Trevor Meets His New Doctor


"Oh, God, Doctor! What are you doing? I'm sorry! I can't help what's happening to me! I'm sorry, Doc!"

"Don't be embarrassed, Trevor. Your responses are perfectly normal. We really need to test those responses. Just relax and enjoy the treatment the nurse and I are administering to you."

Trevor continued to breathe heavily as his tortured, tingling body reacted to what the two were doing to it. He could see that they were also starting to breathe more heavily.

"It's getting a little hot in here, isn't it, Jenny?" asked the doctor.

"Yes it is, Doctor."

"Well, if we turn the temperature back down, poor Trevor may get too cold without his clothes on. Let's just take off our coats and try to get cooler. Is that OK, Trev?"

"Mmmmm." That's the only way Trevor could acknowledge because of his heightened state of stimulation. It wasn't hot at all as far as he could tell. He was just almost beside himself as the women constantly caressed so many of his sensitive spots.

Four hands suddenly left his awakened, stimulated body for a moment as the women removed their lab coats and hung them up on the wall. Trevor, his arms tethered above him, watched their gorgeous bodies turn and move. He could see Nurse Landry's ribs press against the nearly sheer white top as she stretched out to hang up the jacket. Her absolutely perfect buns were extremely evident now encased in her black leotard pants. As the leotards stretched he could almost make out bare skin underneath. The nurse wore no panties! Her legs were flawless. As she turned back toward the leather exam table Trevor's heart suddenly raced! Jenny's breasts looked incredible! He could see almost the whole top half of the soft, creamy globes, the nipples were both visible now, forcing themselves practically through the thin material! Her stomach was tight and he could see a mound between her thighs and, he swore to God, a crease right in the middle of her gorgeous mound! God!

Doctor Taylor then turned back toward him and gave him another feast for his eyes. Her body looked absolutely heavenly in that short skirt and the white blouse. All he could do was gawk at the two women from his position, practically totally naked, tied up, and suffering from probably the hugest erection in his short life under the gathered material of his hospital gown.

"Guys, I'm still really warm," said Doctor Taylor. If you don't mind, I'm going to open my blouse a little. It's really uncomfortable, isn't it, Jenny? Trevor, do you mind?"

"Uhhh...uhhhh...n n no," stammered Trevor. He couldn't figure it out. It wasn't hot at all!

Doctor Taylor smiled, pulled out her shirttail from the tight, black skirt and slowly began to unbutton her white blouse. As she did, Trevor began to get a look at what had been hidden underneath all this time! The doctor began to reveal an absolutely gorgeous, creamy, soft pair of globes of her own! Trevor couldn't take his eyes off of them. The doctor released the last button at the bottom and let her blouse gently swing open to reveal pink aureoles and eraser-stiff dark nipples! Trevor's hospital gown jumped like a puppet just a little higher.

"You know, Doctor, if you and Trevor don't mind, I'm going to get a little more comfortable, too. I feel left out," giggled Nurse Landry. "Doc, could you help me? I feel a little stiff in the back."

YOU feel stiff, exclaimed poor Trevor in his mind. Nobody could be stiffer than he!

"Sure, Jenny. Don't want you to pull a muscle like Trevor did. Raise your arms," giggled the doctor. Doctor Taylor stepped behind the nurse, grabbed Jenny's top and slowly pulled it up. Huge, soft, white breasts bounced out of the top as it was raised over them and off of Jenny's beautiful head. Trevor groaned loudly now at the sight!! The two women stood there gazing at him for a moment as their breasts jiggled and bounced free!

"What the heck, guys," announced Doctor Samantha Taylor. "I don't want to feel left out." With that, the doctor removed her blouse, tossed it to the counter and stood there nude from the waist up just like the nurse. Just like Trevor. Her glorious globes shook and swayed with her movements. They were just as huge as Jenny's. Perfect shapes, perky, vibrant! Heaven for a 18-year-old boy!!

"Back to work, Trevor," said the doctor. "I hope you don't have any plans tonight because this could take awhile. The place is all locked up for the weekend and we won't be interrupted. Is that OK?"

"OK," whispered Trev.

The women slowly walked back and took their places next to Trevor's exam table. "Where were we?" whispered Doctor Taylor.

"Here," grinned the nurse as she began softly tickling, teasing and tweaking Trevor's sensitive nipples.

"Oh! Right! And here," breathed the doctor as her soft hands returned to caress Trevor's buttocks and lower abdomen!

