Trick or Trebor


And as a wicked afterthought he added, "Once their lust has left them, they become enslaved as my servants for all eternity." His story was nothing short of fantastic and I wasn't sure what to do with the information. I felt like there was something that he purposely wasn't sharing with me, but had no idea what it might be. Again, it seemed like I was caught up in a bad horror flick, but everything seemed so real.

Trebor had said a lot about his intentions concerning Tina, but I had to wonder what would become of me. "What about me?" I asked. "What happens to me if you win her over?"

"Haha... There is no 'if', Charles. I will have her," Trebor quipped, amused at my optimism. "As for you... It's very simple, dear boy. Either you save the girl or you die."

For the first time, the figure turned and looked directly at me. All I could see under the hood was a pair of devilish eyes that seemed to be boring holes into my very being. They were large and bright red, with flames flickering where the pupils should have been. He stared at me for a moment and then concluded his oratory by saying simply, "You will die, dear Charles... You will die."

With that, Trebor turned toward Tina and moved closer to her. The look on her face was pure terror and she screamed a blood-curdling scream while she twisted against the hands. A bony hand extended from beneath the robe of the figure and brushed along Tina's leg. It started below her knee and swept upward, over her thigh and stopped just below her crotch. Again she screamed like nothing I'd ever heard, and the voice, Trebor's voice, reverberated with laughter in the room.

"Get away from her you mother fucker!" I screamed as I lurched against my own bonds. My struggles were to no avail as the only thing I accomplished was to drive my now turgid cock down the throat of the first viper. She swallowed me like I was nothing, even though Tina had at one time measured me at nearly nine inches long and five and a half inches around. The creature didn't even flinch. On the contrary, she turned her serpent eyes up to me and I could see her pleasure at my force-feeding her.

I could hear Tina pleading for release from our captor, but I was certain that she was wasting her breath. Forcing myself to look back at the altar, I could see that Trebor had backed away a step or two and he waved his thin fingers in mid-air. Instantly, more hands began to grow out of the stone bed where my wife lay. Four or five of the appendages sprang up and began to rub all over Tina's flawless skin.

They moved over her arms and legs, across her abdomen and upward, between her breasts. Again she screamed and struggled, with no effect. She was crying woefully as the fingers danced on her body, covering every inch of her, except for where you would expect them to go. To my surprise, the hands were avoiding my wife's tits and pussy. And even more surprising, the more they stroked her, the calmer she became.

My attention was drawn back to my own situation as one of the vipers brushing against me whispered in my ear. With a seductive voice she said, "My name is Seger. On your other side is my sister, Echi and the one below is our other sister Nidha. Pleasure us Charles." Then her unbelievably long tongue came out and slid down my cheek and across my lips.

Thinking quickly, I remembered the deal that Trebor had spoken of. But I knew I wasn't going to be much good in my current state. I doubted that I'd be able to get all three of these, whatever they were, to climax quickly enough anyway, but was determined to try. And with that in mind I said, "If you want me to pleasure you, I'll need my hands and need to be able to move."

Trebor turned toward me again. "Fair enough," he said and the hands released their hold on me. "But do not try to leave the circle of light or Tina will bear the punishment," he warned. Then to make his point, as he turned back toward my wife a long bullwhip magically filled his hand. With the grace of a ballerina, Trebor snapped the whip and then swiftly brought it down across my darling's abdomen. Tina screeched in pain and immediately a fiery red stripe appeared on her belly.

I started to make a run at the figure but Nidha was still kneeling in front of me with my dick down her throat. I attempted to free myself from her lips but Seger grabbed my arm and whispered, "If you love her, remain in the circle." I don't know whether her directive was an act of compassion, or simply greed on her part, but the words stopped me. And when I checked Tina again, the hands were soothing her once more, her body relaxing under their touch.

My mind was reeling and my heart was pounding. I had no idea where to start or what to do. I kind of felt like I was an awkward teenager again, trying to figure out what I was doing as I felt up my first girlfriend. Shaking the fog out of my brain, I eased each of my hands into the crotches of Seger and Echi, not sure what I'd find there. To my relief, they had the anatomy of women.

