tagLoving WivesTravelers Ch. 10

Travelers Ch. 10

byMoon Glade©

At Orly I tried for the third time to reach the doctor whose name I had been give, but to no avail. He was either not able to come to the phone or not in every time I called so in frustration I dialed the number of Gisela Hojer to see if she knew anything about Martin's condition.

A woman answered the phone and when I asked to speak to Gisela Hojer she answered, "This is Gisela."

"This is Suze...Sanderson," I said using my maiden name. "Can you tell me how Martin is doing?"

"You are at the airport?" She responded.

"Yes, how did you know?" I asked.

"I can hear the flights being called." She answered.

"Yes and they just called my flight too." I told her.

"What is your flight number, I will pick you up at the airport?" She asked and told me in one quick sentence.

"It is SAS 339, but how will I recognize you?" I asked.

"I will be the one with the umbrella." She said in a laughing voice and hung up.


On the flight I started to think about our conversation. Martin must be in very bad condition I thought because she avoided answering that question totally and she quickly offered to pick me up at the airport. Then I thought what if it's raining? Everyone will have an umbrella and even if it isn't raining how will I see her in the crowd carrying an umbrella?

When I arrived at Arlanda and came through customs into the public area I spotted Gisela immediately and knew that she was a non-conformist and fun person just as immediately. She was the only one in the airport with an open umbrella!

Gisella was in her 40's, tall and svelte. She carried herself with an assured dignity and quickly loaded my luggage into her SAAB that she had left at the curb.

After we got into her car I said, "I take it you're not superstitious."

"Why do you ask?" She answered laughingly as she put the car in gear and drove away from the airport.

"An open umbrella inside is suppose to bring bad luck." I answered.

"Superstition is simply and excuse for stupid decisions. If you walk under a ladder of course there is the chance that someone will drop a bucket of paint or a tool on your head. If you see a black cat cross your path and walk or drive into a tree it is not because of the cat but because you focused on the cat and not what you were doing. But superstitious people don't want to say they saw the ladder and the workmen but they chose to walk under the ladder because they were to lazy to go around, or I looked at the cat, slammed on my breaks, swerved to the left into oncoming traffic and that is why I had the accident."

Before I could ask about Martin she asked me, "Do you know what SAAB stands for?"

When I answered no she said, "So you don't speak Swedish."

"How does that follow?" I asked.

She laughed and said, "Few people know other than Swedes and Swedish speakers that it stands for Svenska Airplane Acta Bolag."

"OK, makes sense to me, but how is Martin?" I asked.

Gisela became serious and she said, "Not good, he is being operated on this evening and by this time tomorrow we should know if he is going to make it or not. I am taking you to his apartment. It is in the top part of the house where I live, where I grew up. My mother sold off various parts of the house years ago and Ulla and Martin bought the apartment above what was my room when I was a young girl. I now live in the ground floor of the house and the rest of the house is owned by Martin and two other families."

"Sounds like a big house." I said.

"It is a villa, the Villa Vegeta. It was named that because it was built by a man who came back to Sweden during The Opium Wars between China and England. He came with his wealth, his poppy seeds and his vegetarianism and because he was a vegetarian it is called the Villa Vegeta." She told me.

"What did he do with his poppy seeds?" I asked.

"He planted them in the garden for his own use and even though the garden is overgrown today, once in awhile in the spring you will see a poppy come up." She said with a wistful appreciation of her childhood home.

When we turned up that long curving driveway between the stone walls at Langangvagen 54 I was stunned. What a magnificent structure and what a magnificent setting I thought as Gisela stopped the car and pulled the key from the floor.

After she deposited me and my bags into a two room apartment overlooking the sea and a small Island between us and the city skyline she told me to take a few minutes to freshen up and to just come down and knock on the door she had pointed out as we came in and we would have dinner. When I told her that she didn't have to make me dinner she just smiled and said, "I want the company, you need the company and we can't do anything but wait until tomorrow."

