tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraining the Princess

Training the Princess


Why did I leave the castle grounds? What was I thinking? She just wanted to get away for a day, escape the strict rule and guard on the palace. She was a princess, and was thus suspected of being a target for the Damdren armies to take. She'd been shadowed by guards for the past eighteen years, though in the past two months, as the Damdren forces were more bold in their attacks, coming further into the Kingdom. She couldn't take two steps without a heavily armed man starting to move with her. She felt trapped, suffocated.

So, she'd gone out riding. Alone. She knew going alone was not the wisest decision, but with her guards and ladies she knew she wouldn't have the freedom to ride hard, to just let go. She snuck into the stables early that morning, long before the sun rose, and readied her horse. She took off south, riding fast, watching as the sun slowly rose to her left, her shadow on the horse but a blur on the green fields. She rode through the day, stopping only to rest her horse and herself, enjoying the mindlessness of just riding, watching the countryside fly past her, leaving her cares behind.

The sun was low in the west when she finally felt ready to return home. She at least no longer wanted to run from the kingdom screaming, for now. She turned her horse, and slowly began to trot home, letting her mind and horse rest a bit. She rode as if in a daze as the sky darkened, trusting her horse to know the way home -- he'd never led her astray before, she gently patted his chestnut neck, murmuring words of encouragement. She noticed his ears perk up and his head swivel towards the rocky dell by a bridge crossing over a large river. Curious, she led her horse closer, wondering what it was that caught his attention. She tethered Kaheba by a tall tree and crept closer to the dell, hearing the deep voices of men laughing darkly. She peered over, a growing dread in her heart as she recognized the grey and dirty red colors of the armed men of Damdren. Two officers sat on rocks by the hill, watching as five men set up camp in the flats.

Isola knew this must be a scout group, sent out to observe the actions of the people in the outskirts of her land. She wished desperately now that she'd brought her guards with her. She was scared to see these men with their long swords and axes sitting mere yards away from her. She had to get away, warn the nearest village that Damdren men were in the area, plotting against them. She backed away slowly, praying to the gods that the men not notice her when a loud snapping noise reached her ears, followed by the clatter of hooves as Kaheba raced off. Something was wrong. How did he get free? The answer soon became clear as a tall thin man dressed in deep grey approached from the direction of the tree Kaheba had been tied to. "Well, what is a girl with a horse from the royal stables doing all the way out here?" he asked, drawing ever closer as she backed away, her mind a blur.

"You don't look like a royal, girl." he said, eyes scanning her body, taking in every inch of her body under her dirt stained shift, her wind whipt hair giving her a wild look. "Haven't been stealing, have you? Not my kingdom, wench, you can tell me."

Realizing the scout didn't recognize her in her travel stained shift she couldn't decide if this worked in her favor or not. Being recognized as the princess could be her ruin, having the princess kidnapped and under threat would give Damdren very much the upper hand. She knew her parents would give anything to have her back. She couldn't let her kingdom become trapped by the Damdren armies. She'd have to play along... Maybe they would let her go if they thought she was a girl fleeing the castle. Surely they could relate to another supposed enemy of the KNIFES people.

"I had to get away from the palace, I was put into the service of the princess by my parents... I couldn't stand being there any longer." she said, adjusting her voice, trying to imitate the accent of the people in the court of palace who once lived in the outskirts. Their voices seemed to have carried, one of the officers was climbing up the dell to see who their scout had discovered.

"Save your story, girl. We'll go tell it to the rest of the company. I'll let the officers decide what to do with you... A pretty young wench like you, I'm sure they'll think of something for you to do." He grasped her roughly by the arm, pulling her down into the valley. The officers called to him and beckoned bring the girl to the fire they'd started "Well Harker, what's this you found?" one of them asked, her eyes looking hungrily at her, she found herself wishing she'd worn a cloak over her thin dress.

"A runaway from the castle, she claims," said the man still gripping her arm, "found a horse with the royal brand tethered to a tree, broke the branch he was tied to when I got near. He took off towards the forest."

"Well what a pretty run away" an office said, approaching Isola and grasping her chin in his hand. Her heart was pounding, petrified of making a wrong move. She just wanted to not attract attention, to get out of there, go into the woods to find Kaheba and get home. "What is it you're running from, girl?"

