tagLoving WivesTraining His Wife

Training His Wife

byblack saphire©

** This is a story about a husband that wants to see his wife enjoy sex and this means enjoying it with other men. It is NOT about whoring her out but because of the strong love he feels for her, he wants her to lose all her inhibitions. If this kind of story offends you, then please move along and keep your comments to yourself. Chapter one explains how the wife cheats on him and how he holds no anger toward her - but he tells her she has to pay for her actions...**


Ellen stood in a black underwired teddy that pushed her naked breasts up. She wore a fishnet stockings and garters. No panties. Her hair was blown and her face was fully made up. She wore large hoop earrings and a black leather choker caressed her neck. Her husband David smiled at her as he passed her a long trench coat. She slipped it on, carefully buttoning it up. With the trench coat on, no one would guess how little she had on underneath, nor how sexy it was.

"Go to the Marriot and up to room 1622." David said, almost commanded, as he passed her a hotel key card. "It's all been arranged so just get there and wait."

Ellen started to say something but decided against it. She was caught in a conflict of emotions. In one way she was very curious as to how this was going to turn out. In another, she wished she didn't have to go through with this.

"Having second thoughts slut?" David asked almost wickedly. "Trust me baby. This is just the start of everything."

Ellen shook her head and kissed David. She picked up her handbag and made her way out and into the garage and stepped into her sleek BMW. As she drove to the Marriot, her thoughts went back to that fateful night two weeks ago.

*** *****

Ellen sneaked into the bedroom, glancing at the sleeping form of David. She was relieved he was asleep as she looked at the clock on the bedside table. 4am! She hadn't planned on getting home so late but the fact of the matter was it was 4am and she couldn't turn back time.

She stepped into the bathroom and peeled of her black dress. She unhooked her bra and checked in the mirror for any marks. There were none. Her head was light, due to the mix of alcohol as well as the fucking she had just received. Her pussy lips were still swollen and as she peeled off her black panties, she could see clumps of semen at the gusset. Quickly, she leaned outside the door and threw all 3 pieces of clothing into the laundry hamper just outside the bathroom door. She opened the shower cubicle door and stepped in, hoping the sound of the water pump wouldn't wake David.

Her husband of ten years handed been sleeping at all. David had been awake since 1am, looking out the window. When he saw the SUV turn into the secluded road to his house, he had shut off the light and peered out through the window. He had seen Ellen take longer than usual to step out of the car and he thought he saw a silhouette of two people exchanging some tongue. His stomach lurched but he calmed himself, figuring that she could just have leaned over to give whoever it was a peck on the cheek. He jumped back into bed and feigned sleep.

As soon as he heard the shower running, David jumped out of bed and carefully made his way to the laundry basket. He pulled out her black dress, smelling cigarette smoke in it. He then fished out her panties and found them wet at the gusset. No, not wet, they were soaked. He stared hard at them, using what little light emanated from the closed bathroom door. He sniffed at it and at once he knew what it was. Man Cum.

"Sonofabitch" He cursed softly to himself as he felt his stomach lurch again. He dropped the panties back into the hamper and made some noise as if he was getting out of bed. His bladder was full anyway, and he feigned sleep as he opened the bathroom door. He saw Ellen flinch as she saw him enter.

"Hi honey." He grunted as he flipped the toilet seat and took a pee. "What time did you get back?"

"Did I wake you with my shower?" she asked, avoiding the question.

"N-No.." David replied, making a mental note that she lied about the time she came home. "I was fast asleep but I had to pee. How come you showering this late?"

"Oh, you know how I hate smoke in my hair." She said, matter of factly as she stepped out of the shower. David glanced down at her trimmed pussy and noted the swollen lips.

"Humph." David grunted again. "So why you having a shower now if you got home an hour ago?"

Ellen giggled nervously. "I had something to eat first. I was famished and I sat watching some TV as I ate."

Lie number two.

"Humph." David grunted again. "I hope you didn't eat the lasagna, I was hoping to have that for breakfast."

"Ohh.. sorry. I did." Ellen giggled nervously again, making a mental note to quickly go to the kitchen and flush the lasagna down the waste disposal. "I need some water. You want anything?"

"No. No. you go ahead and come to bed." David made his way back to bed, not wanting to argue with Ellen at that hour of the day. He needed to think straight as well and didn't want her being able to worm her way out of this.

