tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 16

Trapped and Trained Ch. 16


I slowly opened my eyes, feeling how heavy my eyelids were and how cloudy my vision seemed. I was drowsy, as if I was fighting a bad hangover and still a bit drunk from the night before. I didn't know where I was - it certainly wasn't the room I had fallen asleep in, my last memory being drinking some fluid that was supposed to offset the chemical imbalance in my system that was causing a need for me to ingest cum. I shuttered as the vivid details from the night before came rushing back through my mind, closing my eyes tightly and shaking my head to try and force them from my memory, feeling my hair gently dance on my shoulders as I did so... a constant reminder of my 'new life'.

I opened my eyes again a moment later, the cloudiness starting to clear up, and realized that I was actually sitting on my couch in my apartment. I looked around, staying seated, trying to see if anyone were in the apartment with me. I stayed as quiet as possible, not wanting to notify anyone that I was awake if there were someone there with me. A few minutes passed and I didn't hear a peep from anywhere, which was enough evidence for me that I was alone. Well... as alone as possible as I peered up into the corner of the living room and noticed the red light of one of the many video cameras present throughout my revamped living space.

I began to take in my surroundings, wondering how I had gotten here and what was going on. My only conclusion was that they had drugged me at some point during the night and brought me back home, but I couldn't figure out why. And why was I dressed this way? Someone had taken it upon themselves to dress me up as if I were heading out to the club for the night, but looking at the clock it wasn't even 8 a.m. yet. I was wearing a strapless minidress, where the midsection was red and felt like a satin material. The front was ruched to give it that bunchy look that was so in style right now. The cups of the dress as well as the bottom few inches were black and felt more like spandex, sticking to my breasts and my thighs. There was a sweetheart neckline that pushed my breasts together and showed off a considerable amount of cleavage while the bottom of the dress ran down to my mid thigh. I leaned forward and looked down at my feet, seeing that they were encased in 5" black high heels with an ankle strap and open toe. At the back of the heels there was red lacing, as if it were the back lacing of a sexy corset, tied in a neat bow at the top of each. Someone had taken some time in getting me into this outfit, but I still didn't understand why if they were just going to leave me sitting alone in my apartment while wearing it. Not that I was complaining.

I decided to get up and go change out of this outfit and into something more comfortable... if I could find it. At the very least I could get these fucking heels off and feel the carpet between my toes for a bit. I missed the small things like that more and more it seemed. I stood and steadied myself easily on the heels, feeling my breasts bounce against the elastic spandex material as I walked back to the bedroom only to find that the door was locked. In fact, all of the doors were locked, leaving me no choice but to either keep wearing this outfit or walk around naked, giving the viewers behind the video cameras a free show - though it wasn't like I had anything they hadn't already seen many times I was sure.

I walked back to the couch and noticed that there were some suitcases packed and sitting next to the front door. Two rolling suitcases, both pink, sitting upright as if they were ready to be loaded up into a car for some kind of vacation. I walked over to them and looked at the luggage tags, gulping as I read "Candi" on both next to the names with my full address listed below them. Apparently these were supposed to be 'my' suitcases, but I certainly wasn't the one that had packed them and I was sure I hadn't made any vacation plans recently, given my limitations. I exhaled a deep sigh and walked over to the couch, deciding that I would slip off the high heels and try to fall back asleep as I was still exhausted from the past few nights. As soon as I began to reach down towards my heel, I felt a warning zap come coursing through the ring still locked around my cock, hiding behind the fake pussy that was still parading me around as a woman. I stiffened up straight, surprised at the shock as I had convinced myself that I was alone and that no one was paying any attention to me. The intercom clicked on and I heard a man's voice fill the apartment.

"Your ride will be here shortly. Do not touch your outfit."

That's all he said, leaving me with a blur of questions racing through my head. What ride was he talking about? Was I going to Miss Vicki's store? But why the suitcases? Why were the rooms locked? Where was I going? Who was I going with?

