tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 08

Trapped and Trained Ch. 08


With everyone now downstairs in the basement/dungeon and waiting, it was just my Master and I alone in the living room. He uncuffed my arms and legs, but made sure to leave the plug and gag in place. I was so sore that I stayed bent over in that position until he attached a leash to my collar. With a quick tug and a zap, we were heading upstairs to the master bedroom. On the way up the stairs, my Master gave me a warning.

"Now Candi - when we get into the bedroom, you will be on a live feed to your fans downstairs. I expect you to give them the show that they deserve. You will undress slowly and provocatively, you will use the toys on the bed to play with your pussy and slide them in and out of your painted lips. Everything a slut should do, you'll do."

The hell I would. The soreness and pain was subsiding now and I was regaining my strength. I was no longer cuffed or restrained, I didn't have that awful chastity belt on forcing me to return, all that was left was this damn collar. If it was removed for even a second, I was out of here. I just had to have the opportunity, then I'd be out the door and gone from this place. I knew the electronic lock on the patio door was disabled as I had repeatedly watched people step outside to smoke or get things from their car and come back in as they pleased. I didn't even care about my wallet, my car, my keys.. I'd figure all of that out once I was outside. Hopefully I'd be able to flag someone down and get them to take me to a police station or something... anything. I had to get out of here before I was taken down to that dungeon. I knew what was waiting for me down there. All of those people, all bidding on who got to do what to me. I couldn't be put through that. I'd already been through so much, but I still had a bit of pride left in me and I was going to put all of my focus on that as I made my escape. I convinced myself that in just a short amount of time I'd be free from all of this and working on rebuilding my life, making all of this a horrible distant memory. In time I'd forget all about it, wouldn't I?

We reached the bedroom and, just before walking in, I received my instructions.

"When we get inside here, I want you to strip down naked. You will get on all fours on the bed, then I'll put the toys out in front of you. Until I stop you, you'll play with those toys in every conceivable way. Nod if you understand."

I nodded since the collar was still on and we walked into the bedroom. Cameras were everywhere, all focusing on the bed with silk red sheets on it. Hanging up in the corner was a sexy, short dress and also some lingerie, which I figured was intended to by my outfit for the "main event" as it was continuously referred to down in the dungeon.

'Not a chance that was going to happen, sorry to disappoint everyone', I kept telling myself, dripping with sarcasm even in my mind's voice.

I stood next to the bed and slowly removed my maid's uniform. Before I started, my Master came over and removed the locks from the black platform high heels I'd been wearing all night. I slid them off and instantly felt immense relief. I stood on my flat feet for the first time in roughly eight hours and it felt amazing. I was enjoying the feeling a bit too much apparently as I finally felt a small warning zap through my collar. The damn collar was still on.

First I removed my "COCK SLUT" pink apron by untying the bow in the back and letting it fall to the floor. I roughly grabbed the edges of my short black skirt when I heard my Master clear his throat and twirl his fingers. Getting the message I slowed down and slowly pulled down the skirt while doing my best to sway my hips from side to side. I was sure it looked terrible, but it's what he and apparently the people downstairs wanted. Once I had the skirt all the way pulled down I stayed bent over for a moment, letting the cameras take in the thong straining over the massive plug in my pussy. I stood back up and did another little dance while removing the pink thong. My legs chilled a bit as I felt it slide over my stockinged legs. I looked in the mirror and saw my tight ass framed by the garters, the pink plug in my ass... *sigh*, my pussy... looking almost as if it belonged at this point, given my ridiculously slutty outfit. I made sure not to look at myself for too long and went to unsnapping the garter belt from my stockings.

One after the other they came off and the stockings began to sag a bit on my smooth legs. I sat on the bed, which caused an immediate reminder that there was an intruder in my pussy, and slowly removed them, then stood and twirled, causing the garter straps to fly up and twirl with me. Sadly, I was getting more comfortable with the idea of stripping on camera and was getting better at it. I pulled the garter belt off, leaving just the black lace corset. I slowly walked over to my Master and turned around as I felt him untie and loosen the corset, then let it drop off of me. Now I was just left standing in the middle of the bedroom with my collar on... my fake breasts straining against my chest, my penis tucked away under my fake pussy that was still looking as if the lips were swollen and wet. Looking in the mirror I looked hotter than any of the girls I had shagged before, and I'm sure the people downstairs were enjoying the view.

