tagNon-EroticTrevor's Ruby Ch. 01

Trevor's Ruby Ch. 01


Trevor Burbage had arrived in the country from New Zealand just six weeks ago, and found himself a nice apartment, as we call it here in the States. He hoped that his stay in the U.S. would be permanent, in fact, but he naturally worried about whether or not he would get to keep his green card. How many New Zealanders got to stay in America?

In any case, he made no fuss when the super promptly informed him that he would have a roommate, and that she would be a woman in her late 20s. That was no big deal to him, and he certainly did not wish to cause any trouble, which might interfere with his plans to be naturalized as an American.

He rang the doorbell, and it was answered by a girl who was a little younger than him, but not by much. She was a little on the heavy side, but that was hardly a minus in his book. She actually seemed a little cute with that look. She was not a supermodel, granted, but he was from New Zealand, not France, and did not really care much for the haute couteur thing and the "waif" look. Women in his country typically had a little meat on their bones, and so he accepted that as normal and even voluptuous.

In any case, he was quite willing to get to know his roommate, who, it seemed, had a boyfriend already. That was that, he thought. He had already adjusted his thinking, to accepting her as a platonic friend, when the telephone rang.

"Honey, what is it?"

"No, please, baby, don't do that! I will try, and lose more weight, whatever you want- please don't dump me!"

Fucking prick, Trevor said under his breath. What kind of bloody imbecile dumped a girl like that, just because she was a little chunky?

"Please, tell me, what can I do to get you to keep me? I try to look good for you, to be nice, and I have never used sex as a weapon! I love you, why can't you understand that, and let me be with you?"

Because he's a arsehole- a shit-faced bum, Trevor thought. He was completely stupid, letting her go like that, when she obviously cared about him, and would be a good woman for him. Trevor was not a one-woman man himself, but he knew that he if ever became one, which was impossible due to his nature, he would pick a girl like Ruby.

She was sweet to him, to her beau, to everyone. She was kind, pretty, humorous, fun-loving, and obviously not a prude. What kind of man threw her away because she didn't have the stats? Only a bloody fool, in Trevor's mind.

"My God, Ruby, that bloody fellow doesn't know what he's lost!"

Ruby turned her head, after hanging up the telephone.

"What was that?"

"Your fool of a beau, or, rather, ex-beau! He's a wee bit of a tom fool!"

"Think so, honestly?"

"Bloody, hell yes! That bloke is gonna be the loser in that trade!"

"Thank you, Trevor, but you don't know me well, yet, and I am rather chunky for a girl."

"What, because you've got yourself a tiny bit of meat on your bones? I dunno know about that bloke, but I like the idea of a girl that won't break when I shag her!"

"Thank you, again, Trevor. You have a more interesting outlook on the whole weight thing? Is that how all you Aussies think about it?"

"Actually, I'm from New Zealand, not Australia, but, yes, it's a common attitude in my part of the world."

"Well, it's rather refreshing, especially for a fat girl like me."

"Fat? I'd hardly call you fat, my dear Ruby. Don't let that prick's stupidity affect you."

"Well, would it be possible for you to prove yourself right, just this once? I won't ask you for much, but could you, maybe, let me suck you off, to prove that I have at least some appeal? Maybe even fuck me?"

"What made you decide this?"

"The fact that you have no date tonight, and now, tragically, neither do I. Face it, we're both stuck home tonight, pretty much, due to your move and my mood, and I think that we could both use some pleasure. I'm not a virgin, you know."

"Oh, bloody hell, I think that we could both stand to drop our knickers for the night. You're right, my dear lady."

"Lady? I've never been called that by my beaus."

"That's their problem. I'm not into the submissive, wimpy nonsense of some medieval verse, but I do like to pamper a girl who deserves it."

"Well, I will certainly try to earn that! I could use a little pamering, which I definitely didn't get much of with him, despite all of my efforts to win him over."

"That's because he's an imbecile, and I am quite happy to bed you, for my sake, your sake, and to spite the damn fool!"

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