Ellen practically ran to the kitchen and flushed the lasagna down the waste disposal. She remembered to bring a glass of water back to the room and she climbed into bed. David was already turned with his back toward her and she slowly drifted off to sleep.

His mind worked furiously on overtime. He had often told Ellen that he wouldn't mind if she wanted to fuck other men -- just as long as she discussed it with him first. They had both shared fantasies of bringing in other people to share their bed but it had always remained a fantasy. In fact, she had always said that he was crazy to want her to fuck someone else.

David had tried to explain to her that it was only because he loved her so much that he wanted her to experience pure, unbridled sex. He explained that that could only be accomplished with more than one man.

Ellen had been a virgin when they had married and although she had fooled around with a few men before David, his was the only cock she had fucked. She had always maintained that she was satisfied with his cock and his cock alone. Her strict Catholic upbringing didn't help matters either. David had to admit that the sex was good and it had definitely come a long way since the days when he had popped her cherry. Still, it had gotten pretty boring of late and he felt that he wanted her to really experience sex in a completely uninhibited way. But she kept turning down his offer to bring another man into the scene.

That was what bothered him the most. He had told her she could do it, with whomever she wanted. Just as long as she told him about it Before the event and preferably to share the other man with him. But she had chosen to go down her own path. Worst of all, she had chosed to lie about it. That's what really bothered him. Her lies. He would have been able to handle it, albeit with some disappointment, if she had just told him straight out that she had fucked someone.

David slowly drifted off to sleep.

He slept in a little later than planned and when he awoke, there was the smell of bacon and pancakes in the house. A Sure sign of guilt, David thought to himself. He walked downstairs, a grim look on his face.

"Morning honey!" Ellen greeted him. He had to admit to himself that his wife was gorgeous. Even in a pair of old shorts and a tight t-shirt, she looked good. He decided to question her.

"So... umm..what time did you Crawl back in last night." He emphasized the word crawl.

"Oh...ummm I think about 245 or 3 maybe."

The time kept getting earlier and earlier

"Where did you go? I thought it was an office function." David prodded further.

"Umm yeah! But after that everyone wanted to go dancing."

"Uh huh. So where did you go dancing?" David asked, maintaining his cool.

"Uh, we went to Cube at the Marriot."

"You mean all of you went all the way there? That's clear across town from where your function was." David tried not to yell.

"Yeah, as I said, they wanted to go dancing."

"So who was there? Did Vanessa go? Audrey? Carol?" David was glad that he remembered some of the names that Ellen had mentioned.

"Errrr.. no, no they decided not to come."

"So who did you go with Ellen? Who was there?" David demanded.

"What's with all the questions David? I went dancing, that's all! I went with Paul and Martin." Ellen raised her voice.

"Just the three of you huh! How cozy." David spat back. "All the way across town just to go dancing."

"Yeah, dancing. Sometimes its nice to go dancing."

"Don't take me for a fool Ellen. I've always told you, be honest with me. So which one of the two was it. Which one did you fuck? And DON'T lie to me..." David demanded.

"David! What are you sayi..."

"Stop! I was awake last night. I checked your panties honey! There was cum dripping in them. Man cum! So STOP lying to me!"

Ellen suddenly looked down. Her whole demeanor changed -- for a split second -- then she looked fiery again.

"You always said you didn't mind if I fucked someone else!"

"Don't throw this back at me!" David countered. "You were supposed to tell me you wanted to fuck someone else. You were supposed to do it WITH me! Not run around and screw someone without my knowing. And why? Why lie to me afterward?

He was glad that he had straightened out his arguments the previous night.

"Why lie baby? Why lie to me??"

Ellen started to cry softly. "Im sorry David, I didn't plan it. I swear I didn't. It just kinda happened that's all. At the back of my mind I knew I shouldn't have -- that I should have waited and told you first. It just happened David!"

"So... where did you do it? And who was it?" David asked softly. "Sit down and tell me everything."

"It was Paul honey. We had all had a bit to drink, then some more at the Cube. I was kind of tipsy and Paul was being extra attentive to me. Telling me all sorts of things like how hot I looked and everything. Then Martin picked up this girl and left. So it was just Paul and me. We started kidding around and I kinda told him about how you were open to the idea of me with other men. He wouldn't let up on that topic and all the way back he kept being suggestive. His hands were up my skirt, fondling my pussy. I just got so turned on honey. I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen."

