tagBDSMTricked by the Brat Ch. 02

Tricked by the Brat Ch. 02


A few minutes later, Sam was sat on the end of the bed in the spare room, the restraints all removed. She had danced with the idea of trying to overpower Tiffany and force her to delete all the videos, but she had no way of knowing what the girl had saved where, and she wasn't even sure she had the physical presence to force Tiffany to do anything. So now, she sat contemplating the prospect of playing out her part in Tiffany's 'game'.

She was horrified at the prospect of Tiffany watching as she seduced Sean into... bondage sex. She could barely believe she was going to have to go through with this, but she had no options she could think of. What is worse, she knew that this would be yet another piece of evidence the girl had on her, where was this heading? She had a sick feeling that she was going to be under Tiffany's thumb for a very long time. The younger girl had set up a wireless webcam downstairs, and another on the bedside table obscured by a pile of books. She was now in her room setting everything up. Sam had known the girl was good with IT, but this was a surprise.

Sam grimaced. This was terrible. But she had to admit, there was a small, daredevil part of her, the part of her that snooped in the O'Brian's bedroom in the first place, the part of her that had violently orgasmed while trussed up... that part of her was actually a little excited by the idea. She could not understand this feeling at all, but she knew that she would enjoy some aspects of Tiffany's game. It confused and dismayed the woman. How could she feel this way? But she could not deny that she was aroused.

Tiffany reappeared with a pile of gear from her parent's play box. There were several belts of varying lengths, and the collar was there, as well as the ball gag and a blindfold. The girl held up the straps.

"These go around your legs, ankles, below and above knees, your wrist, and your elbows. First you are going to give him a really long, slow, blowjob. You will let him cum in your mouth and you will swallow. Then, after has had a few minutes, you are going to get him to get you nice and aroused, then you will persuade him to strap you tightly, legs tight together, wrists too, then you are going to get him to blindfold you, gag you and then fuck you bent over the bed from behind. Once he is done, get rid of him. I will want to talk to you. All the way through you will wear my collar. As she said this, she gave the collar to Sam.

Sam reached up to her neck and tightened the collar around it. She could not think how to get out of this mess, and besides, what Tiffany wanted... that sounded pretty hot and she did like it when Sean was behind her. She wanted to scream a denial and tell this annoying brat to go to Hell, but the thought of those videos and what she could do... terrified her. Shame faced, she nodded.

Tiffany smiled. "Good girl. Now stand up."

Sam stood, trembling slightly, her legs still a little unsteady from the fantastic orgasm she had experienced. Tiffany looked her up and down, and then snapped a padlock onto the back of the collar locking it on her.

"There. You do look pretty hot, he won't stand a chance. Now, you do everything I say, and maybe this will all go away."


The corners of Tiffany's mouth twitched upwards. "Maybe. Now go downstairs and get ready, he'll be here any time. And remember, I'll be watching everything."

Sam did as she was told, sitting back down on the couch. The downstairs webcam was set on a bookcase pointing at the couch. Sam sighed, knowing the girl was probably watching right now.

It was a few agonising minutes before she heard a car draw up outside. She rose and went to the door, opening it a crack. Sean was there walking softly up the driveway. He smiled as he saw her face in the crack of light. He ran a hand through his mop of fair hair and stepped up to the doorway.

"Permission to sneak inside, ma'am?"

Sam smiled. "Get in you idiot."

Sean slipped inside, his smile widening as he took in Sam's dress and stockinged legs. "How's the studying?"

Sam shrugged. "I have been pretty distracted."

Sean tilted his head. "Oh yeah?"

Sam decided to get this over with. She smiled warmly and pulled him to the couch. He sat down next to her and she glanced over to the webcam, Tiffany would be able to see everything. She flushed at the thought and bit her lower lip. Sean watched her face and he grinned.

"Are you horny, babe?" He could read her so well.

She nodded. "I.." She struggled to find something that would not sound false. "I felt bad about this morning, I know you wanted a sexy night so..."

Hey boyfriend looked a little surprised, but he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. He leaned over and they kissed slowly, passionately for a few delectable minutes.

"What's this?" he asked, fingering the leather collar.

Sam tensed. "you'll see, later."