Finally I felt my Master unbuckling the penis gag in my mouth, then an extreme amount of pressure at my pussy as the plug was swiftly removed. A surge of soreness came rushing back into me once the plug was removed and my hole tried to regain its previous shape as I staggered towards the bed, feeling my breasts swaying and bouncing as I walked. Using the bed, I placed my hands down to sturdy myself, giving the cameras a wonderful view of my now gaping pussy. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for came.

My Master put his hand on the back of my head and shoved me down on the bed. Then I heard the wonderful sound of keys jingling, followed by him grasping the lock on the back of my collar. With a quick turn, I felt the lock remove and finally my neck was free from that awful mechanism, and, in turn, I would soon be free from his control. Trying to be patient, I remained bent over on the bed. I began to climb up on the bed, acting as if I were still behaving as told, when I heard my Master briefly leave the room and head to the adjoining bathroom. Now was my chance.

Knowing people were downstairs watching on camera, I had to be quick. I jumped up off of the bed and raced to the door, swinging it wide open. I heard my Master stir and drop the collar that he had been examining in the light of the bathroom, but by the time he had made it out of the bathroom I was halfway down the stairs. I looked to my left and could see the patio door across the living room. I jumped down the stairs two at a time, each time I jumped I felt the metal gripping my nipples under my breasts tugging, but I didn't care as I knew the pain would be worth it once I was outside and free.

Once I made it to the bottom of the stairs, I heard a commotion coming from the basement and the sound of people at the base of those stairs, getting ready to come up. The door to the basement was in between me and the front door, with the kitchen just off to the side, looking out on the backyard. I raced across the room, seeing the heads of a few of the men running up the stairs and slammed into the patio door, throwing it open. I paused for just a moment to get my bearings and figure out where to go next. There was a pool directly in front of me and a large privacy fence wrapping all the way around the backyard. Finally I saw where I needed to go when I noticed a cable box in the back left corner, right up against the fence. I could stand on there and jump the fence, then be on my way to freedom.

The grass was a bit wet from the rain we'd had earlier in the day, but my traction was holding well, thankfully. Halfway across the lawn I looked back and saw two of the men flying out of the patio door in pursuit of me, but I didn't care, I was almost gone. A few steps from the cable box I jumped, planning on landing on the cable box then one more jump over the fence to my freedom. Once I was over the fence I'd be able to run and hide until I could find some help - I'd have so many options on where to go they'd never find me, plus I'd be out in public where I doubt these prominent men and women would want to be seen kidnapping someone. However, to my horror, as my left foot landed on the green cable box, it hit directly in a small puddle on the top of it. Combining that with the speed I was running as well as the wetness already on my foot, I slid across the cable box and landed between it and the fence. In no time the two men that had been chasing me were on top of me, one grabbing my arms, the other my legs, and carried me back inside. I watched with tears in my eyes as the backyard slowly disappeared from my sight, then the patio door slammed as I was brought back inside my own personal hell. I was so close, just one more secured step and I would be racing through the neighborhood right now, never to look back. But instead, here I was, back inside at this obscene party where I was the sex toy for their entertainment. I looked at the fire in my Master's eyes as I was deposited back inside and knew that I was going to pay a severe price for that risk. I was more scared than ever before.

He directed them to carry me straight upstairs and into the bathtub, then again left me alone with him. My wig was torn off as the water was turned on. He threw a sponge and some peppermint scented soap at me, then barked at me to clean all the grass and mud off of myself. Shockingly I hadn't been punished any more than what I predicted I'd already have been going through had I stayed and not tried to escape.

