tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 04

Trapped and Trained Ch. 04


I don't exactly remember at what point it started, but I remember being so ashamed and humiliated by it even happening. The redness in my face seared, but you still couldn't even tell due to all of the makeup that was caked on me. And there it was again... so involuntary, so humiliating...

There I was sitting on this chair from hell with a cock thrusting in and out of my painted lips, another devil of a machine tearing my ass... pussy... in two underneath me. And I was moaning.

It wasn't one of those painful moans either... it was a moan I'd often heard coming from one of my dates back at my place while I pounded her pussy from behind. Every time I heard it, I'd chuckle a bit to myself and peg her as a whore. Now, here I was - this scantily dressed school girl with my black thong stretching across my stocking clad knees, my blonde pigtails bouncing on my shoulders, my breasts jiggling underneath my ridiculously tight shirt... and I was moaning in pleasure as I was fucked in my mouth and pussy. I was the whore.

No, I told myself, I wasn't a whore - I was the furthest thing from it. I was forced into this situation and being raped against my will by this demonic asshole who called himself my Master. Just as I was convincing myself about all of this, my body went against my will and again I heard a low moan travel through my vocal chords. My mind hated this, but my body was beginning to love it. My mind hated that even more.

After what I could only guess was two hours, though it felt like an absolute eternity as my mind and body battled with one another, I heard the familiar sound of footsteps. It was my Master, and oh how I hated him... and he apparently loved that.

"Well, well, well, Candi. It's been quite interesting watching you upstairs."

He was obviously referencing the handful of cameras he had strategically placed around my predicament in order to document my progress and further blackmail me into being his property.

"You're progressing a bit faster than even I had anticipated, and I've had the highest of hopes for you. This is very promising. These are very sensitive microphones on these cameras - and I know I've heard at least a dozen whorish moans coming from my new slut. I love that sound, it makes me so proud as your Master."

He moved into my view and I could obviously see the bulge in his pants that all of this had created. He caught me staring.

"Oh, no, sweetie. I'm afraid you just aren't ready for me yet. Maybe after another session or two I'll give you that honor."

Honor? He thought having me service his cock would be an honor for me? I cursed his arrogant self in my mind and vowed that I would never come in contact with his cock, that I would be done with this once and for all once he let me out of this god damn chair. I'd tell him the fun and games are over. I was going to call his obvious bluff - surely he'd never actually get in touch with any of my friends or family and share this information with them. He had to just be getting himself off on this threat of power, and I was done being his puppet slut.

While I was cursing him in my head, he had been moving all around me - I thought he had just been adjusting my restraints to keep me secured. Another fifteen minutes went by with the machines still pounding away at my holes when he just looked at me and chuckled quietly.

"You see, I knew you were a slut and that you loved these machines. I released you from all of your restraints fifteen minutes ago, yet still you voluntarily sit there and let them fuck you. You really are turning into quite the cock whore. But sadly I have other things planned for you tonight, so it's time to get up Candi."

Shock came across my face. I wanted to call him a liar and tell him that I was still stuck in this chair, and to prove it I tried to lift my arms, knowing full well that they would still stay restrained to the arms. To my surprise, I was able to lift them with no objection. I reached in front of me and shoved the cock out of my mouth in mid ejaculation, the cum spraying over my lips as I pulled it out and pushed the machine away. I steadied myself on my heels and slowly stood, feeling the cock in my pussy slowly pull out and make a popping noise as it left my opening. I couldn't believe that I had sat there taking that abuse any longer than I needed to, and it made me hate him even more for tricking me into making it look like I was enjoying myself too much to stand. I knew I was going to have to be walking to get out of here, so I pulled up my thong... immediately wondering why I had pulled it up instead of just slipping it off to relieve myself from the string between my ass cheeks. It just felt like the right thing to do.

I opened my mouth to speak, but suddenly felt a zap of electricity course through my body. It dropped me to my knees as I reach up to try and take it off. My Master barked at me angrily.

