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Travelling DBFer



I was just getting ready to leave for Cincinnati. I had to be there that night around 7 pm. I had an appointment.

I looked in my little black book for a suitable place to stop for a break on my way there. Ah, there we go: April Summers, now 19, living in Columbus. I quickly scanned her details. Perfect, and there were a couple of backup options for Columbus if things didn't work out with April. I vaguely remembered April. She was blonde with huge tits and took direction well. This description actually fit with a lot of ladies in my little black book, but that was the whole point. I only added young ladies to the book if I truly enjoyed myself with them. There was no point filling up the book with lesser conquests.

Ahh, do I detect a hint of disbelief there, dear reader? Well, read on. I actually do have a black book, although it's no longer little. I had to upgrade so I could fit in all of the db's. And, yes, I know, this is the new millennium, all of this info should be on my IPad and some of it is, but I feel more comfortable putting the more incriminating details in a book for some reason.

What's a db you're asking? No, not a defensive back, not this time. A db is a dumb blonde. Yes, preferably young and definitely female.

No, this is not a sexist story. Someone could just as easily write a story about a middle aged frumpy woman who scouts out hunky dumb jocks and convinces them to fuck her.

What? They wouldn't get it up? That's easily fixed. She gives the poor boy some porn. She tells him to close his eyes and fuck her or his peepee will fall off. How does she convince him of that? That's easy. He's dumb, remember? She makes up some stupid shit.

So yeah, this is not a sexist story. I realize that there are truly dumb guys as well as girls and about in the same proportion. This story may disrespect people with blonde hair, but listen, I speak from experience. There is a much larger percentage of dumb people who are blonde than there should be. Why? Because people like to dye their hair blonde and dumb people seem to do it more than average. I just had a very nice session with a db in Cleveland. Her name is Jawanda. And, yes her skin is black. But Jawanda dyed her hair blonde!

Anyways, back to Columbus. I rang the doorbell. A topsy young blonde answered the door with a smile.

"Yes, what can I do for you sir?"

"Are you April Summers?"

"No sir, she's my sister. I'm May." She started to close the door.

"Just a second, Miss Summers. April has been pre-selected to become the newest member of our team. I was hoping to interview her. But you look like you might also qualify. Are you interested in applying?"

"Pre-selected?" she asked.

"Yes, we interviewed her last year. She was quite excited about joining. This was supposed to be the follow-up interview."

This was actually true. I 'interviewed' April quite extensively last year at the Midwest cheer expo, and April was quite excited when I deposited my sperm in her various holes.

"Sure, I guess, come on in Mr.??" said May as she opened the door with a smile.

"Johnson, Bill Johnson" I replied as I stared at her gorgeous tits.

"Damn, I hope this girl qualifies," I thought to myself.

All the signs were there already. After all, wouldn't most people ask for a few more details before inviting a stranger in? But I like to be thorough. Smart blondes are a lot more trouble than dumb blondes. I know from experience.

"How old are you May?"

"I just turned 18 Mr. Johnson. Why?"

"Oh, that's good May. We are only allowed to accept people who have reached the age of majority."

May nodded her head doubtfully. She had no idea what I was talking about. I really didn't need to go through any more formalities, but like I said I like to be thorough.

"May, could you please fill out this application and then there's a little test at the end."

"A test?" May looked stricken.

"It's OK honey, don't worry about it. Just try your best."

As May filled out the info sheet I took the opportunity to get a good look at her. I didn't really remember her sister all that well, but damn, I had to think that May must be even hotter than her older sister. Her breasts were huge and she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were prominent and there was no evidence of fat anywhere on her body. My cock was almost bursting out of my pants in anticipation.

"I'm done Mr. Johnson," said May with a worried look. I guess she figured she had failed the test. She handed me her sheet.

I scanned through it quickly and looked at her test answers. She had absolutely no clue. None! She was perfect.

I checked a couple of boxes on the form and then filed it away carefully. I had a feeling May's info would be added to the book.

I looked up at May. She was very anxious. I gave her my best wide salesman's smile.

"You did great on the test May."

"I did?" May jumped up and down and her breasts flopped every which way.

"Yes May, can we take this interview somewhere a little more private?"

"You mean like my bedroom?"

"That would be great May."

May gave me a hug and pressed her breasts into me.

