrating during the fucking pushing his cock in and out of Claire's mouth. I could tell by the way his tongue was fucking my vagina that he definitely was enjoying his second fuck. We had long talks about homosexuality, bisexuality, and pansexuality ridding ourselves of feelings of guilt, sinfulness, or anxieties about having sex with whomever we chose. With Michael as my slave he will be trained to have sex with whomever I choose or face my disciplinary consequences. I'm going to open Michaels eyes to a new horizon of sexual practices that he has never dreamed or heard of making even his own fantasies seem "vanilla" in comparison.

Carl was having trouble with his knees so he turned sideways fucking Michael this way making it a lot easier for him slowing down the thrusts so he could last longer. Sitting on Michael's face having his tongue licking my pussy was my favorite position because I completely had him under my control and for me I was enjoying the entire pleasureful experience. Whenever I had to urinate I just had to give him a signal and he would begin sucking me immediately relieving my bladder. I actually wanted to pee while he was getting fucked to see if he was willing to do it. Giving him a tap on the forehead, "our signal" Michael pursed his lips around my urethra and began sucking signaling that he was ready. Taking a deep breath, I relaxed squirting him a mouthful of warm pee stopping the flow so that he could swallow. When I felt him begin to suck again I gave him another mouthful. Even while he was getting fucked in the asshole he was willing to meet my intimate needs. As Carl continued fucking, Claire continued sucking Michael with her mouth, I slowly fed Michael my entire bladder full of urine then forced him to continue eating my pussy. He was being such a good slave I almost regretted giving him that nasty whipping but I will never tell him that.

To break things up I ordered Carl to pull out of Michael's asshole and for Claire to slowly remove her mouth off of Michael's cock so that he will not prematurely release his seed. Lying on my back pulling Michael on top of me grabbing his cock I stuck it at the entrance of my pussy swallowing it completely. I ordered Claire to straddle my face so that I could eat her pussy and I told Carl to give Michael a buttfucking from behind. I watched Claire's pussy lower on my mouth facing the headboard. Claire's pussy was so wet it melted in my mouth. I could hear Michael on top of me moaning loudly as Carl pushed his cock all the way into his asshole which forced Michael's cock deeper into my own hot hole. Leaning forward a little bit Michael began instinctively licking Claire's crack so she was getting it from both ends at the same time. I could hear Michael getting his ass slapped while Carl fucked him hard. I felt Michael's pubic bone pushing against my mound of Venus on every thrust forward. Michael's cock was pulling my labia lips across my clitoris stimulating me nice and hot. I could tell by Carl's breathing that he was getting turned on fucking Michael from above watching the three of us enjoy oral sex. Michael was twitching his cock inside of me as he was squeezing down on Carl's cock each time he pulled outward.

When Claire begins to orgasm her voice is so sensually penetrating it sent a signal for all of us to come. My pussy began to squeeze tightly on Michael's cock triggering his own orgasmic response as he began emptying the contents of his balls deep into my vagina. I kept licking Claire's pussy even though I was coming myself sucking her clitoris sending her off the deep end. Above Carl began crying out pushing his cock deep into Michael's asshole filling his devirginized asshole with more spunk. Michael and I were both frantically licking Claire's pussy and asshole enabling her to have multiple orgasms. Claire was so excited she began pissing all over my face getting the pillows and sheets soaking wet. Then to Michael's surprise Carl, who was still hard deep inside his asshole began pissing giving Michael a golden enema completely hosing his colon. Michael was squirming all over with a bad case of stomach cramps but with Carl on top of him and my legs wrapped around him from below all he could do is cry out complaining. Claire uncoupled herself first as she slowly lay sideways on the bed panting still enjoying her afterglow of orgasmic bliss. Carl keeping his cock inside of Michael slowly pulled out immediately pushed a discarded butt plug into Michael's asshole. Michael pulled out of my pussy which I made him lick, suck, and clean his spendings from my pussy then sent him off to the bathroom.

All four of us decided to go take a shower and regroup for more sex. On the way into the bath I was alone and I got a call from Megan on my cell phone which was buzzing next to the bed. Megan excitedly congratulated me telling me that she saw everything explicitly clear giving her several hot orgasms adding that I would not have to worry about Michael being my bisexual slave and that he was going to make a good one. I also got a quick call from Queen Brenda who was ecstatic at our techniques congratulating me on my new slave!