Trying to put the fact that they were snakes only a few minutes before out of my mind, I probed into their vaginal openings to discover that they were quite damp. As I pushed a finger into each of them, I felt their lips and tongues nuzzling my neck and shoulders. Their hands began to roam over my body, moving up and down my chest, toying with my nipples and brushing over my ass. And quite honestly, their touch was elating.

Nidha continued to suckle my cock. In fact, she still had her lips pressed firmly against my pubis. As far as I could remember, except for the one time, I don't think she had ever withdrawn. It was a strange sensation, having my dick down her throat continuously. Similar to being buried in a warm, wet pussy, but somehow different. The contractions of her gullet and the feel of her tongue were electrifying, once I gave in to what was happening.

This went on for a few minutes and then my attention was drawn to Tina again as she moaned loudly. When I looked up at her, three bodyless heads had joined the hands. And where the hands hadn't gone, the heads were. Two of them were hovering over Tina's ample chest, kissing and licking her now very stiff nipples. The third was wedged between my woman's thighs. I couldn't see it, but I knew what was taking place there.

Working in perfect concert, the heads and hands seemed to be having a tremendous effect on Tina. She was no longer struggling and her tears were gone. At first I was hurt and confused by this, but then realized that she had no more control over her body than I did. Just as I couldn't will my dick to not get hard, she couldn't resist the overwhelming stimulation she was receiving. But one thing was for sure... If I wanted to save her, I was going to have to hurry.

Pulling my concentration back to the serpent girls, I worked a second finger into Seger and Echi. They moaned softly and wiggled their hips over my hands. I knew I was going to have to get my tongue into action to have any chance of success. While I considered my options, as if she too could read my mind, Seger asked in a sultry whisper, "Want to use your tongue in me, Charles?"

I nodded and Seger lifted her hands into the air. Swiftly, they were grasped by a pair of the 'hands from nowhere' and they lifted her up until her legs were dangling and her hips were level with my shoulders. Then a multitude of hands appeared around her body and as she leaned back they made a platform for her to lay on. They moved her genitalia closer to my face and Seger's legs dropped over my shoulders.

Nearly repulsed by the thought of what Seger really was, I had to force myself to open my mouth. With a little fortitude, I pushed my tongue out and parted her seemingly normal labia. I pressed the tip onward and discovered that her taste was amazingly sweet. I loved to eat Tina's pussy, and she always tasted good to me, but not like this. The demon's juices had the flavor of mixed fruits accented by the richness of honey.

After getting a taste of her, I tore into Seger with zeal. I lapped up and down her slit, pausing to drive my tongue into her hole. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, positioning her so I could tease her clit. In just a few minutes I had the creature twisting and humming in response. "This just might work," I thought to myself.

As the thought lingered in my brain, I felt Echi moving behind me. I could feel her lips and tongue trailing down my back as she dropped lower and lower, I assumed kneeling behind me. Her mouth found my right buttock and she kissed it a few times. She moved to the left one and did the same thing and then, without warning, I felt fangs sink into my flesh again. I howled into Seger's crotch and jammed my hips forward against Nidha's face.

But like before, a few seconds later, the pain was replaced by a warm and pleasurable sensation. I could hear Echi softly laughing behind me and then felt the sting of her bite on the right side of my ass. Again I yelped into Seger's cunt and waited for the pain to transform into pleasure. When it did, I dove into Seger's snatch with total abandon. My mind teetered on the edge of hoping Echi wasn't going to bite me again, and wishing that she would.

The next thing I felt was not another bite, but Echi's hands on my butt. She spread my cheeks and let her long, thin tongue slither between them. I pictured her in my mind with her angelic face and the snake's tongue darting out of her mouth. The picture was smacked away by the sensation of her tongue gliding between my cheeks again, and then it flicked across my asshole. I jumped a bit and twisted my body as she pressed the tip to my opening.

I tried to concentrate my efforts on Seger, hoping I was going to be able to get her off and distracting myself from Echi's probing tongue. I found it hard to focus though. Not because of what Echi was doing, and not because of Nidha. The realization was that I was building toward my own climax. Once more, I tried to summon my willpower to prevent the approaching orgasm.