"And why lie Ellen?" David asked, maintaining his composure.

"I don't know honey. I don't know. I just felt ashamed. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!"

"Where did he fuck you?" David went on.

"It was just a quickie honey. His SUV. There's plenty space in the back. He just pushed my panties aside and we fucked. Oh god! I'm sorry!"

"Okay. First thing, no more lies. Secondly, I need to think about this." David said.

"What are you saying honey? Think about what? What are you going to do?"

"Everything has recriminations honey. I'm not leaving you, that's for sure. I love you too much. I just need time to think and there will be action." David explained. "I'm just mad as hell that you lied to me. I'm also mad as hell that you don't take opportunities that I provide for you but you prefer to get seduced without me knowing. "

** *****

Ellen pulled into the Marriot, not know what to expect. She locked the car and made her way to the lobby. She looked around her, hoping she didn't see anyone she knew. She quickly walked to the elevator and went up to the 16th floor. Ellen located room 22 and slipped in the key card that David had given her. She walked in and was somewhat relieved that she was still alone.

David had told her to wait, so she did just that. She sat on the bed, still in he trench coat and waited. Her mind was busy, thinking over all the events that had led her here. After ticking her off, David had been his usual self. Every now and again he would pass a caustic remark but other than that he was normal. The only major difference was that they hadn't had sex in that time.

She was shaken out of her reverie by the sound of the door opening. Her heart froze as she saw two well built men walk in. Both were carrying large briefcases -- the kind that pilots use. One of the men was white and the other black. She opened her mouth to question them but thought better of it.

"You must be the slut cheating whore." The black man announced. "I'm Tom and this here is Tim."

Tim and Tom -- I'm sure those aren't there real names. Ellen thought quietly to herself.

"David's told us all about you honey." Tim said. "He only left out the part about what a good looker you are."

"W-what are you going to do to me?" She asked softly, her eyes still looking at the floor.

Both men laughed. "David didn't tell you?" Tim asked.

"N-No. He just told me to come up here and wait."

"Well, first thing we need to know is, Are you a cheating whore?" Tom, the black man said.

"I-it was just the once. I didn't mean it."

"Are You A Cheating Whore?" Tom pounded out!

"H-he said it was alright to have another man. He said it was okay!" Ellen protested, almost driven to tears.

"You ARE A Cheating Whore! Say it!" Tom had moved close in to her and was practically barking in her face.

Ellen continued to look down, her heart beating wildly.

"SAY IT!" Tom yelled at her.

"I-I'm a...a cheat... cheating w-whore." She whispered.

"That you are. You one cheating whore whose gonna learn a few things." Tom said. "Stand up and take off that coat"

Ellen stood and slowly unbuttoned her coat, revealing her black teddy, fishnets and garters.

"I see David dressed you well." Tim smirked as he walked up to her and cupped her pussy. He felt it roughly for a moment.

"Cheating whores should have their pussies shaved." He announced. "Shall we do it now or later?"

"Leave it." Tom said. "Lets get started."

Tom pushed her back on the bed and Ellen lay back with a mix of curiosity and fear. He pulled her legs upwards, bending them at the knees. He spread her legs wide and she felt him prodding at her vagina. Slowly he inserted one finger into her, moving it all around. Ellen grimaced. She was never fond of getting her pussy fingered even though David had brought her to intense orgasm many times with his fingers. Each time David put his fingers in her, she fought it.

Tom pushed another finger into her, causing her to grimace again. He worked his fingers in her, loosening her up. Ellen sighed softly as the first feelings of sexual arousal starting to build in the pit of her stomach. She bit her lip, trying to fight it.

Tom curled his fingers in her, seeking the ridge of flesh in the upper wall of her pussy that he knew, with the proper stimulus, would drive her into throes of pleasure. He applied gentle pressure on her upper wall, slowly drawing his fingers out and then back in again, teasing the ridged flesh.

Ellen moaned, her breath catching in her chest. She couldn't fight this anymore and her hips started to move slowly against Tom's fingers. His fingers moved faster in her and the gentle teasing was giving way to hard and fast fingering. There was a sudden urgency to his fingers now.

