tagSci-Fi & FantasyTransa - Rise of a Wicked Queen Ch. 02

Transa - Rise of a Wicked Queen Ch. 02


Introduction: As you may recall from the first episode; the pure and chaste Princess Eugenia was molested by a vile wizard. The wizard infected her with a rare STD (sexually transmitted demonization). The STD warped her brain and changed her into a hot, hung, powerhungry, transsexual nymphomaniac (basically everything she was not as Pricess Eugenia). She took the name "Transa," and vowed to rule the kingdom. We left Princess Transa in the chambers of the sexy female wizard (witch is something all together different) Merlini. She had asked Merlini for a potion that would enslave the recipient and make the recipient subservient to her. Let's see what happens next...


Transa strutted about the room like a cage panther. With each step Merlini noticed how her ample breasts bounced slightly and her full derriere swayed in the skintight dragon skin body suit. However, most distracting of all was the large bulge of her cock that appeared to be forever restless, moving inside the shimmering confines of the demented Princesses' garb. Regaining her composure, Merlini stood from her bow. She thought quickly and decided to test the knowledge of the Princess. Knowing full well that what she was about to do could be dangerous, Merlini took a deap breath and addressed Princess Transa:

"Your Highness I am but a court magician, an entertainer, with respect my...lady what would make you think that I can produce a potion that would make the drinker a servant to the giver?"

The raven haired Transa turned quickly and stood inches from Merlini. Merlini could see the demonic rage in her eyes. Transa, in her high-heeled boots, was a good 3 hands taller than Merlini. This close to the Princess she could see the fine alabaster quality of Transa's skin and her round breasts crowned with very large nipples straining against the dragon skin suit. Merlini let out an unintentional gasp as she felt pressure against the crotch of her leather riding pants. Transa's suit had magically opened releasing her long thick cock. Transa's hardening member was between Merlini's legs and it pushed her back against the wall almost lifting Merlini off her feet. Now the wicked Princess had Merlini pinned, and her heaving breasts pushed up against Merlini's own perky tits. Transa's cock snaked between Merlini's legs and with a self-satisfied grin the Princess spoke menacingly:

"My lovely, lovely pet, please do not toy with me it could be dangerous. I know of your powers. As a girl I would often hide in your wardrobe and watch you perform spells and concoct potions. Now let us get down to the task at hand hmmm... because without some distraction or other I don't know if I would be able keep my large thick cock from violating your tight little love nest."

The Princess extended her tongue and then took a long slow lick up the side of Merlini's face as if to taste her. Transa then quickly backed away. Merlini quietly signed in relief, realizing how dangerous Transa could be. She also thought that if she was cunning enough, Transa could be her pawn. Yes! Merlini thought, finally she had the means to take revenge on the man that scorned her, the King.

"Yes my lady, I will begin preparation of the potion immediately." Said Merlini obediently.

As Merlini walked into the next room, Transa stared hungrily at her full round ass. Transa could feel the urge in her loins and she knew that she needed to violate someone or something. Her affliction poisoned her mind with lust but she had to let Merlini perform her duty so another must be chosen as the object of her desire. Then a delicious thought entered her twisted head, her brother!

"I will return shortly, I must make a delivery to my sweet brother." Said Transa, as she strutted out of Merlini's workshop.

Merlini was relieved to have some alone time to think.

"I must be careful. Consider every angle. Transa cannot become queen or we are all doomed, but the wretched King must go. But how?"

Merlini pulled an ancient volume off the shelf. She leafed through the dog-eared pages filled with an obscure script not the tongue of the realm. This was a book of potions handed down to her by the wizard that trained her. Merlini's search of the pages became more intense, flipping from page to page until she saw it.

"Yes! The potion must be a reactant and a catalyst...two distinct parts. Change one and you change the effect!"