Hearing Tina yelp grabbed my attention. I peered over Seger's body and could see that my wife was suspended a few feet above the altar now, held by the black hands. They slowly turned her, like a pig on a spit, until she was face down. As they lowered her toward the bed again, hands grew and caught her breasts as they hung down. She was lowered until she was hovering about a foot over the surface and then the fingers and heads descended on her again.

Now, contrary to what they'd done before, it was a free for all. There were more hands than I could count mauling my wife's big, beautiful tits and countless more molesting the rest of her body. One of the heads pressed itself into her rotund ass and began licking up and down her crack. The other two heads were roaming; licking and gently biting any available flesh they could find.

I was drawn back to my own battle as I felt Echi's tongue slink between my cheeks and jab at my anus again. But this time she was a little more forceful and I knew she intended to enter me. I strained to get away from her but she slapped my ass and hissed, "Sssstand sssstill... You'll like thissss."

Mortified, but strangely curious, I prepared myself for the inevitable. I buried my face in Seger's cunt again and silently prayed that this would all be over soon. Then I could feel Echi's tongue jab at my butthole a couple more times, and then wiggle into the tight opening. Surprisingly, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. And as she worked more into me, a rush of warmth washed through my whole body.

Suddenly, it seemed like I was floating away and watching the scene from somewhere above. My senses were overwhelmed and it was as if I was transforming into a sexual workhorse, who's only purpose was to satisfy and be satisfied. I didn't think my cock could get any harder but it felt like it was swelling even more in the Nidha's throat. My balls felt bloated and my tongue seemed to grow, pushing deeper into Seger.

More and more of Echi's serpent tongue entered my asshole and the more of it that went in, the stronger I felt. It was uncanny. On one hand I was ashamed of what I was doing and the fact that I couldn't help Tina. But on the other, I knew I had to do whatever I could to bring these witches to the pinnacle of their arousal, and push them over the edge. My skin was crawling with excitement and my mind was numb to everything other than the fact that I was going to do whatever it took to free Tina and myself.

Even with my renewed vigor, I could still comprehend the telltale signs of my approaching climax. I decided to give in to the feeling and let it happen. Either I would perish or continue on. Trebor hadn't specified what would happen if I were to cum, only the vipers. "Hell... Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do," I thought. And when Echi started to literally fuck my ass with her tongue, I groaned into Seger's crotch and exploded down Nidha's throat.

My balls were boiling and my semen felt like it was scalding the inside of my penis as it rocketed through to escape into Nidha's gut. The spasms of my meat were far more intense, and went on much longer than I could ever remember. I could feel my asshole clamping down around Echi's tongue and I heard her whimpering with pleasure behind me. At the same time, Nidha's eyes flew open extremely wide and she began to writhe on the floor in front of me.

As Echi withdrew from my hind end, Nidha let my still turgid pole slide out of her throat, then expelled me completely. Her mouth remained open wide and her tongue was slowly spiraling itself around my shaft. As I'd pictured Echi, Nidha's tongue was indeed that of a snake, black and complete with a forked end. Once she had it wrapped around me, she milked my dick with it for every last drop that she could mine from me.

After she was satisfied that I was dry, Nidha unwound her tongue, slumped to the floor and vanished. Seger leaned her head up and said, "She always was the easiest to satisfy. I guess you could say she cums for cum... Hahahahaaa!" Then she narrowed her snake eyes at me and warned, "But you'll have to do better than that to satisfy Echi and me."

With that, she snapped her fingers and the hands began to draw her away from my face. As easily as they had lifted her into place, they returned her to a standing position in front of me. Echi was still behind me, pawing at my butt and letting her tongue roam over my posterior. Seger took a step closer to me and I reflexively reached out and took her boobs in my hands. I hefted the orbs for a moment and then let my fingers drift to her nipples.

While I toyed with Seger's chest, I looked past her to Tina. She was still in the same position, receiving the same treatment as before. But as I watched, a huge phallus, the same color and texture as the hands, grew out of the table and curved upward between Tina's splayed thighs. A moment later she cried out and I knew the oversized organ was entering her. The hands began to slowly move her body to and fro, working her on the tool, and I could hear her wetness squishing around it as if there were a microphone next to her pussy.