"This way Mr. Johnson."

She grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. The swaying of her butt was hypnotic. I was very tempted to reach out and fondle her right there on the stairs but I held off. Things work much better if you follow the formula. Less stress for everyone. Sure I could have talked my way out of it if I grabbed her, but it would take longer to get to the real action. Trust me, I know from experience.

We got to her room and I closed the door firmly.

"So, May, are you wearing a bra?"

She looked at me funny. "No, why?"

"Come here please honey."

She walked right up to me.

I reached out and grabbed one of her nipples and twisted it forcefully.

"Owwww, Mr. Johnson!"

"It's OK honey, this is all part of our standard interview process. We need to see how our employee's bodies react to certain stimuli. Could you please remove your top?"

She nodded at me doubtfully and removed her top.

Her breasts were simply amazing. They almost didn't sag at all. I reached out and mauled both tits at the same time.

"Just as I thought," I said. "There seems to be a slight problem."

May looked down at her tits.

"What's the problem?"

"See how they are red here and here," I pointed to red spots that appeared after I mashed her breastflesh.

She nodded her head and then asked, "Are you a Doctor?" Her eyes were shining.

When a db asks you a question and her eyes are shining, the answer is always yes.

"I've had extensive medical training, yes, when was your last physical?"

"Oh Doctor, it's been so long." She looked like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. She was so happy that I was a 'doctor'.

"We better examine these breasts in detail my dear."

I lowered my lips and slobbered and chewed on her breasts like there was no tomorrow.

I was squeezing them and twisting them mercilessly.

"Oh doctor!" she cooed.

After a few minutes of breast heaven I needed to get my cock out.

"Let's both remove our pants shall we?"

"Yes, doctor."

She removed her panties as well, without even asking. Her eyes fixed on my naked cock and she licked her lips.

"Please get on all fours honey. I need to examine the rest of you."

"Yes, doctor."

I spread her cheeks and pushed my rock hard weapon into her waiting pussy. She was very, very wet.

"Yes, yes doctor."

I was just starting to get a good rhythm going when suddenly there was a knock on her bedroom door and then it opened.

"Shit, busted," I thought to myself.

"Is everything ok in here?" asked a busty blonde woman who was obviously May's mother. Her breasts were even bigger than May's and there was only a little fat on her body. She was definitely a MILF. She looked about 35 years old. She must have been around 16 when she had April. This is normal child birthing age for a db. Trust me, I know from experience.

"Oh, hi mom, this is Dr. Johnson. He's giving me an exam," and then May continued to buck her backside against my invading cock. May's tits were flopping everywhere.

"Oh, I see. Dr. Johnson, I haven't been examined in a while. Will you look at me as well?"

I slammed into May a few times while I considered my answer.

"We'll have to see how things go with May, Mrs. Summers. I'm not sure if I can fit you in or not."

"Ok Doctor, I'll be downstairs," she said with a disappointed yet hopeful look and then she left.

"C'mon Doctor, harder," encouraged May.

I picked up the pace and started slamming into her hard.

"Oh yes, yes, yessssss."

May went into convulsions. Then she went limp. I took the opportunity to slip my finger into her butthole.

Eventually May looked back at me and smiled.

"May, I'd like to try a new treatment with you. I've heard nothing but good things. I will penetrate your ass with my cock without any lubrication at all. OK?"

"No lube doctor? Really? That sounds awesome!"

Yes, May was going to be added to my black book.

"Here it comes then," and I slid my cock into her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh doctor,"

She started bucking at me right away. I was slamming into her good.

"Ohhhhhh doctor,"

and then the door opened again.

We both slowed down.

May said, "Hi April, this is Doctor Johnson. He's trying a new treatment. He's fucking my ass with no lube."

April came closer and her eyes were as wide as saucers.

"No lube?"

"Yeahhhh, it feels awesome!"

April looked jealous.

Remember how I thought May must be hotter than April? I was wrong. April looks just like May except for her tits are even larger. They're like giant pontoons. They must have grown since last year. There's no way I would forget those monsters. I stared at April's tits in wonder and my cock got even harder. I slammed into May as hard as I could. I couldn't take it any longer and I spewed buckets and buckets of cum into May's ass.

I pulled out. Cum started to dribble out.

I said, "April, you better lick the cum out of your sister's ass."

