Trevor Ch. 02


Trevor shut the door quietly and turned me around. I looked up at him and he just smiled a he put his hands on my waist.

“Everything is all right now Nancy, you’re very special to me. You deserve to have me now.”

I didn’t know what to say as he lean down and kissed me softly. My knees went weak as I returned his kiss, lightly running my tongue along the outside of his lips. My hands fell to his belt buckle and I expertly undid them. Our kisses became hotter as I unsnapped his pants and let them fall to the floor.

“You my girl?” Trevor harshly whispered, smothering my mouth with his.

“Oh yes Trevor, I will always be yours.”

I could feel his cock pushing against my stomach as I started to unbutton his shirt. Opening his shirt, I kissed my way down his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. I licked and sucked then gently in my mouth. My hands caresses his beautiful dark skin as they traveled up to his shoulders and pushing his shirt off.

Trevor lightly pushed me away a little. I just stood there looking at him. He was gorgeous; he knew he was teasing me with him standing there with his cock standing straight like that. I wanted him so bad; I needed him in the worst way.

“Take your clothes off babe.” Trevor said calmly.

My fingers trembled with anticipation as I unbutton my blouse, tossing it down to the floor. My skirt slid to my feet after unsnapping the side. My eyes traveled up his body till they locked onto his.

Trevor smiled and placed his finger on my lips and slowly moved it along them.

“Such a pretty mouth Nancy.”

His finger gently pried its way inside my mouth. I found my tongue instinctively rolling along the length. He moved his finger in and out of my mouth as if it was his cock.

“You like that don’t you Nancy?” Trevor said as he smiled at me.

I was about to nod yes to him when he crooked his finger pinching my cheek between his finger and his thumb outside of my mouth. He pulled my face roughly to his.

“I don’t ever want you to betray me Nancy; I want to know everything that your stupid wife says. I want to know if she does anything wrong. Do you understand?”

He jerked and pinched my mouth a little harder. I moaned in pain as my eyes started to water.

“Yes Trevor, I promise” I mumbled out of my stretched cheeked mouth.

Trevor walked me to the side of the bed, still holding me by my cheek. He held tightly as he lay down on my bed, my head being pulled down with him. He flicked his wrist a little, shaking my mouth.

“Ok Nancy, you can use my cock now.” Trevor said as he let go of my cheek. I sign with relief.

I just looked down at him. I felt cheap for some reason. Why was he so nice and loving to me just a little earlier and now he’s lying back there and allowing me to have him? That’s not how I wanted it to feel. I wanted to make love not have sex.

“Come on Nancy, I have to work tomorrow so if you want some of this you better take it before I put it away and you will have to wait for some other time. Is that what you want Nancy?” Trevor said and he pulse his cock a little, making it move invitingly.

I reached around and unsnapped my bra. I could feel Trevor watching me as I slid my panties off. I didn’t want to look at him as I reached out and ran my fingers up and down his cock, watching it respond to my touch. It was so majestic, powerful.

“Climb up Nancy, it’s waiting for you.” Trevor said barely above a whisper.

I lifted myself onto the bed and straddle his stomach. My hands glided up and down his chest as I felt his hard cock pressing against the crack of my ass. I leaned down and kiss Trevor lightly on the lips as I reached behind and pulled my cheeks apart, capturing his cock between them. He moaned with approval as I slowly sat back up, his cock pressing against me.

“I don’t think your ready Nancy, are you?” Trevor said.

I leaned down and kissed his mouth again tenderly I looked at him puzzled.

“What do you mean Trevor? I am so ready for you.”

I wiggled my ass just a little, pushing against him, feeling the head of his cock trying to enter me.

Trevor pushed me up from his chest.

“You need to lube yourself up Nancy.”

I softly kissed him again. He was right. I had completely forgot how much it hurt the first time, even after he spit on my hole, it still felt like he was going to kill me. I should have remembered to at least get his cock wet with my mouth.

“Ok Trevor.” I whispered.” I‘ll be right back.”

“Sorry Nancy, you have to learn to be always ready for me. That is so important if you’re going to be my woman. You have to be always ready for me.”

“But Trevor, I need you so bad, I want you inside me. I need you so much now.” I pleaded knowing that I messed up.

“I know you do Nancy, but you will never learn if I don’t teach you your faults. This is why Ugly is going to have to help you learn how to be ready and willing to please a man.”