Once I had cleaned myself, I dried off and came out of the bathroom. Immediately after leaving the bathroom I felt the sting of a hand slap me across the face, knocking me to my knees, then felt my Master roughly pick me back up standing. He was angry, but he never said one word to me. He didn't have to.

He went to the clothes that were hanging in the corner of the room and threw them on the bed. He then proceeded to throw each item at me and make me put them on, piece by piece, until fully dressed.

First was a skimpy red thong with thin white stripes running diagonally across it. I pulled it up my legs and into place only to have my Master come up to me and strongly pull it further upwards, digging the thong between my cheeks and into me. I reached for it to pull it out but my hands were slapped away.

Next up was a peppermint striped garter dress. I pulled it on and looked in the mirror, doing a circle to look at just what I had been made to put on. The top was a red halter top that my Master tied behind my neck. There was a lacy under-wire bust that propped up my fake breasts, with a red bow positioned in between them. Underneath the bust it was striped diagonally like a candy cane down to the white lace and ruffles at the bottom. Turning around I could see that the back cut away, exposing my entire backside as bows similar to the one between my breasts were spread out around the lace and ruffled bottom with one at each hip and another resting just above where the dress cut away to show my ass off to anyone behind me. White garters reached out of the bottom of the dress that appeared lacy as well with red stitching going down the middle.

With the dress on I was sat down on the bed. Master came over to me and handed me some white fishnet stockings. Having never dealt with putting on the fishnets I struggled mightily for a while until I finally struggled through getting them on and pulled up my legs. They were a bit short, so I had to pull the tips up for them to reach the garters, which took some time as well as they kept slipping out of my hands. Finally I got all eight of the garters snapped into place, four on each leg. My Master came and placed some red high heels at my feet which were steeper than any of the others I'd worn, probably six inches and when I put my feet in it felt like they were stuck straight up and down. I didn't know how I'd stand on these, let alone do any walking... and obviously another attempt at running away would be gone. But I slid my feet in and watched as he clasped four white padlocks onto each heel, once again imprisoning me in them.

Again he went to the corner of the room and grabbed the other outfit. He returned and threw it at me. I held it out in front of me and saw that it was a red mini dress. It had long sleeves that had black lace stitching detail up them. At the bottom few inches of the dress there was a black latex material that was going to obviously cause the dress to tighten around my crotch and ass. The bust of the dress was fairly low cut and figured to show off the cleavage that my garter dress was already enhancing.

I slid the dress on and had to wiggle my hips to get it in place. Once it was on I was placed on my feet in front of the mirror and the cameras and made to walk as if I were on a catwalk, walking down towards the mirror with the camera mounted on it, turning with a pause and walking back. Walking was quite the challenge given the steepness of the heels, but I managed it. Looking at myself in the mirror I was ashamed to say that, if I saw a woman wearing this kind of outfit out on the street, I'd probably throw myself at her. I cringed as I thought of myself as the woman in that scenario... then cringed even more when thinking about the scenario I'd soon be in down in the dungeon with all those eyes on my every move.

I was once again sat down in front of the makeup table. The makeup was put on thick by my Master this time. Heavy red lipstick, some dark eye shadow and thick eyeliner, making my eyes look deep and slutty. He took out a long blond wig and placed it on my head, securing it in place. I felt the hair going down to at least my shoulder blades in the back.

My hands were placed on the table in front of me and I watched as he took false nails and glued them over my fingernails. The nails he was gluing on were a deep red with white tips. They were fairly long and felt very strange when I tried to make a fist as the nails made it nearly impossible. He then had me stick out my tongue and I felt him remove the pink penis tongue piercing, only to quickly replace it with an identical red one. Thinking I was done I began to stand, only to be pushed back down in the chair. My arms were secured to the side of the chair with cuffs that were attached to the legs, just under the seat. I began to panic, not knowing what was going on, then saw him pull out some kind of a needle gun. He expertly went to both of my ears and, to my shock, pierced both lobes, twice in each. As my ears were throbbing, I saw him pull out a few pairs of earrings. In the bottom piercing, he put long earrings that, when I looked closer, I saw that they had silver handcuffs at the bottom. In the top piercing he placed some smaller red earrings that hung off a silver chain that was about half the length of the one holding the handcuffs. He had me shake my head from side to side as I heard the faint dings of the earrings colliding with each other.

