Trapped Ch. 1


8/18/02 -- This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an Internet pay site, without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

The story is about a man who after becoming divorced – decides to take up his ex-wife’s idea to find sexual dreams and make them come true. What he gets is TRAPPED – in an affair he didn’t intend to participate.

And now – on with the story.

It didn’t always start out this way --- or rather it wasn’t suppose to turn out the way it did. I wasn’t raised to become a slave. I didn’t even start the scene until recently. But as you have heard by other storytellers, life isn’t what you expect. But this is getting ahead of myself.

I was a late bloomer to the Internet highway. I had joined the computer world just a year ago. And like most new comers, once I learned how to navigate the mouse and type a little bit of response I was off enjoying the weird world of online love. I had just recently become divorced after 4 years of marriage. It wasn’t a bad marriage – or so I thought – but that didn’t stop my ex from finding herself with her tennis partners in a lesbian love affair. I could get over being dropped by the love of my life for another man – perhaps a big strong manly sort of man. But my ego WAS NOT ready to be second to a sport minded woman with a 10” rubber dick. When my wife left me – her one statement of advice was – “It’s a big world. There is lots of sex that is not dangerous, but doesn’t need to be boring sex. Think of your wildest fantasy - then how can you make the fantasy come true. When it does – you need to run away with it.”

With that final thought in mind, I set out to make my fantasy sexual experience come true. I managed to get into a room – designated “Dominatrix do it best”. Aside from all the chatter I managed to get a few words into a woman who seemed interested in me. After quickly discovering we lived in the same mid-western city, we went off to a private room of her choosing to get further aquatinted. She told me how that her husband was into domination, and while she enjoyed the submissive side with him, she really wanted to experience the dominant side with someone else. We sent pictures of how we looked. Mine was just a face shot, and hers showed off her whole body. No, not naked – but in a tight shirt and jeans that left little to the imagination. I could tell that she was thin, yet had an attractive bustline giving her a well proportioned look. She had dark hair, and deep tan. I got more infatuated with every word she typed.

After awhile – perhaps a few hours of telling each other our little secrets – she learned that I was a novice at the BDSM games. She learned that I was heterosexual and looking for adventure with a willing female. I found out that her name was Tina and she wanted to someday meet with me – just to find out if we would be compatible for more intimate plans.

That meeting took place the next week at a local bar. She asked me if I was a Raiders fan? When I told her I liked the team – but wasn’t really a big football fan. She told me that she was a big Raiders fan, and to wear a team Jersey to the bar. I was to buy one if I didn’t own one. I was instructed to tell her the number on the jersey so she would know it was I. She told me that her husband would be with her. That he did NOT know of her plans to ‘be unfaithful’ and I was to be casual in my conversation – but to be careful not to let on that I know anything about them both. She would see me – and start up a conversation about the Raiders football team. I had better brush up on the team if I expect to pass off our meeting as coincidence. If I could pass her test – I would be rewarded with a scene at a later date. If she didn’t like what she saw – no harm would be done, and her husband wouldn’t be the wiser. She did describe him to me – my height, 6’ 3” tall, shaved head, but wears a goatee, muscular build that is only 205 pounds -- extremely easy on the eyes, but he’s a bit cocky. I did ask her why a Raiders fan and not one of the local colleges or pro teams in the area. “Because silly – there may be OTHER guys in the bar wearing a college shirt, or something. But there are not too many Raider fans around here” Tina replied. It made sense to me.

The next day I wrote her and told her I bought one with the number 68 on it. I asked what she was going to wear so I would have an easier time recognizing her. She replied “You have seen my picture – but if it looks obvious that you are ‘looking for me’ Carlos might be a bit jealous. And that is not a good thing for you or me.”

That weekend I went to the bar as instructed and after 2 hours of drinking beers and wandering around the place trying to look like I belonged – but really feeling out of place and lonely. Was she going to show up? Maybe since I was ‘identified by the jersey’ she didn’t like what she saw and decided not to strike up a conversation. Maybe they were there and left already. Or perhaps they just haven’t arrived yet. No matter what – I wanted to stick it out and meet this woman. A few people chatted with me – but they didn’t seem to have any special spark in their eyes to tell me that I was with Tina.

