tagNovels and NovellasTre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 01

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 01


My name is Tre Lloyd. I am a wizard. Not one of those robed stereotypes that you see in the movies, though. The only robe I wear is the bathrobe I use when I get out of the shower. I prefer my jeans, boots, a shirt and my duster or a light trench coat. Even the wands and other magical paraphernalia are not actually necessary, though they do help. I live in the city of Horn Lake, Mississippi in a nice house paid for with various investments. Many do not believe in the supernatural because they have never seen a sign of it, or didn't recognize it if they did see it. I was gifted with the ability to see the creatures of the other world at an early age. By the time I had hit puberty I was able to affect these creatures as well as see them. My teacher in the Arcane, Gabriel, swore he had never seen a person with my innate power or skills. For the most part, I am able to peacefully coincide with the creatures of the other world, the demons and spirits, the vampires and were creatures. There are some of these creatures though, that will tolerate no peace with the human world. These creatures are the ones I seek out. These are the creatures I must fight.

As dawn threatened to break, I stood in the large shower and washed off the ashes and dust from my chest and shoulders. After tonight, I enjoyed the feel of the hot water flowing over my body. The steam curled up around me as my mind roamed back to the events that led me to this apartment in Memphis at this time.

The night had started out like any other Friday night. I watched some television until I was near bored to tears and then I got up, grabbed my keys and went and got into my car, a Dodge Viper that I had won at one of the casinos. Cranking the car up, I headed south on highway 61. While I drove, I drank my Mountain Dew and thought about which casino to go to. I settled on Sam's Town and, when I got to the turn, I pointed the black Viper towards the casino. I wheeled the car into the valet parking area and slipped the valet a $20 before heading inside.

As I stepped into the lobby, I quickly slipped in and out of the astral plane, enjoying the mixture of auras present in the casino before heading on in. I passed by the slot machines and made my way over to the table games. I found a seat at a $25 minimum bet blackjack table and sat down. I pulled $2000 and got it changed for 10 $100 chips and 40 $25 chips. I placed a $50 bet and got to playing, losing myself in the game for a while.

A familiar prickling at the base of my skull caused me to look up from the game. At first I could only stare at the woman taking a seat at the table beside me. She had long black hair that was so black the light cast blue highlights in it. Her breasts were perfect, and perfectly displayed under the near skin tight shirt she wore, leaving no doubt that there was no bra supporting them. There was a sparkle in the deep green of her eyes that spoke of an invitation and her skin was smooth and pale. I glanced down and saw that the skirt she was wearing was barely long enough to be called decent before turning my attention back to the game. I split a pair of aces, only to have to split another pair, getting a jack and an ace on the draw. I split the second pair of aces and ended up with three blackjacks at $500 each, for $750 per blackjack.

"My name is Nadia. Nadia Martin." She said. "Congratulations. That was a good win." She smiled a truly dazzling smile. Again the prickling at the base of my skull warned me of something.

I smiled back and nodded to her, "Hi. I'm Tre Lloyd." I kept a rein on my instincts, knowing now that this was a vampire beside me at the table. We talked for a while as we played, minor conversational things, and then she gathered up her chips.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Tre." She held out a hand to shake and I took it, smiling.

"Are you leaving? I was just about to do the same." She smiled shyly and nodded, sending another prickle along my spine. "Do you have a ride home?"

"No," she said, "I got a ride here with some friends and they have all gone home. I was going to catch a ride home with one of the cocktail waitresses that lives in the same complex I do."

"I will give you a ride home if you want." I offered. She smiled and nodded, saying she would like that and we both headed over to the cashiers cage. We both turned in our chips for the cash of our winnings. We then headed out the front doors to the valet area where we picked up my car. I held the door for her to get in, unable to help admiring her long trim legs as she got into the car. After I closed her door, I went around and got into the car on my side, slipping the valet another $20 bill. I navigated the car out of the parking lot and got it headed back north, asking her where she lived.

She gave me directions to her house in an upscale apartment complex tucked into an out of the way area of Memphis. As I pulled into a parking spot in front of her building, a town house duplex type affair, she leaned over and kissed me. I could almost feel the hunger through her lips as I returned the kiss, my tongue dancing with hers. Again I felt the prickling that warned me of magic in use. I quickly checked and found all my mental shields in place, and began to act as if I was under her control. She smiled, a feral look, and then got out of the car. I followed and we walked up to her apartment. She unlocked the door and I opened it for her, holding it open then following her in.

As soon as I stepped inside and closed the door, she pushed her lean frame against me, kissing me hungrily. I heard a click from behind me as she locked the door. With a slight push of the Power, I checked her, but didn't find any of the signs of her vampire side in control, so I relaxed and wrapped both arms around her. My hands slid over her lithe body, one moving down to squeeze her firm ass, the other moving up to tease her breast, stroking the stiffening bud with a feathers caress. A low moan escaped her lips as she whispered, "Lets take this to my bedroom. It's more comfortable than the doorway." She pulled back, holding my hands in hers and started for the stairs, her green eyes smoldering with desire. Again I sent out a pulse of the Power, and got back none of the usual vampire signs, only the signs of an extremely horny woman.