Once my jewelry was in place, I was stood up and saw my Master go to the nightstand drawer. He pulled out a black collar that, with red lettering, again read "SLUT" across the front and again on the back. He placed it on my neck and again I saw him holding what appearing to be some kind of remote control. I watched him press a button and braced for a zap of electricity as was the case with the old collar I had to wear, but instead nothing happened. Slowly I started to notice that the collar seemed to be getting smaller. Eventually it was beginning to constrict my air flow and I started to panic and claw at the collar, but it was locked in the back and was becoming extremely tight. Finally it was to the point where I could hardly gasp for air and was beginning to fade from consciousness when I saw him press another button and immediately the collar returned to its previous state and air rushed back into my lungs.

Happy with himself and getting his message across, he opened the door to the bedroom and led me out. I cautiously made my way down the stairs and across the living room. I glanced at the patio door and out into the backyard, remembering how terrifyingly close I had been to escaping, but now looking at myself... caught deeper than ever before, making my way downstairs to the wolves and bitches that awaited my presence, not knowing what I was about to be exposed to. We reached the basement stairs and I again cautiously made my way down them.

I made it to the base of the stairs and was shocked to see how much the room had changed from how I previously had known it. Whereas before it was more of a bare, simplistic dungeon, it was now looking more like a stage. Plush red couches were scattered around the room with people sitting in them, all facing towards a makeshift stage on black wood. On the stage portion of the room I could see a few pieces of furniture. In the middle was a full size bed with red silk sheets on it. Around the bed I could see a black metal frame with a top railing. At the headboard I could see various cuffs and chains hanging down and all around the bed there were cameras strategically placed with little red lights on to show that they were currently on and recording. There was a padded sawhorse with more padding running along the sides, I assumed for a person to kneel on. The last thing I saw was some kind of a swing hanging down from the ceiling with cuffs connected part of the way up the chains, theoretically holding the person in place. I'd never seen such things and couldn't imagine that someone had spent the time to design and create them, nevertheless someone else purchase them. But that was all before I had met this demented "Master" of mine and was made to be a pawn in his games.

While I was busy staring at all of the furniture, all of the people on the couches were busy staring at me. I was nudged/pushed up onto the stage and saw myself appearing on the massive television screens all around the room and also behind the stage. Suddenly the vulgar comments started coming from everywhere...

"Come on baby, lift up that dress and show us the goods!"

"Damn, I can't wait to get a piece of that ass!"

"I'm gonna tear that up!"

"Hope she ain't got plans next week - she won't be walkin for days!"

They were coming from all over the place and I could never find the person who said it in time to identify them and try to avoid them. Finally my Master quieted everyone down and got their attention.

"Quiet down please, everyone. Now, as you can see, our previous maid Candi has returned as our slutty Candi, and she is ready to make everyone in here's fantasy become a reality. If you weren't able to win one of the bids or, if you did win and just want more of my newest toy, then come find me and I'm sure we can arrange a night or weekend sometime in the near future where she will be all yours."

I hadn't been focusing on what he was saying until I heard the last sentence. He was going to rent me out? To these... these... animals? For a weekend? I couldn't imagine what I'd be put through during a weekend with someone like Jerome. I didn't have too much time to dwell on that horror though as he continued on speaking.

"Ok - so first things first, let's get to those bids, shall we? Let's see - first we'll take care of Candi's first spanking, which I believe will be suitable given the events from earlier and her disobedience."

The crowd began laughing and applauding as I was led over to the padded sawhorse. I hesitated in putting my knees up on the padding on the side rails, but felt the collar begin to tighten and immediately placed my knees on the rails and scooted forward. My chest was now resting on the horse portion lengthwise and my ass was hanging off the end. I felt my mini dress being pulled up over my hips and suddenly people were whistling from the audience. My hands and legs were secured by the cuffs all around me.

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