He was about to speak again but she silenced him with a passionate kiss. Their hands started to wander, but as Sean's hands sought the warmth between her legs, she pushed his hand away, remembering the Monster's instructions. Sean pulled back looking confused and was about to speak, but she placed a finger on his lips and pushed him back on the couch. He looked at her and his eyes went wide as she undid his belt and popped the buttons on his trousers. His erection was evident and Sam felt some genuine pleasure at the effect she had on her man. She debated just going for it, but a perverse part of her decide that, if she had to put on a show, she might as well make it a good one. She stood and grabbed his ankles, swivelling him round so his feet rested on the floor, she tugged off his sneakers and pulled his jeans down. Sean just gaped, she was rarely this bold and again he started to speak, but she silenced him with a smouldering look.

Once his jeans were off, she tossed them aside and stood in front of Sean, smiling sexily. From here, Tiffany would be able to see everything. She slowly drew up her dress revealing her stockings. Sean looked at her legs hungrily, he adored her in stockings, and she loved the effect they had on him. She reached down and tugged his engorged penis free. It bobbed up, pulsing slightly. Sam paused for a second.

Oh my God, she thought, I am actually looking forward to this. She did not pretend to be a virgin to blowjobs, but it was something she had to be in the mood for, even though she knew how much Sean enjoyed it. But now, for some reason, she was desperate to... show off. That was it, she wanted to put on a good show.

Sean looked up at her quizzically as the rapid thoughts spun round her head. She smiled again and she knelt to one side on her knees, keeping her skirt drawn up over her hips so Sean could relish the sight of her bottom and the suspender belt. She was effectively facing the webcam, part of her knew she should have turned away, made it hard to see her face, but she knew Tiffany would not like that. She looked up at the dumbstruck face of Sean, he had hardly had the chance to say a word since coming onto the house, and now he was about to get an early Christmas present.

Sam gently folded her hand around Sean's length. He was a lovely size, not too big, not too small, she looked at his face with big wide eyes and licked her lips. He swallowed hard...

"fuck!" he exclaimed softly, then jerked as her lips wrapped around his head and her tongue started to work around the tip. He was writhing... and he was so hard... she drew in a deep breath though her nostrils and slowly sank her lips down around his shaft, sucking gently. He moaned and his hands sought out her bottom, but she batted his hands away with her free hand. She drew back her lips and his cock twitched between her lips. Oh my, this was not going to take long at this rate. For some reason she did not want it to end too quickly, she had never really enjoyed the taste of semen and did not really relish the thought of swallowing, but the situation was making her feel more daring than she expected. She held his head in her mouth and swirled her tongue along and around the head finding the sensitive frenum and flicking it. Sean put his hand on her head moaning and his hips pushed upwards, his cock pushing in deeply.

She knew Sean was loving every second, this was something she rarely ever did, and he always wanted to go deeper and to cum. She glanced sideways and his eyes were closed in bliss. His hips started to pump gently, not wanting him to finish to swiftly, she tried to raise her head a little with each thrust, his hands pressed down on her head gently resisting her efforts.

Frustrated, she waited till he drew back, and jerked her head upwards slightly, his cock slipping from between her lips and allowing her a brief respite. Sean gasped and made a frustrated groan. She released his shaft and ran her tongue up and down the length, flicking the frenum softly. Hey eyes sought out the webcam, and she wondered what Tiffany was doing as she watched? Was she recording this, Sam had no doubt she was. A frisson of fear ran down her spine. What was she doing? Sam moaned inwardly at her predicament, she felt trapped , totally at Tiffany's mercy, but that fact, and the fact she was doing this sex act under duress, worked some kind of strange magic on her. She was desperately aroused, and part of her was loving the thrill of this. The fact she was doing this in the O'Brian's house, the fact Tiffany was watching... How could she find this so... exciting.