"Yes doctor."


April jumped over and started licking immediately.

I reached for April's pants and slid them off. She wiggled her ass to assist me.

She backed away from May. I guess she had sucked up all of the cum.

"May, you better suck me off. My cock needs to be hard so I can examine April properly."

"Yes, doctor,' said May.

"April, take your top off please."

"Yes, doctor'

Wow, it's hard to imagine a better pair of db's. I hit the jackpot.

The doorbell rang off in the distance. Neither sister paid any attention to it. They were focused on their doctor.

I leaned in and started manhandling April's tits. They were freaking ginormous and they had these sexy blue veins going through them. I traced one of the veins with my tongue and April moaned loudly.

May was doing a fine job on my cock, but I had another idea.

"April, could you please help your sister with my cock?"

"Yes doctor."

April slid down to join her sister and they both worshipped my cock for a few minutes.

I was rock hard then.

"May, I guess we are done. You did great and you seem completely healthy. Do you think the treatment helped?"

"Oh yes doctor, thank you so much."

May gave me a passionate kiss and then she left.

I turned to April. I had to try my cock between those monster tits.

"April honey, please lie on your back."

"Like this doctor?"

She automatically spread her legs. What a perfect db.

"I'm going to fuck your tits honey. They look like they need some treatment."

"Oh yes doctor, it's been so long since a doctor fucked my tits."

Her eyes were shining. This family really had a thing for doctors.

I slid my cock in between the mountains and grabbed on for dear life. I slammed and slammed.

"Ohhhhh doctor. Yessss doctor."

I kept pounding and pounding. Eventually though, my arms and hands were tired. I had to try something else.

I backed away. April looked concerned until she saw my cock was still hard. She smiled up at me.

"What now doctor?"

I laid down on the bed with my cock standing straight up.

"Why don't you ride me honey?"

"Yes, doctor."

She lowered her pussy onto my cock.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh doctor."

Then she started bouncing like crazy. Her monster tits were jiggling all over the place. She bounced and she bounced. Eventually she tired herself out.

"Get on all fours honey."

"Yes doctor."

"It's time to try that new treatment. I'm going to fuck your ass with no lube."

April looked at me and she almost looked scared.

"Doctor, there might be still some lube in my ass. The priest fucked me there this morning. You're not mad at me are you doctor?"

Here I thought she was afraid because it might hurt, but no, this perfect db was afraid because their might be some left over lube, by a priest no less. Nice idea that one. I didn't think I could carry off being a fake priest though. I've never been to church.


Wow, this db looks really upset that I might be mad at her.

"Oh it's ok April, I'm not mad, the lube probably has worn off. Let's try it out."

She sighed with relief.

"Yes doctor."

I slammed my cock into her ass.

"Ohhhhhh doctor."

I pounded into her and I pounded some more.

"Yessssssss doctor yessssssss."

She was bucking back at me like crazy and her breasts were flopping everywhere.


I pumped my load into her ass.

"Thank you doctor, thank you so much."


I got dressed and headed down the stairs. I could see May at the bottom of the stairs. Her fingers were furiously pumping into her cunny. She was watching something going on in the kitchen.

I slid behind her and felt up her ass. She smiled at me.

"Hi doctor," she whispered.

I peaked into the kitchen. I saw more than I wanted to see. A very hairy man's ass was pumping into Mrs. Summers. It looked like he was fucking her butthole, but I wasn't 100% sure. Mrs. Summers' fat tits were bouncing around everywhere. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

I tried to sneak by on my way out.

"Oh doctor," yelled Mrs. Summers.

I stopped and turned around and looked at her.


"I'll be done with this survey in a second. Could you please examine me?"

The man looked annoyed until he turned around and saw May. He smiled and crooked his finger at her. May rushed up to him with a big smile on her face. She flopped right down next to her mother and waved her perfect ass in the air for him. He pulled out of Mrs. Summers with a pop and slammed right into May's asshole.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yeah," she yelled.

Mrs. Summers looked really happy. She wanted her Doctor's exam. The man fucking May's ass gave me an ironic salute and then he started pounding the living shit out of her.

"Ohhhhhhh Aaaaaaaahhhhh," screamed May.

Mrs. Summers dragged me to the living room. "Where do you want me doctor?"