Trevor reentered his altered state. These gorgeous women were caressing his body, doing things to it that made him the most stiff, hard and long he'd ever been in his life! And those beautiful breasts!!! He couldn't take his eyes off them as they lifted and dropped and jiggled with the caressing movements. His penis was throbbing! He could feel the scrotum between his legs undulating! This was incredible!

"Nurse, I believe it's time to try for some measurements. What do you think?"

"I think so, Doctor. If we wait too long Trevor might lose it before we can get one."

"You're right." Both women lifted their hands away from Trevor's body leaving him quaking and trembling from the stimulation. "Sweetie, we're going to reposition you so we can continue with your treatment and gather some important data from your reactions. OK?"


"We need to have you lie on your back and we're going to have to restrain your ankles this time, too, because we can't have you moving around and spoiling the process or we'll be here all night."


Nurse Landry reached up and began to loosen Trevor's right wrist from the bar. He couldn't stop gazing at her breasts as she leaned closer to him and raised her arms. The perfect globes jiggled just inches from his face as she worked at disconnecting the band from the bar. She maintained a soft but firm grip on his wrist with both her hands as Doctor Taylor leaned forward and up to release Trevor's left wristband from the bar. The doctor's breasts swung freely, nearly brushing against Trev's face! "There," whispered the doc as she lowered his left arm and continued to firmly hold his wrist in her hands. The two women gently lowered Trevor to his back on the soft, rich leather of the massage table and stretched his arms out behind his head where they snapped the two soft cuffs into a wall bracket. His wrists were snugly secured in the soft cuffs. Trevor, flat on his back with his big feet dangling down the front of the table, was keenly aware now of his massive erection lifting his gathered hospital gown above his hips, straight in the air! His face flushed full beet red with embarrassment! Nurse Landry, seeing his reaction, murmured, "Don't worry, Baby. It's OK. Only natural."

"We think it looks just fine, Trev," whispered the doctor. "Just relax, Sweetie.

"Now, Trev, we have to make sure your legs don't move around too much and spoil the procedure. We have to put your feet and ankles in restraints, too. They won't hurt. OK?"


Doctor Taylor and Nurse Landry bent down and gently gripped each of Trevor's ankles lifting his lower legs up to a horizontal position in the air. Doctor Taylor pushed another button on the floor causing the lower third of the exam table's surface to silently drop down and away from the boy's buttocks and thighs. This left Trevor's body from his lower spine down hovering in midair. Trevor's hospital gown was still gathered over his groin and draped down between his legs toward the floor. The nurse and doctor grabbed a handle at each corner of what was the new short base of the table and pulled out two 30-inch extensions made of strong titanium tubing, locking them in place. In locked position, the tubes angled out horizontally to the sides at a 30-degree angle. Jenny snapped a 12-inch "L"-shaped titanium bracket into place at the end of her tube, locking it in an upright vertical position on the right and Doctor Taylor did the same on the left. At the top of each bracket was a three-inch soft fur cuff and stirrup. The women raised the boy's bare feet up in the air, bent his legs slightly back toward his body, opened his legs out and placed Trevor's feet in the stirrups, snuggly securing his ankles in the fur straps. Trevor was completely immobilized. His legs were up and spread five feet apart and his arms were secured, stretched out behind his head. That head was beginning to spin with funny thoughts and feelings. These beautiful women were standing at his sides, their wonderful breasts exposed to his gaze, their nipples sticking straight out, they were just looking at him, kind of licking their lips from time to time and sort of flushed. They looked like they were kind of excited. Too excited for professional people! He was sure glad that hospital gown didn't fall off when he was moved around and it was covering his butt hole and stuff. That would just kill him if they saw all that and could see how big his erection was.

The doctor leaned over Trevor and whispered, "We're going to have to stimulate you a little more for awhile to get you back to the point where you were when we stopped a minute ago." Trevor gasped! As the doctor leaned over him, her soft breasts grazed his ribs! God!! He could feel her nipples tickling his chest! Oh, God!!

"Oh, God...," groaned Trevor.

Nurse Landry then leaned in on the other side. Her globes brushed against Trevor's right ribs as she placed her soft lips against his right ear and whispered, "It's OK. We understand. Don't be embarrassed. Don't worry." As the nurse tickled his ear when she whispered, the doctor leaned into his left ear and whispered, "This is going to be the easiest test you ever took, Sweetie. We'll give you an easy 'A-plus'."

Trevor almost passed out.