But she was aroused, very aroused. With a determination fuelled by sexual tension, she kissed Sean's tip and then, licking her lips, slid his shaft back into her mouth and took him in deeply. Sean grunted and then moaned and thrust upwards hard. Sam had to fight her gag reflex as his cock bumped the back of her throat, she pulled back, sucking hard but Sean held her head in place and started to pump again. She felt something as he held her there, forcing her gently... that pressure seemed to tip her over the edge and she started to suck and lick more avidly as she urged him onto his release. Her tongue flicked and swirled and her lips clumped tightly around his shaft as he pumped quickly. She moaned and the sound, filtered by his cock come out as a kind of staccato grunting punctuated by his frantic thrusting. She felt him twitch and pulse and suddenly he was cumming. For the first time, she was not thinking about the taste, or the act. She was in the zone and relished the feeling of his cum. Her free hand sought out her sex and she stroked herself through her panties. They were damp, and she moaned as his continued to twitch as his cum filled the back of her mouth. She sucked him hard, milking his cock and swallowing with a degree of satisfaction she had never experienced before. Sean, for his part. was incoherent with ecstasy as he pumped his load into her. She knew she had gone to a place she had never gone before with Sean, and she knew he would want to repeat this often, what had she done! And on camera?

She sat back and watched Sean gasp in air as his orgasm subsided, his cock still swollen but starting to soften. She hoped Tiffany could be patient, the next step would take some careful thought. She could hardly just drop it all on Sean, she was going to have to be cautious. She wiped a small drop of cum from the side of her mouth, embarrassed again at how eagerly she had performed. Sean smiled at her a lazy, happy smile.

"What was that for?"

Sam smiled. "I... was just in the mood... I know how much you want me to... do that for you..."

"Well come here, let me return the favour." He reached out a hand for her.

"Uh, maybe in a little while...I have something special in mind, but I need you ready for that, so let me make some coffee and then we can snuggle a little."

Sean frowned. "Now I am curious, but... okay coffee would be nice."

They made coffee and they chatted and laughed about his day. Then they sat on the couch and finished their drinks. Sam was very aware of Tiffany watching, and her nervousness must have shown as Sean looked at her quizzically.

"Come on Sam, what's going on, I have never seen you like this..."

Sam took a deep breath, trying to steady her nerves.

"I... found something... upstairs... and... It kinda got me... well .. maybe I should just show you..."

Sean looked at her. "Upstairs? What about the Brat?"

Sam shushed him with her finger. "She's been asleep a while now and we'll be quiet, besides, my rooms the other side of the house. Come on. " Sam took his hand, after removing their shoes, they tiptoed upstairs. Sam led Sean to her room and the bed covered in straps etc.

"Holy shit." Sean exclaimed softly, picking up one of the straps. "They are into like, S&M and all that stuff?"

She nodded, her throat tightening, she was not sure how Sean was going to react, they had played with a pair of handcuffs now and again, but this was different. What if he didn't go for it, what would Tiffany do? Surely she could not follow through on her threats if Sean reacted badly. Sam was trying...

Sean turned to her. "What a second, you say this stuff got you excited?"

Sam nodded mutely. Sean looked back at the straps and then back at her. "So, you want me to...."

Sam nodded. Her hand reached out and touched the straps. "Bind me with these..." She touched the ball gag. "And .. and...gag me... and...." She flushed hotly. This was so embarrassing, but what was worse, she was actually getting excited. She remembered the feeling of her orgasm when she was bound before, it had been so intense.

Sean frowned, but there was a dark twinkle in his eyes.

"You really want this, don't you."

Sam bit her lower lip and nodded. "Please, Sean" She slipped her dress down over her hips, revealing her black underwear, suspenders and stockings. She knew Sean loved her in lingerie, she slipped off her damp panties, and she lay down on the bed, placing the straps alongside her.

Sean shook his head. "You can always surprise me... okay... if it really floats your boat, and... you were amazing downstairs..." He grinned sloppily.

Sam smiled back nervously, her eyes flicked to the hidden webcam. Oh my....

Sean took the narrowest strap and Sam pointed to her ankles. Sam nodded, understanding and buckled the strap around her ankles.

"Tighter." Sam whispered, and she gasped at her own audacity. Sam blinked, but tightened the strap so it held her ankles very tightly. Then he took the next strap and she pointed to just below her knees. She moaned softly as the strap went tight. This was so hot. Sam was blushing and she could feel herself growing more and more aroused. What was she doing? And how could she be getting so turned on? But she could not deny the effect.

Sam took the next strap and put it around her thighs. As that strap tightened, forcing the tops of her legs tightly together, Sam squirmed and let out a soft sigh.

"Jeez Sam, what's, got into you?"