Trevor reached up and tweaked my nipples and then pulled me down off of him so that I was now lying beside him. He placed his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in tight to him. I placed my hand on his chest and gently feather touched him with my fingers.

Trevor gently patted me on the shoulder and rubbed it tenderly.

“Don’t worry Nancy, everything will be alright. Trust me.”

I snuggled in close to him. I did trust him. He knew what was right for me. I fell asleep promising to myself never to let Trevor down again. I have to be ready for him. I need to have him know that I am ready to have him any time he wants me.

The next morning when I woke up, I found that Trevor had already left for work. I slip from beneath my covers and went to the ensuite and showered. As I soaped myself up I couldn’t but help to think of the night before. The fact that my wife is now living in Trevor’s room and Trevor now in control of the household. Was I doing the right thing with all of this? I mean being Trevor’s girl and not Kathy’s husband. I’m so confused by all of this. All I know is deep down it feels so right.

Slipping on one of Kathy’s robes, I headed for the kitchen where Kathy was busy washing the breakfast dishes. I walked past her not saying a word. I thought for sure she was going to tear into me. I guess she had every right too.

“Good Morning Nancy”

I could hear the strain in Kathy’s voice. It was killing her as she shut the tap off and turned around facing me wiping her hands dry with a towel.

“Did you have a nice sleep Nancy? You slept in a little longer than usual.”

I looked at her, trying to see if she was serious. I couldn’t believe she was acting this way with me. Surly she must be furious.

“Trevor told me not to wake you. To let you sleep. So that is why I will be getting breakfast ready from now on.”

Kathy picked up a glass and walked past me to the refrigerator and poured me a glass of orange juice.

“Here Nancy, sit down and read the note that Trevor left you.”

I took the glass from her and sat down at the kitchen table. I picked up the note laying there.


First thing I want you to do and stop reading this and tell Kathy to leave the room and get ready to take you out. I had her phone her work and take a leave of absence. Make sure you start using her new name. Don’t disappoint me Nancy. Call her by her new name. Ugly.

I looked up at Kathy as she was wiping down the counter top.

“Ugly, stop what you’re doing and get ready to take me out.”

Did that ever feel strange coming from my mouth. I couldn’t believe I had actually said that.

I continued to read the note.

This is the start of your new life with me Nancy. I am so proud of you. There are a couple things that I have set up for you to do today. I have made all of the arrangements this morning for the two of you. Your first stop is at a salon. Ask for Gary, he will be expecting you both. He knows what to do. Second is a doctor friend of mine. Her name is Carol. She also knows everything about you. I have given plenty of time between the two appointments so you wouldn’t have to rush. I wouldn’t do that to my favorite girl. By now Ugly would have laid out your clothes. I want you to get dressed and enjoy yourself today. Trust me, you deserve it.


What a great guy, I held the note to my chest and took a deep breath. He cares so much for me. Trevor must really love me in order to put himself out like this for me. I hope he loves me, I think he does. He must.

I stood up and walk to my room to find that Kathy had place a beautiful outfit out on the bed. I remember her wearing the same thing a few weeks back. As I picked up her panties in my hand, Kathy walked back in the bedroom with a pair of her high heels in her hands.

“I think these shoes will match your outfit perfectly Nancy.”

Kathy was wearing a light gray business suit that made her look older than her years. I could barely see the words scrawled along her chest under her white blouse. She had her hair pulled back in a bun and was wearing no makeup.

Her eyes never looked up at me. I could feel some tension in the room as she held the shoes against the skirt on the bed.

“Perfect” she said.

She placed the shoes on the floor and took the panties from me.

“Here let me help you get dressed.” Kathy said as she kneeled down and held open the panties.

I placed one hand on her shoulder as I lifted my leg up. Kathy slid her panties up my legs and adjusted them just so.

“This is so weird Brad; I just can’t believe you are doing this.” Kathy blurted out.

I couldn’t believe she just said that and called me Brad to boot.

“You’re just jealous Ugly. Wait till I tell Trevor that you called me Brad.”

“Is that all you are thinking about for god sakes? Don’t you see what is going on here at all? Don’t you see what Trevor is doing to us Brad?

I just looked at her. I knew what she was trying to do.