Nurse Landry and Doctor Taylor stood up and reached out over Trevor's torso where they softly allowed their feathery finger tips to brush across the boy's chest, lightly flicking his nipples and tickling their fingers down his sides and up into his armpits. Trevor almost screamed with the pleasure he was experiencing! Jenny leaned over across Trevor's chest and softly placed her puffy lips against his left nipple! She began tonguing it! Searing stimulation shot through his left breast down to his navel! She then lifted her mouth from his raging left nipple and began gently tickling and pinching the hardened, dark nipple while her lips moved to his right nipple and began sucking and tonguing that one. At the same time, Jenny's free left hand found the boy's wide-open right armpit and gently began to tickle the excruciatingly sensitive spot, exploring, then, on down his sides across his ribs and back up again to his armpit. Hitting all these erotic spots at once was sending the boy into spasms!

Not to be outdone, Doctor Taylor leaned over on Trevor's left side, slowly lowered her mouth and kissed the boy's lips, softly, warmly, sweetly! It was Trevor's very first kiss!!! What a kiss!! As Trevor's pediatrician continued the tender, soft, tingly kisses, her right hand softly explored the boy's soft blond locks of hair while her left hand began to explore, tickling his left armpit and working its way down his left side, over his heaving ribs and on to his undulating abdomen where her left hand stopped its journey for a moment. All the while, the nurse never stopped tickling his right side, tonguing his right nipple and teasing his left nipple. Trevor felt like he was close to really losing it! His erection was raging and he could feel little itchy pulses beginning in the head of his penis!

Doctor Taylor's left hand continued to lightly feather over and around Trevor's tight abdomen. Then, her fingertips again slowly crept down to the boy's soft, blond pubic hair where the fingernails lightly caressed the skin over his pubic bone.

Through the Doctor's sweet kisses, Trevor whispered, "Ma'am, I'm gonna lose it! Please stop! Something's happening!!"

The doctor seemed not to hear the boy and slowly kept lowering her tickling fingertips along the pubic bone until they gently grazed the base at the top of Trevor's penis! Trevor's stomach suddenly began to spasm! Doctor Taylor's soft fingers gently encircled the base of the boy's shaft! He cried out, "Please!!! Doctor!!!!"

The doctor's hand froze. This is too soon, she thought.

"Break time," said Doctor Taylor. Jenny immediately retreated from her stimulation and stood next to the table, with her hands in the air like she was assisting in a surgery, waiting for direction from the doctor. "Trevor, let me give you something that will help you delay that reaction your body is about to experience. We need a little more time before something happens here, OK?"

Trevor couldn't answer. He was in another world bravely fighting down the explosion that was about to occur in the head of his penis. His scrotum was shrunk up and tight. He didn't know what was going to happen! The hospital gown looked like a pup tent!

The nurse turned away from the exam table and took a syringe from the counter, filled it with a light amber liquid and handed it to the doctor.

"This will prolong your inevitable reaction while still allowing you to feel the extreme, intense stimulation this procedure must provide you tonight. It may take another four to six hours for us to complete the tests we need. Is that OK? It's Friday. No homework! Are your parents expecting you home soon?"

Before Trevor could answer, Nurse Landry said, "Actually, Doctor, Trevor is on his own this weekend. His mom was in with his little sister this morning and they were all flying out of town for the weekend. Monday's a holiday so they won't be back home until late Monday night. They left Trev to house sit!" Nurse Landry had this wide, bright smile on her beautiful face.

"Wonderful!" Doctor Taylor gently administered the drug to Trevor's left shoulder. The doctor smiled inwardly at the thought of Trevor being completely on his own for the next three nights and three days. The boy didn't feel the injection but immediately began to feel a tingly, almost itchy sensation spread through his body, down his arms, across his torso and down his legs. A strange little itch began to build in the head of his "cock." God, he thought the word "cock." Usually sounded so dirty but it sounded kind of exciting now. A grin began to play across the boy's puffy lips. "Cock." His "cock" was big, stiff, long, thick and itchy. The warm tingle spread to his "balls." Oh, god, now he was calling his scrotum "balls." His "balls" were tingling, surging up and down inside their "sack." Trevor began to feel like he was in a dream. He lay there stretched, open, helpless.

"OK, Trevor. Now we need to work toward the point where we can take a measurement or two," said Doctor Taylor. "How are you feeling, Sweetie?"

"Great, Doc. Just great."

"OK. What we have to do now, in order to take the first measurement, is remove your hospital gown."

Trevor's mind lurched. Lose the hospital gown? That means my cock and balls will be exposed and my cock is big and stiff!!! They'll see my hardon!!!!! But Trevor couldn't react. He was tied down, spread out and open and his whole body was feeling strange from the drug. It seemed like his skin was suddenly even more sensitive than before!