Working quickly she propped the volume on her workbench and began to collect glass jars of ingredients. As she worked she constructed her plan. Taking a small caldron she placed it over the smoldering coals in the hearth. She reached into a wire cage and pulled out a large viper. Holding the deadly serpent behind the head she placed its open mouth on the edge of the caldron and drained a large quantity of venom into the caldron. She continued working in a flurry of activity. Merlini was formulating both a potion and a plan.

As Merlini toiled, the Princess moved down one of the castle's large halls. Transa was headed to her younger brother's chambers. When she arrived she found the door slightly ajar and she peered through the opening. Her brother was chasing a plump chambermaid around the room. The maid was pleading with the young Prince as she used the writing desk as an object to hide behind. It was obvious from her red face and torn dress that she was putting up a valiant resistance to the lecherous young man.

The maid begged: "Oh my Sire please relent, I be a virgin and if thou takith that fromith me I will have nothing... I am promised to one that will help our family most greatly...please have pity your Highness."

The Prince responded, "Alas I have felt of your great arse and now only my hard cock governs my actions. My mouth must latch on to your copious flopping breast and suckle like a calf on a teat (lunging and grasping across the desk). Oh how I must part those great globes and hammer your puss until I spew like a kettle over-boiling. In the name of the kingdom, my cock is like a sword! I am sorry my dear but I am the Prince and such is my royal desire...alas it is my royal prerogative (another attempted grasp, this time ripping the shoulder off her smock)."

As the Prince made a great lunged across the desk; sending quill, ink and parchment flying, he managed to get his arm around the maid's waist and his face was now buried between the maid's large breasts. At this very moment Transa flung open the door. She strode into the room, her boots beating an authoritative rhythm as she came to a stop, legs wide, her hands on he hips.

"Little brother unhand that poor servant! You there, strumpet, be gone!" commanded the Princess.

The maid scurried out of the room like the mouse that just escaped from the cat. Taken aback the Prince, still sprawled across the table, looked up at his sister. His gaze landed on her muscular thighs shimmering in the dragon skin. As he slowly looked up her body he was shocked by the thick bulge, working its way down her left leg. He continued to look up over Transa's feminine stomach and narrow waist to her full breasts when his gaze was halted in disbelief by the hardened but familiar face.

"Is that you Eugenia?" A grin appeared on his face, "Great ancestors of the realm! It is you!" cried the Prince.

"Yes Harold you little twit it is me. But I am no longer that weak pitiful sop Eugenia. I am not the retiring sister that you used to steal glances of in the bath...or grab a quick handful of breast in the hall...or cop a feel of arse in lessons... or climb into bed with your hard cock pressing against my hip. No, now I am Princess Transa and we need to have a talk my horny little brother," said Transa.

The Prince was now standing his back to the desk. Transa moved in front of him, her thigh between his legs touching his tights, her breasts just making contact with his chest. She smiled and pressed more of her body against him. She could feel his still swollen cock pressing against her leg and she draped her arms over his shoulders her breasts pressed more emphatically into him as she spoke.

"My darling little brother, why do you harass the servants? Your big sister is here and I think that I have so much more to offer than some chubby chamber made." Said Transa as she ran her long index finger around the outline of his jaw.

Prince Harold had always fantasized about an incestuous relationship with the innocent Eugenia. Now that his innocent sister had suddenly become this amazing creature, his lustful mind raced with the possibilities. As Transa kissed him on the mouth, he wrapped his arms around her waist and grabbed two handfuls of her ass. Her bottom was solid and full and he pulled her closer against his now erect cock. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, practically down his throat. Harold felt Transa's cock move between their bodies, rubbing against his own hard on.

Transa's tongue was like her cock, a prehensile tool of lust. She ran her tongue along the side of the Prince's face and into his ear sending a shiver down his spine. Her nails dug into his back. The pressure of her pointed talons was perfect, just at the edge of pleasure and pain. Transa's cock was instantly free of the magical suit and it worked its way into Harold's tights. Transa's cock performed a beautiful frottage with Harold's manhood. Transa had her little brother breathing hard and in a very aroused state. His own cock pulsed, he had never been so horny, which for the Prince was saying quiet a lot.

