tagErotic CouplingsTree-Planter's Delight

Tree-Planter's Delight


Ben moved gracefully under the scorching sun. One after the other, he planted red pine seedlings along the jagged furrow. The dull thud of his planting shovel cleaving the earth laced the silence with rhythm. The heat had long since driven the birds into hiding.

Planting trees in northern Ontario is a tough job, but it pays well if you are good at it. Ben could plant between 2000 and 3000 trees in a twelve hour day. He was making good money. And yet, the loneliness would sometimes get to him. Some days, he would go up to six hours without any human contact.

Many people broke under these conditions. At the start of the season, the base camp supported about 80 workers. At this point, only about 30 planters remained.

During the day, the only person Ben would see was his crew leader Linda Holmes. Linda was a veteran tree-planter that the company hired as a supervisor for the season. She was a level-headed confidant for everyone in her crew.

She was very tall (about 6' 2) and had wide hips. She was the type of woman that an early settler would have valued as a wife. She demonstrated more physical endurance than any man working for the company at the time. Green eyes, reddish hair, and the hint of freckles characterized a face that was more striking than lovely.

Linda made a point of visiting every member of her crew at least once a day. This was no small feet considering they worked on plots that were miles apart. Ben became accustomed to chatting with Linda for about 15 to 20 minutes everyday. They got along really well and Ben kind of thought of her as a sister.

Ben was planting up a steep incline when he first noticed Linda walking down the hill toward him. She was wearing khaki pants, a sports bra, and a hard hat. This outfit was not unusual since every woman tree-planter wore something similar. The grey bra was dark with sweat in the space between her breasts. Ben's eyes fixated on this area for awhile before they slowly rose to meet her gaze.

"What are you looking at Ben?"

"I'm sorry. I can't help it. I'm a guy and I've been in the bush for too long."

He had tried to sound light-hearted.

Linda stood motionless in front of him. Ben's eyes wandered back down to her moist sports bra. Without a word, she stepped closer. Ben's face was aligned with her breasts because of the steep incline. The acrid smell was absolutely intoxicating. He slowly buried his face in her cleavage and wrapped his dust covered and sun baked arms around her slick waist. As they caressed, he smeared a morning's worth of dirt all over her exposed skin.

They held and groped each other in the middle of the clear-cut. In the middle of this wasteland, the sudden human contact caused Ben to experience a flurry of emotions. The crushing loneliness, the frustration, and the desperation of the rookie tree-planter bubbled to the surface. For a moment, the groping stopped as she comforted him. They remained like this until Ben regained some self-control. With tears still streaming down his face, he began gently biting her nipples through the bra.

As Linda raised her arms above her head to remove her bra, Ben ran his tongue up her belly and across her right breast. He repeated this movement across her left breast. Her prominent nipples now glistened under the scorching midday sun in all their light-pink glory.

They kissed deeply as Ben unhooked his planting bags. He then removed his t-shirt to reveal a prominent farmer's tan, and the well-defined muscles he earned over the last few months.

Topless and still in her khakis, Linda dropped to her knees. She quickly unclasped his belt and released his cock. By now it was fully engorged and the foreskin had receded. Ben's dick was about average in length but it was exceedingly thick. Linda could not avoid using her teeth when she took him in her mouth. Finally, Ben told her to stop.

Linda rolled onto her back, lying on top of the dusty ground. She dropped her pants to her ankles. They could not be removed because of the steel toe boots she was wearing. As Ben had the same problem, they found a way to fuck without taking their pants off completely.

Ben slid inside Linda in one smooth motion. At first, Ben moved slowly as Linda winced in pain. Eventually, her pussy adjusted to his girth and he began slamming into her with increasing speed and force. This activity kicked up some of the dust off the ground and made it hard for them to breath.

Despite the dusty air, they continued to rut, relishing the filth that had caked onto their sweaty bodies. Linda grunted and convulsed for at least a minute before Ben finally spilled his seed.

After taking a minute to recover, Ben got up and made Linda clean off his dick with her mouth. She gagged.

"If it is making you sick then stop."

"Actually, gagging on your cock turns me on."

The loneliness within Ben subsided.

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