"When will you learn - you do not speak unless asked a direct question! Your mouth is only good for sucking cock and occasionally licking pussy or ass, if it is desired by those you are rented out too. Now be a good bitch and apologize."

I sat there on my knees, weighing my options. Every path I hypothetically went down in my head lead me nowhere I wanted to be in my current situation. I swallowed hard, tasting remnants of cum that were in the corners of my mouth still, and obliged.

"I'm sincerely sorry, Master. Your slut is still trying to learn his... I mean... her boundaries and will not let it happen again. But please, I'm begging you, let me go! Surely there are hundreds of real women out there that would dream of a Master such as you, with a real pussy and a sincere craving to be a slut rather than me!"

I hoped my pleas and voice of reason would get through to him, but was not surprised to learn that my pleading fell on deaf ears. Another zap through my collar forced me down to my hands as I squealed in pain. The pain finally came to an end, but while I was on all fours recovering, he quickly took advantage. He moved around behind me and lifted up my skirt. I was too weak and tired to offer an resistance, plus I was terrified of being zapped once again. I felt him move the string of my thong to the size, then a plug was forced inside of me. I'm sad to say that it didn't hurt and that I hardly felt any resistance as it was slid in until it was at the widest part. As the base slipped inside I felt my pussy lips close in on it, sealing the object inside of me.

I watched my Master stand, then he grabbed what appeared to be a leash. He pulled on it a few times, and each time I felt the plug inside me pull towards him. It didn't take long to piece together that the leash was attached to the plug.

"Now Candi, time to go back upstairs."

With that he again pulled on the leash, pulling to me feet. Having no choice, I clumbsily walked backwards in my heels, following him up the stairs and back into the living room. As I was walking backwards I couldn't see what was waiting for me at the top of those stairs, and when I turned around I was once again stuck with my mouth open in shock.

There in the living room was a computer with a webcam, as well as multiple video cameras mounted around it. Laid out in front of the computer was a wide array of butt plugs and dildos, some that obviously were the same style as from the basement as they had tubes running into them, full of the cum concoction that my Master had apparently mastered as I could hardly even taste a difference between it and the actual cum that I had been ingesting.

On the screen was a website that my Master had created. It was an adult site and, in big letters across the top, I could read "Home of Candi the Cock Slut!" with a recent picture of me in our last session, dressed in that pink corset and insanely short skirt, taking a dildo in my pussy and my mouth. Thankfully the angle was from the side so you couldn't see my face at all... not that anyone would recognize me dressed and made up as I was that night. In smaller, flashing text underneath the main header it read:

"Tune in tonight for a special webcam session with Candi! You tell her what to do and watch her as she does it right in front of you! Also chat with the slut face to face!"

I felt my Master behind me, then heard him talking in my ear.

"Yes, Candi. You're going to put on a show for everyone tonight. They'll get to tell you everything to do with these toys in front of you, and you'll do it. Because if you don't, I'll send this email I have written up. All I have to do is hit the send key - take a look."

I looked at the laptop he was holding and saw that the email was addressed to nearly all of my friends and family. The email told them that I was coming out of the closet and embracing life as a female now, that I had always craved being a cock whore. It offered my services to my friends and had videos of my transformation included, as well as videos of me walking around and displaying myself from earlier that night, seemingly voluntarily and speaking into the cameras as well without any signs of force. Tears welled in my eyes as I saw that he really was serious about all of this. I understood my choices and felt my Master remove my leashed plug from my pussy, then I voluntarily walked forward and took a seat at the computer.

My Master punched in a few buttons and suddenly I was entered into a chat room. I could see my video display at the top of the screen, and as soon as I entered I saw the room was already full of people. As I would soon find out, perverted people. Messages quickly filled the screen.

-"Oh my god - that was a dude? No way, she's fuckin hot!" -"Come take my cock baby, I'll fuck you til you can't walk!" -"Mmmm, she's a bit skinny for my taste, but I'd still take that pussy for a ride she'd never forget!"

