Travelers Ch. 08

byMoon Glade©

"I have seen your game too and you know what? I am so sure that I will win the next game that I will make you a bet. If I lose the next game I will play the tie breaker in my skivvies and since I only have a thong and thigh highs on under this dress and no bra I must be pretty certain." I said.

"Not that it can happen, but what if I lose?" Dave asked.

"Before my brother shanghaied me into this delivery I was on my way dancing so if you lose you take me dancing." I said.

"I hate dancing and I'm terrible at it, but I will take the bet because I won't lose." He said.

The next game was tense, we both wanted to win. I had forgotten that my job was to seduce him and take his virginity. All I wanted to do was win and I reasoned that if we went dancing together I could still seduce him afterwards.

When he castled to the queen's side I thought I saw a chance to trade up and I took a rook for a bishop, but as the game progressed I could slowly feel the game's momentum turn in his favor and when he sacrificed his queen I looked at the board in chagrin as I realized that I would soon be mated.

I looked up and said to him as I quietly turned my king onto its side, "You are going to mate me and there is nothing I can do to stop it."

When I stood up and begin to unzip my dress Dave said, "You don't have to do that."

I responded with, "A bet is a bet," as the black cocktail dress slid down my hips in a pool of silk around my high heels on the carpet.

Dave looked at me in awe as I stood in front of him in only a pair of white thigh highs, thong and white high heels. I finally broke the embarrassing silence in the room by saying, "Could you turn the thermostat up a little, I am getting gooseflesh."

When he reluctantly walked over to the thermostat I could see that he was trying to hide his erection and I busied myself setting the board up for the tie breaker.

Dave had no chance. Every time I moved I would lean forward and his attention would move away from the game to my breasts. He did not resign though even when his situation was totally hopeless because he was enjoying the game so much even if he was losing.

When I finally said, "Check and Mate," it was nearly one in the morning.

Dave looked at me and said, "Do you still want to go dancing?"

"No, it's too late to go out, but the music on the radio is nice so lets dance right here." I said as I walked into his arms and put my chest against his and my arms around his neck.

When we kissed my heart was thudding in my chest and I began to wonder if somewhere along the way I had lost control of the situation as his hands slid up my sides and came to rest on the sides of my breasts.

We quickly found ourselves on the bed and as his hands ran up and down my body I unbuttoned his shirt and was pleasantly surprised at the fact that his long sleeve shirt had hidden the fact that he worked out regularly. My next surprise came when, after getting him out of his shirt I unbuckled his pants and pushed them down his hips.

When I came into the room I immediately noticed his bare feet. They must have been a size 13 triple E. When we played chess I noticed how big his hands were as well so I should not have been surprised in retrospect at what I discovered when I pushed his pants and underwear over his hips, but I was.

"You're so big!" I said as I tried to wrap my hand around his throbbing pulsating penis.

I was planning on asking him to get a condom when he removed my thong and when he started to slide it down my hips and legs I started to say something, but before I could he said, "I don't have any condoms. I threw them away last week." "Why?" I asked.

"I know its stupid, but they were so old and I just sort of gave up on the idea that I would ever use them." He said.

Now I was faced with a dilemma. If I got my condoms from my purse what would he think, especially when later I told him I was engaged to someone back in the states? I didn't know why, but it was important to me that he think I was a ‘nice' girl who found herself having a spontaneous fling in Paris and for that reason I said, "It's OK, I'm on the pill."

What he lacked in experience he more than made up for in enthusiasm. By the time he had my thong off I was totally wet, but it still took sometime before I could adjust to his size and girth as he slowly entered me after a few unsuccessful attempts. When he was finally all the way inside me I wrapped my legs around his and tried to catch my breath as he began to rock me back and forth on the bed. Slowly he began to slightly withdraw himself and then re-enter me with a sensual circular motion that was beginning to drive me wild as I felt myself strain up to meet his slow teasing insertions.

As wet as I was I felt that if he moved any faster or further in his penetrations of me it would be painful until my pussy was even more lubricated and then mother nature took care of that. Suddenly I heard him groan and felt him ejaculating into me so much sperm that I could feel it gushing up the sides of my vagina and running down my lips and pooling under us.

My immediate response was tremendous disappointment that he had come so quickly, but then I realized that he was just as hard as he ever was and had only increased the depth and tempo of his penetration that the additional lubrication had allowed.

I began to moan as we became totally lost in one another. The bed was banging so loudly against the wall that I knew we were waking up whoever was in the next room, but I couldn't care. My nails dug into his ass cheeks as I tried to pull him deeper and deeper into me and he began to almost completely withdraw from my clasping lips with each stroke as he thrust into me with more and more force. I began to shutter and my vaginal walls began to spasm as the most intense orgasm of my life came crashing down on me and I felt like we were melting into one another as he began to cum into me for the second time.

I did not know that I was crying until I heard Dave ask, "Why are you crying?"

"That was so wonderful that's why." I answered.

We cuddled in that pool of wet love and kissed for awhile until it was obvious that neither of us wanted to sleep. I kissed my way down his chest and stomach and when I took the head of his penis into my mouth I heard him groan and could feel it already beginning to grow. I had to concentrate on just the head because I could not get more than a third of him into my mouth even when he was not fully erect. After a few minutes I threw my leg over him and straddled him as I slowly impaled myself.

Our third time lasted a very long time and we went from my being on top facing him to my being on top facing his feet and then on my knees with him entering me from behind and back to the missionary position over a period of more than an hour! By the time I could tell that his third orgasm was not far away I had already become multi-orgasmic.

We were bathed in sweat, the bed was a total mess, we had knocked over the lamp on the nightstand and I had broken a nail and left some pretty deep scratch marks on Dave's ass and we still could not get enough of one another. When he finally did cum there was almost a froth between us of body fluids and when he rolled off of me I frantically took his flaccid cock into my mouth (now at last I could get all of him into my mouth at least for a little while) and gradually brought him back to rigidity.

Finally shortly after sunrise we pulled the bed clothes up off the floor as the sweat on our bodies began to give us a chill and fell into an exhausted sleep in each others arms.

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