I wasn't really sure I wanted to 'examine' Mrs. Summers, but I really didn't have much choice. It's not good business to leave a very disappointed db behind. Trust me, I know from experience. And even though I hadn't tested her formally, I was sure she qualified. Two db daughters are a pretty good sign along with all of the other obvious signs. Oh well, at least she had monster tits and she still looked really good for her age.

"Let's have a look at your breasts, shall we Mrs. Summers."

"Oh, yes doctor." Her eyes were shining. What a family!

I licked and slobbered as I mauled her tits,

"Yessss doctor, yesssss."

I was having an ok time, sure, but my cock was still limp from working overtime on her daughters.

Mrs. Summers reached for my cock and pulled it out of my pants. She saw it was limp but she didn't look too disappointed. She just engulfed her whole mouth around it. Her lips were in my pubic hair in no time. Mrs. Summers was talented. She formed a perfect O with her lips and started bobbing her head violently. My cock had no choice but to respond. I was rock hard in no time. She backed away and nodded her head with satisfaction.

"Ok doctor, now what?"

"You better get on all fours Mrs. Summers."

"Yes Doctor," she said with a happy smile.

I slammed my cock into her ass. It was a little smoother inside than her daughters' asses. I guess the survey dude must have lubed her up. It still felt great though. I had no complaints.

"Ohhhhh doctor."

I grabbed onto her hips hard and pulled her into me forcefully. I started pumping away. Her tits were saggier than her daughters'. They almost slapped me in the face they were flopping so much.

"Yeeeessss doctor, Yessssss"

I came into her ass.

I pulled out and zipped up.

"Thank you so much doctor," she said with a wide smile.

I glanced into the kitchen quickly. The hairy dude was pounding into April now. It looked like May was trying to lick his balls as he pounded.

I left the house. As I was walking down the driveway, two guys in some sort of delivery uniform were walking up with stupid grins on their faces.

They rang the doorbell, and I watched them. I was totally surprised to see an even younger stacked blonde answer the door. She looked like she was 15 or 16. Her tits weren't quite as big as her sisters' but they were still quite respectable. I'm sure in a couple of years they would be monsters as well. I'm guessing her name is June but who knows maybe it's September.

June had a huge smile on her face as she opened the door. One guy grabbed her tits and the other guy slid his finger up her crotch. June put her arms around them and led them inside.

Those two guys were guaranteed to get lucky. The only question was whether June would get double penetrated or not. I didn't think so. Mom would probably help out.

Wow, that whole scene was pretty crazy, even for me. Normally you never see 4 db's in the same spot. Something always goes wrong. The front door to their house was more like a revolving door for an entrance to the bank. Please line up here. Your db will be with you shortly.

I was walking away slowly, thinking about the youngest db. I was disappointed with myself. I hadn't fucked the whole set. I was just thinking about turning around and rectifying the matter when I almost bumped into a lady. She looked alright for a woman in her 30's, but nowhere near as hot as the db's I was still thinking about. I basically tried to ignore her. The woman gave me a nasty scowl and there even seemed to be a note of triumph in her scowl. I was a little bewildered.

The woman took out a notebook and studied the two trucks parked near the Summers' home. Speedy Courier (that would be the two guys who just entered) and Joe's Roofing. My guess was that Joe was the hairy guy who more than likely was going to fuck the whole set of db's before he left. I was briefly jealous of Joe until I thought things through. This woman was keeping notes of every vehicle and every man who entered the db's home. Good thing all she could write down about me was 5'10". Brown hair. Mid 30's. average build. That description fits a lot of people thank god. I started walking away quickly. I was freaking myself out now. That look of triumph scared me. It's a damn good thing that I was careful. I always park my tour bus at a mall or some public place when I make a home visit to a db, just to avoid situations like Joe and the boys were going to get into.

I walked faster and faster. Just as I got to the end of the street two cop cars were turning in. I tried to keep my face away from any gazes unobtrusively. After the cop cars were out of sight I broke into a jog. Finally I reached the mall parking lot. I decided I better head inside for a while. I had a quick bite to eat in the mall food court and then left.

I headed up to my tour bus and got in. I drove back to db central. There were 5 cop cars surrounding the house. There was no sign of the courier truck or the roofing truck. My guess was that Joe and the boys were down at the station getting questioned relentlessly and most likely by female cops.

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