"Please, sir. I was given to serve the princess by my parents. I was treated cruelly by members of the court..." she stuttered, saying a silent prayer that they would believe her and let her go. "I wasn't running anywhere, I just wanted to get as far from the castle as I could. A man there... he wouldn't leave me alone... he would beat me." She knew such cruelty was common in the Damdren kingdom, and only hoped they would accept her story as true.

A second office approached, circling her, "What do you think, Cordon, he said, addressing the office still gripping her chin, turning her head side to side, "Looks well cared for for a servant. Her dress may be dirty, but" he said, reaching out and rubbing the fabric between his fingers "it's of high quality. Don't know any servants running around in this. What, did you steal this too, girl?"

"Yes, I... I didn't want to be recognized." she squeaked out as she felt the man's hand relax against the small of her back, slipping down to her bottom. She gasped at the familiarity with which he touched her. She bit her tongue to keep from ordering him to remove his hands. She supposed an abused girl would be used to such treatment, so tried to ignore the hand on her. "It was the only way I could think to get around unquestioned."

Cordon released her chin, smartly slapping her across the cheek. "Are you sure about that, girl? That's an interesting necklace for a servant to be wearing... The crest of the HOIFSHEO family on it. Very strange... you going to stay you stole that too?"

Isola gasped as the back of his hand stung her face, her heart sinking as she realized he suspected. He grasped the golden crest hanging from her neck, pulling her face towards his, his stale warm breath in her face. "Please..." was all she was able to get out before her arms were grabbed by the officer behind her, he quickly bound them with a length of rope, the rough material burning her soft pale flesh.

"Did you really think we wouldn't realize, girl?" his voice growled in her ear. "You're no servant. A member of the court at the least I'd wager." He pushed her onto the hard ground. "The king will know what to do with you... I'm sure he'll find a purpose for a well bred girl like you. A fine addition to his collection of nobles."

"No, please, I stole it from the Princess's chambers. I thought I could sell it once I got far enough away, I --"

"Harker, shut her up" the second officer interrupted, nodding towards the small boot knife Harker kept.

"Yes, Captain Kors." he said, Isola's heart was beating out of chest as the younger man reached for his knife, petrified these would be the last moments of her life, but the knife never touched her, just tore a large strip off the bottom of her dress. He shoved the green fabric into her mouth, tying another length of fabric to her, gagging her as she lay frightened on the ground.

"Well there's one hole that's off the menu..." she heard a soldier mutter to another, eliciting evil laughs from those around him.

"Unless we fill it with something better. Hard to talk with her mouth and throat full of cock." another replied.

The captain, Kors spoke up "There'll be plenty of time for that later, boys. We've found something worth bringing back, and we're going to do that as quick as we can. No point dragging her on a scouting expedition, anyway. Get moving! We can make it at least across the River Shui before we break for the night" With this the men immediately began tearing down the tents they'd set up for camp.

The officers went away from Isola to talk in low voices. yards away by the rocks, looking over a map of the land. Her mind was spinning. She'd been taken captive. She knew she couldn't enter the kingdom of the Damdren. Their king would surely recognize her and who knows what they would do with a captive princess. Though there was nothing she could do, not while she was surrounded by armed Damdren soldiers. She could only pray for a moment when she was alone and ignored to break free and run. She hoped her horse hadn't gone far...


The night wore on. She was given to Cordon to ride with, a smile spreading across his face with the appointment. She sat in front of him on his saddle, his large horse easily carrying them both. They rode for hours, the horses pushing through the undergrowth of the forest that had covered the little used paths. Isola spent the journey bouncing in a saddle, while Cordon's hands explored her body. She felt so ashamed as his hands roughly fondled her bouncing breasts, seeking her nipples out through the thin green material. He found the hard buds, pinching and twisting them cruelly, hearing her groan as his fingers hurt her delicate nipples and she struggled to avoid his hands, it only seemed to encourage Cordon.

"Yes, girl, keep struggling... I like it that way." he croaked in her ear as he pulled her nipples further, stretching her tits out in front of her. "Your nipples are nice and hard... are you enjoying this?" She grunted against the gag, her head shaking violently. This only elicited a dark chuckle from the officer, "What's that girl? Was that a yes?" he said, one hand slowly moving down her body. "I know one was we can find out..." his hand reached lower, getting closer and closer to her sex.