After dinner we sat around the fire and Gisela told me about how Martin came to live there when he was a graduate student in his early twenties and she was in her very early teens. "He was so handsome and so charming. He always made you happy to be in his presence. He was my first school girl crush and when he met Ulla and brought her here I hated her at first, but Ulla was sweet and they often took me on picnics or sailing in the archipelago or to Grona Lund or Skansen. I had the room below them and there was a dumb waiter from their kitchen down to my room that was no longer used except as a cupboard, but the sound carried if you left the door to it open. I use to listen to them making love and I decided as a young girl that I wanted to grow up to be like Ulla and marry a man like Martin."

"Did you ever marry?" I asked.

"Yes, I found my Martin, but it did not work out. He wanted to have children and ironically I was like Ulla in that I could not have children. I offered to adopt, but he wanted his own children and we divorced and he found a woman that also wanted to have children and could and they married. We are still good friends and we spend two weeks together every summer sailing in the archipelago in our sail boat. It is floating at the end of the pier off our back garden. We will be going out in two days and will sail through the small Islands between us and Finland to Turku."

"What does his wife say about that?" I asked incredulously.

"She doesn't mind. We have been doing that every year for the last twenty years. She doesn't like to sail and we both do. She knows that we are still lovers for those two weeks, but we do not see each other or talk to one another all year, only during those two weeks do we catch up on each other's lives." She told me matter of factly.

After a few minutes she continued, "Actually I have had the best life. I have my freedom. I have had my boyfriends and lovers and I have had none of the problems of children. They can break your heart; they have given Svante and his wife Gunilla tremendous heart ache. The eldest died of a heroin overdose, the middle boy is psychotic and the little girl was born with Downs Syndrome. For two weeks every year we make love like newlyweds and discuss life and what has happened in the last year. We never get tired of each other's stories or company during that time, and then we say Hej Do for another year."


The next day at the hospital we were told that Martin had weathered the operation well enough and in 24 more hours they should have a more clear prognosis of his possible recovery.

I asked Gisela to drop me off in the city near the Museum of Modern Art. She apologized that she could not sightsee with me, but she was getting the sail boat ready for the next two weeks at sea.

It was not sightseeing that I had in mind though and after she drove away I immediately went to the Af Chapman and even before I came up the gang plank I saw Lucinda writing post cards on the deck.

I walked up behind her and I could smell perfume, soap and shampoo but no cigarettes.

"Hi Lucinda how are you?" I asked wondering if my suspicions were true.

She turned around with a shocked expression then smiled and said, "What are you doing here?"

"Martin is in the hospital here; he came up for Mid Sommars Afton and had a heart attack." I answered.

I have to give Lucinda credit for her honesty because before I could ask anything she said, "I am so glad to see you. Jeremy showed up here with some crazy stories about you, and, well to be honest, he is putting the moves on me. He says he wants to go with me to Norway and he has made it obvious that he wants more than that."

"And what do you want Lucinda?" I asked.

"I do want someone to travel with, but I would never do anything with Jeremy behind your back." She answered.

"Sounds like you find him attractive and you have a case of bad conscious in regard to getting involved with him because of our friendship." I said.

"Well he is your husband and the stories he has told me, even if they are true, are only one side of the story. Besides, some of the things he has said, well I just can't picture you doing. Did you?" She finished.

"I will be totally honest with you if you are totally honest with me Lucinda. You say you find Jeremy attractive and you want someone to travel with..." and before I could finish Lucinda floored me with her total honesty.

"I have always found both of you very attractive, and to be honest, I have from the beginning been, if anything more attracted to you than Jeremy." She said giving me an intense and serious look and then continued, "But your marriage is the most important thing and if that can be saved that is your number one priority."

"Where is Jeremy right now?" I asked.

"He is at Statens Historiska Museet on Naravagen 13 through 15. Probably down in the Viking Gold room. He loves that museum. We went there once already, but he wanted to go back."

"Yes, Jeremy always loved Viking history. If you don't mind I will go find him there. I think we need to find out where we are going." I told her and then walked to the taxi rank near the Museum of Modern Art and got a cab to the Viking museum.

