tagGay MaleTraveling Ch. 06

Traveling Ch. 06


My travels brought me to the Austin area, where one of my old college roommates happened to live. So, I had called Tom and arranged to have dinner with him and his wife during my week long visit. While we had been roommates, Tom and I had sex on a regular basis. Tom was very much a bottom, and truly the most orally talented guy I had ever known. When I arrived, I found that Tom had changed little over the past 10 years. He's about five foot ten, light brown hair, clean shaven and carried his 170 pounds well. We had a great dinner and retired to his deck overlooking an area lake. As we chatted about old times, his wife excused herself and left us to, as she put it, 'boy talk'.

After another ten minutes or so, the topic turned to sex. I had to ask, "So, do you ever get a chance to suck on a cock these days? I mean, I know how much you used to love that."

He smiled and replied, "Well, Shana knows that I was really into the bi scene in college, so we have a strap on, and she pounds my ass a couple of times a month." He then checked to make sure his wife wasn't around anywhere then added, "But, I have a poker game once a week with three other guys that has recently turned into strip poker and jerking off....I keep hoping it moves on to sucking, but it hasn't yet."

"Sweet! Four guys jerking each other off is pretty freakin' hot!" I said.

"Well, not exactly, once you lose your clothes, you have to jerk off for the other guys," he was blushing, but went on, "You lay down on the table, jerk off, cum on yourself and smear it around, then you have to sit and watch the rest of the game with your cum drying on you. The winner picks one guy and then jerks off on him," he took a sip of his margarita and added, "then we take turns in the shower and leave."

I had a nice erection building, thinking about the game and sticky cum on everyone, "Wow, sounds pretty fun. Why don't you just lose and then volunteer to suck someone off? That might kick it up!"

"I've thought about it, but we've only been doing this for the last six weeks, I don't want to get too eager."

We chatted a little longer about the other three guys, all were about our age, similar in build except for one guy that was a shorter, darker, Italian guy. Tom described Frank's cock as being as big around as a beer can and that he could cum a gallon! Alan was a local dentist, who had blonde hair on his head and almost no hair anywhere else, his cock was long, slender and he too came large amounts.

The last of the foursome was Carl, who was a redhead. I could tell that Tom liked him best because he took great care in describing him as 'beautiful'. He said that he had light red hair, light freckles across his body and a perfect cock, trimmed with a single stripe of hair just above the shaft. He described Carl's cock as being at least nine inches long, thick and that he could shoot cum onto his on face laying flat, and that he had done so the last three times they had played.

I was fully erect at this point and Tom suggested we hit the hot tub. I was given swim trunks and quickly changed and met him back on the deck he was already in the hot tub, his wife, he said, had decided to run over to the neighbors house to watch Desperate Housewives. I shucked the suit and stepped into the hot tub, my erect cock bobbing in the air. Tom stood up and showed me that his own cock was just as hard as mine.

Once in the tub, I sat on the edge, spread my legs and without prodding, Tom slid between my legs and sucked my cock deep into his throat. He was incredible at giving head and sucked me deeply, massaging my balls with one hand while easing a finger into my ass. He was now bobbing up and down, taking the full length of my seven inches past any gag factor and massaging the underside of my cock with his tongue.

Soon, I felt my cum boiling in my balls and knew I was about to fill his stomach full of cum, seconds later I did! I pumped shot after shot of cum straight down his throat as his finger stroked in and out of my ass. He continued to suck until I was dry, pulling my drained cock from his mouth, he gently kissed the head and licked up and down the shaft.

"Oh wow, I forgot how incredible your cock is," he said, looking up and smiling at me.

"I didn't forget how incredible your mouth is! That was fucking awesome!" I exclaimed.

I then swapped spots with him and returned the favor, pulling his cock into my own mouth. His cock was exactly average. Just over five inches, medium thickness and he still kept is shaved smooth. He had always been a quick cummer and still was! I had had his cock in my mouth less than five minutes when he pumped his creamy load into my mouth. His cum was sweet and slid easily down my throat.