Dear gods no Isola was scared, her entire body felt like a leaf in the wind, shaking desperately. She tried to lean down onto the horse, cutting off access to her sex, and was shocked when Cordon moaned in pleasure as she did so. She realized then that she was rubbing her thinly covered bottom against Cordon, she could feel the hard length of his cock against her. "There's a good girl" he moaned, gripping the reins in one hand and her hips with the other. The bouncing of the horse forcing her to rub against him like a wanton slut.

When they reached the river crossing Isola was finally given a respite. The horsemen needed all their concentration to ford the river. She was ashamed to say she was comforted by his strong arm around her as the river rushed underneath them. They were all cold and wet by the time they reached the other side of the river, and, for the moment, Cordons seemed satiated. He handed her down from the horse to one of the soldiers, who led her to where a fire was being built.

Camp was set up hastily, no tents were erected, just fires built and horses tethered and fed. Isola was kept under constant watch. She stared with longing as the men ate smoked meats, bread and cheese, all the while making crude jokes, discussing what the king was likely to do to her when she arrived. Before long the men settled down, laying out cloaks to sleep on, and they set up a watch. The Captain issued strict orders on his guards "No one is to spoil the girl in the night," he ordered, his thoughts were dark, thinking if the King did not want her then maybe he could be the one to take the girl. He didn't want his prize spoiled before he could get to it. He remembered the feeling of her ass rubbing against his cock, longing to see what it felt like to fuck that tiny hole, force the little nobel to take him deep inside her ass... "It is not any of your right to take that prize before the king is offered."

A soldier called Firos was set to the first watch, he sat huddled under his cloak by the fire, Isola lay next to him, as close to the fire as she dared to keep from the cold. The men soon dropped off to sleep Isola drifted in and out of consciousness, aware of Firos's eyes on her body, all too visible in the firelight.

She had no idea how much time passed when she woke to find Firos with his head nodding in sleep. This may be her only chance to escape. She quietly struggled to stand, difficult with her hands bound behind her. She managed it, and her heart pounding began to inch away from the fire into the darkness of the woods. She had barely gone three yards when she heard a voice in her ear "O no you don't, pretty little thing... you're not going anywh--" Firos groaned as Isola's elbow roughly hit him in the stomach, in his shock he released his grip, she ran another ten steps before being caught and pushed to the ground. Firos stood over her, his knife drawn, anger covering his dark face. Isola's eyes brimmed with tears, as the large tall man loomed over her. "Cry, bitch" Firos growled at her, "You'll regret running from me."

He cut the gag from her mouth, his face inches from her's as he ordered her silence. "If you want to keep that tongue I'd recommend you hold it." he threatened, "You're going to make you little act of defiance up to me" he pulled her up, forcing her to kneel at his feet. He cut the ties from her hands, and issued his first command "Lower your dress, girl, I want to see those tits you've been hiding from us."

"No, please don't make me do this." Isola begged, shocked to find herself hoping another soldier would come along to stop this. She'd hoped the Captain's words would have been enough to stop any further advances on her, at least for a time.

But Firos moved his blade closer to the trembling girl, the cold steel touching her neck "Don't make me ask you again"

Isola's thin pale hands brushed her long black hair from her shoulders before lowering the straps of her gown. She closed her eyes as it slid down her arms, her breasts became exposed, the cold air making her pink nipples stand erect. "Touch them" Firos ordered, licking his lips as he watched her hands tremble as they reached her nipples, gently running over them.

"Pinch them, make your nipples hurt." he said, his eyes large as he watched her pull her nipples, pinching them hard, a gasp coming from her lips as she gripped her engorged nipples. "Yes..." he hissed, staring at the beautiful girl before him. "Use your nails, love the pain." he grunted as the teary eyed girl did as commanded, sucking in air as the pain hit her.

"Please... it hurts." she whispered, opening her tear filled eyes and looking up at the man. "Please don't make me do this."