In the shower we were all still in a sexual buzz. I was surprised seeing Michael and Carl madly french kissing stroking each other soapy dicks. I was happy that they were not intimidated over us forcing them into bisex. Claire and I embraced laughing and kissing as well celebrating our boys coming out for us. I whispered to Claire that Megan and Brenda called giving their thumbs up looking forward to putting the boys to work. Carl asked permission to fuck Michael in the shower. His cock was dripping precome and was so hard it was purple I gave a nod. Carl made Michael grab a towel bar bending him over having him arch his back just like I have fucked him the same way and Carl forcefully slid his cock into Michael's ass. Grabbing Michael's hips Carl rammed his cock like a well tuned piston in and out of his come filled hole "sloppy thirds" for sure! The sounds of male lovemaking filled the shower stall which magnified the slapping of bare flesh and rough moans from them both. Claire and I watched in awe diddling our clits as our boys performed for us.

I was so hot watching Michael getting his ass fucked I told Claire to hurry up and strap it on fucking my butt at the same time. We always have a rubber harness and dildo for emergencies hanging in the shower so Claire quickly grabbed it strapping it on. Greasing my butthole with some slippery soap Claire easily skewered my asshole with her silicone cock. Michael and I holding the bar side by side were both getting our assholes fucked at the same time. I didn't even have to touch myself I was so sexually charged with the fake silicone cock vigorously pushing in and out of my asshole driving me crazy with lust. Claire was harshly spanking my asscheeks during the fuck making them bright red. I didn't even care knowing that I would get even with her later on. Michael and I turned facing each other taking turns sucking on each other's tongues as we were fucked. I was so happy that he was actually enjoying himself getting fucked by his best friend. Carl started slowing down knowing that we all wanted to go back to the bedroom for more fun delaying his orgasm from cumming prematurely. It was too late for me Claire was so good at buttfucking fucking I was screaming out of control. Carl gave Michael a hard slap on the butt slowly pulling free of his dilated asshole.

We all finished our shower taking turns drying each other off my ass was still smarting from the spanking Claire had given me. Before getting out of the bathroom we all took turns french kissing each other promising another erotic hour of hardcore bisex. Before leaving the bathroom Claire and I strapped on fresh 10in. dildos promising the boys some good old fashioned strapon fucking. I grabbed Michael and Claire grabbed Carl bending them over side by side on the bed. With a judicious amount of lube we were sliding our dildos in and out of the boys in no time. Spanking Michael's asscheeks I kept reminding him loudly that my cock will never be replaced by the real thing because mine can last all night long staying hard and never goes limp. The dildo I was fucking Michael with was actually longer and wider than Carl's dick so when I penetrated his freshly come filled canal Michael cried out as I stretched him even bigger. The dildo that Claire was fucking Carl with was a little thinner but she made sure that that he felt every last inch of it as she fucked him. Flipping the boys over we began fucking them on their backs holding their ankles high in the air splitting them in a V. Once again our dominant natures were taking over these nasty boys. Claire and I gave each other a high "five" as we fucked there assholes reminding them who actually was boss. Both Michael and Carl had huge erections showing evidence that the erection drugs we gave them were still working.

Pulling out of Michael's asshole I climbed on top of him stuffing his hard cock into my drooling pussy fucking him until he shot his last wad of the night. Allowing his cock to slowly slide from my semen filled pussy once again I grabbed his ankles holding him wide open and resumed fucking his ass. Claire tried a different variation on Carl fucking his ass and sucking his huge cockhead at the same time forcing him to fill her throat with semen. Spitting the contents into Carl's mouth Claire resumed fucking his asshole as well. We both know that the boys instantly lose interest in sex after an orgasm so this is the best time to take authority and continue fucking them whether they like it or not. Rolling them back over on their bellies we change partners fucking the boys for another half hour until both of us were satisfied that they understood we were in their superior owners.

We then ordered Michael to suck Carl hard one more time and to both of our surprised he was actually able to get Carl hard once again. I ordered Michael to sit on top of Carl's cock and fuck him to orgasm. Claire was feeding Carl her dirty dildo to suck on and I was feeding Michael my dildo forcing him to lick it clean as he fucked himself on Carl's cock. It was one nasty hot sensual night. I was sure that my mother would like to get a hold of all four of us and whip our butts and I'm sure she was going to do that quite soon but I didn't really care. I don't think we could have accomplished this secret mission in any other nastier way.