After a few minutes of questions that were impossible to answer coursing through me and my heart beginning to pound through my chest, there was a honk out in the parking lot followed by the electronic lock on the front door releasing, signaling that I was supposed to head outside. I stood and walked outside before receiving another shock through my cock ring, apparently a reminder that I was to bring the suitcases. I peaked back into the apartment and grabbed them, rolling each behind me as the front door shut and locked as it latched. I looked around for a moment, hoping to see a police officer, a familiar face, anything that would give hope for an escape. I saw a man leaving his apartment a few buildings down, rushing to his car as he was likely late getting to work. He glanced my way and paused for a moment when he saw me, my heart skipping a beat and then sinking as he gave a courteous smile before hopping into his car, driving off and checking me out once again as he slowly drove past. Pervert.

In the parking lot was a sleek black stretch limo with the back door as well as the trunk open, obviously waiting for me to load in my suitcases and hop inside. I went to the back of the car and tossed in my suitcases before climbing inside, shutting the door behind me. I was surprised to see that I was alone in the backseat, but did see that there was a small tape recorder next to me with a small "Play Me" note with a lipstick kiss taped to it. I could only assume it was Miss Vicki's doing, which was confirmed as I pressed play and heard her voice fill the seat as I felt the car begin to move, taking me to my unknown destination.

"Candi! Exciting news - so sorry I couldn't be there to give it to you in person, but I have much to do on such short notice. I'm sure you're a bit confused, so allow me to clear up the cobwebs for you. Now, I had to deviate from my training plans for you a bit due to some unforeseen circumstances arising. There is a couple that was at the party last night who just HAD to have you for their upcoming vacation to Las Vegas. That's right, Sin City - what a fitting place for a slut like yourself, right?! Well, I tried to explain to them that you weren't ready for that kind of a trip just yet, but they just kept adding zero's to the back end of their check until I agreed - so here you are."

I nearly passed out as I took in this new information. Being out in public walking to and from cars was bad enough and the subway rides I'd had to make nearly resulted in me being raped. Now I was expected to fly out to a place famous for hookers and sin? With some couple who I didn't know the first thing about? How long would we be there? What would we do while there? How was I supposed to find them? I was certainly not dressed for a long flight and a day of traveling, why did they dress me like this when they knew that I'd be walking through an airport, dealing with security and all that? I was livid but the car was pulling onto the interstate, revving up to 70mph - plus the door was locked, so even if I did want to risk jumping out of a moving car, I couldn't. I was along for the ride until we got to the airport, at least. Miss Vicki continued on the recording.

"I know you probably don't feel prepared for a vacation getaway just yet, but don't fret - your job is simple, really. You won't make one important choice while you're on this trip - Mr and Mrs Smith, as they will be known to you, will choose all of your outfits and activities for the day. You are not to question any of their demands and are to comply with anything they desire as they are long time friends of mine and this is the first time they have ever shown an interest in one of my sluts. They will have the controller for your clitty ring in order to keep you in line and your special collars have been neatly packed away with some of your favorite outfits in case you disobey to the point where they are necessary. Or if they just want to have some fun with you! You should be nearing the airport soon - don't worry about finding the Smiths, they know who you are and will find you shortly after you arrive as they are already at the airport waiting to check in with you. Have a great time - I wish I could tell you what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... but I just don't think that will be the case for this trip! Ta ta for now!"

The recorder went silent and I felt goosebumps starting to form on my arms and legs. I was nervous beyond belief... about being at the airport, going through security, riding on the plane... and then, my God, being stuck in Las Vegas with these obviously perverted strangers! To calm my nerves I convinced myself that I would wait for the limo to drive off as he dropped me off and then just hop in a taxi and tell the driver to drive me as far away from this place as possible. This could be the best thing that's happened to me since this whole ordeal started months ago.

