Training Mom


"I like that gown. It's pure silk isn't it? Take it off. The underwear too." Libby felt she was towering over the woman hunched over subdued, seeming to shrink down all the more at being naked. Casually looking through the wardrobe she tried to think what would be suitable for this humble servant. Something demeaning was needed to keep her in place. It suddenly occurred to her. "Of course, what you need, its obvious, a cheap nylon maids uniform. "Follow me." On the floor above were attic rooms furnished for the maid but at the foot of the stairs she stopped. The young woman strode purposefully back to her room with Sophie scurrying behind anxious to have something to cover her naked body. Disappearing into her own walk in wardrobe she began rummaging for something. With a grin spread across her face Libby found it abandoned and forgotten, emerging triumphant with a crumpled piece of material. "This will do for you." She said, dropping it at Sophie's feet.

Pulling it into shape she found it was a child's nurse's outfit consisting of a cotton dress with a little cap and apron. Libby was busy cutting off a red cross from the apron and cap. The dress was a tight fit but she had lost some weight while away and managed to squeeze into it. The material was thin but gave a little. While she tied on the apron and fitted the cap into her hair Libby rummaged for something else. Black stockings were an obvious accessory and a pair of little girls' frilly white knickers too. Attempting to roll the tight dress up her thighs to get the knickers on Libby became impatient. "Stop it you'll split the dress. They'll show through anyway. I can't wait all day. Come on I want my breakfast." The dress would have been difficult to walk in with it hugging her body like a sheath but it was so short it hardly covered her thighs. As much as it hugged her bottom so to her breasts were tightly embraced, squashed up into a deep cleavage ready to pop out. There didn't seem to be room for underwear and none was offered anyway.

Being served breakfast by Sophie in this ridiculous get-up satisfied Libby more than the first idea of a maids overall. Having her clean the kitchen and perform every menial task thought of, was satisfying, but she wondered what else to do with her. The front door bell chimed and before she could tell her to see who it was she noticed the look on Sophie's face. Dressed, as she was, the thought of someone seeing her brought out a look of dire dread. It was so amusing to see the imploring expression that she couldn't resist.

"Off you go. It won't be anyone you know, you don't have any friends around here." She said, rubbing it in that there would be no saviour to this ill treatment. Walking back into the dinning room ahead of three young people the embarrassment was richly etched upon a stricken face. "Hi. Dawn, Paul. Nice to see you and you too Ricky." They stared at Sophie until she left the dinning room when they grouped around Libby with exited grins on their faces. "Don't say a word. Just try and act casual. OK! Just don't call her Mrs Howarth or mother!" She whispered. They giggled attempting to suppress their laughter trying to calm down.

"What do you call her then?" Dawn asked.

Libby was stumped for a moment. "I hadn't thought of that. I just order her around." Again they laughed and wondered if she could hear them. "Have you had breakfast? It doesn't matter I just want to show her off." Libby told them. She went to fetch her new toy eager to show it off. Behind her Sophie meekly followed dreading what was to come. They ordered cool drinks vying with each other to think up something that took the most effort for their servant to prepare. The dress was riding up as she fetched and carried each time the young men wondered if her nipples would pop out as she tugged at the hem. The thin material revealed the outline of her body clearly showing she wore no underwear, especially when passing through the light streaming through the French doors. The young men appreciated the outfit and Libby was put out that she was losing their attention.

When their obedient servant splashed a fresh fruit cocktail over Paul, Libby reprimanded her severally. Eager to make amends she quickly bent to the task of rubbing his trousers with a napkin, which he obviously enjoyed with the amusement spreading a contorted look of pleasure across his face. From where Ricky was sitting he couldn't help but see up her dress with his face turning red with embarrassment though he carried on staring mesmerised at the sight of her nakedness. Every time she bent forward he had a glimpse of swollen lips pushing between her thighs. "What do you think you're doing?" Ricky looked away embarrassed as Libby came over to them. "Not you Ricky. This slut. Look at you. Slut!" Libby fumed. "You need to be punished for that exhibition. Do you remember the punishment you received from your trainer?" Libby asked.