Sam just started back at him hungrily. The play acting was all gone, she wanted this. She rolled over and put her hands together behind her back.

"Now my arms... then gag me... and... you know..."

She heard Sam draw in a deep breath, but a moment later, her wrists were being strapped.

"Where now?"

"My elbows," She breathed.

She felt the next strap go around her arms and she tried to pull in her arms as best she could. The strap was buckled, pulling her arms together. Sam was getting lost in the sensations now. Sean rolled her onto her side and stared at her.


"You like?" Sam breathed, her eyes wide.

Sean stared at her. "it's...different... but it looks sexy as hell." His eyes dropped to her breasts which were forced outwards by her position, her erect nipples pushing the flimsy fabric of the bra outwards.

"What now..." he whispered...

"The blindfold."

Sean found the blindfold and put it around her head, drawing her hair above the strap so it would not slip and tightened it.

"Now gag me... then, fuck me..." Sean gaped, she never swore, not like that. She glanced at his jeans and she could see he was hard again. He took the ball gag in his hands.

"What if... what if you are being hurt?"

Sam nodded, "I'll shake my head three times."

Sean pursed his lips. "Okay."

Then the gag was at her lips. She hesitated a moment, then her mouth was opening and he was buckling the gag tightly around her head. Oh god, this was amazing. The feeling was... incredible...

She rolled onto her back as best she could, trapping her arms underneath her body, which only made her even more aroused with helplessness. She squirmed, her legs bending slightly as she waited for Sean to work his will.

It was so arousing... to be completely helpless, blind and unable to do anything except moan. Then she was moaning, as she felt Sean's hands upon her. His hands travelling over her bound body. He arousal reached another level, oh God this was amazing...

She was bound, helpless, being touched, she was in the O'Brian house, she was being watched... by Sean and secretly by a cunning witch via webcam....and she, Samantha Barrett, was enjoying every single aspect of this perverse scenario.

Sean's hands drew lines of fire wherever they touched. And he knew where to touch. He cupped her breasts and his thumbs stroked her erect nipples. She gasped through the gag and her pussy was soaking and hungry.... She bent her legs, struggling in her straps, wanting him to touch her there...

She wondered idly whether Sean was uncertain how to get access to her pussy. She could not tell him, so she lay frustrated, being driven crazy by Sean's touch. Oh please Sean, she screamed at him mentally. Fuck me!

But the torment continued. His hands exploring her, he pushed down her bra cups exposing her breasts and his lips sought out a nipple, teasing it with his tongue. Then she jerked as his right hand travelled to the soft downy triangle of her pubis. She moaned loudly as his fingers slid between her thighs, his fingertip found her clitoris and stroked it softly. She bucked on the bed as pleasure surged through her.

Oh yes, Sean, there...

She squirmed and writhed as his finger teased her and his lips and tongue traced around her breasts. She wanted him inside her, she had been close for so long now, what was he waiting for?

Suddenly he was pushing her over, he must have put pillows down as she rolled onto a soft mass under her tummy. Sean pushed her legs underneath her exposing her bottom. Ah, clever Sean, he had figured out how to... do her...

There were some muffled sounds from behind her as she lay there, ready, panting into the gag. Then she felt his erection against her buttocks and she moaned loudly... oh yes!

Then he was in her, it was tight, she was not used to having her legs tightly together like this when having sex, it was.. unexpectedly nice... it made everything more intense... he eased into her and every inch was exquisite pleasure, she pushed her hips back to meet him and he moaned. The he was moving in her, he leaned over her, his left hand on the bed, his right, snaking under her body and cupping a breast. She gasped, her arousal close to a peak. She bucked and writhed under his touch and he pumped into her hard. Her orgasm was huge. It surged through her and she bit down hard on the gag to stifle her screams. She could hear Sean's panting, he was enjoying himself, she thought, though he was not sounding like he was going to cum anytime soon. Mind you, he had filled her mouth not long since. Oh my, what if he was nowhere near?

Sure enough, Sean continued thrusting, Sam was still calming from her orgasm, but his insistent thrusting was actually starting to get her going again... no.. surely not...But it was true, her pussy was as wet as ever and his cock's motion was making her clitoris nudge up and down, it was soo nice...

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