The comments continued and my Master just sat there, making me read them aloud to him in my girliest voice. I couldn't believe that these people knew that I was a man, but they still wanted to fuck me like some slutty whore. But looking at the video display of myself, I honestly couldn't even tell that I was a man at first glance... or even from looking closer. All of my features appeared to be those of a slut - and that's all these people were focused on.

Suddenly some text displayed in bold red in the chat room. Apparently someone had plunked down $20, the fee required in order to submit an action that I would be required to complete. My heart skipped a beat when I read it...

-"Enough chit chat bullshit. I want to see her pull up that skirt and take that blue vibrator in her pussy til she moans like a whore."

I looked to my Master with pleading eyes, begging him not to make me do these things in front of all of these perverted people. He just smiled and pointed to the blue vibrator on the table, then hovered his finger over the "Send" button on the email he had composed. I gasped and picked up the vibrator, lifted up my skirt, and put the tip at the opening of my pussy. The viewers loved it.

-"Holy shit - she's really gonna do it!" -"Look at her pussy! It's already gaping - she must have been busy before she got here!" -"Moan like a whore, baby! Imagine it's my cock you're taking up that sweet pussy!"

The vibrator was a good six inches long and thick. The shaft was nubbed, obviously to provide more stimulation for the user as it was thrust in and out while humming away. I slowly pushed on the vibrator and was humiliated when I noticed how easily it entered into me. I heard the other viewers that were on their microphones hooting and hollering as they watched the blueness disappear inside of me. When it was completely impaled I slowly pulled it out when I heard them all start to tell me to go faster. Not wanting to upset my Master, I did as I was told and was soon fucking myself at a rapid pace, much to the enjoyment of my... fans. it was strange to know that I had fans. Well, not I, but this Candi the Cock Slut alternate personality that I was forced into. I had to keep reminding myself that I was forced.

It went against everything I believed in to that point, but my body was actually starting to enjoy the sensation I was experiencing. The people watching caught on, noticing that I was actually thrusting my body backward as I was pushing the vibrator inside of me. Finally they began to hear me panting, then moaning like a whore as my mind screamed at my body for betraying it and giving these perverts what they wanted. Finally my Master motioned for me to stop and I went back to the computer.

-"That was great - wonder what else she'll do?" -"She loved it! She must've been a fag before... no real man would take a cock like that." -"Somebody make her take a real cock!"

This went on for another hour and forty five minutes. Periodically some bold red text would display with some disgusting action for me to perform for the viewers. When it was all said and done I had use nearly all of the toys on the table. I had plugged my pussy with the largest of the butt plugs while wrapping my lips (after letting them watch me reapply my lipstick repeatedly) around the largest of the dildos. I had to fuck the ejaculating dildo for five minutes until it shot a load of the concoction (which they thought was cum) into my pussy, then let them see it leaking out of me to prove that I did, in fact, take a load inside me. I had to then take that dildo into my mouth and suck it to completion again and again - sometimes they would have me swallow the load, other times they would make me remove it and shoot the cum over my face, belly, tits or ass.

By the time the chat session had ended, I was completely covered in the white, sticky liquid. My hair was a mess, my makeup was just as bad as it mixed with the cum concoction. All I could smell was cum, all I could taste was cum, and I could barely even open my eyes as the stickiness was everywhere. Finally my Master punched a few keys and the screen closed down to blackness. He spun me around in the chair and picked me up, then ordered me to remove all of my clothes, carefully.

Once I had removed everything and stood there completely naked, the fake breasts hanging off of my chest and my cock straining against the clay like mound it was trapped underneath, he finally applied a solution to my mound. I watched as the faux pussy he molded slowly became softer, until finally it began to peel off. My Master walked me to the bathroom and sat me in the tub. He placed me on my knees and told me to put my face on the base of the tub, then took my hands and cuffed them behind my back. I felt a tube insert into my pussy, then a rush of warm fluid enter my bowels. The tube was removed and then replaced by the familiar feeling of a butt plug. I then heard my Master leave the room and I was left there for what I estimated to be ten minutes. My stomach had started to cramp from all of the water inside me and I was extremely uncomfortable.