Sophie furtively looked around the room intuitively knowing they too had read those humiliating reports from the trainer. So now she knew why they had so easily taken part in the abuse. She just couldn't bring herself to say a word in defence while all the time nervously pulling at the back of the dress trying to cover up the thoughtless action of revealing herself to Ricky. It had been so foolish to bend over Paul but couldn't stop from rubbing him or think of anything but pleasing him, making amends for the mistake. The training had been as good as the trainer promised.

Looking at Libby she pleaded with her eyes not daring to speak. Her face plainly revealed she knew what was being suggested and it was plain she wanted to say, "Please, not here, not now!" Wanting to appease Libby she simply answered. "Yes, mistress."

"What was the punishment?"

"Spanked, mistress." She said quietly.

"Speak up. What was your punishment, slut?" Libby asked, enjoying the obvious anguish of her mother squirming before her and her friends.

"I was spanked, mistress." Wanting to appease her, Sophie was willing to bear the shame and say anything, however embarrassing, just so it would stop, allowing her to slink back to the kitchen.

"So what is your punishment to be now?" Libby goaded her.

About to yell out in protest she bit her lip. "A spanking mistress." With Libby prodding her back she slowly slipped over Paul's lap until she could feel his bulge throbbing tight against her belly. The little dress was up over her hips revealing everything to them all. Wanting it to be over with she felt the seconds agonisingly filled with the pain of disgrace. Paul was unsure but with Libby gesturing silently to him with hearty air slaps he lifted his hand for a testing swipe at the naked bottom posed before him. The sound was a proper thwack filling the silent room with its strangeness. The second was more confident and stung his hand, which he guessed, her too. By the time he had assumed some confidence it was over. His hand had come temptingly close to touching her between the legs only everyone was intently watching every stroke.

Thankful it was over she stood pulling at the hem of the little dress. Paul noticed her hard nipples staring back at him through the thin fabric, which was being stretched over them each time she pulled at it. "Ricky now." Libby demanded. Demurring from this new threat she backed way having assumed that was it. The word 'why' hung between them, after all hadn't she already been punished, it wasn't fair. "For showing yourself off to Ricky like a slut. Over." She said, pointing to the waiting lap.

Ricky needed no further prompting; he slapped the bare cheeks ignoring his stinging hand relishing the marks on her bottom. Too much Libby thought and called it enough. Before she slipped off his lap he managed to slide his fingers across her swollen lips hoping no one noticed.

"Now come here." Libby demanded. Without another word she pulled the errant servant over her lap and spanked the already red cheeks. Her mother squirmed more in shame than pain. "That's for letting me down in front of my guests. In future you will be an obedient and careful servant. Get another drink for Paul. No don't pull your dress down leave it where it is. We will all be reminded of your stupid behaviour and you will be too." Libby ordered her. They admired her red bottom as she ran from the room.

"Wow!" Ricky exclaimed. "I've just spanked Mrs Howarth's bottom." They laughed nervously not expecting the game to go that far but it did conclusively prove Libby had her under control as the trainers report had promised.

"Well, it's weird for me too. I had never imagined spanking my mom." Libby admitted with a shrug. "This is revenge for all those times we were grounded or made to do stuff. We can all get our own back on parents through her." Libby told them. They nodded thoughtfully though the guys were thinking of something completely different form the girls. They would like to take it out on her all right.

Paul sat in shock quietly contemplating what he had just done, then spoke up. "It looks as though you've found her a name. Slut." He explained, to their blank looks.

Dawn had silently encouraged them but now she broke in. "Did you notice how excited she was? Slut seems appropriate." Libby looked at her a moment then it occurred to her too. It was obvious. She hadn't noticed, being distracted by the sheer audacity of what they had done to her. When she returned with a drink they keenly looked over her body only now noticing the hairs between her legs glistening and her nipples pointing hard through the thin fabric. "You're a lewd slut." Libby commented gleefully. "I've decided from now on your name will be Slut. What do you say to that, Slut?"

"Yes mistress." Sophie quavered.

"What is your name, tell me."