After we were both spent, he climbed out and tossed my trunks to me as he slipped his on. He explained that though his wife didn't mind fucking him, she wouldn't like him being naked with his best friend from college. We had just slipped our suits on when she came in the front door.

"Hey," he said, "Wednesday is our weekly poker game, I'm hosting, wanna come play?"

"Hell yea!" I replied.

"Let me check with everyone, and if it's okay I'll give you a shout tomorrow."

We finished our drinks, dried off and I headed to my hotel. The next day, about noon, I had an email from Tom, confirmed the time and had detailed instructions that I was to wear exactly five pieces of clothing...shoes, socks, underwear, shirt and pants, and that the game should start around 8:00. I couldn't wait for Wednesday.

Wednesday finally arrived and I was at Tom's house just before 7, thinking that I might be able to help with any setup. His wife let me in on her way out and said that Tom was in the shower and would be down shortly. I waited until she had driven off then I headed upstairs to where I heard the shower running.

I quickly stripped naked and walked into the bathroom and said, "Hey, room in there for one more?"

Tom jerked the curtain back, shocked at first, then smiled at my erection and replied, "Hell yes! Get in here!" I climbed into the shower, we hugged and I kissed him deeply, his erection raising between us. I reached down without breaking the kiss and took his cock into my hand as he took mine in his. We slowly stroked each other. I broke the kiss and said, "You know, cumming now will make sure that we can last a little longer later!"

Smiling, he replied, "Yea, that's why I was up here, I was stroking one off when I heard you come in!" He went on, "I always jerk off before the game, or if I get lucky, I fuck the misses first!." He then knelt down in the tub and slipped my cock into his warm mouth. I spread my stance enough to allow him to work a soapy finger into my butt. He was now fingering my ass and sucking me as deeply as he could.

I didn't last long, and was erupting shot after shot of hot cum down his throat as he swallowed quickly making sure to get every drop. He then stood up and kissed me again, this time with his mouth full of my cum. We used our tongues to play with the hot load as I felt his own cock shooting on my shaved crotch. We broke the kiss and rinsed off. We then toweled each other dry and put our clothes back on, just in time for the doorbell to ring.

Tom answered the door, letting Frank and Carl in. Tom introduced me to them and they both seemed eager to have me join their game. Both were just as Tom had described, only Carl, was much taller and slender than I had imagined, but his red hair was extremely enticing. The three of us headed to the basement which had been converted into a nice game room. There was a large round, wooden card table in one area, with six chairs around it. There was also a pool table, two big screen TV's and a shelf unit full of other games. There was also a small kitchenette area, complete with margarita machine and a full bathroom. The room was sound proofed and the door could be latched from the inside.

After some small talk, Alan finally arrived. I was introduced to him and he too said he was glad to have a fifth guy to change things up. I was explained the rules again, this time it was Frank doing the talking. It was his idea to play the way they play now, so I listened and agreed.

The rules were simple. We play five card draw, the worst hand has to remove a piece of clothing. First person to become naked had to lay down on the table, and jerk off while the others all watched. Once the person came, he would then smear the cum all over his body and then sit down and watch the rest of the game. Whomever won would choose from the losers and have him lay down on the floor while the winner jerked off over him.

"Any questions?" Frank asked.

"Just a couple," I replied, "Can the winner cum on the loser anywhere he wants? Ass? Face? Cock?"

No one answered right away, as if they had not contemplated anything other than cumming. Finally Tom spoke up, "Sure, I guess it wouldn't matter. Naturally, the winner gets to choose that too." Everyone nodded.

"Great," I replied, then asked my second question, "Is touching permitted?" Blank looks again, "I mean when the loser is jerking off, can you touch him, like on his legs, or chest, encouraging the poor guy to cum?" Again, blank looks all around.

This time it was Carl who spoke up, "Sure, I guess, we've never done that, but what the hell!" Again, everyone agreed.

Tom handed margaritas all round the table and then we drew for high card, as that person would be the dealer. Alan won high card and the game was on, with Frank losing the first hand and losing his shoes.