Ellen moaned louder as her hips thrusted forcefully against Tom's hand. She gasped as she felt her pussy starting to tremble. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Her stomach clenched and her pussy seemed to tighten deep inside her. She let out a guttural scream as her body shook and shook in orgasm. Her hips raised up high and her thighs trembled before her ass collapsed back on the bed.

"Oh God! What did you do to me?" She moaned.

"See what you been missing slut?" Tom laughed. "David told us you don't like being fingered. Matter of fact, David told us a lot of things."

Tom knelt before the bed and spread her legs wider. He lowered his mouth to her steaming cunt and proceeded to eat her. Ellen began to moan again as she felt the hot tongue slobbering up her hole. Her hands flew to Tom's head and she guided him, pulling him in a little and to the side so that he got the proper angle.

"Oh yess.... There... There... don't stop."

Tom licked earnestly, enjoying the taste of her hot pussy. He drove her to the brink and just as he sensed she would cum, he stopped and kissed her inner thighs. He kept doing this, exciting her and then stopping at the crucial moment.

"Oh Godd!! You're teasing me... let me cum... pls.. pls... don't stop... let me cum!"

Tom ignored her pleas and kept sucking, stopping and then sucking again. Ellen felt so horny, she started to pinch her own nipples, trying to get some extra stimuls to drive her off the edge. Unfortunately Tom knew exactly what he was doing and knew just when to stop to prevent her from going over the edge.

"Oh God.. if you wont let me cum, at least fuck me.. please!"

Ellen had never begged for release before, she had never begged for cock and she was doing it now. Tom stopped likcing her pussy and moved his tongue down to lick at the rose bud of her anus.

"No... No.. not there! I don't like it!" Ellen protested.

As before, Tom ignored her and kept licking at her anus. Now he alternated between her anus and her pussy and Ellen began to moan uncontrollably. She had always fought David trying to lick her ass and now she was actually beginning to enjoy it.

Ellen suddenly gasped loudly as Tom stuck his finger deep in her anal passage quickly followed by another finger in her cunt. He moved them in and out of her, almost sadistically and then squeezed his fingers together. She could feel the pressure on the thin membrane separating her anal passage from her love channel. She groaned deeply. With his fingers buried in her two canals, he kept on the relentless assault of her pussy with his tongue.

Ellen was consumed by a lust she could neither understand nor control Her hips bucked up at him, forcing his fingers deeper into her.

"Oh God! Let me suck your cock!" she pleaded. Ellen was in undeniable lust and she yearned for a cock to fill her mouth.

Tim laughed softly. "I was waiting for you to lose it."

He climbed on to the bed, throwing one leg over her. He positioned his crotch over her face.

"Take it out bitch."

Ellen needed no further coaxing. As if in a dream, she raised her hands to unbuckle his belt and then pulled his pants downward. She drew his cock out of his underpants as Tim helped her by pulling his pants downward. She gasped as her eyes took in the sight of his cock. He wasn't overly huge but by no means was he small either. She gazed lustfully at the dark pink knob of flesh being proferred to her.

Ellen raised her head a little as she placed her hands behind Tim and pulled him into her mouth. She bagan to suck with abandon, her senses totally awash with lust.

"Mmmppphh...Mmmppphh... Mmmppphh" she moaned around the cock in her mouth. She didn't waste any time with licking the glans or teasing the shaft. She just sucked him hard, using her mouth like it was a cunt fucking him.

Ellen almost screamed in protest as she felt Tom removing his fingers and tongue from her. She would have if not for the fact that she was pistoning her mouth on Tim's cock. She faintly heard the sound of a zipper and then she felt something hard and hot pressing against her vulva.

The cock speared slowly into her, separating her cuntal lips and stretching her insides like never before. Ellen hissed at the feeling of fullness in her pussy -- almost to the point of pain. She was thankful that Tom had worked her up and caused her cunt to be nice and lubricated. She felt the thick meat pushing deeper into her, almost driving out the air from her lungs. Finally she felt his stop and he tensed his cock inside of her, causing the insides of her cunt to stretch even more.

Just as she had gotten used to his cock being inside of her, he began to move. Ellen wanted to cry out with ecstacy as her pussy began to spasm hotly, finally allowed to cum after being kept on the brink all this while. She sucked harder at the cock in her mouth as she thought she saw flashes of white light dazzling in her brain.

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