"My name is Slut, mistress." Sophie replied with a suppressed sob. So they had guessed at how excited she had become by all this attention to her body. It had been so long since having sex she had unknowingly grown frustrated. Suddenly her mind and body had been bombarded with overwhelming feelings from their teasing and furtive touching so now it was impossible to control her body's natural or maybe unnatural reaction. Woefully she felt it an appropriate name bringing home the state she had been reduced to.

With Libby's mother walking around bare assed the lad's conversation lapsed every time she entered the room so Libby decided to do something about it. She had caught sight of Ricky furtively sliding his hand between her thighs but said nothing wondering what to do about it. Strangely Sophie hadn't flinched from him or indicated anything was amiss. "OK. Lets see if we can find something for this Slut to wear. It will be like playing at dressing our dolls like we used to." Libby said with a snigger. The lads were delighted on realising they were to be included, like teenagers excited at the prospect of a daring illicit game. Off they went upstairs chattering to each other heading for the bedrooms with Sophie in tow and Ricky following keenly watching every movement of her bottom.

At first she had thought there was to be some respite to the assault upon her body having heard she was going to be dressed but the humiliation continued. Standing naked before the young men while the young women argued over how to dress her left her feeling more aroused bringing with it a deeper shame. The way the lads were looking at her body it was important Libby got this game out of her system as quickly as possible. Their relationship could return to the usual stand off with neither intruding into the others life and she could put this stupid episode behind her. Until then she would have to endure the torment, after all it was her fault she was in this predicament.

Her hair was spiked with gel, the make-up a heavy black with a false safety pin through one nostril to complete a Goth look. A bin bag from the kitchen was serving as a dress tightly revealing every curve of her body. The girls could see it would be a torture for her not to wear underwear leaving her looking as lascivious as before. A pair of black platform shoes left her wobbling with every step to the car. A visit to the mall for a shopping trip with her daughter hadn't been dreamed of especially this nightmare trip. Shoppers were avoiding looking at her though some couldn't help themselves. At least no one would recognise her under the lavish make up, it was as though she could display herself while in disguise. With all responsibility stripped away she felt free to recklessly exhibit her body in this familiar public place.

"Hi, guys." Libby greeted a group of rough looking teens. Strolling through the mall was one thing but being confronted with a bunch of wild looking teenagers brought the danger of the situation into stark reality. How should she react? She couldn't expect them to treat her like a responsible parent looking like this so what could she do if they got out of hand? "This is my cousin." Her daughter had introduced her as 'Slut' to which she nervously smiled just in time refraining from offering them her hand to shake. They nodded and grunted attempting to take her sensuous look casually, not quite succeeding.

The leader of their gang had to reassert him self, telling her. "You seem pleased to see me." He said, looking directly at the engorged nipples stretching at thin black plastic to almost breaking point. They laughed and gathered round for a closer look making out to pinch them with ribald remarks until a nudge pushed a hand onto her breast. Unable to step away in the awkward shoes they took advantage of her confusion to pinch and squeeze them pushing Sophie to the limit of endurance unable to believe what was happening. Right there in a public mall where she had once calmly shopped these young men were mauling her body.

Libby intervened, telling them, "I told you her name was Slut and it suits her don't you think." They laughed loudly with more suggestions as to how she could live up to the name. One of them suggested she join them as their gang slut. "I'm sure she'd love to." Libby said without a trace of humour.

Sophie near fainted at the thought of her daughter giving her away to these rough looking teenagers. They became more emboldened by their own excitement. Paul caught her but couldn't prevent her sliding to the floor where she bumped her bare bottom. "What a hairy bush you have Slut." One of them said, which at least kept the rabble quiet for a moment while Paul lifted her to her feet. Ricky at last responded by taking hold of one arm then pushing at them telling them to leave her alone. A tussle for possession started with the younger men winning leaving her winded amongst scrabbling hands and arms being slowly dragged deeper into their group.

The fear of being hauled away to their lair like some trophy was real, made all the more serious being named Slut. They already expected her to live up to the name. One of them cupped her bare bottom in his hand a finger crawling closer to her hole. Desperately needing to pull away she found it impossible to move without falling off the high platform shoes. Then it occurred to her it was the training that held her back. These young men would order her around like a slut and she would obey. She looked at Sophie with a pitiful look, a tear decorating one cheek.

