tagFetishTriangular Ch. 04

Triangular Ch. 04


Kathy undid my hands, then grabbed the back of my head and pulled it to her midriff, planting my face directly into the cum splattered there.

"Lick it up," she commanded, and I obeyed, my hands finding my cock which was desperate for some attention.

"Stop that!" she yelled at me, and I again obeyed, this time more reluctantly.

"When you've cleaned me up you'll get some attention."

I licked and sucked at her tummy and chest even more eagerly, the salty taste of sweat and cum filling my nostrils and blurring my thoughts.

" Okay, stop," Kathy said, and grasping my wrist, pulled me to my feet and led me to the head of the bed. "Lay down," she said, and as I did so she tied my wrists again. Then produced a blindfold and tied it over my eyes.

I felt her lips on my neck, tracing a path down my body, teasing my nipples, probing my belly button, teasing my balls, then finally, wrapping around my knob and sucking slowly down my cock. It felt better than ever before as I wanted it so badly.

Then as soon as it had begun, the pleasure stopped. I sensed some movement in the room, and wondered if she was giving Sven's cock a suck also, but I could see nothing through the blindfold. I heard a faint whispering, then some more movement. Then Kathy's mouth was on my cock again, sucking almost hesitantly on my knob at first, then taking more and more of my cock into its warm wetness.

A tiny voice in my sex-addled brain was squeaking for attention, and it finally got through. This mouth wasn't Kathy's! It was somehow different, still warm, wet, soft and luscious, but the lips and tongue felt different on my cock.

Suddenly I knew the reason for the blindfold, Kathy and Sven had planned a surprise for me. My imagination went to work. Another woman? I had seen photos around the house of Kathy's sister, and she was gorgeous.

Kathy said "do you like that loverboy?" "Sure do," I replied. "Then I guess we can take the blindfold off then," she said as she reached up and untied the silk scarf from my eyes. My eyes went wide and my heart skipped a beat, as there kneeling between my legs was Sven, with his lips around my cock, sucking it with obvious pleasure. Competing urges in my brain battled each other, distress, guilt, pleasure, excitement, confusion, but as I watched open-mouthed as another man sucked my cock, they were all overridden by sheer lust as the whole rampant sexuality of the situation fired my mental erogenous zones. I relaxed and began to enjoy it fully, my mind racing with possibilities.

Kathy had been watching me closely and seemed to sense I had come to terms with the change in circumstances. "I had hoped you really were open minded," she chuckled.

Sven was really getting into it know, I could see his cock hardening between his legs as he sucked me with increasing energy. "Looking forward to returning the favour Sven, after I shoot my load down your throat of course," I said, which drove him to greater efforts. My head was swimming, but I noticed Kathy beside me, clearly unbelievably turned on by the sight of her husband sucking my dick. I reached a hand to her pussy and found it was soaking wet with her juices.

I felt my orgasm approaching, and moaned as much to Sven, in case he didn't really want my load down his throat. I needn't have worried, and he gulped the first shot, and would probably have swallowed the rest if it hadn't been for Kathy diving in to share the fruits of his labour, the two of them sharing my unusually large (especially given our earlier exertions) load of jism, then locking in a passionate spermy kiss, before returning their attention to my cock.

The feel of both their mouths on me at once was almost enough to keep me hard for another round, but I figured there were other delights to be explored. I sat up and joined them in a three way tongue kiss, noting the taste of my own cum on their lips. Then to Kathy's squeals of delight, I engaged Sven in a passionate embrace, our tongues deep in each other's mouths.

Sven lay back on the bed and I got into position between his legs, lowering my mouth straight onto his quivering rock hard cock. As I wrapped my lips around his knob, I was reminded of sucking Kathy's strap-on earlier, and how that had felt. Somehow this was similar, except many times better, as this cock was warm and moist and alive, and directly connected to the pleasure centres of a real person. I sucked Sven with all the skill and energy I could muster, working my tongue and lips on his throbbing cock. After only a few minutes he cried out that he was close, and suddenly I saw Kathy's face resting on his tummy, eager for a close-up view of the action, and ready to share the spoils.