We walked up the stairs, her walking in front of me leading the way. I was unable to take my eyes off of the sway of her ass in that almost too short skirt which had ridden up to expose the bottoms of her luscious cheeks as she walked. That was not any vampiric power, just the seemingly magnetic pull of a gorgeous ass to a mans eyes. At the top of the stairs, we met again in a deep, tongues dancing, hands roaming kiss. Quickly we got each other out of our shirts, and, in the moonlight coming in through the skylight, I could see that her breasts were as perfect as I had imagined them to be. I slid my hands up her body and cupped the smooth mounds; dipping my head and nibbling around the dark buds of her nipples, feeling them stiffen under the attention.

Her breathing became heavier as my lips moved over the silken skin of her breasts. I nibbled gently around the pert buds before closing my teeth around one; letting my tongue lash the tip of the sensitive peak as my teeth held it trapped. With my other hand, I squeezed and pinched her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently.

As I was nipping at her stiff bud, she reached down and unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it. I lifted her soft breast and let my teeth graze her smooth skin along the under curve slowly, teasingly as I pinched her hard nipples almost roughly. Looking into her eyes, I saw a look of pure sexual hunger blazing there. I bit again at her hard nipple, drawing a soft moan from her as she reached down, her hands unbuckling my belt and quickly slipping into my pants. Her long slender fingers curled gently around my thick cock, stroking softly as her other hand moved to unsnap and unzip them.

She kept stroking my cock with her fingers as she pushed my pants down. I kicked off my boots and worked my way out of my pants, leaving her the only one wearing any clothing, if you can call a thong 'clothing'. Her fingers wrapped tighter around my cock and rubbed back and forth along it, stroking my stiff shaft wondrously. As she moved closer and dropped down to her knees before me, I thought quickly about what I had learned about vampires and where they feed from and remembered that they don't like to feed from the hard cock because the blood drains too fast. With a grin I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair as her warm lips wrapped around my cock. I moaned softly as her tongue swirled around my engorged head, her lips moving back and forth on the hardness between them.

A little at a time she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. I saw her cheeks hollowing slightly as she began to suck harder on my thick shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth. Her hand stroked my hard cock as her lips moved back and forth along it faster and faster. Without warning she pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up, "Let's go to the bedroom."

I nodded wordlessly as she stood up. Her fingertips dragged lightly along my rigid shaft, teasing the tip with a light caress as she led the way into her bedroom. I followed her into the dark room, my eyes roaming her pale skin in the moonlight. She paused for a second, slipping the thong down over her hips and letting it slide down before continuing to walk, her luscious ass moving in time with her hips swaying. She stopped at the bed and just flopped down onto her belly on it, somehow managing to make even that action look graceful. As I followed her, she rolled over onto her back, propping herself up on her elbows and looked at me with a smile on her face. She crooked a finger at me in a 'come hither' gesture, and I took the obvious invitation as those lean thighs of hers spread a bit wider.

I moved down between her thighs and lowered my head to her smooth mound, tongue flicking out to lick slowly up and down the outer lips of her pussy before pressing the tip between them slightly. I sighed in contentment as I tasted her sweetness, my tongue moving to flit around her clit, brushing it lightly before my lips closed around it, sucking softly, my tongue continuing it's teasing of the hooded nub trapped between my lips. I felt her hands sliding into my hair, gripping tight, holding my lips against her clit as she moaned and writhed in pleasure under my tongue and lips attentions.

Her breathing was getting faster as my tongue rubbed her clit, pressing tighter against it as I began to hum softly, the vibrations going from my lips straight to her sensitive nub. With one hand I parted the glistening lips of her pussy and slipped a finger into the wet tightness of her, stroking her inner walls with the tip as my other hand slid up to tease her breasts, caressing around one hard nipple, stroking and rolling the stiff bud before moving to the other to pinch and pluck the sensitive peak gently. With a cry of pleasure her body arched, her hands almost pulling clumps of my hair out as she came and came hard. I kept my lips wrapped tight around her clit, licking and humming on it as my finger continued to stroke and press against her clenching pussy.

I felt her rising up, her hand pulling at my hair and I looked up into her almost glowing green eyes. She looked down at me and almost growled, "Fuck me, Tre. Dammit, fuck me now!" I gave her clit a final lick and rose up, deliberately sliding my finger from her wetness slowly as I stood. She grabbed my hand and pulled my finger to her lips, licking and sucking her hot wet juices from it before sliding back onto the bed, her thighs spread wide.

I moved onto the bed, leaning down and kissing her soft hot lips with a deep hunger as she reached between us. I moaned into the kiss as I felt her soft hands wrapping around the silken hardness of my cock to the entrance of her slick hot pussy. She whimpered slightly against my lips as she rubbed the engorged head against her clit before it slipped between her hot petals and into her wetly gripping heat. I started rocking back and forth nice and slow, pulling my cock almost out of her before sliding just the tip back into her, looking into her eyes and seeing the deep hunger there. I continued to slide in and out of her tightness until she hooked her thighs around me and pulled our bodies together, driving my rock hard shaft fully into her as she raised her hips to mine.