A security guard appeared out of nowhere parting them like Moses, telling them to move on. "I might have guessed a female would be the cause of trouble. Get off home before I call the cops." He told the gang. Taking in the expensive clothing and jewellery of Libby and her friends, he told them, "Get off home you four. Your parents won't want to see you taken home by the cops. You kids! I guess your parents wouldn't give a damn but I do. Whatever your up to, do it somewhere else. And take trouble with you."

"My god!" Sophie thought. "I've been ordered away with these delinquents."

Libby spoke up emphasising her classy accent. "She's with us."

"Is she really with you?" The security guard took a hold of Sophie's arm. "Well, don't hang out with that rabble. You get home and get some clothes on. You do as this girl tells you or your be in trouble."

"Oh! Thank you Mistress. I promise to behave." Sophie gushed. "I'm so sorry." She apologised, still in shock from the gangs' molestation and her stimulation to it. Thankfully they had been oblivious to her excitement.

The group laughed at the sincerity of Libby's mother scrabbling to please. The black plastic bag dress was now ripped leaving even less to the imagination while she scrabbled to hold it together. Trembling with thoughts of what might have happened if he hadn't intervened she kept close to them walking through the mall. In a quiet corner by the entrance to the parking lot a grimy storefront loomed up before Sophie. She hadn't managed to calm herself enough to hear their mischievous conversations so missed what was in store next.

"Hi, Judy. Yah! Long time no see. She could do with your special beauty treatment. A facial, the works, give her a treat. OK!" Led away to a cubicle she was told to strip off what remained of the bin bag. The hefty woman gave no option but to do as she was told though it sounded as though she was at last being given a treat after all that mistreatment. She had always enjoyed being pampered at a beauty salon and although the paper towel over the massage table was less than she was used to the woman's strong arms looked business like. On seeing the only garment she had screwed up in disgust and dropped into a bin by the woman hardly mattered for the girls had said they would be back from shopping to collect her. Perhaps the scary gang had sobered Libby up to become more responsible and would return with something respectable.

The pain was a sharp unexpected shock opening her eyes wide from what she had thought was a light trim of her pubic hair. She had clamped her eyes shut in embarrassment when the woman, without a word of explanation, had started to trim the hair between her legs. Never having experienced a wax treatment she was totally unprepared. So the torture was to continue.

"Judy I'm back. How's it going? Well look at that. I bet that hurt." Libby laughed smugly. "We couldn't decide what to get or what size she is so we'll have to take her for a tour of the mall. Where's her dress?"

It was held up between Judy's fingers in an arm outstretched to indicate its offensiveness, having become nothing but a scrap of crumpled plastic. Sophie looked at it flutter back into the rubbish with a look of disbelief that not only had she lost this inadequate covering she was without even her pubic hair for protection. What humiliation was she to suffer next? Was she expected to walk around the mall completely naked without even a hair as a shield? Libby silently pointed to a photo pinned to the wall while looking Judy in the eye for them to share a knowing smile. The woman's beloved artistic skill was in demand.

In trepidation Sophie only just let them shepherd her out of the store with the promise they weren't going to tour the mall for clothes after all. Catching sight of her body in the smoky glass of the storefront she almost believed she was dressed. The body paint presented the illusion that she was dressed in a black leotard with a shirt over it. It was funny to think she looked more decently dressed than when in the bin bag while now she was completely naked with even her nether lips bare. Her hair had been washed out and the make up was almost normal. When they pulled up in the old down town area of nightclubs Libby had to pull on a nipple to get her out of the car. It was dark but walking the streets naked was pushing her too far. Libby and her friends didn't think so. Keeping her head bowed not wanting to see if anyone noticed how vulnerable she was it suddenly occurred to her the others weren't around. Frantically looking up and down the street she saw them leaning out the car laughing at her, a block away on the other side of the street. To get back to what little security they provided in the car, she would have to cross in the full glare of headlights and street lamps.

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