Transa whispered into his ear, "Would you like to fuck your big sister? I desire that you fuck me like an animal, a she-wolf in heat, like a wild beast. Can my little brother do that for me? Would it not be so terribly wrong and exquisite all at once?"

Transa's suit was now only a band around her waist. As her brother whimpered a faint "Yes...please." She took him by the back of the head and pushed her erect nipple into his mouth. Harold instinctively began to suck and lick her amazing breast. Transa shivered and she was surprised at the sensation. She looked down and saw white liquid running down the corner of Harold's mouth, she was lactating. The horny Prince suckled like a newborn until Transa pulled him off her tit and kissed him deeply tasting her own milk on his tongue. She pushed him back against the desk and dropped to her knees in front of him.

Giving the Prince a coy look and then an evil grin she said, "Now sister is going suck brother's cock."

Transa grasped the Prince's cock and gave it 2 firm strokes. It was of a respectable size and quiet thick. A clear pearl of pre-cum appeared on the tip and as she looked into her amazed brother's eyes her long tongue reached out the length of a hand and licked off the pre-cum. She then took his tool into her mouth and down her throat. Harold almost came at the amazing feeling but he held back. Transa with his cock firmly down her throat, wrapped her long tongue around the shaft like a coil. She then began to slowly move her head up and down applying more pressure with her tongue on every stroke. Wet sucking sounds loudly accompanied her administrations and she emitted a satisfied growl of lust as she suck away at the cock.

Sensing that her little brother could not take much more, she unwrapped her tongue and pulled off his member leaving a trail of spittle on his cock and balls. Rising to her feet she turned around and spread her ass cheeks revealing a perfect pink asshole.

"Lick it!" she commanded

Harold was shocked and aroused at the sight. Transa was slightly bent at the waist, her long fingers holding the firm globes of he full ass apart. Her thick black hair fell around her shoulder as she gazed at him with piercing eyes. Where her knee-high boots ended, muscular thighs lead to a smooth large ball sack and a massive cock wrapping itself around her leg.

"Lick my asshole little brother!" she spat, now with menace.

Transa's command brought the Prince out of his stupor and he eagerly rimmed his sister's asshole. She reached behind herself and grabbing his head pushed him harder against her backside. Harold responded with added vigor. He now had his tongue firmly inside her and he hungrily worked away at her orifice making Transa pant with lust.

"Fuck my hungry asshole my hot little brother. Shove your tongue deep inside me> Get me wet for fucking. Yes that's it. Now I am ready." She gasped as she pushed his face from her butt cheeks.

The Princess pushed her brother back against the desk and without ceremony she impaled herself on his hard cock. Her own member was now also hard and swinging like a club in front of her as she bounced up and down on Harold's erection. Harold reached around and grabbed her tits trying to hold on.

"That's it brother... fuck me hard. Shove that fat cock deep into my hole. Take hold of my mane of raven hair and pull hard as you fuck me boy... harder!"

The Prince was putting everything he had into fucking Transa. It was as if he was fucking a bucking stallion. Her body was so strong and her lust insatiable, all Harold could do was hold on. He wasn't doing the fucking it was Transa that had all the control. She trust down so forcefully that his ball sack compressed with an impressive "smack" on each down stroke.

After several minutes, Transa sensed the Prince was reaching orgasm and she pulled off his cock reluctantly. She dropped again to her knees and took his cock down her throat as her tongue encircled his cock and squeezed. As Harold's orgasm hit, Trans thrust three fingers into his asshole. Harold was overwhelmed by both pleasure and pain. He felt as if the muscles in his core would rip themselves from the bone as he pumped a gigantic load of cum into his sister mouth. He shook uncontrollably as Transa milked his cock and fucked him with her hand.

