tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrip to the Beauty Salon

Trip to the Beauty Salon


I'm a non-passable middle-aged cross dresser who is just beginning to share my secret with the world. Here's one way that I'm starting to do it. Last time I needed a haircut, I went to a beauty salon that's a little off the beaten track in our town. Turns out the staff consisted of two very petite, middle-aged Mexican women. I must have surprised them because one was in the middle of using some tape to remove hair from her upper lip. She seemed a little embarrassed that I had seen her doing that. The two were very nice, and since I was there early in the day on a weekday the place was empty. While one gave me my haircut the other got busy doing her makeup, all very routine.

Time passed and it haircut time came around again, but now I had a plan. For the first haircut, I wore typical male clothes, slack, shirt etc. It was cold out so I had a winter coat on as well. This time I began with my black fishnet thigh-highs and garter belt, next a pair of little thong panties that barely cover my shaved genitals. I put on a set of fake tits that aren't very realistic, but I like the way the nipples poke straight out. I didn't bother with a bra, but put on a black, lacy top that has a silky liner. It has an open neck and the nipples of my fake tits poke out dramatically. I have one of those skirts that flare at the bottom and has different panels that create a nice pattern along the hem. Very sexy and I love how it feels. I completed my attire with a nice pair of black heels and I'm ready to go.

Since it's still cold out, I did have my winter coat on for the short walk from the car to the hair salon. I was glad of that cuz there's a men's barbershop right next door and I think the barber and his customer were watching me enter the salon. When I got there only one of the hairdressers was there, the one who'd cut my hair last time. I told her that I was there for a haircut and took off my coat to reveal my feminine attire. Her eyes opened wide, but she simply nodded her head and offered me her chair. I said, "I'd like to start with a shampoo". She smiled and motioned me toward the back where the hair washing sinks are. She doesn't seem to have much English (and I have even less Spanish) so our options for conversation are limited. That didn't matter as I was soon leaning back enjoying her hands stroking my long hair. My legs were spread out in front of me and I could enjoy the site of my sexy skirt and legs. I started to get turned on by the whole experience.

My hairdresser's partner must have come into the shop about then. I had my eyes closed and didn't notice until I heard her over at her station finishing up her morning make up application in the mirror. She seemed oblivious to my appearance. After my hair was shampooed and dried, we walked together towards the front of the shop. I enjoyed how the high heels changed my gait and forced my ass to swing back in forth, causing my swishy skirt to swirl around my legs. Soon I was seated in the salon station and my hairdresser wrapped the drape over me. We spent a fair amount of time discussing the particulars of my haircut. I enjoyed the feel of the leather on the chair on my bare ass cheeks. As my hairdresser got busy working I realized, that the drape covered the movement of my hands completely. I also realized, that my attire gave me easy access to my private parts. Hmmmmmm. I slid my hands under the skirt and gently pulled the front panel of my thong to one side. My partially swollen male clitty was right there. I played with it carefully noticing if it caused any ripples in the drape. I couldn't see any, how very nice. As my hairdresser worked around my side her small body pressed up against my arm, heavenly. I notice the other hairdressing looking over at me and that's when I noticed that the drape and my skirt had slipped up along her side so that she could see the lacy tops of my stockings and the bare white skin of my leg above it. I pretended not to notice.

Now I had to be careful not to get carried away with playing with myself. I didn't want to leave a big load of cum on my hairdresser's drape. On the other hand, I had no reason not to continue to lightly touch myself and enhance my experience. I began to fantasize the two women's rough Mexican boyfriends entering the salon and noticing me. They start joking with the women using Spanish so I can't understand. I can understand their exaggerated gestures though. I imagine one of them stands in-between my legs and lifts the drape to expose me and self-pleasing my activity. A roar of laughter comes from the two boyfriends while their ladies turn red and smile wickedly. A big rough hair hand slides forward under my swolen clitty and inbetween my ass cheeks. Before I can stop it, I'm turned over and my naked ass is exposed. Quickly I'm turned sideways so I'm crossways in the chair. My hands and feet are being held by the two women and the two men position themselves at either end of me. Soon their large cocks are out of their pants and I'm forced to take one in my mouth and the other in the ass. The enjoy using me to completion and I swallow one's cum while the other pulls out and distributes his huge load on my ass.

Whew, I wake from my dream just in time to realize my haircut is complete and my hairdresser wants me to look at it in the mirror. After I rearrange my skirt a bit, I do so, tell her it's very nice and we finish up. The open neck of my top allows her to shave a good deal more of my neck hair than usual. I imagine next time asking her to shave my back and chest. Maybe after that we can move to a full body treatment. If only I can explain what I want in Spanish.

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