The game was surprising even, everyone had their shorts and underwear on, except for Carl who also had his shirt. Then Carl's game took a turn for the worse and he lost two in a row, now sitting before us in very snug fitting boxer briefs. His cock was hard and the outline was clear as he shed his shorts. His skin was pure white, with light freckles here and there and was almost hairless like a teenager might be. His cock did appear to be long and slender, much as Tom had described.

Soon, Frank and I were in our underwear too. Frank had on tighty whities and his coke can sized cock was straining to get free. I was wearing a thong and the material was stretched tight too. Alan and Tom still had shorts and underwear on. After the next two hands though, Alan was naked. He was tanned, with a nice tan line across his mid thighs and up to just below his belly button. His cock was fully erect, surrounded by a thin blonde bush. The cards and drinks were removed and Alan laid down on the table.

He kept his knees bent so that his feet were flat on the table, otherwise he would have easily spilled over the length of the table. He was handed a bottle of lube and he squeezed a small amount on this hand then started to stroke his cock. Everyone was standing to get a better look. I reached out and gently stroked the outside of his thigh, causing him to jerk involuntarily. I continued sliding my hand up and down his thigh from just near his groin to his knee.

"You've got a great cock Alan, shoot that cream for us," I said. Alan simply moaned and jerked faster.

Carl, who was opposite of me, saw the reaction Alan was having and he started rubbing his other thigh in the same way. Again, Alan jumped.

"Yea Alan, shoot that load, show us your cum," Carl coaxed.

With that Alan yelled, "OH SHIT!" and then Alan erupted! His cum shot to his chest, three, then four then five heavy blasts. He continued to pound his cock at a quick pace milking every single drop of cum out. Once he was done, he used both hands to smear the load around his upper body, stomach and crotch. Soon, every inch of his torso was shiny and sticky with cum.

We all freshened up our drinks, Carl's cum was now dried and very sticky on his body. Alan's thick load had dripped onto his thighs and he was smearing it around too. We then sat down and Tom dealt the next hand. Luckily, Frank lost. He dropped his tighty whities to the floor and his thick coke can sized cock was sticking straight out in front of him.

Once he was on the table, Carl began rubbing Frank's chest and within seconds Frank cock began to jerk and spit his thick load. Frank shot three or four very thick loads, not very high or far, but it was really creamy and thick. He continued to squeeze his thick cock, milking more and more cream out then he began to smear it all over his hairy chest and stomach.

"Well, that didn't take me long!" He said, smearing his cum around. We all chuckled and Frank climbed off the table, taking his seat.

Carl said, "Well, looks like we're down to the new guy and Tom, who will it be?" "I'm thinking beginners luck is gonna hold out," Alan said.

I dealt the next hand and unfortunately, I lost! "Oh crap! Looks like I lose!" I said.

I slid off my thong, then climbed on the table and placed my feet flat on the table. I started stroking my cock then I felt a hand running up and down the inside of my thigh, coming close to my balls. I moaned and continued my steady stroking as a second hand began running up and down the outside of my other thigh. I opened my eyes, smiling, as I saw that Carl was rubbing my outer thigh and Tom my inner thigh.

"Make that cock shoot for us," Carl was saying in a low voice.

"Yea, let's see that load," Tom urged.

Tom stroked my balls lightly and that was enough to set me off. My cum shot up between my breasts and down my chest and balls. I shot four heavy loads before I began milking my final drops. Everyone cheered my on as I smeared the load all over me. I not only covered my chest and stomach as the others had done, but I also coated my cock and balls in my semen. Once I was covered well, I climbed off the table and we all stood looking at Tom.

"Well, let's see, who will be the lucky recipient of a second load tonight?" Tom teased, looking everyone over. He then said, "How about Carl? You haven't been the chosen guy in awhile." He said, trying to justify his choice.

Carl laid down on the floor and said, "Okay, let's do it!"

"No, not this way again, I want you to get on your hands and knees." Tom instructed.

Carl looked at him with a puzzled glaze, then turned over and got on his hands and knees.