The limo eased to a stop at the passenger drop-off area. I watched the driver come around to the back and place "my" suitcases on the curb before popping the lock on the door and letting me step out. He didn't even look at me, but I did hear a chuckle as he closed the door and hurried around back to his seat and driving off, leaving me there all alone. I gave a tug on the bottom of my dress, hoping that there would somehow be more material to be found and that it would stretch down further than my mid-thigh, but obviously had no such luck as a gust of wind blew through the area, causing more goosebumps while the wind made its way up the bottom of my dress and surrounded my body. I glanced around, looking for someone that might look familiar from last night, hoping to find the Smiths before they found me so that I could possibly avoid them. Strangers were everywhere I looked... men stealing glances at my generous cleavage while their wives were busy looking another way, wives staring holes through my body as they saw me, cursing me with their eyes for tempting their husbands. I wanted to scream at them that this wasn't my choice, but the words of the woman from the night before echoed through my mind, telling me that the police could do nothing for me. I glanced around again, this time hoping to see that woman, imagining her swooping through the crowd and ushering me off to a waiting car, driving me away from this life... but again, nothing but strangers.

Down at the end of the passenger drop-off area I saw the line of taxis that I'd hoped for. I grabbed the handles on my suitcases and began making my way towards them, angry at myself for claiming the hot pink suitcases as my own as I picked my way through the crowd. The taxis were getting closer, some of the drivers that were outside of their cars talking with one another noticing me walking their way and making themselves available, all hoping that the scantily dressed blond bombshell would pick his smelly cab to ride in. I did my best to give a flirtatious smile, remembering that I had no money with me, so that I would just have to get by on trying to take advantage of these men's hornyness and their competitive drive with one another to get the hot chick into his car. Just as I opened my mouth to ask for a ride, a man collided with me, causing me to drop my suitcases. Flustered, I hurried to try and pick them up as he apologized for the collision.

"Oh, I'm so sorry - I was talking to my wife and didn't even notice you there, Candi."

I began to forgive him and dismiss his apology before it sank in... he called me Candi. My face went pale as I looked up at him from my suitcases. He was a middle aged man, perhaps in his early to mid forties. He was handsome and was wearing a black power suit with a blue tie tied in a large knot, another sign of an authoritative figure. His hair was black with traces of gray, matching the goatee he was sporting. He reached out and grabbed my bare arm as I felt the strength in his grip while he pulled me to my feet. He was strong, much stronger than myself but not in a bodybuilder type of way... just obviously an athletic man that took good care of himself. He picked up my suitcases and nodded towards a woman behind us as she walked forward. She was also middle aged and had obviously had some work done to keep a youthful look. Her skin was perfectly tanned and smooth as it contrasted with her pink tanktop, white skirt and black heels. Her impossibly perky tits were hiding behind a black bra visible just under the tanktop as she approached. She pulled down her oversized sunglasses and looked me up and down, smiling at the view. She had dark black hair with no traces of gray anywhere and walked with a confidence that I had rarely seen... most recently though, I had seen it in the way Miss Vicki walked and I shuttered at the familiarity. The man opened up one of the pockets on the front of one suitcase and pulled out a small remote, flipping it to the woman. She smiled as she pressed one of the buttons and then laughed as she watched me flinch at the electricity it caused to course through my clit ring... I mean my cock ring. I have a cock, not a clit!

I was angry at myself for having the controller to the ring so close to me, but not even thinking of looking through the suitcase for it. I could have removed their control over me and been free, but I was too concerned with getting to a cab and freeing myself that way. I needed to be more focused - surely there would be other opportunities to get free while we were in Vegas, I just had to be smart. My thoughts were interrupted by another jolt, this one stronger than the last, intended to get my attention and enter the airport. I began to open my mouth to protest but decided against it. Mrs Smith told me to head to the security checkpoint, making me walk in front of them so that they could obviously watch my tight ass from behind.

Once we got to the security line, I watched Mr Smith check our bags and then nod to one of the guards. He walked over to him and spoke for a few minutes, laughing and signaling towards Mrs Smith and I before passing an envelope to the man. He motioned for us to come to his line and I saw him flip off the metal detector and scanner as I walked through since my cock ring did not trip the sensors. Mr and Mrs Smith gave a parting wave to the security guard and then again told me what gate to walk to, following behind as I heard them talking and giggling, no doubt speaking about me.