While making yet another pass around the confines of the bar I overheard what appeared to be a slightly intoxicated woman loudly mouthing off “Hey, lets have some fun --- wanna pick on a poor lonely Raiders fan? HEY RAIDIERS FAN --- why the long face? Is it cause your team hasn’t won anything in a long time? Or is it in addition to losing last week – that you have lost your girlfriend too. This is the 4th or 5th time you have walked by us like you are lost or something.”

“Yes I was suppose to meet some friends here – but they may have gotten tied up” I smirked at her remarks. Then I looked closer into the dim bar light and saw a gleam in her eyes. This was the woman I was to meet. She was the one I was to talk to. So I strolled up to her table and asked “SO? What do you have against the Raiders – or are you a fan?”

She gave the Raiders team a lot of shit in the few moments I stood there. I didn’t quite know how to react. Should I be the typical upset fan and defend my team at all costs? Should I take her remarks with a smile and a try to politely change the conversation? I quickly decided that the later was the best remedy since I wasn’t really a football fan at all – and getting into any kind of argument would make me look foolish. I asked their names and offered to buy them each a beer – to show that Raider fans are decent guys. I found out that she had lied to me. She and her husband Carlos were actually very big Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Everything that her cocky husband said about the Raiders got very little response from me. I just nodded – and agreed with him, and tried to take it all in stride. She was right on the money about him – muscle bound, yet good looking. He wasn’t just cocky – he was bossy and arrogant. His strength wasn’t only in his arms and legs; it was his sheer presence – center of attention kind of thing – and I really didn’t want to piss him off. His arms were as big around as my calves. There is something about some kids as they grow up – when there is a bully around, they will do anything to stay away – or avoid wrestling or getting involved in a fight. I was always one of those kids. I didn’t feel the need to overwork my body to become super strong. I was determined to use my mind to get ahead. I was his height, yet weighed 15 pounds more. I was a big strong man in my own right – but I knew better than to tangle with a powerful specimen like him. There was just something about his demeanor that made me feel week and insignificant.

Enough about Carlos – I turned my attention to Tina as I bought her and her friends some tequila to go with the beers. She smiled at me as her husband was verbally assaulting my so-called team. As I coward from his remarks – she came to my rescue. “Hey, lets leave the little boy alone. If he wants to cheer for the Raiders – and BUY US DRINKS --- let him.” Then she put her arm around my shoulder and pushed my head onto her shoulder – giving me a great view down of her cleavage.

After the third round of drinks, less verbal abuse by Carlos, Tina whispered in my ear: “You are showing yourself as a perfect submissive boy --- I like that. I have decided I will be able to use you. Now excuse yourself and go home to bed. And don’t you DARE fondle your dick” I looked at her and saw the sinister gleam in her eyes, followed by an innocent grin on her lips.

“Well, I need to be running along. Thanks for the social atmosphere - it has been a learning experience for me” I told the group at the table.

Carlos shook my hand and made sure that I was aware of his powerful grip, as he squeezed my hand and laughed as my legs buckled under me as I almost fell to my knees before him. “It sure was a new one for me too – I thought Raiders fans had more struggle in them – but you’re OK by me. After all, if it weren’t for feeble guys like you – how would potent guys like me be able to flaunt our supremacy?” Then he laughed like he was only kidding and threw in “Or buy us all drinks” Carlos slapped me on the back to send me on my way.

I went home and put him completely out of my mind. Tina was another subject. I liked how her perfect breasts looked as I stared down her shirt. I liked her intoxicating perfume. Even though she had somewhat started a humiliating conversation – I could see that she was smart enough to know that she could fool her husband Carlos into believing I was harmless. When in just a short while – I may be fucking her over and over. This part of my night drifted off into blissful sleep.

The next day Tina started putting things into motion. “Carlos is leaving next weekend, and will be out of the country for 9 days – until the following Sunday. I would really like to make love with you. I want to FUCK you – but good. I need to empty your balls, and you can suck on my pussy.”

This sounded way too good to me. I wasn’t about to argue with these ideas she so eloquently described.