Tom slid his boxers off and his short cock stuck straight out, a thin drop of precum hanging from the tip. He grasped his cock and started stroking. He moved around so that he was right behind Carl's beautiful white butt and started jerking faster.

I reached out and slowly stroked Tom's ass and said, "shoot that load all over his pretty butt."

Tom moaned louder and knelt down on the floor, his cock less than an inch from Carl's ass crack. Carl was looking over his shoulder, trying to watch. The other two guys had eyes as big as saucers as the first load of cum blasted directly into the crack of Carl's ass and splashed up over his cheeks and onto r back. Blast after blast was painted onto Carl's ass and back. His butt was covered in thick cum and a small river of cum was running down his ass crack and dripping on the floor.

Once Tom has squeezed out his last drop, he reached down and began smearing the cum all over Carl's ass, back and legs, coating him completely.

Carl, Frank and Alan all had full blow erections again and my own cock was semi erect.

Frank spoke first, "That was fucking hot! I like the new rules!" Alan added, "No shit! I'm fucking hard as a rock again!"

"I'm glad you guys liked it, how about you Carl?" asked Tom.

Carl was getting up off the floor, cum dripping from his ass, his dried cum all over his torso, smiling, he said, "THAT was fucking incredible!"

Since Carl was the last guy to get cummed on, he was the last to shower. Frank headed upstairs to the shower, while Alan went to the shower in the basement. Carl, Tom and I began cleaning up. Tom's cock was dripping cum every once in a while, while mine was almost erect. Carl's cock was fully erect, all nine or so inches and he was lightly stroking it when he thought we were not looking.

I looked at Tom and said, "Why don't you help Carl out there Tom?"

Tom's eyes went wide and he shook his head slightly.

"Help me with what?" Carl asked.

Again, Tom shook his head slightly.

"Tom here would really love to help you out with that erection," I said, "Would you like Tom to help you out?"

"Exactly how would you help me Tom?" Carl asked, looking at Tom.

"Tell him," I said.

"Shit, fine! I would, I would really like to, to suck your dick," Tom actually blushed as he said it.

"Really? No shit? You would do that?" Carl replied, shocked.

Tom nodded then walked to wards Carl. Once he was in front of him he slowly sunk to his knees and wrapped his hand around Carl's long shaft. Carl gasped and then sighed as Tom took the head of his cock into his mouth. Tom continued to take the long, slender cock into his mouth. He was able to get about three fourths of it in and then he began bobbing back and forth, moaning and sucking as he did. Carl was looking down, then finally he placed his hands on Tom's head, running his fingers through Tom's hair and moaning.

Tom had both his hands on Carl's ass squeezing his cheeks as he sucked and bobbed on his cock. Both were obviously loving the blowjob. Carl tensed up and his breathing increased as he began trying to pull away.

"I'm fucking cumming! I'm cumming right now!" he said. Tom picked up the pace and squeezed his ass cheeks harder, pulling him deeper into his throat.

"FUUUUUU...AGGHHHH....FUUUU....AAAGGGGG," Carl groaned, pumping his load into Tom's throat. Tom continued sucking, draining Carl's shaft. Tom pulled back, taking the last part of the load into his mouth. He then swallowed and slowly licked the head of Carl's cock until he became too sensitive and had to push Tom away.

"How was that Carl?" I asked, stroking my now fully erect cock.

"Oh shit! That was the best fucking blowjob I've ever had! Tom, dude! I had no clue you were into that shit!"

"Yea, well, I'd rather not tell the others, there's just something I found hot about your dick." Tom said, wiping his face as he stood.

About that time Frank yelled downstairs that he was leaving and Alan came out of the bathroom and told me it was all mine, and headed up and out.

"Well, I guess I'll hit the shower now and you two can talk some more." I then headed to the shower.

When I came out, Tom said that Carl was in the upstairs shower and that he seemed not only okay with what had happened but that he hoped it would happen again.

I had an early meeting, so I headed on out. From my recent emails and calls to Tom, it seems that Carl gives as good as he gets and the two have incorporated Alan into their oral games. Frank doesn't seem to be interested, at least not yet.

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