We arrived to the gate and were a bit early. The Smiths took seats on the waiting bench, placing their carry on luggage next to them with a small area in between them, which Mrs Smith patted and motioned for me to sit. I slid in between them, feeling Mr Smith place his hand on my thigh and begin to rub it while Mrs Smith smiled and played with my hair. She began to talk quietly to Mr Smith over me, without truly acknowledging that I was there and could hear them.

"You see Mitch - I told you she would be worth every penny! Feel those tight thighs? Can't you just imagine them wrapped around you, sliding up and down your shaft? I bet she's been thinking about it since the moment she first laid eyes on you outside. I know you've been thinking about it ever since we watched her performance at the party last night!"

He gave a low laugh and squeezed my thigh roughly, causing me to jump from a combination of pain and it tickling. He continued their conversation through me.

"Yea, Viv, you were right. I can't believe she's ours for the whole trip... she should be a lot of fun with everything we have planned. And I can't wait to see you two playing together - that's gonna be so fucking hot!"

Mrs Smith... or Vivian, I gathered, took that cue from Mr Smith and pulled my hair towards her, putting her other hand on my cheek and pulling my face to hers. Suddenly I felt her tongue thrust inside of my mouth as if it were in some kind of fight with my tongue, swirling circles around it as she forcefully pulled my face into her. I heard a soft moan escape her lips as she broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes - my nervous and terrified eyes. It was such a sensual kiss, one that normally would have had me rock hard and wanting more, but in this case all I wanted was to be free of these strangers. I wanted to slap Mitch's hand off of my leg and punch Vivian right in those red luscious lips, but I knew I had to show restraint. I decided that I would wait for my time, wait until the perfect moment and then, before they knew it, "Candi" would be gone with the wind. The first time they turned their back on me, the first time they left me alone in a room with a way out, the first time they had a lapse, I would be history to them, to Miss Vicki, to my old Master, to that bitch Britney, to everyone. They would only be able to talk about me in the sense of their memories, no new ones would be made at my expense. I just had to play along until that moment, as hard as it was to stomach.

Some of the other passengers in the gate waiting area had noticed the kiss and were stealing glances our way, likely trying to figure out what in the world was going on with this well to do, middle aged couple and their suggestively dressed companion. Yet the Smiths were in their own world, continuing to talk about how excited they were to "have me" all to themselves and talking about how much fun they had planned. Finally the boarding light flickered on and we made our way to board the plane with the first class passengers. I was handed a ticket with a seat of 6B on it as we stepped through the door. The seats were in groups of 3 as I took my seat, which was in the last row of first class up against the back curtain of the section, again being strategically placed in between Mr and Mrs Smith. Mrs Smith was sitting in the window seat as Mr Smith placed their carry on luggage into the bin above our row before taking his seat. His hand again went to my thigh as he got comfortable, yet this time he allowed it to run up dangerously high, sliding underneath the black spandex at the bottom of my dress before coming to a rest and flashing me a knowing smile that he could do whatever he pleased, especially since the row next to us was empty.

After tickling the top of my thighs for a few minutes, Mitch took his hand back out and flagged down the stewardess, ordering drinks for the three of us. I didn't hear what he had ordered, but I did see the stewardess laugh an embarrassed giggle before heading to the bar area and preparing the drinks. While that was happening, Vivian told me to stand up as she pulled something out of her purse.

It was awkward standing up in the back of the plane and I knew that we would begin our taxi to the runway soon, so I wasn't sure why she was having me stand so soon to takeoff. I felt her hands at the bottom of my dress and instinctively pushed them away only to feel Mitch strongly grip the back of my thigh, an obvious warning not to disobey Vivian's advances again. I stared straight ahead with my face going pale as I again felt Vivian's hands at my dress, stretching the spandex out and sliding it up over my hips. Here I was on a plane with a minidress on, a couple playing with my ass behind me, heading to Las Vegas to do God knows what... and not a single person on the plane was aware or able save me. I thought about screaming something about a bomb on the plane, but my train of thought was interrupted by Vivian once she had my dress up over my hips.

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