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Trevyn's Choice


The Seelie and UnSeelie courts of the fairy world have always been places of intrigue and deceit for those of pure Sidhe blood. They call me a half-breed, so for me the courts are a place of contempt and treachery. The contempt is because I am half human. The treachery is because I am the twin brother of a pure Sidhe blood sister. We are the children of the current queen of the UnSeelie court. A true fairy prince and fairy princess, and I am heir to the throne.

Mother chose to get pregnant by both her Sidhe husband and her human lover. Which of us would be born first, she left to chance. The fact that I am mortal proves to the court that I am not the some of their Sidhe king. The fact that I have chosen to take only male lovers into my bed, is what may keep my off of the throne. You cannot rule the courts if you cannot produce an heir. My sister reminds me and the other ruling families of this fact every time I begin to be the favored of the courts.

We grew up around our mother’s guards. My sister and I had even taken a few as lovers ourselves. Now that we were of age, six of them were to become ours. Choosing three to be my personal guard would be easy. They are all physically strong enough to throw a car two city blocks without breaking a sweat, and magically powerful enough to keep me safe from that kind of attack as well. Choosing three that would be my lovers for the rest of my mortal life, well . . . that was something else all together.

There was one choice that was the easiest, and that was Kevyn. He had been my first lover when I was only sixteen. The fact that he is over two-thousand years old and was once worshipped as a god of war was a little intimidating at first, but once he kissed me there was no turning back. Kevyn stand over seven and a half feet tall, and is solid muscle. His wardrobe consist of only black leather, and he is typically seen in only a sarong and sandals, with a leather sheath with straps that form an X across his chest. The sheath holds “rage”, his six-foot magical sword. He has brown hair that would hang to his knees if he did not keep if tied in a ponytail, and eyes like that of a large predatory cat. When angry, his facial features even become more feline in appearance. And when we make love, there is even a gentle purring in his throat as he achieves his own orgasms.

Because of his size, Kevyn is afraid of hurting me during sex. That means that I have to do most of the work. Not that it’s a chore or anything, it’s just that it’s up to me to see that we both get what we want out of it. All it takes is a kiss and he is hard and ready for more. His cock is as impressive is size as the rest of him. The other guards tell of times when Kevyn would take pleasure on the battle field, by fucking one enemy warrior while still killing others. Having felt it inside of me, I knew that even in death the enemy knew something of joy before they died.

The other two choices were actually almost as easy to make. One would be Rhaes. For although we are lovers, Kevyn has never come to my rescue in court. He is my mother’s personal bodyguard, and could only act if she ordered him to. Since the UnSeelie way is “survival of the fittest”, she never gave that order. Rhaes on the other hand, appointed himself my unofficial protector and had even killed to keep me alive. You’ve just got to love that. Although he stands at only five feet eleven inches, not even tall by human standards, members of both the UnSeelie and Seelie courts have feared him for centuries, and have nick named him “the bringer of death”. Like me, he is also a half-breed. His father was Sidhe, and his mother was a nymph. His hair is blond and hangs loosely to his feet. It flows around him like a silken cape, even when there is no breeze to cause the movement. His eyes are like molten flame. When he chooses, the can burn the soul out of any living thing. When we were only six years old, my sister tried to kill me for the first time. Having experienced a taste of Rhaes’ power, she has never attacked me directly again. Instead, she has condemned many assassins to death for their efforts.

When it comes to sex, he likes it rough. Because we are approximately the same size, he feels more free to live out his own desires with me that the others. Rhaes does not believe in foreplay. He simply takes you and uses you. It’s not until his own needs have been sated that he turns attention to mine. When he does . . .

My third and final choice would be Shayn. The fact that he has joined Rhaes in protecting me at court, won him a place as one of my guards. If not for his size, he would come the closest of them to being able to pass as human. Maybe someone of Asian decent. Well, an Asian with purple eyes and huge bat-like wings. You see, Shayn’s mother was a dragon and he has the ability to shape shift into one at will. Court rumor has it, that he has spent so much time in dragon form, that it has changed his eyes and kept the wings from going away even in “human” form. No one in either the UnSeelie or the Seelie court is old enough to remember anything of Shayn’s father, so he is believed to be the last of his kind.

The first time we made love, I was afraid the wings would be a problem, but they are simply an extension of him and he uses that to his advantage. They wrap around us, and it’s like being inside of a cocoon. He is by far the gentlest lover I have ever had. He is completely unable to experience any pleasure himself, unless I have been satisfied first. When he takes me into his mouth, there are times I would swear that he is capable of breathing fire in human form. The warmth is almost over whelming. When he finally takes his own pleasure and fucks me, he opens his wings are lifts us into the air. His orgasms burn me inside like lava flowing from the belly of a great volcano. Once sated, he returns us to the ground and wraps us back into the cocoon of his dragons embrace.

I may not live forever and I may not ever get to be king, but with these three as mine I don’t seem to mind.

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