tagFetishTrapped in Quicksand! Ch. 02

Trapped in Quicksand! Ch. 02


Margaret stood firmly on an island of marsh grass ogling her sexy, real estate rival, Elizabeth, struggle against gravity. The gooey muck Ms. StCloud III had errantly stumbled into mercilessly lapped at the hem of her ripped business skirt. Margaret succumbed to the melodrama unfolding before her. Feeling her nipples harden with excitement as she deviantly watched the quicksand slowly devour Mclean County's sexiest real estate agent.

"It's pulling me in deeper. Aren't you going help me? Please, I'm sorry I tried to steal your client." Elizabeth unsincerely whispered.

"You know that act might work on the stupid men you seduce, but not on me." Margaret pretended to fuss over her manicured fingers..

"Oh, no!" Elizabeth squealed. The quicksand belched and slurped greedily advancing half way up her helpless thighs. "I'll do whatever you want. I'll give you all my top clients lists. Anything, it's yours." Elizabeth was panicing now. Her eyes on the verge of tears.

"So, what you're saying is you'll do whatever I want?" Margaret toyed with the rope she'd brought.

"Yes, damnit! Anything!" Elizabeth peered over her buxom chest at the bottomless ooze slowly devouring her. She could smell the finality of the muderous earth.

"You see, watching you sink is kinda making me horny." Margaret tied the rope around a dead tree stump. "Poor Elizabeth stuck in the quicksand. What will she do? I wonder, would you have sex to save yourself?" Margaret pretended to toss the rope, but pulled it back psyching Elizabeth out.

"Sex? Yeah, If it'll get me out of this muck. Help me." Elizabeth pouted all innocent. "I bet you want me to do one of your clients or something." Elizabeth licked her lips. Her full lucious lips.

"Now, that's a good act." Elizabeth winked at Margaret. "I want you to rub your tits like the dirty little slut you are.

"Right now? But, I'm sink..."

"Now!" Margaret cut her off slipping out of her boots. Elizabeth's face twisted in horror as she kneaded her large all american boobs. Her nipples betrayed the mortality issues running through her head. Pushing through the flimsy material of her tight blouse. The bog belched again gulping poor Elizabeth deeper into the quicksand. She continued massaging her perfect boobs even though her ass was now on the verge of being consumed. The wet muck began soaking her panties.

Margaret set her boots aside. Sitting on the muddy, but firm ground, she slowly spread her legs dipping her toes into the deep mud. "Mmmmmmm, doesn't the quicksand just feel marvelous?" The mire greedily slipped up her calves just below the knees. Margaret was dangerously close to being the bog's next victim. Carefully, she pulled her skirt up until her pantiless muff came out of hiding. "Hey, now pinch those nipples you little cum guzzler." Margaret commanded seeing Elizabeth had stopped rubbing and was staring at Margaret's fully aroused bush.

"I don't want you to fuck any clients of mine." Margaret dangled the end of the rope slapping it against her tender clit."I just want you to lick my hot, wet pussy, that's all. Now pull yourself to me." Margaret whipped the rope at Elizabeth who fumbled it briefly in the muck finally grasping her ticket to freedom before it sank away from her.

"Now before you get any cute ideas I want you to pull yourself over to me and lick my pussy. I can easily push you back into the deeper ooze, Got it?"

"Uh huh." Elizabeth grunted in agreement straining her muscles pulling on the rope. Slowly extracting herself out of the deadly goo. Elizabeth inched herself closer towards her sick co-worker. The quicksand slurpped in disappointment it's prey slowly plucked from it's deadly clutches. Margaret's legs dipped precariously in and out of the quicksand in rhythm with her naughty pussy rubbing hand. She let the muck slop over her knees only to pull them out thickly coated with the treacherous goop. Elizabeth was inches away from her masturbating co-worker's hot hairy pussy.

Margaret snatched the blonde bombshell by the hair shoving Elizabeth StCloud III's beautiful, movie star looking, face into her hungry muff. Elizabeth dared not struggle. Instead she calmly licked her sick real estate rival's tender lips waiting for the right time to act. She had long since found the bottom of this particular patch of quicksand, but was afraid to be pushed in deeper, forever. Elizabeth came to the conclusion she had better play ball. And what better way to do that than to awaken her dormant, but still convincing, lipstick lesbo talents.

"Ooooooooh, lick it! Lick it slut or it's back to the bog with you. Ohhhhh, yeah." Margaret's orgasm was building rapidly as Elizabeth licked deep circles around her highly charged clit. Slurpping her expert tongue into the folds of Margarets quivering pussy. Erotically making eye contact as her perfectly sculpted nose glided back and forth through Margaret's dense pubic mound.