“Listen, Trevor isn’t doing anything to us at all. He has shown me so much compassion in the last few weeks more than you have in years. It all your fault anyways, with you stealing from your company and cheating with him. You’re just mad that he wants me more than you. That’s it; you’re so full of jealously that he is in our bed with me. That is just killing you isn’t it Ugly?

That was one of the first times I ever challenged Kathy in an argument that left her speechless. Kathy just stood there looking at me as if she didn’t know me at all. She was completely stunned.

“Now let’s hear nothing more about it. Trevor knows what he is doing and I trust him fully.”

I couldn’t believe that I sounded so authoritative. I felt some control over Kathy, something I had never felt, she had never allowed it. See,, there was one thing that Trevor was right about already. Things were working out, things were getting better. What a smart man he is.

About an hour later we were ready to go. I was dressed in a short red skirt, topped with a black sleeveless blouse. The red high heels matched the black pantyhose perfectly. I only had a touch of make-up on seeing that I was going to the salon. My hair was tied back in a pony tail.

We both walked out of the house towards the taxi that Kathy had phone for earlier. Trevor had taken Kathy’s car to work. This was the first time that I ever stepped foot out of the house dressed as a woman. It had such a free feeling deep inside of me. I wanted to do this,,,I wanted to do this for Trevor.

We both sat quietly in the back of the taxi. I could see the cab driver glancing in his rear view mirror every so often at us. Kathy was sitting close to her door staring aimlessly out. I reached out and touched her hand,,, she turned and looked at me.

“You ok?” I asked.

Kathy just shook her head,,I could see she was so hurt about all of this. My hand traveled up from her hand to her shoulder. I could see her eyes begin to swell up. I slid in close to her,,my arm pulling her close to me.

“It’s alright Kathy, everything is going to be ok, trust me.”

Ours eyes met and I felt compassion for her. It felt like we just finally understood one another. I lean in close and kissed her softly on the lips. It took her just a little before she responded. It has been so long since we had kissed like that. We had found our love again, at least that what it seemed.

“Nancy, please don’t have Trevor make me ugly. I don’t want him to do that to me. You have to help me please.”

I looked deep in her eyes. She was pleading with me. She was actually depending on me to fix things with her and Trevor. Kathy needed me,,,she finally needed me.

“I can ask Trevor tonight after dinner, that’s all I will promise but what we have to do what Trevor wants today. I don’t want to get him mad at me at all.” I said giving her another reassuring kiss.

“Were here ladies” the cab driver said turning around and looking at us.

We both looked out the window and noticed the salon. Kathy opened up her door and slid out as I paid the fare.

As I got out I heard the cab driver grumble.” Fucking lesbians, no fucking tip”

Both Kathy and I started to laugh and hold on one another as we made our way to the door of the salon. I felt so close to Kathy.

Kathy opened the door for me as I walked in and made my way to the counter. A very pretty lady looked up at us and asked if we had an appointment.

“We’re here for Gary” I said reaching down and squeezing Kathy’s hand.

“You must be Nancy and ….she looked a little puzzled….Ugly?”

I glanced over at Kathy and saw her turn red with embarrassment. I held her hand a little tighter and just smiled at back at the lady.

“That’s right, is Gary here?” pretending that the name Ugly was not out of line what so ever.

“I’m right here; Trevor told me the two of you would be here this morning. Just follow me and we will get you started right away.” Gary said smiling.

Kathy and I were still holding hands as we followed Gary to the back of the salon. He was constantly chattering about everything. We could barely keep up with him as we pass the booths of the other women getting their hair done.

“Nancy,,,you sit right here.” Gary said patting the seat in front of him.”Ugly, you sit over on that stool; you’re not going to take long at all.

Kathy walked over and sat down a wooded stool that had seen better days. She was acting brave but I knew this was killing her. I felt so sorry for her, just wish I could help her.

“Turn around and face the wall Ugly, someone will be with you in a minute.” Gary said as he turned his attention to me.” Now Nancy, Trevor told exactly what you wanted and I understand completely just want you to sit back and relax. You’re in good hands here.”

With that Gary proceeded to put a apron over me and tying it behind my neck after lifting my hair up a little,,,, He started to pull and fluff up my hair,,,He reached over and picked up a pair of scissors and a comb and started his magic. I could see Kathy in the reflection of the mirror in front of me. Some girl was tucking her hair under a cap and pulling selective strands out of it. Gary lightly pushed my head down as I watched clippings of my hair fall down the apron.