When I walked up to Jeremy we were the only two people in the Viking Gold Room in the basement of the museum and we could talk in privacy. Jeremy wanted to know what I was doing in Stockholm and I told him about Martin and about my email intercept of deleted emails as well as my conversation with Lucinda.

"She said that she was as or more attracted to you than me?" He asked incredulously.

"Jeremy, that is not important. What is important is are we going to make this marriage work or not? God I almost think that you are jealous of Lucinda's feelings toward me." I commented.

"Not so much jealous as intrigued." He answered.

Then before I could react to that he asked me about Martin again and very pointedly wanted to know if I had communicated with him. When I told him no and that it looked like he might not survive Jeremy seemed almost relieved.

Then some people came into the gold room and we lost our privacy. I gave Jeremy my address and told him if he wanted to save our marriage it was up to him.

"Where is this place? He asked.

"It is an apartment, actually part of a mansion in a suburb just out of town." I told him.

"Wow! Sounds a lot nicer than my digs in the youth hostel," he said.

"Does it have a stove?" He asked. "Yes, it is fully furnished." I answered.

"Well then, why don't you invite me for dinner tonight? It cost a fortune to go to a restaurant in this town. I think the Swedish government considers restaurants frivolous and must tax the hell out of them.' He said.

I took a cab back to Stocksund and had it wait outside the small shop where I went in and bought a couple of steaks some potatoes and Brussel sprouts and two bottles of wine. Taxis were a necessity because Stocksund was not on the Tunnelbana line and public transportation out there was too sporadic. Besides I thought, I have some money now so why not treat myself. Then I thought about the fact that I had almost ten thousand euros in cash on me and became nervous about the fact.

When I got up to the apartment and unpacked the groceries and put them away I decided to hide all but the 500 dollars worth of Swedish Kronor I had. I looked around for a place to hide it and when I saw the vacuum cleaner I remembered that in all the years that Jeremy and I had been married he had never vacuumed, or for that matter helped with the house work in any way. I rolled up the bank notes and snapped a rubber band around them and then stuffed them opened the vacuum and stuffed them into the paper vacuum bag and started dinner.

Jeremy showed up at a six o'clock right on time. That was unusual for him as he was never on time and more than once had kept me waiting for almost an hour. He also had a bottle of wine with him and when he came in he complained about how much wine cost in Sweden even while seeing the two bottles I had bought.

We talked well into the night and slowly finished two bottles of wine and had started on the third when we began to kiss and make up. Then Jeremy said to me, "Up until now it has been pretty one way in our marriage in regard to fulfillment of sexual fantasies. If we are going to make this marriage work you need to consider my needs and fantasies as well."

That statement made me feel tremendously guilty because Jeremy was referring to my college days, Russ and The Brouwermann Brothers, but he did not know about the soccer team and the brothel or about Dave in Paris so I was more than a little vulnerable and open to what he suggested next.

"I have always wanted to be with two women at once, and if you really love me and want to make our marriage work, you won't deny me that." He said.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked with some degree of trepidation that I already knew the answer.

"You, me and Lucinda," he answered.

"Jeremy I have never had any sexual contact with another woman and don't know if I could, please don't ask me to do that." I pleaded.

"If you really love me unselfishly and you really want to save our marriage you will consider my unfulfilled fantasies for a change and you will do it for us." He said.

Jeremy spent the night and wanted me to satisfy him orally before we made love vaginally. I did not mind doing that at all because I knew it would last longer when we did make love if he had already cum in my mouth once. When I was sucking him back to hardness after he had cum in my mouth he kept saying, "Little Suze Succubus Sucks sooo good," over and over again. I did not much like him calling me that, but I felt guilty for what I had done and determined to make our marriage work.

When I had him hard again and he entered me he said, "Tomorrow night Lucinda and I will be coming for dinner and you and her will be my dessert."


The next morning after Jeremy had left Gisela came up to the apartment and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch. Over lunch she told me she would be leaving on the boat that evening after Svante finished work. "It stays light here this time of year almost 24 hours so we should be able to get to the outer islands before it gets too dark" She said.