I continued to rock slowly backwards before driving forward hard, filling her slick tunnel with my throbbing meat roughly. With each meeting of our hips I grunted with the impact of driving into her, drawing a gasping moan of pleasure from her. I felt her nails raking down my back as I thrust into her, feeling her feet pushing against me trying to take me deeper as sweat began to glisten in the moonlight, making our bodies slick with passion.

Suddenly she gave an animalistic snarl and I felt myself flipped onto my back. I looked over at her in surprise and watched as she straddled my waist, her skin illuminated beautifully in the light as she reached down and pointed my cock straight upward, lowering herself onto it. Our moans mingled as she lowered her slick tightness onto my hard shaft. Slowly she began to move her hips back and forth on me. I reached around and gripped her perfect ass, squeezing it tight as I began to thrust up into her as she moved. I leaned up, hips thrusting slow and steady into her as my lips wrapped around one hard nipple, sucking the tender bud as my teeth grazed it. As I pulled on the stiff peak, she reached one hand down, slipping her fingers between us and stroking her clit with two fingertips as our bodies moved faster against each other.

With a loud gasping moan I felt her collapse against me, her inner walls clenching and relaxing around my invading shaft with each thrust. Her body convulsed on top of me as my hands gripped her ass, guiding her faster onto my throbbing cock. I dragged my teeth along her hard nipple before nibbling across her soft breast teasingly slow, making my way to her neck, moaning in her ear as I felt her slick tightness gripping me even tighter as she came. Her cries of pleasure became louder as her fingers continued strumming her clit, prolonging her orgasm as I powered into her again and again, hard shaft slamming deep into her with each savage meeting of our hips.

I nipped at her earlobe and growled softly "Oh God yes, I'm cumming, Nadia," as the exquisite gripping of her hot pussy milked my driving cock, bringing my orgasm ever closer to its own explosive climax with each hard thrust. She began to bounce up and down faster on my cock, moaning and whimpering as my rigid cock powered into her again and again. Finally, with a deep groan, almost a sound of a man in pain, my throbbing cock pulsed against her clenching pussy, sending a white hot jet of my thick sticky cum deep into her. I gripped her ass tightly and held her against my hips as my hard cock jerked against her inner tightness, filling her with each drop of my sated lust. As my spent cock sent the last of my scalding load into her, I collapsed back onto the bed exhausted. Her lithe body collapsed on top of mine, her head on my shoulder. I slid one arm around her back, the other coming up to pillow my head, moaning softly as each movement of our bodies caused my ultra-sensitive cock to move within her slick tight sheath.

She reached up and tilted my lips to hers, kissing me softly, our tongues dancing teasingly together before she broke the kiss, whispering, "I'll be right back, lover." She rose up and turned to walk out of the room. Without moving, I kept one eye on her, watching the way her luscious body moved in the moonlight as she walked into the bathroom. The door closed and I heard water running and almost of its own accord, my eye closed and I relaxed.

I heard the door open and opened one eye again to watch her come back. I watched the lithe muscles moving as she walked back towards me, feeling a stirring in my loins. I licked my lips with the hunger she was arousing, watching as she stopped, kneeling astride my thighs looking down at me.

I almost missed the prickling at the back of my neck as she lowered to sit, smiling. "I always love feeding after sex. The blood has such a delectable taste to it." Suddenly she smiled wider and her teeth were fully exposed, the extended canines obvious now as she lunged forward, hands reaching for me.

Muttering a curse I reached up with one hand, wrapping it around her throat trying to hold her back from me. The other hand came out from under my head and pointed towards her chest as I released the power I had gathered as soon as I felt the warning. A jet of blue-white flame shot from my palm towards her chest. As the flame touched her skin it peeled away from the brightness. Her lunging towards me stopped and she raised up, a strangled scream escaping her lips as I followed her up, trying to keep the fire pointed at her heart. As the flame reached the undead organ her cries broke off, her body going rigid atop mine before exploding in a THUMP, sending black and gray ash flying all over the room in an ever expanding cloud.

I choked on the dry ash, coughing as I scrambled out of the bed. Looking down at myself I cursed again, seeing the front of my body covered with the remains of the vampire seductress. I grabbed my clothes from where they were scattered and set them out in the hall outside of the range of the ash cloud.

Once the ash had settled, I went back into the bedroom and walked through to the bathroom, starting the water going in the large shower. I looked into the mirror at my ash covered face and said, "Well, I can always hope can't I? It's not MY fault she liked post-coital bloodsucking." As the steam from the shower began to waft through the room I stepped into the shower, closing the glass door behind me. I washed the ash and dust from me and stepped out of the shower. As I dried myself off, I visually checked myself for any wounds from fighting the vampire. After I finished drying off, not finding any wounds which needed tending, I walked carefully through the bedroom, looking around at Nadia's remains all over the place. Shaking my head I stepped out of the bedroom into the hall and got dressed again.

I headed downstairs and out to where I had parked my car. I looked around to see if anyone spotted me and then got into the Viper and started it up, turning the black sports car to the south and home. I stopped and got a sack full of Egg McMuffins and a cup of coffee and headed to my house.

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