“But I have to have you first – my way. I have to be sure that you are not going to be a stalker or something dangerous while Carlos is away. Are you willing to let me have my way with you?” She breathed heavily into the phone.

I eagerly agreed to everything she said.

“I need security to protect me.” She told me

“What kind of security?” I curiously asked, “Do you mean I should buy a few boxes of rubbers?”

“Ha – Ha” She laughed at my attempt to understand her intentions. “No I mean I will have to meet you somewhere at night, and you will have to agree to let me blindfold you before I take you back to my house. You never know what kind of sick people are on the Internet.”

Alarm bells should have been going off in my head – this was a strange request. But instead I said “If it will make you feel more comfortable – then I will agree to not even peek.”

“Good. Just remember the first night may seem strange – and I may require you to do some things that are out of the ordinary. But if I get my way the first night – then you will be fucked all week long.” The tone was exhilarating to my throbbing cock, but my mind missed all the hints that she was throwing out. “Carlos doesn’t go out of town often – so I don’t know when this opportunity will cum again. Can you take a week vacation and spend it with me. I promise it will be a week you will NEVER forget.”

I checked with my boss and got the following week off, just as she has requested.

I was to pack a suitcase with underwear and one or two changes of clothes. She hinted I would be naked most of the time. Her hint included herself in that picture. She told me to tell my friends that I was going away for the week – to be alone and get my life organized for the future. Amazingly enough, most of them didn’t question it. One girl from my office – who I suspected had a crush on me – was a bit suspicious but I managed to keep from giving her any information.

For me – everything added up to a week of sex – intermittently splattered with a bit of bondage or light S&M. When I asked what she planned on doing – she would distract me with sayings like “You’ll just have to wait and see.” Or she would describe how much fun it would be – to be helpless as she sucks on my cock or feeds me her pussy. No matter what she said – it always seemed like I was going to be safe. That the idea of bondage for her was to protect her and get used to my body. The blindfold was so that – when the week was over – we might not see one another again. She didn’t want a love sick puppy showing up at her door when she has a brute of a husband who would certainly hurt her love puppy – and maybe dump her on the street as a tramp. Things needed to be on her terms if I was going to be with her --- and more importantly to be fucked by her.

I agreed to it all. After all, I am going to get fucked – right?

That Friday night I arrived at our designated spot in the parking lot of a strip mall. I did as she had instructed in her recent Email – I put a ‘for sale’ sign in the front window of my car and of course the phone number was bogus. Tina pulled up and I threw my bag into her trunk and got in the front seat. She then told me to get in the back seat and lay down so I won’t be seen by any of her neighbors. Then she tossed me the blind fold. “Put this on. Don’t peak – remember you promised!!”

I obeyed.

“Ok to make it interesting while I drive us to my house, why don’t we tell each other some sexy things to pass the time away. First you tell me what you think this week will be like?” Tina prompted me.

“Well ---” – I started trying to gather my thoughts and not seem over anxious for sex. For starters – you show me around your house. After all, if I am going to be there a week, I have to get a look at the place.”

“I can do that,” She said confidently

“Then I think I should hold you in my arms and kiss you – first slowly – then more passionately. From there, I should stroke your cheek, and nibble on your neck while you rub my cock in my pants.” I thought I should start out slow – and build up to the fucking part she kept promising me. “We may put some nice music on – and sway to the beat as I tenderly remove your shirt – hardly letting you go from my soft touch.”

“Hmmm, I think YOU are the one who will be naked first” She contradicted me.

“That sounds good too.” I replied.

“Donny Boy – while you are blindfolded and sitting in the back of the car where you can’t reach me --- as you tell me this – why don’t you stroke your cock through your pants.” Tina encouraged me but warned me at the same time. “BUT DON’T CUM!!”

“OK” I eagerly replied.

“Go back to the part when we are dancing to the music – but YOU are undressing yourself for me. Maybe putting on a show for me” Tina said.

“I slowly remove my shirt – and you see my nice hairy chest. I grind my hips a bit to show off the bulge in my pants. The bulge you soon will have between your legs!” I needed to get to the part where we are fucking.