Transa released his cock and removed her fingers. She stood and taking the Prince by the chin kissed him. As she locked her mouth over his she pushed a large wad of cum and spit into his mouth. She grabbed his arm by the wrist and spun him around pinning him face down on the desk. The Prince was still in a daze, a bit of cum and drool leaking from the corner of his mouth, as he landed hard, face down on the desk.

"Now little brother its time for sister to get in her own fuck...after all it is only fair isn't it?" She said, laughing maniacally.

Transa now had both of the Prince's arms pinned behind his back. He was bent over the desk his feet barely touching the floor. Transa's monster cock pushed against his asshole. The Prince gasped,

"No, no, Eugenia...please don't do that...please!" the Prince begged.

""Don't call me that name little brother!" Said Transa angrily, and with that she thrust her cock into the Prince.

The Prince winced in pain and Transa let a long string of drool and cum trickle down her tongue, falling on her thick shaft. She began to slowly pump more and more of her cock into the Prince. His cries had now turned to moans as Transa methodically worked away, her big cock between the young Prince's smooth muscular ass cheeks.

"My little brother what a lovely arse you have. In fact its so round and smooth it could be a girls...ha ha ha! Mmmmm and it is tight as well. Oh how my cock is loving fucking your arse, we must do this regularly...ha!" Transa cackled.

Transa had worked a good three hands of her cock into Harold and although she was enjoying this activity she knew she had to complete her task. Her reason for engaging her little brother was to pass along her affliction. Infect him with the same magical STD that had infected her. She quickened her pace and began to fuck her brother harder as she stroked the base of her shaft with her own two hands. Her serpent-like tongue flicked wildly as she neared her own climax.

Then her head fell back and Transa let out an unworldly yowl as her orgasm hit. The large veins in her cock pulses and her big balls rolled as she let go a tremendous rope of semen into her brother's backside. Poor Harold's insides churned and he felt faint from the sensation and heat of Transa's orgasm. It was as if his body was being filled with her hot cum and he twitched captured by a strange feeling of euphoria and light headedness.

Transa pulled her cock from his hole and cover him in the semen still spewing from her massive hose. As she stroked the last of her orgasm from her cock, she scooped up a palm full and greedily consumed it herself. She looked at her brother who was still sprawled across the desk, a stream of jism trickling out from between his firm butt cheeks. He appeared semi-conscious, moaning softly. Transa leaned over and whispered in his ear,

"Thank you little brother, you were a very good little fuck. Soon you will be my younger sister, as my seed will transform you. Harold dear you will become more girl than I. And being the eldest, I will be the heir to the thrown not you. How perfect!"

Transa walked out the door, her suit already covering her, now turning a brilliant shade of red. Harold caught a glimpse of her as she departed and as he stood on wobbly legs. He could feel his body tingle. He was going to shout out after her but he could not speak. His blonde hair was growing at an amazing rate and the golden locks fell about his face. He looked down his cum-covered body and observed that his chest was sprouting breasts and more alarming his penis was shrinking, his testicles disappearing.

He trembled all over. Harold had the sensation that his insides were rearranging themselves. He felt the bones in his shoulders contract and his hips expand. He cried out in pain. A cold sweat ran down his face and he hobbled across the great room to where a wall of mirrors stood. He gazed at his reflection in disbelief. Before him was not the image of the former Prince Harold but a naked blond girl. She was about his height with medium size breasts a slender waist and curving hips. Her skin was light and unblemished and her vagina petite and nicely trimmed. As he gazed into the eyes of the reflection he found something so familiar about her gaze. Then he reached his hand up to touch his mouth and he realized that HE was the reflection in the mirror.

Transa quickly strode down the hall with a satisfied smirk on her full lips. She heard a girlish scream come from the room where she had just violated her brother. She laughed to herself as she made her way out of the royal chambers. She told herself,

"Soon this kingdom will be mine!"

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