He began stroking his cock through his pants, the large bulge obviously throbbing. He loved it when they begged. "Lick your fingers" he ordered, watching as her pale fingers were bathed by her pink tongue, it looked so alluring darting out from her dark pink pouty lips. "Now touch them again"

Tears were running down Isola's face as her fingers cruelly dug into her flesh. Her nipplies were burning with pain and cold. Firos was unlacing his pants, she could see his cock spring into view, angry and red, veins sprouting all over it, pulsing full of blood. "Let's put that mouth of yours to good work, girl. If you do a good job maybe I'll stop with just one hole. It's hours until morning, if I don't wake the next watchmen no one will ever notice." He roughly grabbed her hair, pulling her closer to him, his erection was mere inches from her face, the scent of sweat and man overwhelming her.

A sudden snapping sound filled the quiet woods. Harker appeared behind Firos, a haze of lust in his eyes at the sight of the girl playing with her naked breasts in the woods. Isola's teary green eyes stared at him, wide and fearful. He shook his head, as if clearing his mind. "Well Firos, you seem to have found a way to make the watch interesting..." he said, making Firos jump, in his lust he had failed to realize they were not alone. "Speaking of interesting. I imagine Captain Cordon would be very interested in hearing why the prisoner is unbound and ungagged. Wouldn't want her getting away, would we?"

Firos looked guilty, angry, and embarrassed in one quick blur before laughing quietly. "Just having a bit of fun with the girl... She isn't going anywhere." he got out as Harker made quick work of tying Isola back up and replacing the gag in her mouth. "Can you blame me, Harker? Up alone at night with her? Can't tell me it wouldn't have crossed your mind."

Harker pulled the girl to her feet, his dark eyes unreadable. "Just keep her where we can all see her, Firos. Can't have you keeping all the goods to yourself." he laughed, "Besides, it's my watch now. You can rest up for tomorrow."

Isola watched this transpire, unsure if she should feel grateful or not. The man had been the one to capture her, but had also saved her. She spent the rest of the night drifting in and out of sleep as she was for the most part ignored by Harker. He stole only the occasional glance at the girl, checking if she was asleep and still.

The morning dawned, a hint of sunlight showed through the cover of the trees. Isola stirred when she was shaken by a soldier, apparently the last man on watch duty, as after waking Isola he roused the Damdren soldiers who were still sleeping off the hard day's ride. The preparation for the next day's journey began, the men were soon watering their horses and eating more smoked meat and bread. She was offered nothing, just left bound and gagged by the dying embers of the fire.

Soon they were on their way once more, their kingdom was a three day ride from her own, she knew. She had another two days of travel to attempt an escape. Though she grew less and less convinced that would be possible the further they got from home. Her horse would be long gone by now, and she'd be easily tracked down if she ran off on foot.

She was giving to one of the other soldiers to ride with for their first leg, Lidams. Each man seemed to want a turn riding with the girl, and Lidams was lucky enough to have the first go of the day. As they passed through the forest his hands roamed her body, slipping under her dress, pinching her delicate flesh. He even took to grasping her sex as they rode, his hand cupping her as she bounced in the saddle, his fingers dancing between her legs, making her squirm against him, the muffled sounds of her protest against the gag only making him laugh.

"Yes, that's what the men like, girl." he would whisper in her ear as she struggled against him "If I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to get my fingers inside of you. Musn't do that, wench. The king gets first crack at all the girls we take. But we can play..." he began to hike her skirts up around her thighs, his fingers exploring her bare skin, climbing closer and closer to her sex.

She was saved by Captain Kors calling for a break. It was a hot day, their horses needed water and a walk. "Pity," Lidams said, hoisting her back against him, grinding his cock against her as as he lowered her to the ground "Things were just getting fun. I'll be waiting for our next ride, little nobel."

She was passed man to man, two more times. Captian Kors was the worst, and not by his actions. He told her tales. "You're lucky you're a nobel girl, wench. The last girl we found was passed around the party, begging and screaming for mercy. She was a tight little thing when we found her. A maiden. How she screamed when I broke her maidenhead, crying to her gods for mercy. Didn't do her much good. Soon we'd all had her, she was loose as an old whore when we were through with her." He went into detail about each girl he'd raped, telling her how they begged for him to stop, to be merciful. But mercy wasn't in the Damdren way.

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