Elizabeth was no stranger to forbidden sapphic pleasures. She eagerly succumbed to these tasty tricks from her real estate mentor, Cookie Rodgers. "Anytime, anywhere, and most of all, whatever it takes, to land the deal." Cookie boldly stated her mantra. Her appearence closely resembled Anne Bancroft from the movie "The Graduate." Seducing the young, naive real estate agent in the lurid sexual arts of landing the deal. Showing Elizabeth the subtlties of men and women. Men were easy women required much more finesse, because if the prospective client wasn't into a little girl on girl fun the ramifications would certainly be career fatal.

Once, there was the time Cookie serviced the bi-sexual wife of the mayor who happened to be house hunting one day. Discreet advances were made, like a hand running down her shoulder softly or a naughty glance down her blouse, as they casually walked through the empty house. Cookie gently coaxed the neatly dressed Mayor's wife to sit on the bed in the master bedroom. Cookie slipped her finely manicured fingers up Mrs. mayor's skirt massaging the aging trophy wife's pantied crotch while french kissing her mouth. Elizabeth covertly studied this lesson from the dark walk in closet. Quietly masturbating while her tutor's lipsticked mouth penetrated the wet pussy of the Mayor's lesbo wife. Elizabeth would learn later that Cookie also had a hidden camera planted in her purse. Capturing each lurid finger fuck and mouth watering lick, just in case the old bat got any funny ideas. Anything to seal the deal. Cookie was the best.

But, now it was a matter of life or death. Her latent girl skills were seriously being put to the test. She had one chance of escape and it had to be when Margaret was at her most vulnerable. Elizabeth gravely knew if she were to escape she'd have to make her freaky co-worker cum.

Margaret's wet pussy vibrated her ass bounced on the muddy grass. Elizabeth confidently sinking her expert tongue into Margaret's deviant folds."Oh my God! Ooooooooooh! Ohhhh, oh yeah!" Margaret's hips bucked wildly. Her pussy juice exploding all over her sexy rival's sweet lips. Cumming so, hard she had to close her eyes in orgasmic bliss. She continued to cum even though her own helpless body was being pulled into the trecherous quicksand trap.

Elizabeth frantically clawed her way onto the firmer ground. She had just pulled Margaret into the mire seconds felt like minutes as she finally gained the solid land she was recently denied. It felt great to be free. Rid of the fatal soil. Elizabeth shook the muck off looking back to make sure Margaret didn't magically jump out and push her back in. Margaret's back was to her as the quicksand was most of the way up her thighs. "Oh yeah." Margaret moaned as the muck coated her aroused muff.

"Your funeral bitch." Elizabeth muttered softly to herself turning around to run.

"Bravo! That was great, dear."Elizabeth nearly fell backwards into the bog again. Cookie Rodgers parted the tall marsh grass with a video camera in her hand. "You were quite the damsel, I must say. All helpless trapped in that deep pitiful mire . Wasn't she great Margie?"

"Yes ma'am." Margaret smiled slogging through the mud towards the edge of the bog.

"What's going on, here?" Elizabeth felt cornered.

"Relax dear your quite safe now, I assure you. You see Elizabeth the Hendersons are dear old friends of mine as they are Margaret's. And you know dear that I'm loyal to money first. Margaret informed me of your latest coup and I can't blame you for trying, but I had to step in and concoct this little charade to teach you a lesson. A rather dirty lesson, I must say." Margaret and Cookie giggled.

"You know that quicksand back there?" Margaret climed out of the bog. "I had to throw you the rope before you realized it wasn't bottomless at all. You see my quicksand fetish is quite real. Cookie here discovered my secret a few years ago when she secretly followed me into the woods during the Hendersons annual camping party. Right across the creek there. She caught me fantasizing in a mud pit similar to this one. There I was pretending to be stuck and hoping to be saved. My hand was in my panties and the quicksand up to my thighs when Cookie made her appearence. I just about shit when she calmly told me every thing was alright and that she wouldn't tell anyone. Well, she said she wouldn't tell if I did a few favors for her now and again.

"Oh, crap." Elizabeth muttered. "So, this was all a big, fat, grift, huh?"

"Don't be down dear girl you're still my absolute favorite." Cookie lifted Elizabeth's chin kissing her pouting mouth. "Come along you two." Cookie forged through the weeds. "I don't think anyone is at the Henderson's?" Cookie turned around and winked.

"They have the best shower in the state." Both Margaret and Elizabeth said simultaneously. "Jinx you owe me!"Elizabeth yelled first.

"Owe you what?" Margaret said with a sly smile.

" A nice slow licking!" Elizabeth smiled back as the women disappeared in the tall grass and late afternoon sun.

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