He came back in, picked me up and told me to hold the water inside me while he removed the plug. Once it was removed he sat me on the toilet and told me to push all of the water out. After I had done so, he put me back in the tub in the same position and filled me back up once again, finishing it off with the plug. Another ten minutes, more extreme discomfort and then he came back in and allowed me to push the water out once more.

He then took a damp washcloth and cleaned my pussy, then took out a much smaller, much thinner tube. Firmly, he took my penis in his hand and squeezed the tip, forcing the hole open. Expertly he pushed the tube down in the hole, forcing my entire penis to burn as I squealed from the pain. Finally he was satisfied, and again he took his paste to my genitals. He once again molded a realistic looking pussy where my cock had once made home, but this time he made sure to leave an opening that he put the tip of the other end of the catheter through. Once I felt the paste hardening, he sat me down on the toilet and told me to urinate. I did so and listened as the urine went through the catheter and out of my new pussy into the toilet... I would now have to urinate while sitting down.

I thought this was pointless as I was obviously just going to remove the silly thing once I had left this hell hole. My Master had apparently thought a few steps ahead and pulled out what appeared to be some type of chastity belt for women. He slid it up my hairless legs and pulled it up to my waist, then I felt him working the plug that was in the back into my pussy. Once it was securely inside of me, I felt him tighten the straps and then heard that all too familiar sound of tiny padlocks being secured all around the belt. He took a step back and admired his work, tugging all around it to make sure that there was no way for it to be pulled off. I saw from the design that I would still be able to urinate, and he obviously emptied my bowels to prepare me for the inability to expell anything out of that hole.

"Now, Candi - I got the feeling that you were upset with me and perhaps wouldn't want to come back to see me, regardless of the information I have on you. So this is what I call an insurance policy. You see, there are six locks on this belt, all that require six different keys. I own all six keys, and there are no duplicates anywhere in the world. Sure, you could go to a locksmith, but I doubt you'd put yourself through that kind of embarrassment. So you'll go home and come back to see me Saturday. I've got some big plans for you, so you should probably try to get here in the early afternoon, but you're of course welcome anytime before that. If you aren't here by 4pm, I'll disown you, send out the email and leave you trapped in that there belt, understood?"

The bastard had seemingly thought of everything. My face turned beat red underneath the running makeup and cum mixture, but I knew I was out of options if this belt was as secure as he said it was. There was no way I was going to any kind of a locksmith and putting myself through that embarrassment, so I did my best to force a faint smile and nodded yes, then begged for the chance to take a shower.

"Well, since you've been such a good slut tonight, I'll allow you to shower tonight. Down the hall, third door on your left - here's the bathroom key. Your clothes are already in there. When you're done, dry off, get dressed and get the hell out of here. And I'll see you Saturday, sweetie."

With that he gave me a smack on the ass to get moving and I made my way down the hall. I showered for as long as the water would stay hot, scrubbing what felt like layers of skin off of myself and examining the chastity belt that I was locked in. At one point I thought I heard the door open and shut, but when I took a quick look out I didn't see anyone there. I turned off the water and dried myself off, then stepped out. I looked down to where my clothes had once been, but in their place was not my clothes, but instead a pile of women's clothing, neatly folded, with a note on top.

"Candi - those jeans won't fit right over your belt, so I went ahead and brought you some new clothes. You're welcome. And make sure you wear everything - I'll be watching. -Master"

I looked down and saw the clothing he had left for me. On top was a skin tight black dress that would barely cover my ass, followed by some knee high heeled black leather boots. Underneath the boots was the shoulder length brunette wig I had been made to wear during our first meeting. Lastly was a pink glittery belt that I was to wear over the dress - and in the middle, in glitter, was written "I HEART COCK".

I put on the dress, then decided that I would just pick up the boots, wig and the belt and run to my car. How would he even know? I quickly made my way out of the bathroom and down the hall. I made it to the front door and thought I was home free until I turned the knob and found that it was locked. I saw an electronic lock, then heard a voice come from a speaker in the corner of the room.

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