I reached a hand to Sven's balls and squeezed them gently while taking his cock as deep as I could into my mouth. He groaned as his whole body contracted and his dick bulged and shot a hot wad of sticky cum down my throat. I swallowed and pulled back, taking a second shot of man cream in my mouth, then Kathy was there, her mouth on mine with Sven cock jammed in between, as we kissed and licked and swallowed shot after shot of hot salty come from Sven's cock. After what seemed like an age, he finished cumming, and the three of us again shared a spermy kiss.

With the new developments in our relationship, the air in the room was charged with sexual electricity, and Kathy was so horned up from watching what was clearly a fantasy of hers that her pussy was literally running with love juice, a small river of it ran down her silky smooth thighs, and her pussy squelched whenever she moved.

I had found sucking Sven off highly arousing, and my cock was now standing at full mast, so when Kathy lay back on the bed and said "Somebody please fuck me now," I was on her in a second, my dick buried full length in her sloppy wet vagina, pounding her hard with each stroke. I thrust into her like this for about a minute, until I could sense she was close, then pulled out and fastened my mouth on her pussy, lapping up her copious sweet juices, my face becoming coated in them as I licked and lapped with joyous enthusiasm.

I moved back up and slammed my dick back in her, forcing a delighted grunt from her, and began to pound her hard again. Just as she was getting close again, I felt Sven's hand on my shoulder, and I stopped and pulled out. Kathy swore with frustration, but when Sven had me lay on the bed, and Kathy straddled me, her back to me and with my cock once again buried in her pussy, but this time with Sven's tongue on her clit, she was once again on her way paradise.

Several small orgasms racked her body, and I could tell there was a huge one on the way, when Sven said "Wait, I want to try something." I craned my head around to see what he was up to, and I saw him positioning his full erect cock between Kathy's legs.
"Fuck," I thought, "he wants to put both our cocks in her at the same time." Kathy's pussy was normally pretty tight with just one cock, but right now it was so wet that if she was ever going to be able to take two cocks at once it was today.

I slid my cock almost all the way out of her, and felt the cool wetness of half a tube of lube that Sven was squirting on our cocks and Kathy's pussy. Then I felt his cock against mine, his hands wrapping both of them as he squeezed the two heads into Kathy's pussy entrance. A sound of impossibly pleasurable surprise issued from Kathy as our two cocks eased past the entrance to her pussy, stretching her wide and filling her completely. (Sven told me later that the look on her face was even better, and I hoped to see it for myself soon enough.)

I could feel Sven's cock throbbing as it pressed against mine, its hot slippery hardness felt great. Without the previous event it would have been a little strange, but having sucked his come from his cock, I was completely relaxed about sharing a pussy with him. The sheer size of our combined dicks meant there wasn't much room to move in Kathy's pussy, but we gradually worked our way all the way in, at which point Kathy's was delirious with pleasure as her body was continually racked with wave after wave of orgasm. Sven and I set up a rapid alternating rhythm, our cocks sliding against each other and the spasming walls of Kathy's pussy as we thrust in an out, only a little at first, then gradually further and further as Kathy's hot pussy stretched around us.

Then, by some unspoken agreement, we locked rhythms and began thrusting both our cocks in and out of Kathy in unison, driving her even wilder and causing her to scream her pleasure to the world as we thrust into her, our throbbing cocks blasting her insides with hot sticky cum within seconds of each other, the hot wetness all but lost in the hot wetness already there.

Kathy was, well, fucked, after this, and Sven and I had had plenty of fun also, the three of us drifted off to sleep almost immediately we had reluctantly slipped our cocks from Kathy's pussy. She rolled off me and Sven and I lay each side of her, our cocks nestled against her pussy and arse respectively. By the time we woke it was late afternoon, and we all had things that needed doing. We agreed to meet again in a couple of days time.

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