Another large penis sprouted from the table near Tina's head. It began to curl upwards as the other one had and paused in front of her lips. The hands forced her mouth open and the prick extended until it was filling her oral cavity. Her eyes widened, her body convulsed a couple of times and then she was sedate again. Oh, how I wished it was me invading her mouth or slipping into her steamy pussy.

Yet again, my thoughts were yanked back to myself and the vipers. Seger had begun stroking my barely wilted dick. In just a matter of moments, unbelievably, I was steel hard again. Ignoring Echi behind me, I guided Seger onto her back on the floor. I followed, spread her thighs and slipped my cock into her dewy gash. "Oh Yessss!" she moaned softly.

After a few slow, deep strokes to coat my pole with her juice, I began to pump into Seger's cunt with long, steady stabs. She groaned again and wrapped her slender legs around my waist, crossing her ankles behind me. I stroked in and out of her for a few minutes and then realized that I needed to be in some position that would allow me to service both of the entities at the same time. After making a few more thrusts, I withdrew.

Seger tried to pull me back inside with her legs but I wiggled free. Taking her hands, I pulled her up as I made the transition to laying on my back. With my dick sticking straight up, Seger understood and mounted me in a flash. Her hot pussy swallowed my cock and she began riding up and down. Her tits were jostling around and I reached out for them. I squeezed the melons and then pulled outward on her nipples fairly hard. The creature's eyes widened and she let out a wicked hiss.

Deciding a lighter touch might be more appropriate, I eased my grip and gently rolled the meaty buds between my fingers. Seger's eyes closed and her head tipped backward so I assumed that what I was doing was pleasing. Just then, Echi stepped over me and straddled my arms and upper body. She reached down and I passed her sister's tits over to her. With my hands now free, I let them slide up the back of Echi's thighs and onward to her firm ass. I squeezed her butt for a few moments and then let the fingers of my right hand dip down and between her legs.

Not worrying about politeness at that point, I jammed two fingers up into Echi's wet and inviting cunt. I could hear her moan and her legs gave a little tremble upon my insertion. I worked in and out of her nearly dripping hole a few times and then pulled out to strum her clitoris for a moment. Unceremoniously, I stuffed the two fingers back into the female, worked them around and then withdrew. This time, I stabbed three fingers into her with very little resistance. Again, I worked them in and out, in and out, wagged them back and forth and then in and out again.

The next time I pulled out, I toyed with Echi's clit again and then slid my fingers back up toward her hole. I held my middle and ring fingers together, poised at her vaginal entrance. My index finger found the rosebud of her anus and I pressed inward. Her asshole accepted me readily and she gasped as I forced all three fingers into her body. Once more, I pushed and pulled my digits, over and over, in and out of the beast.

By the time I withdrew, Echi was no longer teasing Seger's nipples. She was simply holding her sister's shoulders for stability. I was pretty confident that I had ascertained Echi's weakness and I grabbed her hips, drawing her ass toward my face. She responded by dropping to her knees, bringing her rear end to within inches of my nose. Tilting my head forward just a little, I spread the girl's cheeks and jabbed my tongue against her butthole.

As I made contact, her whole body shuddered and I knew I was on the right track. I've never been terribly fond of rimjobs, but I ate Echi's asshole like I was starving for it. My tongue wasn't quite as talented, or as long, as hers but I jammed as much as I could inside her. But while I was doing this, I wished that I had another hand so I could probe her pussy too.

Magically, a pair of the black hands appeared out of thin air and brushed mine off Echi's butt. They then spread her apart wider than I'd been able to and I had more than ample access. Plus, I had both of my hands free to do with as I wished, so I wedged my fingers back into her pussy. First the two, then three and, even though it was tight quarters, eventually I was able to shove all five inside her hole.

Echi's whole body began to vibrate and I wondered if I could fist her. "What have I got to lose?" I consoled myself and shoved my hand sharply upward. There was a good deal of resistance, but then my hand suddenly disappeared into Echi's vagina. She screeched and wailed but didn't try to escape my invasion. With my tongue still wedged into her asshole, I drew my fingers into a ball and began to slowly punch fuck the female.

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