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Training Kathy


Finally, finally a meeting with him. Kathy shook inside a little as she thought about it. He had teased her for so long online. Every detail he teased her with seemed pulled from her mind. Wicked sensual thoughts, dreams she buried deep, almost ashamed at the raw need they exposed. They had talked back and forth, flirtatious sexy banter. Each time he pushed her more, pulled her closer as she did his bidding. She had sat so many times, dressed as he instructed. Sometimes she wore nothing, other times items he carefully chose. Shoes that arched her calf just so and nothing else, a t-shirt that barely covered her puffy nipples. Lingerie in lace and satin, colors that accented her beauty.

She stared at the screen, placing the nipple clamps on as he commanded, pulled herself painfully, wetness seeping her chair as she did his bidding, loving the sensations of lost control, subjugation to another's will. Kathy pushed fingers in her pussy, her ass as told, sucking them as she frantically typed to let him know she was his pet, his slave. The hours blurred into orgasm and frustration, as she wanted real flesh to taste, to smell, run her tongue over. After finally pleading online to her new master, an action that seemed to please him immensely, he relented. It was so simple in the end. Another e-mail like so many others, but this one short and direct. A time, a place, clothes to wear, items to bring. No hello, no small talk. She read and obeyed; knowing that this session with this man was for him, and through that for her as well.

She arrived exactly as arranged. Kathy stood as tall as she could, hoping her swell of breasts would please him. He had not asked for slut clothes, which surprised her. Instead she wore a navy pantsuit, white blouse. Tasteful and simple she was surprised that this nonsexual clothing was having the opposite effect on her. Her panties were soaked through as she stood at the door, the lace of her bra rubbing so teasingly against her nipples. She carried a small bag, its contents well known to her already, her scent on all of them. He opened the door, saying nothing at first, eyes locked on her for an agonizing time. He did not sweep over her body, instead fixing his gaze on her eyes. Kathy crumbled inside, casting her eyes down, compliant.

"Better....better. If you come in Kathy, you are mine for the whole time. I want you to understand that. This is your choice, but you will be pushed harder that in the past. I know your safeword, but remember. If you use it we are over. Trust yourself and trust me and we'll find out what you really crave, need. Decide Kathy, NOW." He waited, face expressionless, giving her no hints.

She stood trembling, as a thousand bees bit her insides. Kathy hesitated for only a second, his words ringing in her as she stepped in and without command, assumed her position. She was on her knees in his home, her head down on the floor, hands back waiting for his desires.

He circled her; silently taking his jacket off, dropping it in front of her still bowed face. He pulled her chin up then, pulling her up to a sitting position. Forcefully he tore her suit from her, ripping fabric as he went, brutal but so fast she never had a chance to breathe or react. In a blink she went from dressed to now prostrate, only her bra and thong still on. Taking her hair now he pulled her up fully. Kathy felt the cold metal, the 'clink' as the cuffs secured her hand back, hard as it pushed her tits out, her arms back far behind her. He casually smiled to himself as he cut her bra off, holding it in front of her eyes. As Kathy felt the metal of the scissors on her thigh as he traced her outline she came inside a little, the liquid staining the front dark. He saw this dark evidence and again held her hair, pulling it hard, his lips on her ear.

"Were you told to cum slut?....were you given permission....?" he hissed in her ear, his breath scalding her. " No sir...no.." Kathy managed to squeak out finally, her breathing coming in gasps now as he bent her down. " Ankles cunt.... hold your ankles. You WILL NOT CUM WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM ME!..........Thank me for each reminder of what you are with me..."

He no longer held the scissors, instead pulled her underwear down to her knees, pulling her legs as far apart as they would go. Standing there with her legs spread, her panties at her knees Kathy felt humiliated, hot, close to Cumming again. She bit her lip so he could not see. Kathy bent down farther, hands gripping her ankles as he started to hit her. God the heat from each blow on her naked ass was more than she had felt from other masters. His hand seemed to be huge, each spank leaving a red handprint. At each one Kathy said "thank you sir, thank you", each one more sincere than the last. At 20 he stopped. Kathy was leaking down her thighs now, orgasm so close to the surface. GOD, please... please... touch me she thought in her head. Instead he stood back, now finishing his own disrobing. Kathy had her head down still so did not see the engorged cock as it bobbed in front of her hair that spilled down. He tapped the back of her head lightly then. Greedily she opened her mouth, hoping to draw him in. Again he was so controlled, wanting to fuck her mouth now, instead just resting it beyond her open hole. Kathy could smell him, his soap, the sweat on him now rising.

He finally stepped forward, pushing his fat cock into her mouth. He did not pause as a lover would. He pushed past her tongue, straight to her throat. Kathy sputtered, gagging as her held the back of her head, this deep an invasion not expected. As her air cut off and a panic started he pulled back, the strings of her saliva now connecting them. His balls were wet from her drooling. Air rushed in to her lungs, the cock now back on her, seeming to reach deeper than any of the others. She realized he was counting, telling her that at ten she could draw back. His voice sounded far away, but she did as he told her, holding him in her throat till he released her. He did this again and again, Kathy close to passing out finally from oxygen deprivation, that giddy feeling of total relaxation now the only sensation she could feel. She no longer felt her arms pinned back, the hands yanking her head back and forth, no longer heard him. A final plunge in deep and her world went black, smiling she passed out.

Kathy woke up now on her back, the pleasure still making her giggle as she felt her wrists now tied above her head, her legs again spread wide. Her back was supported on a padded bench. The chair she was on had been made just for him. It looked from above like a 'Y' upside down, her legs the widely spread 'v', her body and hands the bottom marker. Held this way her pussy and anus were exposed to him, her head could be turned to either side, his prick to be sucked at his will. He showed her the anal plug now, smiling as he placed it in her mouth to wet it. He then pushed it in her, just slow enough to allow Kathy to relax enough to not hurt too bad as she was suddenly full there. Nipple clamps were next, his fingers swift to squeeze her hard, the clamp following immediately. They bit her wonderfully.

He pulled a small stool up then, his face positioned at her cunt. He sniffed her then, like an animal tests the air. Kathy cried out as finally she felt the wet tongue stroking her, his fingers spreading her open. He licked around her clit, then sucked it, pleasure swirling in her head and gut. "cum" he said quietly.

At his command the flood gates opened, release filling her as she heaved against the restraints, Cumming for her master now, wetting his face as she strove to keep the waves going, his tongue and fingers seemingly everywhere in her. Her ass sucked at the probe there, each orgasmic contraction in her thighs and stomach a kiss. Satisfied now he pulled back. The butt plug was pulled out with no warning, the tension of being empty now so strange. He felt she was now ready for the next step. She stepped in then, her old world gone, the new passions unspoken but waiting.

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