After lunch we went to the hospital and we were allowed to visit Martin for five minutes. He could not speak, but he looked better and the doctor in charge was cautiously optimistic. On the way home Gisela asked me if I wanted to stop for groceries because it would be a lot easier to get them while she was still here with her car. When we got home she told me to come down for tea after I got everything put away.

While we were having tea I decided to be totally honest with Gisela and I said, "Gisela I think you know that I am not Martin's daughter."

"No, I don't know that. I do know that you are not Ulla's daughter because Ulla could never have children, but you could be Martin's daughter by another woman or they could have adopted you." She answered with a smile.

"It is neither. I am simply his friend and traveling companion." I said.

Gisela just smiled sympathetically at me and then she said, "We are all simply traveling companions in this life."


That evening at 5 pm I waived goodbye to Svante and Gisela as they pulled away from the dock at the end of the garden of The Villa Vegeta and then went up stairs to start preparing dinner.

Lucinda and Jeremy were coming by at 7 that evening and I was very nervous about the entire situation and did not know if I could do a ménage e trios with her and my husband or not. I knew I did not want this, but I felt that I owed it to Jeremy.

That night after dinner and several bottles of wine Jeremy put on some music and then danced with me and then Lucinda. He then said, "Why don't I sit this one out while you two dance with each other?"

It was a slow tune from the sixties music that Martin had on hand, something about "Let the lights band bangle as you danced across the floor the crowd cried out for more." When she put her arms around me and pulled me against her and our breasts pressed together I shivered in fear as I realized that I was aroused by the situation.

Slowly Lucinda began to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear lobes and then she raised here mouth to mine and kissed me fully on the lips. My heart was thudding in my chest as she started to unzip my dress. When it dropped to the floor she looked into my face as she reached in front of my bra and unsnapped it and her hands came up to cup my naked breasts. Then Jeremy stood up and walked over to us and began to remove Lucinda's clothes.

Lucinda backed me to the bed and the two of us tumbled in a naked heap of female flesh unto the bed and she began to kiss my mouth again and this time our tongues met as she began to rub her knee against my mounds and I began to squirm in discomforting arousal.

Now I was laying on the bed under Lucinda as I increasingly surrendered to her caresses and then I heard Jeremy's belt hit the floor and he went to the end of the bed and guided his erect penis into first Lucinda and then me. He began by thrusting himself into each of us three or four times and then as we each became more open and lubricated he began to alternate between our two hungry pussies.

I could hear Lucinda quickly becoming increasing aroused and I had to admit that I was also beginning to feel the first inklings of an orgasm when she suddenly began to cum. I heard her groan above me and began to shake as she said, "Oh God, Oh God I'm cumming, Oh God I'm cumming. Oh yes oh yes it's so good! So good!"

Jeremy was still going strong and then he began to pay my hungry pussy more attention and concentrated on me until I began to thrust back harder and harder bouncing both Lucinda, who was still on top of me, and myself on the bed. I began to moan and beg him, "Don't stop, please don't stop, I'm so close, so close."

And then before I could have my orgasm he withdrew from me and reentered Lucinda and ejaculated into her as he came. I felt cheated and used. Lucinda had had her orgasm and Jeremy knew that I was close to having mine. Yet he chose to spend himself in her and not me, cheating me of my satisfaction. I couldn't help but wonder if that were his intention.

Then Lucinda began to slide down my body kissing and licking my nipples then my stomach and then, and then I could feel her licking my swollen clitoris with her tongue! Once again I could feel my approaching orgasm and then she turned herself and began to massage my mounds and clitoris with her hand as she brought her wet steaming cum filled vaginal lips down onto my mouth!

I was horrified, but I was also very aroused by her manipulations and she had kissed me their so who was I to not return the favor, and besides I reasoned I am so close, so close, what if she stops rubbing me?

Then she squeezed her muscles and a heavy load of my husband's and her mixed juices came down into my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow and then my tongue probed higher up into her wet folds and my tongue began to swirl around inside of her as I finally began to cum myself.

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