He watched the doctor walk around to the foot of his exam table and step forward between the stirrups into the opening between Trevor's legs. Trevor's pediatrician reached forward and took in her hands the folds of the gown draped over the left and right sides of the boy's hips and slowly began to lift the tented cloth up and away.

The nurse was the first to react. She suddenly gasped, touching her fingertips to her full lips, her gorgeous eyes wide. They both just stood there with their mouths open and their tongues absently travelling slowly across their teeth and lips. There before them was the most beautiful, huge, longest, thickest, most gorgeous cock either of them had ever seen!!! The ball sack that hung below was the most enormous scrotum and gonads either had ever imagined!!! Both women flushed red across their cheeks and across their chests!!!! It was THEIR turn to be embarrassed! This would be some weekend!!! Trevor just lay there trembling with embarrassment and excitement as his health care providers allowed their gazes to slowly travel all over his body. Their eyes were glazed over as they murmured, "Oh, Baby. Aren't we a gorgeous hunk of man here. Please don't be embarrassed or afraid, Baby. This is going to be one weekend to remember."

Doctor whispered to Nurse, "Get the tape measure. Let's get that first measurement. I'll resume stimulation until we think we've gotten to the largest size."

Nurse retrieved a cloth tape measure from the drawer.

Doctor Taylor said, "OK, Jenny, continue tactile stimulation of Trevor's arms, sides, nipples and chest. Kiss his sweet lips. I'll start with his feet and work my way up from there."

"OK," replied Jenny, her voice a bit husky for a moment as she anticipated what they were about to do to their patient.

Doctor Taylor apparently was feeling too warm again because she swiftly and smoothly slipped her skirt down over her hips and let it drop to the floor!!! She wore only a thong!!!!! God, is she ever gorgeous!!!!! This was the most gorgeous, erotic, exciting woman Trevor had ever seen! Her slim, tight, soft stomach flared to perfect, round hips and perfect, softly-muscled long legs! Trevor was in love. Doctor Samantha Taylor didn't stop there. She gazed into Trevor's tortured eyes and slowly turned to the side, leaned forward with her breasts swinging down and deliberately lowered her thong down her legs. She straightened back up and kicked the thong to the side. Trevor gasped when he saw the doctor's pussy, hairless except for a small, soft patch of dark brown above.

Apparently Jenny was too hot again, too. Seeing everyone nude probably made her temperature rise a little so she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her leotard and slid it down her legs and off her feet! Now Jenny was entirely, gloriously nude!! Her body was flawless. The beautiful creamy breasts jiggled over her ribs and tight stomach. Her beautiful hips flared out perfectly to long, gorgeous legs. The mound between her legs was completely shaved, the lips of her vulva puffed out from her heavenly, pink vagina! "Oh, God!" thought Trevor. If my hands were free right now I'd have to touch every square inch of those beautiful bodies! The beautiful nude nurse stepped back up to Trevor's side.

Jenny slowly lowered her hands to Trevor's tethered arms and began softly tickling his super sensitive skin. Doctor Taylor, completely nude now, moved to Trevor's feet, stepped in between the stirrups and softly brushed her fingertips across the tops of his feet, tickling them slightly. She then skipped to just above his splayed, tethered ankles and worked her fingertips softly along his calves, bringing the boy sensations of immense pleasure in his legs. The boy's limbs were receiving the ultimate soft, tickly sensation! The doctor and nurse couldn't take their eyes off of Trevor's engorged genitals as they administered his treatment. As he gloried in this love of his body, the four sets of fingertips slowly tickled their way inward. Taking another step forward into the opening, the doctor allowed her long, fine fingers to softly travel up the boy's calves to his knees, briefly tickling the backs and tops, then on to his bulging, smooth quads! The doctor's creamy breasts swung with the rhythm. The nurse's hands found their way back to his arm pits, lingered there, then moved on to tease and torture his nipples again!! Nurse Landry quietly leaned over Trevor, dropping her full breasts against his chest as she slowly, softly kissed his open lips. Doctor Taylor was mesmerized. She saw that his cock was fully engorged again, the big head was growing deep purple. The hole below the tip of the gorgeous crown was spread almost a half-inch wide! The massive erection was beginning to bob up and down with the never-ending, intense stimulation but the drug the doctor had administered would delay the boy's inevitable erruption. The women continued their tickle torture of the lad for another fifteen minutes as he gasped for air and moaned against Jenny's tender kisses. The women began moaning with him as he climbed ever closer to Heaven. He could see Nurse Landry's own creamy globes swing and sway with her ministrations. He was steadily reaching sensory overload!

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