Trapped Ch. 4


“Just as I thought – Little BOYS cry!” Carlos goaded me. “Set his legs free – and I’ll climb on him and give the little baby a pacifier.”
Tina untied the rope that held my legs up over my head. It was a welcome relief to lower my legs – but it hurt to have them rub against the bed cover.

Carlos sat on my upper chest and flip flopped his dick across my lips – “c’mon little boy. Suck your Master.”

I tried to refuse. Tried turning my head. He stroked his cock to semi-hardness.

“Please let me go. I’ll do anything you want – I’ll not tell anyone what you did here. Just let me go” I begged for my freedom.

“I promised I would let you get untied. I also promised that you would do something as soon as you were untied. Do you remember what that was?” Carlos asked.

“Kiss your ass and beg to suck your cock.” I meekly replied.

“CORRECT!” He cheerfully responded. “Now tell me why you are crying?”

“I – I just came without you or Tina touching me. I came when I was sucking the sperm from her pussy. I can’t believe I showed you both that I liked it – it turned me on to be your BOY.” I admitted.

“So you recognize that I am a better man. That my cock is huge compared to your little boy hairless wonder. That you should be my slave – and I should be your Master.” He went on summing up my experience with them both. “You came here expecting sex with my wife. You knew she was married – but that didn’t stop you from trying to fuck her. And now life is a bit different. You realize that your fantasy of being a slave just took a radical turn – you didn’t expect to be a slave to a MAN –but you found out – that it was the natural order of the day. You know deep inside your mind that you belong on your knees before me. It turned you on soooo much to be told how to suck my cum from her pussy that you blew your load without any physical stimulation. And now you are crying because you know it is what you want. You are a boy – and you need to obey a Man.”

I stared at his huge cock. I looked up past it to see his mocking eyes. I slowly shook my head up and down to acknowledge that he was right about it all.

He undid the rope holding my hands above my head. “When you drop to your knees I want to hear how much of a boy you are – and how much you want to please a man.”

“Yes sir” I humbly acknowledged.

The cuffs were still on my wrists; I had just been set free from the bed. Carlos climbed off my chest and stood in a defiant manor. With his hands on his hips, and his blood engorged cock bobbing in the air. He waited for me to show my gesture of weakness and his air of superiority.

Tina said – “Show him who is boss. Show him that you will be a good meek boy. Prove to my husband – your new Master – that you are going to do as he says.”

I dropped to my knees.

“What are you?” Carlos asked me

“Your slave – Ma – Master ” I humbly stuttered.

“Are you a man?” He asked

“No – I am not man enough to compare to you” I obediently said

“Tell me what you are?” Carlos questioned me.

“I am a boy” Each answer securing my station in their home.

“Show me how submissive you can be for me Boy!” Carlos taunted.

I bowed my head down.

Tina told me to crawl around behind him and kiss his ass.

I shuffled on my knees until I was in position. Then I kissed his leather- covered ass. I felt so spineless in this act of capitulation.

Carlos quickly turned around so I was face to face with his massive man meat.

I shivered in apprehension.

“Boy - Look down at your hairless crotch and little dick” Carlos ordered me.

Compared to the thick piece of meat hanging between his legs – mine looked pathetic.

“You have a little hard on for me don’t you boy?” Carlos accurately inquired.

It was hard and throbbing. That was true. Why was I so turned on by being humiliated in such a fashion?

He cupped his balls in one hand and gripped the shaft of his cock with his other hand. “I have a MAN’S COCK –its throbbing proof I am your superior.”

I leaned forward to kiss it, but he pulled back and bitch slapped me across the face twice. I fell back on my heels.

“But – But I thought you – wanted – me to – you know.” I stammered as my confusion rose.

“How dare you presume to be allowed to kiss or suck my big cock.” He spat down at me. “You must first beg me BOY!”

Begging to be a cocksucker – was the ultimate humiliation I could suffer. He knew that it would break my spirit much worse to do that – than all the pain from his crop combined.

“Tell me what I want to hear – or maybe you would like if I tie you in the basement and whip your ass some more.” Carlos threatened. “I can MAKE you sick it – but that isn’t what I want to do. I want to hear you BEG for it.”

He was right. He looked imposing as he stood there. Muscular, leather clad man – and me a crying little wimp of a boy on my knees. My hard on – was showing the proof of my perverse enjoyment.

“Please Master – may I kiss and suck your cock?” I capitulated.

“Yes you may – BOY – in fact why don’t you suck it until I cum again.” Carlos enjoyed his domination of me.

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