It was a couple of hours later that Gary finally finished with me. He had colored my hair reddish blond and with pink highlights. It was playfully spiked and very chick looking. My face was made up so perfectly. My lips pouted deliciously and my eyes looked so sexy. He had even lightly touched the tips of my eyelashes with pink. My fingernails matched my lips perfectly. I was so beautiful. I knew Trevor was going to just love this.

“You are a very pretty girl Nancy” Gary said as he held out a pair of diamond earings.”Trevor wanted me to give you these.

I took them from his hand as he prepared to pierce my ear lobes. After a small sharp pain I was handing the earrings back to Gary who put them through the new holes. Again I was shown myself in a mirror. I was so pretty that I could hardly catch my breath. Trevor was right again,,I defiantly am a girl,,,his girl.

Standing up from the salon chair and adjusting my skirt, I glanced around a little to see if anyone was looking. I wanted to be noticed, I knew I looked good.

“Someone wants to talk with you”

I turned around and saw Gary standing there with phone in his hand. I took it from him hesitantly.


“Nancy,,,how are doing? Trevor said.

“Oh Trevor, you wouldn’t believe how I look. Gary made me so beautiful. I can’t wait to show you.” I said excitedly.

“That’s just great Nancy, maybe we will celebrate tonight. I’ll pick up a bottle of wine for my princess”

“Oh Trevor, I don’t deserve this. You’re so wonderful to me.”

“Have you seen Ugly? Are you girls finished there?” Trevor said.

“I think were finished, Gary went to get her right now.” I said happily.

“Ok, then you’re going to the clinic; it’s just down the street from where you are now. It shouldn’t take too long and then you girls go home. I won’t be that late tonight because I want to see my baby girl.” Trevor softly said.

My stomach turned every time Trevor said anything like “baby girl or princess” It felt so good knowing he thought of me like that. Such a great man.

“Yes Trevor, I’ll meet you when you get home. I just can’t wait to show you how I look.”

“Ok Babe,,,I got to go, just wanted to see how you were doing. Make sure you keep Ugly in line and let me know if she does anything wrong.” Trevor said straight forward.

“Yes Trevor, I will.” I said worried that she already had done a few things wrong.” Bye Trevor, I love you”

He had already hung up and didn’t hear me.

I hung up the phone and put it down on the counter as Gary walked in with Kathy.

“Here she is Nancy” Gary gleefully said.” She’s already to go.”

Poor Kathy just looked blankly at me. Her hair was silver gray and it looked unkept like she just got out of bed or something. She looked terrible, she looked so very old.

“You ready to go Nancy?” Kathy said her lips quivering.

I was speechless. Nodding yes I took her by her hand and started to walk towards the front of the salon. Gary was walking right behind us.

“Tell Trevor I will talk with him later.” Gary said as he scooted past us and opened the door.

“Thank-you very much Gary. I’ll make sure to tell him” I smiled.

I didn’t want to tell him how wonderful I felt and how please I was. It just wouldn’t be right, not with the way Kathy looked.

It was such a beautiful day as Kathy and I walked towards the clinic. Every so often a car would give me a honk with his horn. It felt so good knowing I looked that nice. As we stopped at the corner of the street waiting for the lights to change a group of young men slowly surrounded us.

“Hey babe, watsup?” the skinny tall one said pushing pass Kathy looking me in the eye.

“Nothing” I said looking away from him.

“Take a look at her ass guys” another said behind me as he lifted my skirt a little.

I quickly put my hands to the back of my skirt and held it down. I could feel myself blushing. I looked at Kathy for some kind of help.

“Why don’t you ditch your mom and party with us beautiful” The skinny one said.

“I don’t think so,,we have things to do.” I said disinterested and annoyed.

I went to move by him and he just stood in my path not letting me by. A couple of guys behind me started to move really close.

“Get away from me.” I said as I spun around still holding my skirt down.” You guys are going to get in a lot of trouble so if I were you I would just turn around and leave.”

I turned back around and pushed my way pass the guy that was still in front of me and grabbed onto Kathy’s hand.

“You’re not going anywhere bitch” he said as he pulled me from around the waist” Were going to party”

“Let me go!!!” I screamed as my hand let go of Kathy’s.

His arms were wrapped around me tightly as he started to nuzzle and kiss me on the neck

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