“WAIT – Stop right there.” She interrupted me. “I don’t see it happening this way when we get to my house. Letting you take a few minutes and get the grand tour is fine. Putting on sexy music is good too. But I told you – I NEED to be in charge this first night. I don’t want your hands roaming my body. I don’t want to run my fingers through your hairy chest. As a matter of fact, I plan on giving you a bath, and then shaving your hairy chest and all the hair between your legs.” I was quiet in the backseat. “Are you still stroking yourself?”

“Yes” I murmured.

“Good Donny Boy!” Tina smiled and glanced over her shoulder at me laying in the back seat. “Once I have you completely clean – and all the annoying hair removed – then I will be stroking your chest and licking at your big cock.”

“Tina?” I called out her name. “I don’t --- Know --- if -- um – “ “You don’t know if I should suck your big man meat?” She teased me.

“No, its not that – I thought you agreed if I let you have your way with me – that YOU would not do anything permanent to me” I slightly whined. “I don’t want my hair shaved.”

“Hair grows back – it isn’t permanent.” She reminded me.

“I know – but it is soft and looks good.” I tried to reason with her.

“Hairy guys don’t turn me on. It is bristly and irritating to get caught in my mouth. I don’t enjoy having my face pressed against your hairy crotch. You want a week of sex don’t you?” She asked

“Mine isn’t bristly. Why don’t you just wait and see if you like mine.” I tried to reason with her.

Again she reminded me of why I was there. “IF I get my way tonight – then you will get fucked like you have never been fucked before – all week long. So what’s it going to be boy?” “Wouldn’t you like to just see it --- and feel it?” I again tried to rationalize with her.

“I can take you back to your car now. We can turn around and end this – RIGHT NOW – if you want. It is up to you --- I want to shave your crotch – from your hairy ass – to at least 3 inches past your hard dick as it lays on your chest.” She paused to let that sink in. “Well Boy – You going to keep me waiting?”

“No Tina – you can do it” I quietly replied.

“What’s that Donny Boy? I couldn’t hear you up here – tell me what I want to hear.” She badgered me. “You can shave my crotch.” I emphatically replied – then paused for a moment and added “But please don’t shave my chest, legs or head”

“I want to hear you BEG me to shave your crotch. And MAYBE I will agree to not shave the rest of you” She delighted in my loss of nerve. “Hurry up – we’re almost there. Or maybe you would prefer going back to your car?”

I blurted out “PLEASE shave my crotch – and my ass. It needs it – so you can feel my soft skin. Oh I beg you to please remove all the hair – so you know I can please my new mistress.”

“Well, if you insist.” She taunted.

We rode in silence for awhile longer. Tina was savoring her new conquest, and I was contemplating my fate in her hands. I paid attention to the car as it made several sharp turns. Finally she spoke “I have to get out and open the gate. You stay put --- and no peeking.”

I didn’t want to disobey – so I continued to lie in the back with the blindfold on. She got back in for a moment – pulled the car forward then hopped back out to close the gate.

“Welcome to our property. We have 685 acres of land surrounding this house – so don’t you worry your cute little behind about anyone seeing you here – UNLESS we want to let them see you. Just think the nearest neighbor is several miles away” Tina explained.

What I didn’t realize at the time – she was warning me that I had no place to run – no place to escape --- and certainly no one would hear my cries for help.

We pulled into a garage – that much I could tell due to the sound of the engine as it reverberated off the walls. Tina told me “I want you to count to 500 before you take off the blindfold and then come inside the house. No skipping numbers – and don’t rush it too fast. I need to change into something more erotic. I will be waiting for you.” I heard the door slam, and as I began to count I heard what appeared to be the house door close.

“1 2 3 … 100” I thought to myself how silly I must look – sitting up now in the back seat of her car – counting to 500 so I can enter her ‘paradise’ “101, 102, 103 … 300” I began to lick my lips because my mouth was dry. I continued because I thought to myself – what is the use of playing the game if you are not going to obey the rules. “301, 302, 303, … Finally 500!” I reached up to my face and pulled the blindfold off. I looked around at my surroundings. Yes, just like I had surmised I was in a garage connected to a house. There were the typical things you would find in a garage – a tool bench, a riding lawnmower, 2 bicycles, a couple of trashcans sitting in the corner. Nothing looked out of the ordinary.

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