Taking another shower together we made Michael kneel down in the middle of the shower and all of us at the same time began giving him a golden shower spraying his body with warm pee. I finished by forcing Michael's head back and pissing into his mouth watching him gulp down several mouthfuls. Claire followed my lead pissing into Michael's mouth as well watching him swallow. Carl then offered his cock to Michael who began sucking a slow stream of urine down his throat. After Michael swallowed I slapped his face back and forth reminding him of that from this moment on he was my bisexual slave.

Wrapping our bath towels around each other and walked into the living room to quietly discuss what happened. All of us were still sexually aroused but the boys balls were aching from losing so much sperm. Both of their cocks were shriveled and limp. Michael's balls had actually ascended back into his body as if they were trying to hide. Before we began to talk we invited the boys to perform a formal cunnlinigus ritual kissing our pussies all over and sucking our labia lips and finally sucking our clitoris until we both screamed in orgasm. After the excitement finally wore off Carl and Michael were both slightly embarrassed when we started talking about what we all did together? We told them both that their lives would never be the same but that coming out as a bisexual would open new doors and sexual opportunities for pleasure. Claire reminded Carl about how much she loved his buttfucking and now he had twice as many people to enjoy it with. I reminded Michael that he has a sexy ass that the boys always take a second look at him wondering if they could fuck him; promising Michael that I would keep his ass humming with new cock.

I reminded the boys to hold off on masturbating for the next three to five days and that Michael would be given at least thirteen days to heal before his asshole would be violated again. I reminded Carl that I would insist that they go to bed alone before Michael fucked anyone else. We took the boys to their individual rooms locking them inside. Claire and I went to bed together spending the rest of the night making love eating each other's pussies and fucking each other with dildos until we were so sore and tired we just had to stop.

After Michael lost his anal cherry to Carl on Sunday I took him aside for a private intimate conversation about this new experience! When I pulled him surprisingly by his left ear lobe from the living room watching the football game with Carl, I was only dressed in black heels and black satin see through panties showing off my nicely shaped breasts and pointy erect nipples holding my favorite riding crop in my right hand. Claire decided to join me strapping on a huge black 10in. dildo dragging her 4ft. whip in hand and nothing more grabbing Carl's hand and pulling him reluctantly complaining into her bedroom. Claire told me that she was going to make sure Carl got a good reaming for fucking Michael's ass making sure that his ego was knocked down several notches again. Michael was nervous knowing that I had promised him a special slave whipping after he was well fucked by Carl.

Taking Michael into my bedroom alone locking him inside, I held him to me intimately kissing, hugging, and caressing his body as I seductively removed his clothes. By the time Michael was naked his cock was rock hard. He didn't know it at the time but his cock was not going to get much action anymore as a male submissive. Michael's asshole was going to be his main tool for pleasure. I forced Michael to get up on the bed lying on his belly facing the end of the bed. Walking back and forth in front of him I began questioning him about last night's session telling him to describe to me in full detail physically, psychologically, and spiritually what it meant to lose his cherry. I told him I wanted him to be perfectly honest and frank with me leaving nothing out including anything negative. I told him we had plenty of time but that when we're finished talking he was definitely going to feel the full brunt of my riding crop on his bare ass just like I promised. I was actually quite excited to hear his feelings knowing that it was the culmination of several months of coercing and training him to bend over for me in this way.

(Michael's Words)

Belinda you're the hottest mistress I will ever serve. I love you with all my heart and soul and will serve you for the rest of my life. I totally trusted you 100%! When you asked me to become bisexual, I think Carl was a little reluctant being the dominant one and was actually worried about being labeled as something other than heterosexual. When we first started sucking each other's cocks Carl definitely only did it because of the fear of the whippings he would get. It took both of us awhile to get used to swallowing each other's come after explosive orgasms. As you reassured us that everything we did would remain in the bedroom we got bolder and fellatio became a second nature. We actually enjoyed sucking each other hard when you and Claire wanted to use our hard cocks for your own pleasure. We always knew the day would come when Carl would be fucking me in the ass. Both of us were convinced that we deserved the same treatment having done our mistresses many times in the ass as well. I also knew that someday you would be having me suck other cocks as well. I think I was a good fellatio student and learned all your tips and techniques as I practiced on Carl filling my belly with the copious amounts of his sperm until his balls ached.

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