tagLoving WivesTrip to Desire Ch. 01

Trip to Desire Ch. 01


My name is Pat and I have been with my wife, Kelly, for 4 years. We have an active sex life but sometimes I think she is bored with the missionary position we use to get her off (as she rubs her clit against my pelvis more to get off than from the penetration). I also suspect that she is less than satisfied with my 6 inch, but somewhat slim, penis.

To spice things up a bit, as we are both on the exhibitionist side, we decided to go to Desire resort in Mexico for a vacation. Desire is a lifestyle resort, so nudity and public displays of affection are welcome, especially at the large Jacuzzi and playroom off the disco.

We arrived a little buzzed from the flight in first class and immediately went to the pool and got a pool bed. Seeing everybody else naked, we quickly stripped and started to enjoy the sun. The couple in the chairs next to us struck up a conversation with us and it turns out I grew up next to the husband, Mark.

Mark's wife Shelly was wearing a bikini bottom and topless, with somewhat sagging features. I guessed them to be early 40's. Mark was wearing nothing except a straw cowboy hat and was sporting at least 7 inches, although not hard at all. He also had a very athletic look, almost like a swimmer.

I am 40 and Kelly is 36, and we are both in very good shape. Kelly is especially stunning, with brown hair and sexy brown eyes, and an athletic build from running and swimming. I could tell she was attracted to Mark right away, and he to her.

Shelly excused herself to rest before dinner and Mark told us what the typical night was like at Desire. This consisted of heading to the hot tub from 3-6 or so, then back to the room to relax/get ready for dinner, pre-dinner drink at the outdoor bar around 8:30, dinner at one of the great restaurants 9-10, back to the room to change for the disco, back to the bar for more drinks, then to the disco from 12-2am for more fun before either heading back to the bar, the room, or the hot tub again.

As Mark was now on his own, he suggested we head to the hot tub together, and Kelly agreed enthusiastically. I could tell Mark knew how into him Kelly was, and had a very cocky air about him. They walked together, naked, while I grabbed our stuff and followed them up the stairs to the hot tub.

Aside for a very large hot tub with swim up bar, there were large beach beds all around the hot tub. We grabbed one and Mark immediately jumped on it next to Kelly, while I tried to sit on the very small space on the other side of Kelly. She immediately asked if I could get us some drinks, and I left for the bar, with Mark telling me "I'll have a pina colada". He didn't really ask as much as treat me like a waiter.

When I returned with the drinks, Mark and Kelly looked very comfortable on the bed, lying right beside each other on their sides, facing each other. This at least gave me more room to lie on the bed next to Kelly, but left me to just hear their conversation versus being an active participant. Kelly then blurted out, "Honey, Mark's penis is soooo big, and it's not even hard yet. Can we see how big it gets hard?"

I assumed this meant that Mark would rub himself to get hard, and said I had no problem with it. I should have known otherwise, as Kelly loves to play with my cock and balls. As Mark lay back with his hands behind his head, Kelly leaned over and started caressing his penis, lovingly rubbing it while staring directly at it, mesmerized. It started to grow, and grow, and grow, until it was at least 11 inches. I was in shock, and the sight of Kelly playing with his cock had made my cock hard as well.

Kelly looked right at Mark, still holding his cock, and said, "I can't believe how huge it is. I've never seen anything like it!"

Mark looked in my direction, sized up my 6 inches, and said, "I can see that', to which he and Kelly laughed out loud. I was embarrassed but also so turned on at how hot Kelly had become, and slid my fingers into her pussy from behind. She moaned, and I couldn't believe how wet she was. She was creaming white already just from playing with mark's magnificent meat.

Mark told me to get another round of drinks, and I knew what he was planning to do while I was away. I went anyway, getting some looks from others at the hot tub who saw me sporting an erection while my wife was playing with another man. As I returned with the drinks, it didn't surprise me at all to see Kelly trying to suck this great cock, and Mark barking out orders to her to lick his balls, then lick the cockhead.

I knew before Mark even said it what was coming next. He told Kelly to bury her hot pussy on his huge cock, to feel what it felt to be fucked by a huge cock. Kelly turned to me and said, "I have to do this baby. He turns me on so much and I need to feel a real cock", to which Mark laughed as he looked at my hardon.

Kelly tried to straddle Mark but was having so much trouble getting his cockhead past her entrance, that he flipped her onto her back and lined up his cock at her lips. Pushing past her lips, Kelly practically screamed, "Oh my fucking god. That cock is sooo fucking big!" She came before he had 3 inches in her, and then a couple more times while he worked the rest of his 11 inches into her pussy. Funny how it always felt loose to me but Mark was having to work slowly to get her pussy to accommodate him.

"Wow, you're really tight. Must be from fucking only small dicks", Mark said as she seemed to be fading into and out of consciousness with every orgasm. Her juices were puddling down to her asshole as he made her come over and over. Mark then gave out one more big thrust and came hard into my wife. He seemed to come for a minute straight, and Kelly loves the feeling of cum spurting into her, although this was clearly a first as it went past her cervix to her womb.

Mark collapsed on top of her and they started to make out like teenagers. This went on for about 15 minutes as I sat there beside them, invisible to the hot couple. As Mark got up to head back to his room, he said to Kelly, "See you at 8 at the bar. Wear something sexy."

I asked her what Mark meant by that. Were we going to join them for dinner? She turned, still in bliss and covered in sweat and juices, and said, "We are going to dinner with them, but with me as Mark's other date." You can watch and help out the waitstaff. She then pulled me in, I thought for a kiss, before pushing my head down to her sloppy pussy, gaping open, and told me to "clean me".

I was so turned on by seeing her get fucked by a real man, that I dove in and drank about a pint of cum from her pussy and then licked their combined juices off her little asshole. She then gave me the courtesy of wacking off my rock hard cock, while making comments about how small it is, and how much bigger and better mark's was. When I blasted all over her hand and thigh, she appeared grossed out by it and wiped it up with her hand and smeared it on my face, laughing. I was a little apprehensive about the rest of the trip, but also very excited.

To be continued...

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